Death Parade (2015) s01e08 Episode Script

Death Rally

This is odd.
What is it? If you can
wait for just a moment, please.
I must verify this.
No, no. Here.
Ma'am, it appears we have
a guest arriving in the bar
shortly. Who has killed someone?
What? Oh, yeah.
Well, you'll have to handle it.
The others are
up to their eyeballs.
But, ma'am,
I have no experience with this.
Don't overthink it.
Killers are still people, right?
I'm sure it'll
be pretty standard.
As you say, ma'am.
Yes, yes I understand.
We're doing this. Yes. She said
the others are all occupied.
So which one is it?
Which one is what?
One of them is a murderer, right?
It seems they have arrived.
Right this way, please. Have
a seat and welcome to Quindecim.
My name is Dekom and I will
be your bartender.
Hi. Nice to meet you. Now then,
you may find this
a strange question,
but I'm afraid
that I do have to ask it.
Do you remember anything from just prior
to your arrival here? Huh?
Well, actually,
now that you mention it,
I don't remember
much of anything.
I'm pretty sure I was on my way
but that's really about it.
Thank you for indulging me.
And if I may ask you the same.
Let me think.
It seems I was headed
someplace as well,
but I don't remember where.
Very good. Thank you
for answering. Never mind that.
What is this place? All right.
I will now explain a number of
things about your current situation.
This is rather important, so
please do pay close attention.
We're supposed to risk
our lives on a game.
Why don't we split up
and look for an exit?
Sounds good. I'll start in
that direction. Okay. Go for it.
No good. It's just a bathroom.
What's in here?
Shit. A bloody knife.
Why's that in there?
Yeah. Uh, yes.
Oh. You taking a leak?
I'm sorry. Oh, no.
I mean, I'm done here.
It's no problem.
Well, I struck out.
How about you? No luck here.
There really aren't any exits,
are there?
As I tried to explain, you will
not be able to leave here
until the game is completed.
You sure about that?
Do you really
want to screw around with the detective?
What? This is false imprisonment.
Section 220
of the Criminal Code. Keeping
us here like this
is a legal pal. You get that?
Got nothing to say, huh?
What if we don't play your game?
I would sincerely
recommend that you do.
What if I duck? If we don't
play the game,
we end up like that.
I'm terribly sorry
for being vague, but I'm
afraid I cannot say
more than I have.
Well, kid, what do you think?
Well, me, I I'm really scared.
Where are we?
Are those people murderers?
No, I don't think so. What? Just
call it an occupational hazard.
When I look a guy in the eyes,
I can usually judge what
kind of person he is.
His eyes aren't the eyes
of a killer.
But they don't look
like the eyes of a liar either.
Oh, good. I mean,
that's a relief, right?
I'm glad you're here, detective.
It's reassuring, you know.
Uh, knock off the detective business, you
can just call me Tatsumi.
Okay? Tatsumi. It is. And my
name is Shimada, by the way.
Well, Shimada.
Think you could work with me?
Huh? If I could have you press
this button, please.
The roulette will begin.
We'll play your screwed
up little game.
But you should know
this won't be the last
time you're going to hear
from me. Yes, sir. Understood?
The rules are the same as
they are for regular air hockey.
You'll use the paddles
to hit the puck back and forth,
trying to score
on the other player's goal.
For each goal that you score,
you will win one point.
Whoever reaches a total
of six points
first will be declared
the winner of the game.
the pucks are a little unusual.
They are inscribed with various images
corresponding to respective bodies. God.
What the hell was that?
The red pucks are for Shimada,
while the blue
pucks are for Tatsumi.
Attempt to score using
a puck of your own color.
If you do,
you will earn double points.
if your goal is scored upon,
then you will lose one point.
Very well then. If you're ready,
the game. Will now begin.
Here goes nothing. Yep.
Two for you.
All right, my turn now.
It's okay. Don't cry. Sigh.
You still have me.
I'll look out for you now
that Mom and Dad can't. But.
I will protect you, I promise.
Whatever it takes.
Something wrong, huh? Oh, nothing. Just
thinking about old times.
I remembered that my sister and
I played this a long time ago.
We lost our parents when
we were pretty young.
Money was always tight,
so we tried
to drag out the game
by keeping a rally going.
Oh, unfortunately,
the time ran out on us.
That's right.
We didn't know the thing
had a time limit on it.
Not exactly a good surprise.
My sister was inconsolable.
It took me forever to get
her to stop crying.
What about now? You still play?
No we don't.
My sister is actually
in high school now.
And since I started working,
I'm so busy.
How old are you? Shimada.
I'm 22 now.
I started working right after
I graduated from high school.
I get it. Sounds like you
put your sister first.
Pardon me. Are you
perhaps not feeling well?
It's not that. It's the remote.
I don't want you to use it.
I know that it bothers you.
As it happens,
it's actually broken
at the moment.
