Death Parade (2015) s01e07 Episode Script

Alcohol Poison

Number one, arbiters cannot
stop making judgments,
for this task is more
than their job.
It's the entire reason
for their existence.
Number two, arbiters
cannot experience death, for
that would taint their
judgments and would make
them too close to being human.
Number three. Arbiters
cannot feel emotions, for
doing so is not
in their natures.
It's impossible for a dummy
to have feelings after all.
That same dream over and over.
Not being able to judge someone.
Yeah. That's right.
Never happened. No.
Never to me.
What is. It? Nothing.
Just forget about it, okay?
What's that? All the other books
around here are about booze.
This one's different.
Good morning.
I hope you slept well.
I'll have a warm meal ready
for us to eat shortly.
Duckham. Whose is this?
Sorry, but I do not know that.
Listen, I. I was wondering, huh?
Oh. Never mind.
I'm sorry, I couldn't help.
Now that I think about it,
it's possible that Quinn
left it here. Huh?
Who's Quinn? Quinn
Beckham's former arbiter. I
guess you haven't met her yet.
The former. You.
Sorry. If you've
been waiting long. Please step.
In. Thank you Clavus.
So where are we headed to today?
We're going to the Quindecim.
All righty.
Starting tomorrow,
you will officially be Deckham.
I am at your disposal, ma'am.
The 15th floor.
Is it? Pretty low, huh?
Haven't I told you that has
nothing to do with anything.
But you're all the way
up on the 90th.
Yeah, of course I am.
I'm in charge
of this whole tower after all.
Huh? Hey, chuckles,
what are you laughing about?
Last I checked,
you're on the 20th floor.
That's not much of a difference,
is it? Nobody asked you.
Let me introduce the two of you.
This is Quinn.
It's nice to meet you. Which one
of them is going to be Deckham?
This white haired one.
Do you like to drink? Oh.
See that? That's my liquor.
And I'm giving every
last drop to you.
That's right.
I'm finally done being an
What a freaking relief. Oh,
I'm not cut out for this crap,
you know?
Looks like I've been transferred
to the Information bureau,
but they provide all
the booze there,
so you're welcome to mine.
Oh, and one more thing.
Doesn't know how to shut up,
does she?
Don't be such a jerk about it.
She just likes to talk.
Now take these.
Time for the fun part.
Thank you very much, ma'am.
Tomorrow that'll be you, boys.
You will be the arbiters.
Consider this your final exam. By pressing
the buttons on those babies,
you can make the balls miss,
will in turn create an extreme
condition. Got it right.
Don't know where I'm at.
You couldn't possibly know
where the end is to freedom.
He wants you to buy everything
he advertises
on TV, so he'll keep you from
losing your soul to the company
store. You're not free.
I'm not free.
Thank you for playing.
Best of luck on your journey.
Glasses up, everyone. Cheers.
Um. Wow. That's amazing. You've got some
serious martini making skills, man.
I feel much better
about entrusting my bar
to you after tasting this.
Good on ya.
That's kind of you
to say thank you.
He's absolutely a perfect
fit to take
over as arbiter here,
don't you think?
He can certainly make a drink.
give you that. Fill me up.
Of course. Right away. So why
didn't you ever use it? Mm.
I'm sorry. Use what?
My sincerest apologies,
I completely forgot. Huh?
Perhaps it sounds odd,
but I was distracted
while watching them
play the game.
I couldn't help but wonder
what they were thinking.
What are you even talking about? Humans
are complete and utter idiots.
You know that, right? Who gives
a crap what they're thinking?
It's not like
it actually matters to us.
We create extreme conditions,
then sit back
and enjoy while they make
fools of themselves.
I disagree,
I don't see them as foolish.
That is correct. You see, I have
respect for people who
have lived a fulfilling life.
this one's a little different.
Man, you're a real idiot.
Seriously, if you ask me.
Be quiet for a second, okay?
So just by looking at them,
could you guess what
they were thinking?
I wasn't able to do that, ma'am.
of course you weren't able to.
You don't have
the experience for it.
Which is why I told you
to create an extreme condition.
By doing so,
you force the darkness
they harbor inside their
souls out into the light,
making it easier to judge them.
All right.
The darkness of the soul
can take on many forms.
It can manifest
as the fear of death
or as a desperate
thirst for life.
Think of it as foolish,
if you like or respected.
Either way,
it's entirely up to you.
Every arbiter is different.
There should be more
than one way to judge,
at least in my opinion.
Well, anyway, it looks like it's
time for my going away speech.
I do have 1 or 2 words
of wisdom to pass on as an old,
experienced arbiter.
It doesn't matter what it is.
makes something
that you can treasure.
Right? Thank you for the advice.
Oh, yeah.
Something you can treasure? Yes.
Well, do you have something?
I can show you
if you would like.
Well, what do you think? Uh.
These are what he treasures.
Really? How
am I supposed
to respond to this?
I got to say something.
But what?
So, um, do you enjoy this, then?
Sorry. I mean, this
is your hobby, right? Hobby?
It's not.
You mean my work for Nona?
But it is something
you treasure, right? Yes. Huh?
If you want,
there are more I could show you.
Glasses up, everyone. Cheers.
Are not doing so well, are you?
And we know whose fault that is.
You mean me?
You're the one who said
I was better suited
to the Information Bureau.
It's why I let
Deckham take over.
What you didn't tell me was how
busy things are in information.
