Death Parade (2015) s01e09 Episode Script

Death Counter

There was this guy
who had been giving
her a lot of trouble.
The stalker, you know.
I even told the police about it.
But they didn't do anything.
I can't
let him just get away with it.
Want revenge? Huh?
I know something about that.
It's what I'm after, too. It is.
I'm sure this isn't
the kind of thing
that you'd expect to hear
from a detective,
but when I get out of here.
Somebody. Is going to die.
It wasn't just one of them.
They're both killers.
Your wife was murdered.
I'm so sorry. Yeah.
My attention was
always somewhere else, I guess.
Sort of comes with the territory
of being a detective.
That doesn't excuse it.
I should have protected her.
I will protect you, I promise.
Whatever it takes.
So you're looking for revenge,
too? Yeah.
What are you planning to do to
the bastard when you find him?
Honestly, I wouldn't
mind torturing him. But I think
I can settle for
killing him instead.
I admire your
honesty and I agree
his death would make
the world a better place.
Some people need to be put down.
That's what they're like. The
memories of the dead confusing.
A bunch of scenes
jumbled together. They
can be hard to make sense of.
Thus they are insufficient.
You can't get
a full picture of someone
just from memories.
So you're a detective
who endorses murder.
It's taking out society's trash.
Most of the cases
we handle in the investigative
division are so vile,
they'd shock the crap
out of you.
You ask me, these perps
can barely be considered human.
I'm not saying
this as a detective.
I'm saying it as one
human to another.
Killing this guy. It's just
the right thing to do. By.
Come on. Deckham.
You should stop it.
This is how it's done. They must
expose their souls.
The darkness within.
And then I pass judgment upon.
That's my job.
That's what
it is to be an arbiter.
Yeah, yeah.
What's wrong, kid?
What the hell are
you doing with that thing?
I don't understand. I.
I already killed the man.
I stabbed him.
I did it with this.
I killed him. I want them
to die for what they did to me.
Them. There was more than one.
was a man he just watched.
I think they were friends.
One guy is dead, but it's not
There was another bastard there.
The darkness of the soul.
Do you happen
to know what
the most primitive emotion
human beings experience is?
Fear, my dear.
This is crazy.
Oh. Are you okay?
No. Please don't kill me.
You. Me,
I killed him. It's over.
Thank you. Thank.
Hey, Tatsumi! Can you hear me?
Please get up.
There's something really
wrong with him. What should.
We would please.
Continue playing the game.
Seriously. But he's hurt. Currently tied. Each
of you has four points.
If you look at the next puck,
you'll notice that it's yours.
If you score a goal,
the points will be doubled.
You will reach
the stipulated score, and thus
you will be declared the winner.
Of an air hockey game.
Who cares about that right now?
Tatsumi needs help.
Don't you get it?
Before we began,
I spoke about the stakes
of the game.
Your lives. Remember?
Come on. This is starting to get
Just find him some help.
I think you'll find
that won't be necessary. Huh?
Tatsumi, you're all right,
thank God. I don't
know what
I would have done if you.
You're all right, aren't you?
Yeah, kid. I'm fine.
Let's just keep playing, okay?
What are you talking about? The game
doesn't matter anymore. I forfeit.
Like you said before,
your revenge isn't complete yet.
Well, no, but if it means
putting you through this, then.
Don't wuss out on me now, huh?
Don't you get it, Shimada?
You have to finish this guy,
or else he'll just do it again.
I know that,
but I can't keep torturing you.
Think about the bastard. About
squeezing the life out of him.
I don't know, I. Do you
understand what I'm telling you?
You do, don't you, kid?
All right, then, let's do this.
Okay. Ready?
I'm counting on you here.
You're not going to let me down,
are you, kid?
Huh? You're just like me.
You want the same thing I do?
I respect you for that.
Okay. Hit the damn puck.
I'm not sure. You're not going.
To let
the people who attacked your sister get
off like that, are you?
Why don't you get it?
The problem is,
I don't want to hurt you
in order to take my revenge.
Nothing comes free
in this world. To get
what you want,
you got to make sacrifices.
If you're not even willing
to cause me a little pain,
how do you think you're going
to get your revenge?
You probably just lucked
out with the first one.
Let's get on with it. I don't
mind being your sacrifice.
Not if it gets you
the vengeance you deserve.
Now come on and settle
the score for your sister.
What the hell?
Hold on. Does this mean.
Uh, the game is complete.
Mr. Shimada
wins 6 to 4.
Our congratulations to you.
That's it. Shimada.
So you're Sai Shimada's
older brother, huh?
Hold on. You know my sister.
Hey, what are you doing?
So tell me, is this it?
Is this knife
the weapon I was killed with?
Yes it is. What?
Allow me to explain.
Following their deaths, people are sent to
either heaven or to hell.
You see, this is the tribunal
of the soul.
Tribunal of the soul. Quite a.
It is.
And I'm the designated arbiter.
I am terribly sorry
for the necessary deception.
So we're here to be judged.
Very funny.
So, is the joke over now?
You are joking, right? Interesting.
You still cannot remember.
See, Shimada, you've forgotten
something pretty important.
I'm guessing you don't
remember doing this, huh?
It's coming back yet.
You stabbed me, huh?
Uh huh.
One down, one to go.
I got to say, I wish you'd
at least have used
a different knife to do it.
The worst part about
all this is knowing
that that bastard's blood
got inside my body.
