Death Parade (2015) s01e02 Episode Script

Death: Reverse

Good morning.
Who are you? I'm Nona.
And who are you? Hi, Nona. I'm.
I don't. Sorry. That was mean.
A trick question.
You don't actually have a name.
So where are we going now?
To the 15th floor.
Come on. This way.
Hello Clavus.
Hello there ladies. How are
we doing today? You're late.
I'm very sorry about that.
Where can I take you?
We're headed up to Beckham's
place. You got it.
How are you?
I'm all right. Thanks.
Have fun. See you later.
Hello, Nonna.
Thank you for bringing her by. Hello,
and welcome to the Quindecim.
My name is Dekom.
I'm the bartender here.
Hey, it's nice to meet you.
So, uh, what is this place?
This is where the deceased come.
The deceased?
Dead people, you mean. Right.
Two deceased will be coming
here shortly.
We're going to ask them to play
a game on which
their lives are staked.
We're here to pass judgment on
the deceased based
on their memories.
We also consider
the humanity they exhibit
during their time here with us.
As you will see,
we function as arbiters.
Arbiters? Uh.
Hey, it seems like this
is coming as sort
of a surprise to you.
Uh. Anyway,
the deceased will arrive here,
but before they do,
their memories are
all compiled together
and sent to the arbiters.
Compiled? How? Let's see what's
the best way to describe it.
It's kind of like a kaleidoscope
of images. That makes sense.
More or less.
Does this mean am I okay?
Quinn. We're ready. Roger that. No.
Now. Sending memories right now.
Things should start
moving along swiftly now.
Deckham, if you don't mind.
As you wish, ma'am.
Well, are you coming?
Excuse me. What about me?
What exactly do I do here?
Oh. I'm sorry.
Did I forget to tell
You're here as an assistant. Uh.
This is us.
They're just dummies.
It's Denholm's little hobby.
Don't let them get to you.
Those are really creepy. A pretty
revolting hobby, isn't it?
The real action
is out there where
Deckham is in the process
of persuading
our guests to play a game.
Back in the bar.
Yes. Eyes forward, please,
and I'll need
you to sit very still. Oh.
Today's performance
will be starring these two.
That's Takashi and Machiko. A couple that's
newly wed and newly dead.
Those two are dead. Not that
they're aware of it, of course.
The shock of dying tends
to make people forget.
And for now, that's the way
we want to keep it.
Why is that? Well, if they
knew that they were dead,
I doubt they'd stake
their lives on a game.
Why would they? Anyway, that kind of
bet doesn't seem worth making.
True. And normally they wouldn't. We have
to do a little convincing.
By making them think their lives
are at a greater risk
if they don't play.
That's what's going
on right now.
So all this
is to intimidate them
into playing?
Yes, exactly. So sit still.
Let's just do what
he says for now.
Who knows what'll happen if we
don't? The guy's clearly unbalanced.
It's necessary to reach
the right verdict.
Accurately reading people
can require extreme conditions.
In this case,
that means having them
risk their lives on some contest.
Well, that does sound extreme.
Like I said,
it's designed to be.
The whole idea
is to create severe tension,
mental and emotional
for the most part.
Okay, on to the next phase.
Wait a second.
What now? Why do this
when you already know
their whole life story?
Because we can't accurately judge people
on their memories alone.
They must be made to expose the
darkest parts of their being.
So the arbiters can come
to know the whole person.
Only then can we judge them
and decide their fates.
One game can do all that.
Still not convinced, are you?
Do you happen
to know what
the most primitive emotion
human beings experience is?
I don't fear, my dear.
The mannequins that are
in here are all dressed up.
That's not important right now. Why don't
you look down there instead?
So they have to play darts.
This time anyway.
Machiko know. What happened. This game
does involve some physical pain.
How? He hit the shoulder
area of the target.
So Machiko's shoulder started
to hurt. How was that possible?
Baby, does it really hurt?
I'd say that one was the lungs.
In this game, the players throw
seven darts at two targets,
the areas of which are linked
to parts of their bodies.
Almost as if they were being
made to stab each other.
This is going too far. You'll
get used to it soon enough.
Oh, I get it.
They can just miss.
Dickham tipped them off to that,
but it's
really not that simple.
Why? Look at the scores.
If they keep on missing like this,
Mochiko will be the winner.
That's fine, isn't it?
From where you're sitting,
maybe it is, but not for the
ones who are playing the game.
They think whoever loses
stands a chance of being killed.
But nobody ever said
true enough. Nobody said it.
But really,
what are they supposed to think?
No, the mind is very
susceptible to such suggestions.
Nobody wants
to do something that will
lead to their own death. It goes
against human programming.
No. Oh, God. I'm so sorry. I
didn't mean to. My hand slipped.
There. Did you see that?
That was intentional.
It certainly seemed like it was.
But we can
only be sure
about their memories.
Things that happen
here are open to
We don't know what their.
Motives are,
so it's just a hunch.
an outsider might call it that,
but these judgments require
experience and the ability
to observe which
we arbiters have.
Not. Oh, my eyes are are. People
are fascinating, don't you think?
Even after all I've seen,
there are still so many things.
I don't know about
how the mind works.
Oh, by the way, it might be
useful to know how they died.
They got
into a car accident while
they were on their honeymoon because
Takashi thought Machiko was cheating.
That's terrible.
It's your child.
Why didn't you say something?
I was going to. I wanted
to surprise you during our trip.
I haven't told anybody yet.
I wanted
you to be the first one to know.
