Death Parade (2015) s01e10 Episode Script

Story Teller

Where am I?
Who am I? For the moment,
you don't have a name, but I can
tell you
that you are an arbiter.
What do you mean by arbiter?
An arbiter
is someone who judges
people's souls and sends
them either for reincarnation
or into the void.
I'm to act as a judge. Assessing
souls. The souls of humans.
An arbiter of souls.
That kind of yamunanagar
yo ma testo to show.
Number one, arbiters cannot
stop making judgments
for this task is more
than their job.
It is the entire reason
for their existence.
Number two arbiters cannot
experience death for that would
taint their judgments.
It would make them too
close to being human.
Number three, arbiters
cannot feel emotions for
doing so is not
in their natures.
It is impossible for a dummy
to have feelings.
Out with it.
What are you doing here?
Whatever you want to call it.
This isn't judgment.
I have come to believe
that the way
in which we arrive at our
judgments is fundamentally
Is it? How so?
The method that we employ
using extreme conditions in
order to reveal the darkness
within the soul.
What if we are creating that
darkness rather than just
uncovering it?
I'm sorry, ma'am,
but I have true
respect for people who
have lived a fulfilling
life, so I cannot judge them.
I see.
So what are we to do about her?
No deckham her term
is coming to an end.
The time has passed quickly.
Do you
think you can judge her now?
Perhaps it would be easier
for you if I did it.
No, ma'am. But thank you.
Very well, then.
You judge her
and make the decision.
Will she be reincarnated
or will she
be cast out into the void?
However, creating the right
conditions. What all do you know
about her?
Is it insufficient? If I'm
correct, most of her memories
were erased.
They were. Shall I have Quinn
send along her compilation for
No, I should be all right.
Given your new doubts,
will you judge
her without seeing
the darkness within her soul?
In all honesty,
I don't think her true nature.
I really think you know
her true nature.
Even if you did, you might
not be able to understand it.
Go back to your post. Now I'm
going to send you a special
guest. Whatever you do, judge
You are still an arbiter,
are you not?
Huh? Pardon me.
A guest will be arriving
shortly. Could you handle it?
I can tell that you are
out of sorts.
You have become aware
that you are human.
There is something else you
should know. Human souls cannot
remain here.
they become dummies,
like those you've seen.
The time has come. I cannot
wait any longer to judge you.
Still judging. After all that's
happened, nothing's changed.
I am an arbiter.
What other choice do I have?
What will you do to judge me?
I do not yet know.
I have refrained from accepting
the memories of our next guest.
Nor do I have any idea which
game is going to be selected.
Our next guest. You said
somebody else is coming then.
Right this way, ma'am. Welcome
to Quindecim. Please have a
You're saying
that I can't leave here
unless I play this game of
yours? Correct. I'm terribly
I suppose I have
nothing else to do.
What about you? Yeah,
I've got plenty of time.
And when we're finished with
that, you'll let us out of here?
Yes, I promise you I will.
Well, that settles that, then.
And what shall we be playing?
Oh, my. What is it? It's just.
I think I've seen
that somewhere before.
But for the life of me, I can't
seem to think of where
it would have been.
Hmm. Is something the matter,
dear? No, it's nothing. I'm
Oh, it knows I'm here, I guess.
No. The card game.
Yes. I assumed as much.
Forgive an old lady a joke,
won't you?
I will be joining you
for the game as well.
Two isn't enough
for Old Maid after all.
First, if you will
please remove any pairs
of cards from your hand
and lay them down on the table.
Whoever is holding
the Joker at the end
of the game is the loser.
And these are just regular
playing cards that we're using.
Although you may find their
design a bit different than
Oh, my.
Isn't that something? Well,
you wouldn't know it as my
drawings aren't very popular,
but I work as an illustrator.
This is one of my characters.
The designs
on these cards are,
in fact, relevant.
They show scenes that relate
to the players
by dealing them.
I have distributed them about.
My goodness. These are really
something, aren't they? Oh,
hello, Grandpa.
This makes me so happy. Thank
you very much for saying so.
Oh, no, young man,
I should be thanking you.
I haven't even introduced
myself. I'm away, Sachiko,
and it's a pleasure meeting you.
My name
is Dekom.
I'm the bartender here.
I'm sorry. I don't actually
know what my name is.
Oh. Let's start. Okay.
I don't know my own name.
With that done,
the game will now begin.
I haven't played cards
in such a long
time. I'm having so much fun.
Say what? What do you mean,
The point of judging?
Well, what is the purpose
of what we do?