That bothers me a lot more
than getting killed. Does.
I still don't get it. What were
you doing? I mean,
you're a detective.
When you get down to it.
I'm a lot like you.
What was your term?
An arbiter. Was it?
I like that I pay attention
to people who seem like scum.
And I figure
out what they're up to.
Your sister's attacker.
He was one of the scumbags.
That's why I'd
been keeping an eye on him.
You mean you were
there the whole
time you just watched it happen?
Yeah, of course I had to watch.
Just hold still, bitch.
Don't move.
There was a man he just watched.
I think they were friends.
Huh? But why?
Why the hell did you stop him?
You bastard! How could you
stand there and do nothing?
Why did you even try
to help my sister?
You could have saved her,
couldn't you?
But if I had stopped him,
I couldn't have killed him.
Couldn't have killed him. What?
Call it meting
out punishment. No no no no.
Passing judgment. That's better.
You can't judge
a criminal unless there's
a victim. Can you.
Just stop it.
Then? You needed a victim.
And that's what my sister was.
You're starting to get it.
Yes. What
the hell is wrong with you?
Please make it stop.
Hey, guys.
I know it isn't easy,
but I thought you got it.
Are you kidding me?
You could have saved my sister.
I had to see it through to the
end to get the whole story.
How else was I supposed
to accurately judge the guy?
For all I knew,
he was actually a killer.
That's your argument? What
kind of a monster? The hell off.
If I'd have stopped
him that time,
you would have done
it again anyway.
You don't have any idea how many
other women the sick
freak was already stalking?
Sure, I could have saved
your sister, but what then? Huh?
It would just mean that another
girl would have been assaulted.
At least your sister's
still alive, right?
And you finished taking
your revenge, too?
I mean, let's not forget
you did kill me.
Don't get greedy. That should be
revenge enough for anyone.
You will pay for this. How would
you like to exact that payment?
Isn't that enough?
I can't pass judgment.
I need more information.
I want to kill him.
Very well. That can be arranged.
Come back here.
Stop! What are you.
Planning? Words alone will
not suffice. In this case,
I must observe actions as well.
I have to see it through
to the end to judge accurately.
Don't do this.
So killing me once
wasn't enough for you, huh?
That will, of course,
be impossible. The deceased
cannot be killed a second time.
However, one can still inflict excruciating
pain upon them. That's unfortunate.
No! Stop! Don't do it!
How can you call this judgment?
Don't you see that you're just
doing the same thing as him?
How so? Everyone has to live
with the sins they've committed.
Everyone bears some hatred.
You just inflame it.
How's that accurate judgment?
I just wish
I could understand why
you're doing this.
Because it's my job. I must draw
out the darkness
that lurks in his soul.
What do you know about darkness?
You've never been part
of the living world.
You've never lost anyone.
You know nothing about grief.
I believe I do understand.
And it's not just grief either.
are as many emotions
as there are people.
The fragility of someone
who lets their anger rule them.
The strength of someone
who can overcome
fear in the name of love.
Be honest. Those aren't things
you can ever hope to comprehend.
So tell me then, how can
you pass judgment on them? Uh.
But I am. I mean,
really, what is it you do
bring out the worst in people?
Then sit back saying, ah, yes,
indeed, an impassive observer. No.
That isn't what I do.
Once in a while you
send them off with a hug, and
then you pretend like you care.
You're just putting on an act.
This whole thing.
It's just a screwed up mess.
Whatever you want to call it.
This isn't judgment.
People can't be characterized. You can't fit
us into neat little boxes.
Anybody can turn brutal
given the right circumstances.
It's a fine line when
you think about it,
and one that was
easier for me to cross
than it would have been
for others.
I changed after I got revenge on
the filthy bastard
who killed my wife.
Turns out sorrow
and anger could only
last for so long. I became
shockingly dispassionate.
I heard my wife's voice
thanking me for what I did.
So I decided that my new job
would be exacting vengeance
for helpless victims.
My wife was the sacrifice
that made that possible.
I have to say, being a detective
made the whole
thing a lot easier.
I had no shortage of filthy
criminal bastards to choose from.
How could you? Shut up! Shut!
Wait, don't. I just do it, kid.
Like I've said,
sometimes sacrifices have
to be made.
That's the way it
is a hard lesson to learn.
But I'm trying to teach you.
Shut up! That's enough.
Please calm down.
You are being judged here.
But heaven and hell are a lie.
The truth is, there's
reincarnation or the void.
If you're reincarnated,
you may be able
to see your sister again
in some other form.
That man is watching
what you do.
He's the one who
ultimately decides what happens.
Is she telling the truth?
Is this part of the judgment?
Please control your anger.
Don't you want
to be with your sister again?
If you're cast into the void,
won't even be a possibility.
All right. Is it?
That's just wishful thinking.
If you can't protect somebody,
then hey,
all you can do is kill
the other guy.
The world's a cruel,
screwed up place,
and we have to accept it.
You can't change that.
Nobody can. The only
thing you can do is fight back.
You see, sir, I'm going
to do it right this time.
Hey! I'm gonna protect you.
You don't get it.
People aren't as complex
as you seem to think they are.
They're really pretty simple. I get sad
and angry over simple things.
Can you understand that people
are simple creatures?
The littlest things send
them spinning and they live,
never knowing when
they're going to fall.
That's what being human is.
Episode ten. Storyteller.
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