Death Parade (2015) s01e05 Episode Script

Death: March

To his delight,
Jimmy's family had moved
into a new home that winter.
The new house
was filled with fun
toys just for him.
Jimmy couldn't be more thrilled.
Jimmy peered outside
to look at the snow.
And do you know what he saw?
There was a girl about his age
playing on the ice
with a cute little puppy.
Jimmy didn't need to talk
to the girl first.
He knew right away
that he would like her.
Her big smile promised
instant friendship.
Jimmy finally worked up his courage and
called out to the girl.
When he spoke, she looked in his
direction and waved
as if to say,
come over here,
come and play with me.
Excited, Jimmy started running
toward her. Poor Jimmy,
he didn't realize
there was a hole
hidden by the blanket of fallen
snow. Oh. That hurt. Well.
Jimmy began crying out
of pain and surprise.
But just then a hand
reached down to help Jimmy.
It was the little girl.
He looked
up and saw
her big friendly smile
and he forgot
all about the pain.
His new friend had come
to the rescue.
Um. I wonder why I keep
having that dream. Ah.
Has that always been there?
How are you doing this morning?
I'm all right. Thanks.
Are you sure? You seem troubled.
I just had another strange
dream. Is that right?
What could it mean? Who knows?
What's that?
Why are you putting it up?
I couldn't tell you.
Nonna told me to switch it out,
but didn't explain why. Huh?
How much time do we have? What?
Before our guests arrive?
Not much.
They should be here soon. Oh,
The memories? Yes.
However, there is no need
for you to go greet them.
Really? Why not?
Something seems a bit odd.
What counts as odd
in this place?
Watch it, kid. Stupid brat.
I didn't mean to. Hey, where.
The hell are we anyway?
Right this way, please.
Welcome to the Quindecim.
Take a seat.
Quindecim. That's a dumb name.
So what is this place, then?
A bar? Yes. My name is Dekom
and I will be your bartender.
Now, if you don't mind,
please come and have a seat.
Hello, buddy.
Oh. Hello, ma'am. You think
you could do me a favor?
Would you sit down over there?
Now, then you will likely
find this a strange question.
And I'm sorry to be abrupt,
but I'm afraid I must ask,
do you remember anything
at all from
just prior to your arrival here?
No, I've got nothing.
Okay. Very good.
Well, hold on a sec.
Yeah. There is something. I feel
like I've seen you before.
Really? Are you certain?
Yeah. And, you know,
it feels like I've
been here before, too.
It's all kind of fuzzy, though.
I can't remember any details.
All right. Thank you for
answering. And what about you?
No, I'm sorry, sir, I'm not sure
but I can't remember anything.
Very good. Your answer
has been noted. Moving on.
I will now. Whoa.
Slow down a second, would you?
You didn't even ask
if I was thirsty.
Can't a man get a beer?
Certainly, sir.
What about you?
Would you like some juice? Mm.
Well, Nona.
How long has it been since
you were put in charge? Hmm.
About 82 years, I think.
Why do you ask?
Has it been that long already?
You've put in a lot of hours,
You might try remembering that the next
time you second guess me.
Take a look at this, will you?
It's a record of our scores.
If you do the math,
you'll notice that we've played Solar
System nine ball 5769 times.
That many, huh? Averages out
to about 170 per year.
You've got a lot of free time.
But did you get a look
at how many losses I have?
I mean,
I'm practically God and I can't
win at billiards.
What's up with that?
Well, I don't think
humility is your problem.
What do you want from me?
It's the truth.
Yeah, yeah, I know.
So why don't you win more?
Because you can never
go easy on an old man.
Hey, now,
weren't you the one who
told me not to go easy on you?
That was 82 years ago.
The request has expired.
Well, that's too bad.
I can't let myself take it easy.
Not even once.
I'd go downhill fast.
Meaning what exactly?
I'd get sick of it.
You're adorable. You know that, Nona.
That's enough of that. Thanks.
You know.
I had a sneaking suspicion
that this was how
it was going to end.
That was intentional. Thought I
would give an old man a chance.
There you go.
Are you all right, sir?
That was quite a fall.