Even being
an arbiter was better.
Condensing dead people's memories isn't as
easy as it sounds.
Yeah, I.
Know, I know. What do you mean?
I know you've never
done it before.
People are dying too fast.
Way too fast.
The rate is 7000 an hour.
Now, did you know that?
Which works out to 116 a minute
or roughly two per second.
Okay. You're dead.
Okay. You're dead. That's
what it's like at that pace,
it's impossible to do
our best work.
Yeah I know. Saying I know over
and over again
isn't very helpful.
So what's
the situation over there?
Not too great right now,
He is still new at it.
He doesn't
even have any doubts
about judging yet, does he?
I can see it on your
face that I'm right.
I'm sure if
everything went well, he
could be a fascinating
arbiter someday.
But that is a lot to hope for.
I mean, come on.
Implanting human emotions
inside an arbiter.
Kind of crazy.
Number three. Arbiters can't feel emotions, for
it's not in their natures.
A dummy can't
have feelings after all.
Make sure old Flower
Head doesn't find out.
Don't worry. It'll be all right.
We're fairly busy.
Every day. Many guests
come to receive our judgments,
correct? Yeah.
And with each guest comes
a slew of memories.
Eventually, arbiters
of minds fill with them.
As you can imagine,
that poses an obstacle for us.
So to address the issue,
arbiters are
set up to periodically forget
the accumulated guest memories.
After judgment,
guests no longer need corporeal
form and their bodies
return to being dummies.
Normally these dummies
are disposed of, but
I claim some of them instead.
Why do that? We're talking about
people who lived a full life.
I don't like that. They end
up as if they never were.
It seems wrong to me somehow.
Then all those dummies.
Yes. That's right.
They were all my guests.
All have visited Quindecim.
I chose to make dummies of them
so they would not be forgotten.
A pretty revolting hobby, isn't
it? No, it turns out it's not.
Hey. Why don't you let
me make it this time?
I don't know. It'll be okay.
Go on. I've got this covered.
I've had enough of this.
I'm sick
of having you interfering
with my judgments.
Interfering? I'm not
doing anything. Cause of you.
Everything around here
is turned upside down.
What do you mean? How else is it
supposed to be? Not like this.
Forced people
to risk their lives on
stupid games.
And things are gonna.
Get crazy because all humans
are complete idiots, right?
No, it's not that.
People generally look
out for number one.
That's just how it is.
If that's true,
then what's your story?
Say what now? I don't really know
what you're getting at. Sorry.
Why are none of you people ever
capable of understanding
your own motivations?
I should just drop you
into the void. Yeah.
And what was a void again?
Cozying up to her
traitorous feline. Just
being around you gives
me a headache.
Huh? Watch where you
put those hands, mister.
Oh, geez. That hurt was.
Anyway, she. Needs to get
out of here quickly.
Well. There really
is something special about
alcohol from the living world,
isn't there?
So why do you spend so much
of your time and attention
on Deckham anyway?
A fair question.
The thing is, I think
it's good for there to be more
than one method
of judging people.
But so many people die each day,
and we have to find a way
to judge them all somehow.
This is it. We work on
autopilot mechanically, no questions asked.
Then afterwards, what happens?
We forget everything
about the people we
judged because if we didn't,
we couldn't continue
on being arbiters.
We're not human.
We are dummies. We
never live and we never die.
And yet we're built to look
exactly like those we judge.
Doesn't it seem strange
and kind of unfair?
We don't even know the first
thing about death or dying yet.
We're the ones
who judge the dead.
Besides all that,
I'm curious. I'd like
to see an arbiter who has human
who can make human judgments.
Well. Eat up.
Thank you for cooking.
So tell me some stories
about guests you've seen. Mm.
What were they like?
These people? Let's
say the woman playing the piano.
You remember her, right?
No. What?
What is been
forgotten stays forgotten.
No, it is just a hobby. Then.
Aren't you even going to say
it's good or something? Oh.
I am terribly sorry.
The food is good.
How convincing. Can't you
muster some enthusiasm?
Once again, I beg your pardon?
It is very delicious. Uh.
Uh. They are finally awake.
Are we? Good morning.
You know, you're adorable
even while you're sleeping.
I'm afraid poor Quinn over
there can't say the same thing.
I told you not to come
in here without asking.
watching me sleep is creepy.
I had no choice
but to seek you out.
You haven't been
spending any time with me
lately. Wounds me to my core.
Go bother somebody else.
I told you, I'm busy.
You're sticking
to that story because you
certainly don't look busy to me.
there's something you're
hiding from me. No, no.
Go away, stupid geezer!
Ah, you're so mean.
Hello. And what do we have here.
Chavo? Huh? Oh, that.
Looks like a
picture book
from the living world.
I liked it, so I sent for it.
That's all.
Come by every once in a while.
I'm begging you.
It's not fair of you
to deny me a rematch.
Okay, fine, I will.
Maybe I botched this.
I'm sorry for asking so much.
It's okay,
I like you. You're
always bringing me goodies.
There. That one will do.
No. Do you see that?
They're both marked, actually.
Give me a sec. I'll re tag them.
I said that they'll. Do you want
them to go to your boy?
Right? Sorry I can't.
They have to be sent
to a special arbiter.
I'll bring you even better
goodies next time, I promise.
All right, you better.
So, Nonna, feeling the pressure.
Well, there was never all
that much time to begin with.
Episode eight Death Rally.
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