I'm glad I was.
I'm so happy, honey.
I can't believe I'm
finally going to be a father.
Their memories are beginning
to return. What?
It's set up so that they're
stimulated as the game goes on.
We have no way of knowing
what they're going to remember,
but it will have
to do with their deaths.
These are things they've forgotten due
to the shock of dying.
We have to evoke them forcibly.
Congratulations. You are the
winner, Makiko. And with that,
the game is officially
at an end.
If you would both please
move over. This way.
Just a minute, please. One more.
Throw. Just one.
There's no point. What?
Stop! There's no point
to any of it. What do you mean?
Bartender. We're already
dead now, aren't we?
I'm afraid you have both left
the land of the living
following their deaths.
People are either sent
to heaven or to hell.
People really go
to heaven or hell.
that's what we tell them because
it's an easy
concept to comprehend.
More precisely, the options
are reincarnation and
the void.
Reincarnation and the void.
If reincarnated, their soul will return
to inhabit another person's body.
But if they are sent to the void
and their soul is lost
and they plunge into darkness.
That's what the judgment is for.
determine what happens
to their souls.
That's the heart
of what we arbiters do.
Welcome to the tribunal
of the soul.
It's not my child. What
do you think it is, exactly?
Somebody else's. Please.
It has to be.
Look. She. Please.
I love you, Machiko.
And I'll make you
the happiest woman alive.
I promise that.
Just say you'll marry me.
Yes. Of course I'll marry you.
You know you're
actually right for once.
Uh, yeah.
I'm in love with somebody else.
I mean, it's obvious,
isn't it? Did
you actually think somebody would ever
fall in love with you?
What are you,
a complete idiot? I
did what,
anything but your money.
Wait, you mean you were lying?
really were making it all up?
Of course I was lying, moron.
I mean your child.
Dirty bitch. I'll teach you.
Thank you for playing.
Best of luck on your journey.
Not a bad job there, Deckham.
Thank you. I did my best.
What did you think about it?
It was pretty awful.
You will get used to it. Huh?
So where did each of them
end up going then?
I'm guessing Takashi
Soul was sent for
reincarnation and Machiko's
was sent into the void. Yes.
Oh, I see, um, maybe you can
clear something up for me, huh?
you think Machiko did have a
man on the side? Yes. Hmm.
It doesn't look like
you're convinced about that.
No. Not quite. I mean,
it could have been
just a one time thing, right?
It could. But what would make
you think that? A hunch.
It's just a hunch. Something was
bothering her the whole time.
We know she was pregnant.
But who
was the father? I'd say Takashi.
Oh, really? But she said herself that
it belonged to somebody else.
Yes, except. Do you remember
her face when she said it?
I'm pretty sure
she was actually lying.
About the baby.
I don't understand what
would be the reason to do that.
The lie was a gift for Takeshi.
It was the only way remaining
that she could help him.
What do you mean help him? How?
He was tortured by guilt and grief
over killing his own child.
But if the child
didn't belong to him,
then maybe it wouldn't
hurt quite so much, huh?
Her outburst. It was all an act.
That's my theory. Yes. Uh.
That's incomprehensible.
Why? Why do that when
they were already dead?
I think it's because they were
dead. That changed things, huh?
I'm only guessing about this.
But when
she knew they were about
to be separated for good,
maybe that was her way of being
true to herself
and her feelings.
You've lost me. What feelings?
How are
you not getting this?
Her feelings for Takashi. Huh?
I see you're talking about love.
Then most likely. Yeah.
You have to admit though, mochi
really does play mochi in.
She's always Magical.
If he hadn't gotten the wrong idea,
things would have ended differently.
They probably would have had
a happy life together.
Do you think it's true? Was
my judgment incorrect? Huh? Huh?
Occasionally we make mistakes.
People can have
surprising motivations and unique ways
of expressing their emotions.
As an arbiter,
you can't afford to brush
things off.
Yes, I'm terribly sorry.
Don't forget this.
Yes, ma'am. Good. Now
make me the usual.
Yes. Right away.
So this is your usual drink.
Give it a try.
They're very good.
Just as delicious as always.
Huh? You weren't kidding.
This is good.
Thank you.
I'm glad you enjoy it.
That's all he's good for.
Drinks and seriousness.
There's not much
to Deccan besides that.
Well, there's
the mannequin hobby, but I don't
think that's something you
forget. No, you really don't.
Well, I trust
you can take it from here.
Wait. I'm confused.
What do I do? Mm.
just what you've been doing. Mm.
So how did she do?
Not a bad showing,
I would say. Huh? What is.
It? Huh? It's just that you're not
usually so positive about them.
A happy life, huh?
Margie. Do they mean Machiko?
That wasn't just
a simple misunderstanding.
It was more than that.
Takashi was a person
who couldn't trust anybody.
I don't see how he could
ever have found happiness.
Oh, actually,
I take back what I said. What?
She still has a way to go yet.
You're very insightful. I look
forward to working together.
Thanks. I do too. And also, I'd
like to apologize for earlier
why I made a mistake. I have
respect for people who
have lived a fulfilling life.
In this instance, I did not
act as befitted an arbiter.
Hey, Deckham. One more thing.
Yes? What is it?
I'm empty.
Think you could make me
another one?
It would be my pleasure.
Being free. I could fall into.
Doremus realized.
I'm not gonna make.
I was driving.
Yes I see.
Excellent. Thank you very much.
Yes. Don't worry, I'll get it.
The term
is only for three months.
Episode three Rolling Ballad.
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