Is something wrong?
What is it, sir?
If something is the matter,
please tell me.
Ha ha ha! Nobody move an inch.
Take it easy. Yes.
Let's calm down. That's enough.
Don't say another word.
I'll stab him.
I remember it now. It's
that funny way you talk, man.
Like you think you're better
than everyone else or something.
I'm not going through
that again. Forget it.
He's been here before. But how?
So you're saying
you take it easy one time
and you'll be ruined for good?
That's just like you.
Yeah. Is it? Honestly, I'm pretty surprised
you lasted as an arbiter.
We could make this
a no talking game.
Take yourself so seriously.
Sometimes I think
that you're worse than
deckham when it comes to that.
I can only imagine how
terribly you've suffered.
The trick is to find
ways to alleviate
the boredom for a little bit.
Arbiter's certainly can't stop
passing judgments after all.
Am I right or am I right?
Oh, no. I'll show you
how I alleviate the boredom.
Watch closely.
Yeah, that's much better. Come
on. One more. Game. No can do.
I have to go. There are
other managers in the tower.
Call one of them.
I'm a busy girl, but.
No, no,
you're the one I want to play.
You ready? Yes, ma'am.
Man, at this rate,
when will I ever be able
to turn things around?
Maybe you should go ask God.
If you'll excuse us.
I'm afraid God.
Has been gone.
For a long. Time now.
Let me out of here right now.
You wouldn't want the kid
to get hurt, would you?
Easy. Let's talk a moment.
About what?
Please bear with me.
Have you ever
heard the story
the spider's Thread?
Why bring up that old tale?
What's going on here?
Candida is languishing in hell.
But the Buddha
dangles a spider's
thread down to him.
He does so because just once,
Candida spared a spider's life.
Candida, who has long dreamt of Paradise,
begins climbing up the thread.
However, many other sinners
soon follow after him.
Candida fears that the thread
is going to break,
and so he seeks to shake
the others from it.
Who cares about your damn story?
Do you
even get what's going on here?
What would have been
better is if they'd
been kept from seeing
the thread in the first place.
Shut up, you freak!
Much better.
Are you okay?
Not again. Damn it! Not again.
I am terribly sorry, sir.
I hate to be so rough,
but really, you must allow
me to speak with you.
Let me handle this one. I'll.
Oh, whoops.
You are no normal little boy.
You still haven't
figured it out. That's
pretty pathetic. Deckham.
Didn't see that coming.
All I did was put her to sleep.
Is she really that.
Important to you? Interesting.
It's been a long time,
hasn't he? Hello again. Ginty.
That's the guest
you were unable to pass
judgment on, right? Yes.
What happened there?
It was an unusual situation.
When she came to Quindecim,
she could remember
that she was dead.
Yeah, that is weird.
Never heard of that happening.
As you might imagine.
I was therefore
unable to prompt her
to play the required game.
I wound up having her memories
erased and her
judgement period extended.
So have her memories
of being human returned?
No, they have not yet come back.
Then what the hell
is she doing here with you?
She is assisting me
with my judgments.
A human.
Are you screwing with me?
A human. Are you out
of your mind? You got to be.
It's not crazy.
I have respect for
people who have lived
a fulfilling life. Additionally,
her observations are
astute and her opinions
Frankly, I find her fascinating.
You say that with a straight
face like it's totally normal.
Am I gonna have to beat
some sense into you?
Let's go.
We can keep going if you like.
You've changed,
and I think I like it.
I'm happy to keep playing
if you are.
But if you think you're
gonna beat me, you're crazy.
Oh. Stop it. No.
Too far. I didn't give
you permission for this.
Oh, this place is destroyed.
You insisted
on doing this, so I let you.
But now you're making
me regret it. Can't move.
It's been too long. I hope you
are doing well. And you, Clavis.
Hanging in there.
Thanks. Good to see you.
You're fighting this moron.
What's gotten into you?
You never rise to ginty's bait.
True. I am usually immune.
Well, we'll let it go for now.
So can you guess
what I'm doing here?
Uh, do you know anything
about Quinn's memory test?
I've heard of it,
but I don't know much.
