Death Parade (2015) s01e04 Episode Script

Death: Arcade

So all of the doors are locked.
They've sealed us in
here like it's a tomb.
Who the hell
do they think they are?
They've shut down the elevators,
too. What do you
think they want? Why us?
I've got it.
Wait. Where are you taking me?
Hey, this is the ladies room.
Relax. You're not my type.
Come on.
so why did you drag me in here?
I know what's going on. We're
on a hidden camera show. What?
You watched TV, right? What's
your name, anyway? Uh, Yosuke
And you don't know who I am,
Does the name Misaki Tachibana
ring any bells? Misaki, Huh? Oh.
From that reality show.
Well, it took you long enough.
Don't meet many celebrities,
do you? It's
just different seeing
you in person. How so?
You look younger.
Are you saying that
I look old on TV? That's not.
Fine. Whatever.
So they do lots of hidden
camera shows during the summer,
right? That's what this is.
There's no doubt about it.
I could tell my manager
was hiding something.
Okay, but you're
sure about this? That's
why I dragged us in here
where there aren't any cameras.
Huh? And now that we know,
I need you to work with me,
okay? Wait. Work with you. How?
You're not as bright
as you look.
I need you to act like you
don't know what's happening.
The director will want our
reactions to seem natural, after
Yeah. I've never done
any acting before.
You'll be fine. I'll
quietly coach you through it.
Okay. Pretty, please. Uh, I
guess I'll try. You're so sweet.
If I could have you
press this button, please.
The roulette will
determine your game.
I'll push it. Yeah, sure.
Holy crap, this show
must have a serious budget.
She's the.
Oh, my.
I've never played this one.
The two of you will now
compete against one another.
The first player
to win two rounds
will be the victor of the game.
There's no set time limit
to worry about. All right, then
we should just sit down and play
without any strategies. That's
the most realistic approach.
Yeah. Okay. Take your seat.
Choose your
challenging character.
Hey, what the hell? I can
only choose one character. Wait.
Huh? I get to play as me.
There is no better publicity
than having your own game.
Well, that's flattering.
Are you serious? They're making
me out to look like a loser.
Huh? Charming. Oh, that's my
parasol. Well, they've got the
details right?
What is this stuff?
Don't expect me
to memorize all that.
Fair warning. I fight like
I've got nothing to live for.
Go on and laugh. I'll make
you take celebrities seriously.
Very well, then.
Let's begin the game, shall we?
Round one. Ready? Fight.
Ching! Ho! Otaku, otaku. Push.
I'm losing even
when I'm winning. I need
to hurry and get this over with.
I did it. What?
Let's go. Take it. You're good.
I don't know about that.
Oh, please. You're kicking
my butt, aren't you?
Although that does make
for good TV.
Curnoe Nosky courage.
Damn, that hurts.
Hey, are you all right?
Yeah. Just a sinus headache.
Thanks. Well, if you're sure.
Oh, one thing, though.
What is that you're holding?
It's a device to assist
in our judgment.
Huh? What? It's no big deal.
Just let me win the next round.
But wouldn't that go
against the realistic approach?
Silly boy,
won't it be more exciting
for the viewer if we're tied?
Well, yeah,
but you can still trounce
me in the final
round if you want.
well, if it's just for this
round. Thank you, love.
Shall we?
Hup! Hup! Hup!
Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup!
yes. I've got you.
Ha, ha. Pilgrimage. Sing. Deal.
Yes. Trying to be a jerk.
Talk about luck.
Kiyo, Misaki wins.
What's wrong with you?
I wish you'd never been born.
Oh, man.
Are you okay there? Yeah,
I'm fine. Good.
You had me worried.
Can we have a quick chat? Huh?
You nearly won that round.
Did you forget about our deal?
No, I was just trying
to make it look good.
I didn't want it
to be too obvious.
That's what you were doing.
You're a smart kid.
Make sure to keep that up
for the final round. Wait,
but you said now.
Now, this is television,
right? The star has to win.
That was pretty damn cheap.
Don't use that again.
Sometimes the truth
needs a nudge. That's
part of being an arbiter.
What do you mean?
It can be necessary at times
to create extreme conditions.
That's what you're going
to call extreme conditions.
Rigging the game
however you see fit.
What do you mean
it's not a show?
It's weird,
but just think about it, okay?
Neither of us remember
how we got here, right?
Yeah. So I know that I was
at home playing a video game.
So how did I get here?
Someone bring me.
