Death Parade (2015) s01e06 Episode Script

Cross Heart Attack

Huh? Okay, where am I? Maybe
it's a haunted house. Cool.
Hey, ghost!
Ghost, ghost. You're here to.
Stay. So come out and play.
Hey. You talking to me?
You see anybody
else around here?
Just sit over there.
Since you asked nicely.
Are you a collector?
Don't touch those.
He took your sweet
time getting here.
I'm going to make the spiel
quick, so listen up. You ready?
What spiel? In a bit. I'm going
to have you play a game
against that dude over there.
What do you mean, play a game?
What's going on?
I don't get the point
of this, do you? Oh, way.
Hey, um, I could be
totally wrong about this,
but you look like Harada
from Cross heart Attack. Guilty.
Freaking you. Wait.
I'm your biggest fan.
I don't know what I'm doing
here, but I don't care. Oh.
Nice to meet you, too.
I would be so honored
if you'd shake my hand.
I'm Miyata. Sure. No problem.
What is that? And you're
the one who brought us together.
Thank you.
Uh, so who are you, anyway?
Name's Jinty. Huh?
That's kind of a weird name. Are
you CJ's manager or something?
This is gonna be a long shift.
Listen, just press this That'il
pick what game you play.
Playing a game with Harada.
I'm so totally in.
Oh. Do you mind
if I press the button?
Well, apparently we can't leave
here until we play this game,
Um, so what's that?
Hmm. Never heard of it.
All right, follow me.
Oh, what a cute little kitty.
Are you coming? Oh, yeah.
I wonder what this place is.
Do you know? No clue.
So no shows today, huh? Nope.
I guess it must be my day off.
Only I can't seem
to remember how I got here.
What about.
You know, I got nothing.
Looks like you're
taking it pretty well.
I'm here chatting with Harada. Nothing's gonna
ruin that for me, right?
Oh. Coach.
I've got no.
Idea how to play this.
Well, give me a sec.
I'll explain.
Take your socks off and stand
on the edge. All right.
The spinner is going to give
you your instructions.
What spinner?
This thing up here. It spins.
Uh. The kiddies,
the one who controls it.
Me? Mine. Colored by your name? Okay,
now back to the instructions.
Just do what
the spinner tells you
to place the selected body
part on the selected circle.
If you fall, or if you touch
the mat beyond what's specified,
then you lose.
That's it. Those are the rules.
Everybody got it?
Yeah, that sounds
simple enough to me. Mm.
Player. One left hand to blue.
Ladies first.
I guess you mean we're starting
already? That's the idea.
You're really grouchy, you know
that? And my name's Matthew,
by the way.
You could try using it.
Don't really care what your name
is, honey. Just start playing.
What is this guy's problem?
He's a real ass.
Good. He wasn't watching.
Calm down. Matthew.
Layer to right. Foot to yellow.
Player one right hand, two blue.
You get the idea. I have a
grand old time.
Sounds easy enough.
Fire to love that to blue.
Oh, yeah.
I guess you can't expect
a guy not to look.
And considering who it is, it's
not like I'm going to complain.
Is there something wrong,
Matthew? It's your turn to move.
He said my.
I can officially die happy now.
They are two right hand,
two red.
Guess I have to play this game.
I wish the girl
was a little cuter.
I got one right hand to yellow.
She's just too obvious.
I just want to get out
of here so I can see Lisa.
Player. One right foot to blue.
Oh, I almost fell.
Player two left foot to yellow.
Left foot to yellow.
How's that going to work?
Amazing. No wonder they call you
Dance Prince.
It was nothing.
He is just too cool. And close
enough to smell his sweat.
Ah, this is bliss.
If only I could stop time.
I wish this game could go
on forever and ever.
Okay, I'm getting tired.
My arms can't
take much more and I have
to pee. Hey, can you hear.
Me? Yeah. What do you want?
I need to.
Take a little break. Why is.
You get one,
so why can't we? I'm tired.
And I need to use the restroom.
Too bad. Come on. What is your.
Problem? It isn't just me.
Hard. Who
wants a break too? I could.
Use one. It's not gonna happen.
So quit bothering me.
And there's one more
thing I forgot to say.
There'll be consequences for the
loser. Potentially fatal consequences.
Is that supposed to be a joke
or something?
Because it's not very funny.
A cruel joke, I guess you
could call it. See this?
What is it? You think I'm just
kidding around?
Let me prove I'm serious.
In creepy.
That's it.
What the hell is going on here?
This is the beginning
of the actual game.
Hope you two kids
have a lovely time.
Well, what are you waiting for?