Are you especially worried this
time because of the killing?
Just imagine what could happen.
Things get
out of hand even when
normal people go through this.
But killers are still people.
How are
you supposed to make
a legitimate judgment?
Killer or innocent, there
is no one who cannot be judged.
Whatever happens.
I will judge them.
It's one wacky thing after
another in this place, isn't it?
I wish I knew what the deal
was with this game, huh?
You don't know anything.
When you asked
me to cooperate,
I assumed you did.
How can I explain this to you?
Tell me something.
What do you think's
the hardest part
about what I do? Uh.
I don't know, the long hours
or something like that.
It's not the time
or physical stress.
The cases my division
handles are the serious ones.
We see some real heavy
emotions on a daily basis.
Real heavy emotions, huh?
Like what? Well,
for example, there's
the grief of the victim's
family after their loved
one has been murdered.
That's always rough.
I'm telling you, it takes
a lot out of you to confront
that kind of emotion.
Earlier I talked about
judging people by their eyes,
but something is off
about that guy
as far as I can tell.
He doesn't feel anything.
I've never met anybody
like that before.
To be honest,
I can't figure him out.
All right, kid,
back to the game. Wait.
Can you explain something?
Why are we even playing at all?
Because if we keep going, we
might actually find something out.
Something like what. About
the game? Maybe about the guy.
But I'm not interested in that.
in the game
or the white haired guy.
I said that I would
cooperate because
I thought you were going
to get us out of here.
Yeah, I get it. Just hang
in there a little longer for me.
I'm not like you, though.
You don't
seem to get frightened
by anything.
I get scared sometimes,
but right now,
it doesn't matter whether
we're afraid or not
till we end this game
one way or another.
We're not getting out of this
damn place. Fine. Let's do it.
Congratulations. That means
a lot from my big brother.
Look at you.
You sure have grown up, huh?
Don't start crying on me.
I promise I'll do my best.
What's wrong? Uh.
Just daydreaming. Here we go.
Hey. I'm home.
Hello? You? Me? You here?
What's going on?
How could I have
forgotten something like that?
You're so pale. What's wrong?
Hey, Tatsumi.
I have a headache.
Give me a sec. Okay.
They're going more slowly than
I thought they would.
What? Maybe the shock
from their deaths is greater.
Their memories seem to be buried
more deeply than other guests.
And we can't tamper with what
memories they do recall, can we?
So what are you going to do,
huh? You could let me see them.
Oh, the guests memories, I mean.
I'll put in a request
about that later.
Here you go, honey.
What's that? You
are a stereotypical detective,
aren't you?
My poor husband is so busy you
can't even remember
your own birthday.
Oh, yeah. That's right. Um.
Gift first, cigarette later.
Yours practically had
holes in the bottom.
I thought you could
use a new pair.
That's right. She was killed.
My wife was murdered.
What's Tatsumi doing? I thought they
pulled him from the investigation.
Hey here.
He hasn't even taken a day
They should really move him.
Out of the division.
I can't bear to watch this.
He likes to repeat offender
out on parole for it.
sent him up the first time.
Hey, are you feeling better?
Let's get back to it. All right.
Okay. If you're sure.
What's gotten into him?
Hey. I'm home.
What the hell? Say no.
Uh oh.
My God,
how could I have forgotten?
Listen, Shimada,
I hate to do this to you,
but I got to get out of here.
There's something I need
to take care of.
Yeah. Me too.
That was in the middle
of it when I wound up here,
and I need to finish it.
I have to,
even if it costs me my life.
Please excuse me. I'm afraid
the time limit has expired.
We must now switch
to a linked format.
What do you mean, linked?
There was a time limit.
These are the. Rules
for the remainder of the game.
The part of the body
linked to the scoring
puck will be stricken with pain.
Really actual pain?
Yes, in your eyes.
If a puck with an AI
design scores in your heart.
If a puck
with a heart design scores
now, then if we can, please
continue on with the game.
He's not making this up.
This is crazy.
Mind if I ask you something,
Will you tell me what it is you
want to take care of so badly?
Well, I don't know.
You don't have
to say it if you don't want.
No. I can tell you.
It was my sister.
Somebody assaulted her.
There was this guy
who had been giving
her a lot of trouble.
A stalker, you know.
I even told the police about it.
But they didn't do anything.
The police wouldn't help you.
I'm sorry, kid.
That bastard. I can't let
him just get away with it.
Revenge, huh?
I know something about that.
It's what I'm after, too. It is?
I'm sure this isn't
the kind of thing
that you'd expect to hear
from a detective,
but when I get out of here.
Somebody is going to die. My
wife, you see, she was murdered.
That's right. Yes.
Thank you very much.
They said
it would be no trouble.
It should be on its
way here shortly. Okay.
It wasn't just one of them.
They're both killed.
Yes, it seems so. It's a weird
feeling seeing the memories
of a killer.
Episode nine Death Counter.
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