Maybe it was your mother.
Not even possible.
And why not? Because she
hasn't spoken to me in years.
Okay, then what do you
think this is? I don't know.
Do you think your
family brought you here?
Fine. Let's find out. Hold on.
What are you going to do?
I'm going to ask him. What else?
No, this is not
a hidden camera show.
Huh? You mean you're not filming
this? No, I'm afraid we're not.
I freaking knew it.
Then what the
hell are we even doing here?
I'm sorry, but I cannot
answer that question now.
Oh, don't screw with me.
I'll explain
everything after the game
is won.
You tell me now.
I sincerely apologize.
And what happens if I lose?
tell me that.
That you'll kill me. What?
You can't do this. He's
obviously so much better than I
You can't honestly
tell me that's fair.
And is fairness really something
you've come to expect in your
I wouldn't think so. Why
should things be different now?
What am I supposed to do?
I can't win.
Very well, then. Let's begin
the final round, shall we? 39.
Ready? Foot.
Please help me.
What on our mom
loving children attack.
My kids are going to save me.
What? They were practically
useless. That's my little hockey
Let me. Sweetie. What kind
of move is that? I'm winning.
Hey. No. Come back here.
Can't be happening.
How could you do that to her?
Because it's necessary.
How? Explain this.
We are incapable
of passing judgment
until we can see into the soul
of the darkness
that dwells within.
But this is this is just
dragging it out of them by
I might have got
a little carried away there.
Is he? Did I do that? What's
wrong with me? You escaped.
You escaped.
Please, just wake up. You
okay? You have to wake up. Open
your eyes, please. Thank God.
I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to.
I wasn't thinking.
He won't wait.
Call an ambulance. Hurry.
Are you listening to me? I don't
have my cell
phone call for help.
Please don't just stand there.
We need
you to continue the game. Huh?
You what? The final
round has yet to be won,
and that is the most
urgent matter at hand.
The final round.
But he's severely injured.
Please continue playing the
game. What's wrong with you?
You're both crazy.
He needs help. Just let us go.
Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup!
Hup! Hup! Hup!
Hup! Hup! Hup!
Hup! Hup! Hup! Hup!
Do you know what?
I've got a secret wish.
You want to guess what it is?
I really don't think I could.
someday I'd love it if you felt
close enough to me
to call me his mom.
That's a nice wish. Thank you.
Huh? No, I should thank you.
Yo, Sky. Yo, Sky. Oh, yo.
You're okay.
Huh? Thank you.
Damn it.
Ugh, this sucks.
You always schedule things
without asking me first.
I'm really sorry. You worthless.
I know. I made you a promise.
I'm afraid I can't make it
home tonight, sweetheart.
Did Takahiro take a snap?
Right. You can count on it.
I'm doing my best for you kids.
No. But I have my children.
I have to take care of my kids.
Suicide. It seems the two of you
tied for the championship.
We're not actually dead,
are we? Yes.
I'm afraid you have
both left the land
of the living
following their deaths.
People are sent either
to heaven or to hell.
That's why this place exists.
To pass
judgement on who
will be sent where.
You're sending us to heaven
or hell Based on that game,
if you will please step
into the elevators.
You will learn the outcome
of your ruling.
Ruling. Is this a joke?
Stop screwing with me. Quit
trying to mess with my head.
What gives you people
the right to make that decision?
Just who do you think
you are to judge me?
What the hell do you
even know about me?
I know everything about you,
in fact.
How can you
call this fair judgment?
You just trust me
to get what you want
as an arbiter.
It's my job to draw
out the darkness and then to
evaluate the state of your soul.
I don't care what you are.
It's always like this.
It's your life.
Everyone is lying to me.
Before I knew it,
I had five kids.
But I didn't care
what anyone thought of me.
And then everything suddenly
changed. My life was only
After all that misery,
I finally found happiness.
You had the chance to make
my children happy.
What? Did I do it?
Why did I kill myself?
Well, someday I'd love it if you
felt close enough to me
to call me his mom.
Why couldn't I just
give her that?
She was always so good to me.
So why am I so messed up?
Listen, please. I'll do anything
you want. Please, just
send me back to my children.
Send me back to the.
Let me go. Take your arms
off of me. Let me go.
Let go of me, please.
No matter what,
you did the best you could.
both of you.
You did the best you could.
Thank you for playing.
Best of luck on your journey.
Wish I could fall to. We that.
I'm not gonna.
Episode five Death March.
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