Is that what this
is supposed to be?
Yep. Honestly. Totally hopeless,
aren't you? Shut up!
Moron! Oh!
Ha ha ha! Little weasel.
You paid too much
attention to the decoy.
Yes, ma'am. What's supposed to happen
prior to our guests arrival?
The Information Bureau edits down
and compiles their memories,
which are sent to the arbiters for
review before the game begins.
The memory compilations are one
of the bases for our judgements.
And today was different.
Because today was different.
Because the boy's memories
were not sent continue.
at least I was on my guard.
But then there was that man.
of him,
your attention was diverted.
That's correct. Pitiful.
There's no such thing
as a human
being with no memories.
The shock of dying makes
things hazy for a bit,
but their latent memories
don't vanish into thin air.
Yes, ma'am. Testing the arbiters in such
a manner is often necessary.
Do you know why? No. You draw
out the darkness in their
souls as much as possible.
Then you make your judgement.
To do
that, you must
create extreme conditions.
And that requires intimate
knowledge of your guest's lives.
What is it? Nothing.
I'm sorry for my mistake.
To sum up, if the memories
aren't sent to you.
Cancel the game. End of story.
Yes, ma'am. You can get up now,
Sleeping beauty.
I'm finished here. Get the elevator.
I've already called it.
One more thing. What is it now?
What shall I do
with this gentleman?
That's just a dummy with some fuzzy
memories implanted. It's not human.
That makes sense. Well,
carry on, you three. We'll do.
Well, McGinty, was
there something else you wanted
to talk to me about? Huh?
You're one stupid, stone
cold bastard, you know that?
Uh oh. Your boy didn't
do too well, I take it.
How very perceptive of you,
Quinn's little test
with the memories, right.
And how many years has
he been in arbiter now?
It's been five years.
Say what you want.
I still prefer
him to that moron.
You're talking about.
Gante, right? What can I say?
I'm a sucker for men
who are pretty and dumb.
So what's the situation?
Oh, you know, same as always.
They're dying too fast.
We're talking 7000 an hour here.
The righteous just can't seem
to stop killing each other.
You'd think
that they'd lose interest.
Yeah, right. I know information swamped, but
they're not the only ones.
Maybe you could put
a word into Oculus for me.
I'll see what I can do.
The trick
is to find ways to alleviate
the boredom for a little bit.
Sometimes he irritates me.
There's laid back
and then there's
just plain lazy.
What do you think. I want
to talk to you about, huh?
Judge that woman
and do it right now.
An arbiter and a human can't
work together. It's not possible.
Let it go. Ginti.
Deckham is supposed
to handle this situation
on his own.
Nona says so. And you don't
want to go against her, do you?
Come on, man, don't you get it?
Just looking at this idiot makes
me want to punch something.
There's no reason for us
to get involved here.
Tarkam can pass
judgment however he wants
anyway. Don't you have
guests coming? Let's get going.
Fine. I'm coming. And for me.
Do I have any guests?
You've got the day off,
you lucky dog.
See you later.
Thank you very much. Clavis.
Let's play,
said Jimmy to the little girl.
It'll be fun,
but the little girl
just smiled at him
and didn't say anything back.
You see,
the girl couldn't hear, so she
didn't know what Jimmy had said.
Jimmy wanted to explain what
he meant without using words.
So he ran and he fell down.
And he played in the snow.
And he laughed. And pretty
soon the girl joined in too.
Jimmy was very, very happy.
He didn't know her name,
but even so,
he knew that the two
of them would be good friends.
Nothing could change that.
That evening,
Jimmy told his mom about
how he had played with the girl.
Jimmy's mom listened
to everything he had to say,
and then she told him
that the girl's name was Chavo.
Jimmy slowly sipped his
big mug of hot cocoa,
and as he did, he said, Chavo.
Chavo over and over again.
Someday I'll
be able to tell her how I feel.
Someday he promised the bright
stars in the winter sky.
What? Huh? That's strange.
I don't remember falling asleep.
A new breed.
Conform to. Realize.
I'm not gonna make.
Driving down.
Episode six Cross Heart Attack.
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