It says
left hand red. Let's get to it.
What happens.
Hut! This is the break, right?
It turns out you can't stop it
now. Come on, turn it off.
It's the most fun
I've had all day.
Why would I stop it? I can't
wait to see who's gonna lose
their balance first. Hot, hot.
Quick! It's left hand green.
That was nice.
You can just turn around.
You really think anybody's interested in
whatever you've got under there?
What did you say to me?
The wind's too strong.
I can't take a breath.
Quick. It's your. Over it. Blue.
Well, player to move
your right foot to yellow.
You should really focus on
the game unless you want to die.
Raising. Right foot yellow.
That's not good.
It'll be close.
Do you think you can do it?
It's frozen. No way.
That isn't fair.
That's the kind of thing that
happens when you dilly dally.
Come on. Damn it!
This is it.
We're going to die here.
Although this could be a titanic
moment. Wouldn't that be romantic?
These poses are kind
of awkward though.
You should never doubt.
A dance, friends.
I can't believe we did it.
You were amazing.
I thought we were gonna die.
There was nothing.
Oh, God. No, wait.
Stunning view, isn't it?
You psycho! Get us out of here!
No, I don't think I will.
This may come as a surprise,
but I don't
actually care what
happens to you.
This is my favourite part
of the whole thing.
Welcome to the sudden
death round. Game's
about to end just as soon
as one of you falls.
There took a while,
but we finally
reached the entertaining part.
Pathetic humans.
One of us falls. Oh, God.
Sort. It's pushed.
What do I do?
I can't.
See they're on me.
It's. Hopeless.
I can't hold it anymore.
I can't pee myself
in front of hada.
I'd rather. Mm.
It's over. I quit.
It's been amazing. I got to play
a game one on one with harder.
What more could a girl ask for?
I'm so happy.
This is a dream come true.
Ever since that first concert,
I've been your biggest fan.
I went to your shows
and bought your posters.
I even sent you fan mail. A lot
of fan mail. Whenever things
got tough or I was having
a bad day,
I would listen to your songs
and they would cheer me up.
Well, anyway, I guess what
I'm saying is. Thanks.
Thanks for always being there.
Without you and your music.
There were times I couldn't
have kept going.
I know people always
called you a womanizer.
But I never cared
about any of that.
I was your fan no matter what.
They just didn't understand.
You treat fans like they're
special. That's how you. Are.
How could you.
Breaking up with me like
I never meant anything to you?
Hey! I said I'm sorry. Connor.
On. Oh my God. I didn't want
this to happen.
No, my fans deserve better.
If I can ask one thing,
please don't forget me.
Good luck with CAA
and your dancing and everything.
You'll be great.
What? Why?
No. This can.
What are you. Doing?
I can't let you do this.
We'll find some way out.
Right, Maya?
Without you, I'd be nothing.
My fans make me who I am,
they make me a success.
It's because of them that I've
come so far in my life.
It's because of you, my, you.
How could I forget something
as basic as that?
It won't happen again.
You. You really mean.
Uh. I can't let it end
like this. I can't do it.
Promise me. Say you'll come
to one of my concerts again.
Do you promise?
I want you to promise.
I promise you I will.
Thank you for that.
What an awesome show.
Hana was. Amazing. C h a.
C h a c h. But.
Huh? Damn it!
Damn it! How could this happen?
Another woman gone
because of me.
Wake up! Harada! Are you awake?
I wanted
to let you know I'm leaving.
It's early.
You have to leave already.
Sacrificing yourself.
Didn't expect that one.
So it all coming
back to you now,
in case you're confused,
the gist of it is you're dead.
Oh, just shut it. Excuse me.
Alive or dead? Whatever.
I just need a change of clothes.
I couldn't hold it anymore.
I need a shower.
Well, this is interesting. You heard the
part about being dead, right?
Are we certain this one's human?
How can I be dead?
Hey, you know. Touching.
Oh, God. I'm sorry.
I said don't touch it.
Sorry for the delay.
Who the hell are you?
I told you my name is Myuu.
Ah, moron! What did you do?
Pick it up.
I didn't recognize you at all.
You look a whole lot
cuter this way. Really I do.
Yeah, you're totally my type.
You mean it? Yeah.
What's with them.
Humans? We're already dead,
you know.
Are you ready?
Let's get going. Yay!
C-h-a. C-h-a. My girl.
My, you. This one's for.
You. What do you say we kick
it off with our debut single?
Yay! Yay! Yay!
Sit back and enjoy the show.
It's cross heart attack!
Episode seven Alcohol Poison.
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