Death Parade (2015) s01e03 Episode Script

Rolling Ballad

Let's play again sometime. All right.
Yeah. Sometime soon. Okay.
See you later.
I'm sorry, sir. Excuse me.
What the.
I hope your sleep was restful.
What is this place?
I will be happy
to explain that in
just a moment.
If you'll step this way, please.
How are you?
Oh, I'm fine, thanks. Uh.
What is it?
Is something wrong? Uh.
I'm sorry.
I'm kind of out of it.
All right, we shall begin. Now.
Allow us to welcome you.
It's a pleasure to have
you here at the Quindecim.
My name is Deckham,
and I'll be your bartender.
Now, then, I have a question.
I hope
you do not
find it too impertinent.
Do you remember anything
just prior to your arrival here?
Well, no. I had been asleep when
I realized what was happening.
Last thing
I can remember is riding
alone at the back of the bus
on the way home from college.
Thank you for indulging me.
How about you?
No, I don't remember
anything either. Very good.
Thank you. Moving on. I will now
explain some details about
your current situation.
This is important. Please
pay close attention. Number one.
First, I cannot provide you with any
information regarding your present location.
Number two.
However, now that you are here,
we shall ask you to play a game.
What? Uh, a game number three.
As to game selection that will
be decided upon by roulette.
Number four. You'll find
the stakes of the game
are very high.
Your lives in fact.
Whoa! Hold on.
Number five. Don't worry.
This is the final point.
Until the
game is completed,
you cannot leave.
I don't think it's coming.
No, neither do I.
What's with this game stuff,
huh? Doesn't
make a lot of sense to me, huh?
Hey, is something the matter?
Well, it's just
that I can't remember anything.
Yeah, I understand,
neither can I.
Know what I mean is, I don't
remember anything at all.
Really? Nothing.
I don't even know who I am.
It's like I've forgotten everything about
myself, including my name.
It's so weird. You remember some things,
though, right? Like your name.
A few things. Yeah,
I know my name is Shigeru Miura.
If it helps at all, I believe
you will recall your
name following the game.
Who are you anyway? How can you
just promise something like that?
Sorry, I'm afraid
I cannot answer that question.
I have to say, having no idea
who I am is really
pretty terrifying.
If it actually will
help me remember,
then I'd like to play the game.
Except that. I'm guessing
I can't play it alone.
All right, I'll do it.
I'll play your game.
just have you press this button,
please. The roulette will begin.
The rules are the same as
for regular bowling,
with some exceptions.
For example,
you will only be allowed
to bowl one ball per frame.
You will take turns in this
manner until the game is over.
Of course,
as you might expect, whoever
knocks over the most
pins will win.
The balls you will use
have already been selected.
You'll find them on your left.
As you can see,
they have representations of
each of your hearts and sides.
What are you saying?
The pink is yours.
You're bowling with her
heart and the blue is your ball.
Think of that as his
heart inside of it.
Very well.
The game will now begin.
What is. It? What's wrong?
The ball just throbbed.
Oh, I'm terribly sorry. We did
forget to mention one thing.
You're linked to your respective balls.
They register your pulses.
Also, their temperature is the
same as that of your bodies.
You should know
that you will not
feel any actual pain.
I hope that helps.
There's no wiggle room here.
We absolutely
have to use these.
That is the rule. Yes.
So this is her heartbeat, huh?
I wonder if she's nervous.
It feels like it's
going a little fast.
And this is the heat of her
body. She feels so warm inside.
Stop it, you creep!
Snap out of it!
Oh, damn, a split.
Are you okay? Oh, sorry.
I'm fine. It's just more
life like than I expected. Oh.
She's going to be able to tell
how you feel.
Just calm down, calm down.
Calm down.
It's beating on the fast side.
I wonder if he's
a little nervous.
Of course. How could he not
be given the circumstances?
I got five. Wow.
You're good at this, huh?
Nice throw.
And your form is great.
It is. Really?
That's nice of you to say.
You're looking at me
kind of funny.
Is everything okay? It's
your turn. Oh, right. Sorry.
Sad girl I used to play
with back when I was
a little kid.
What was her name again?
We were still pretty young
when she moved away.
Nah, it couldn't be.
Uh oh.
That was a horrible throw.
You'll do better next time.
Thanks. I hope you're right.
A relaxed and friendly game.
It's nice
to have those once in a while.
Mm hmm. What is it?
Oh, nothing. Just that you're
getting quite used to this.
And I appreciate your
help in explaining
the rules as well.
Sure thing. Don't mention it.
It's been a while since I've
had such a good time. Yeah.
Who knew something like bowling
could be so much fun, right?
Especially when
you don't remember how you
got here or who you are.
Whoops. I'm a jerk. Sorry.
No, I really am enjoying myself.
Um, maybe this is weird,
but I'd like to make a side bet.
A what? You know,
a wager just between us.
If I win,
you go on a date with me.
Uh. Oh. Too bad. It shouldn't
interfere with our business.
No, that isn't what I mean.
The whole already dead thing.
I felt bad for them. Oh, I see.
I didn't expect that.
My heart's racing now.
I'm not the only one.
Look at Shigeru's heart.
It's embarrassing.
In a good way, somehow.
But why does all of this feel
so familiar and so good
for that matter?
Whoa, a strike. Another great throw. You
must have some bowling experience.
Still, I'm determined to beat
you. Hey. Everything okay?
Oh. I'm fine.
Sorry, I guess I got distracted.
I think that was
a fraction of a memory.
If so, then I've met
Shigeru somewhere before.
It's no use, I can't remember.
By Shigeru. Let's play
again sometime. All right? Yeah.
Sometime soon. Okay.
By Kei Sato.
Whoa, a double.
Hey, Shigeru. Huh?
I remember my name.
I'm Chisato. That's it.
Chisato Miyazaki. Remember
we used to play together at
the park? It was you, me and my.
Oh. I knew it. Yoshisato.
You're the one who moved away.
I can't believe it. Long time.
No see.
Ah, the beginning of the end.
How very cryptic. Would you
care to explain? No. Huh?
Sorry, I don't accept that.
Tell me what you meant.
All right, I will. What?
You mean that actually worked?
But you must promise
not to raise your voice.
Yes, given that those 2nd
May not have the fairy
tale ending you're hoping for.
Um, but keep in mind, regardless
of what the outcome is,
we must be prepared
to accept it.
So here's the plan.
Next I predict
I'm going to throw
a gutter ball.
If she throws her turn, that will
basically ensure our day together.
But I still want to get
the highest score I can.
Come on. Strike!
Hey, man, why do we have
to come all the way
to this place anyway?
Just trust me, okay?
One of the girls
who works here is totally hot.
Look over there. Huh?
Oh, you mean her? Yeah.
Hey, isn't she the girl? Who.
Yeah, I think she is.
I think she's what?
Oh, right. You went
to a different high school. So?
So what is it?
That girl over there.
No, you did it! Amazing.
What is it? What's wrong?
Did you hurt your back?
Hey, are you okay?
Will you answer me?
I'm messing with you, I win.
That's not. Funny.
Okay, this is the last frame.
One gutter ball coming right up.
It's beating like crazy.
I wonder what's going on.
I'm Chisato. That's it.
Chisato Miyazaki. Remember
we used to play together at
the park? It was you, me and my.
It really stinks that Chisato
had to move. Yeah, sure.
Does, but I'm not
going anywhere. Not ever.
My name. It's not.
Very good.
The game is officially over.
Which makes you the winner.
Mr. Miura, our congratulations.
Please tell me the truth.
Are we both already dead? Yes.
I'm afraid you have both left
the land of the living.
Following their deaths.
People are judged and sent
to either heaven or to hell
for the purpose of that ruling.
You can stop there.
You don't have
to explain it.
I remember everything now.
As you wish. Then we can forgo
the remainder of the explanation.
Shigeru, listen,
I need to tell you.
Hold on. I still have
a date to claim, don't I?
What? It's hard to believe
that we're really dead.
But at least now
we have the chance to talk.
Since our conversation got
cut short earlier.
Yeah, I guess you're right.
Dead or not.
We can still spend time
together. So if it's all right.
I'd like to be with you right
up until the last moment.
So, like I said, I think
I still have a date to claim.
I would like that too.
But I have to tell you, I know.
Don't worry about it, okay? I
know everything. It's all right.
I've always wanted to.
If you'll have me, I'd love to.
Let's spend whatever moments
together that we can.
What do you say? Can we have
some time for a date, please?
Just a little time.
Very well. That can be. I trust
that five minutes will be long.
Enough, but of course
it's not long enough.
Very sorry. I was making
a little joke longer than.
I hope you'll enjoy yourselves
right until the last moment.
Thank you so. Much. We will.
Just so you know,
that wasn't funny.
I've enjoyed this. Yes, so have I.
Thanks, Shigeru. It's been amazing.
I don't know why I'm crying.
I actually am happy.
I know, so am I. I'm so glad
we died. Yeah. Me too.
All right then. Yep.
She doesn't realize it yet,
but she is not Chisato.
Important parts of her memory are still
missing. Her operation, for example.
Thank you for playing.
Best of luck on your journey.
You're completely sure you want
to go through with this? Yes.
There's somebody. Well, I've
always had feelings for him.
And all this time he's never
shown any real interest in me,
and we just keep growing
further and further apart.
I'm ready. I feel like it's
time to take control of my life.
I'm tired of being scared.
I want more than this.
So what is it?
That girl over there.
Her name is Mai Takata. You were
friends as kids, weren't you?
She left school
and had plastic surgery.
It really stinks
that Chisato had to move.
Sure does.
But I'm not going anywhere.
Let's stay together forever.
I love you, Shigeru,
I always will.
I mean, we. I could fall into.
Darkness realized that.
I'm not gonna make.
In a way to go.
Reunited with a childhood
friend after dying, huh?
Hey, does the current Mai
even look like Chisato?
Sorry, that I don't know.
It's very true what they say.
Life is a great mystery.
Huh? People all lead
separate lives, spinning
their own individual tales
as they go along.
Yet they become intertwined,
somehow tangled up,
and nobody knows how
they are going to end.
True enough.
You never know until you die.
And for that matter, you may
not even know after you die.
But then again, that's what
makes it interesting, right?
That was very impressive.
Episode four Death Arcade.
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