Why is it
that we pass judgments?
What the hell
are you talking about?
Are you a freaking idiot,
man? There isn't a point.
We're here to judge,
so we judge.
That's all. Finished.
The end. You get it now?
But is that a good enough
reason, though? It's not good.
And it's not bad. All there is
is the outcome of the judgments.
Quit snoring.
You sound like a cow.
What's with you?
You're acting like a human.
Humans think dying something
that happens to someone else.
So at the moment of death, they
start desperately looking for
But there
is no meaning to living.
The fact of the matter is,
they live in order to die.
So stop thinking about the
meaning of life or of your
It's your turn.
I am terribly sorry.
Things are moving right along.
They are.
Yeah. He's got doubts
about judging now. Mhm.
Oh that's all well and good.
from implanting human
emotions though, right.
Yeah. Well at this point I think
all we can have him do is
draw on all of his judgements.
So why did you come here? You
have her memories from before.
They were condensed and
compiled. Give me all of them.
Uh oh. Another pair for me?
My. It's almost like magic,
isn't it?
I'm sorry. Is something the
matter? No, don't trouble
Looks like my victory, eh?
Congratulations on the win.
I'm going to ask you a question,
and I want the truth.
All right? Be honest now.
Is this the afterlife?
Yes. I thought as much. What are
you doing? It does not matter.
Huh? To summarize, following
death, people's souls arrive
It is my job
to pass judgment upon them.
I am what's called an arbiter.
Ah. When did you first
realize this was the afterlife?
Only a moment ago. Do you see
this boy here? His name is Mio.
But this drawing of him
doesn't actually exist.
He was going to appear
in my next feature,
but I haven't drawn him yet.
As a character.
He exists only in my mind,
but here he is, just as
I imagined him. What a surprise.
That's what tipped me off.
This couldn't
possibly be the world
I've always known.
Sorry, but you don't
seem very troubled.
I might feel different
about the whole
situation if
I could remember dying.
Ah, the joys of getting old. No
one who comes
here remembers dying.
It has nothing
to do with your age.
If you'd like to know
how you passed,
I could tell you.
That's okay. Huh?
To be honest, I suspect
I'm better off not knowing.
Thank you for this, though.
My time
in this place has been
like a wonderful dream.
Oh, really? Playing the game,
you mean? Yes, dear, That's
My husband and I weren't able
to start a family of our own,
so the characters I created
became like my children.
I never imagined
I would see them
again like this.
It's been a delightful surprise.
My work wasn't always easy,
but I'm
glad I got the chance to come
face to face
with my illustrations.
So you see, I'm happy
I played that game of yours.
It may be over now, but at least
I know that I lived a full life.
That is a wonderful thing
to hear. A full life.
Shall we continue on
with the game then?
Uh, what are you going
to do with her memories anyway?
Just get them, okay? It's
not like I'm made of time here.
Do you know how many
people die every second?
Seems like there's
a lot in here.
Actually, it's not that much.
She died pretty early.
Don't concern yourself with
arbiter memory capacity this
time around.
I want you to recompile these,
uh, here for your trouble.
Uh huh.
Oh, my.
I recognize those drawings.
That one's Chavo.
Isn't it Chavo? Yes.
It's the name of a little girl
character in the children's
book Chavo,
by any chance, Was that one
of your works? No, not mine.
I've just read the book before,
that's all.
Can you tell us what the story
is about? Well, let me see.
It's about this little
boy named Jimmy
who falls in love with Chavo,
but he can't tell her
because she's unable to hear.
So Jimmy wishes on a star.
He asks
that someday Chapel will know
how he feels about her.
Intriguing. Think about it.
When you want
to express your
feelings to someone,
how would you usually do it? Eh?
Well, I'm using words.
Exactly, my dear.
That's what most people think.
And I believe
that's why the author
wrote it. So Shuvo was deaf.
We don't always realize it,
but there
are so many
other ways of expressing
our emotions besides
using words. Here's an example.
Take a look. A smile.
Yes, A smile is universal.
Wherever you're from,
it means you're happy.
Just like a frown shows
everyone you're unhappy.
It really is wondrous, isn't it?
A language that everybody
Mama. Mama.
Read me the book. Did
you really like Chavo,
don't you? Yeah.
That okay? Well, of course. Mama
likes Chavo too. Okay, good.
What part do you like most?
Her smile really is terrific,
isn't it? You're right.
That's my favorite part, too.
I'm pretty sure
my name is Chiyuki.
Oh, you remember your name now?
I don't know what could have
changed, but I do.
And what a beautiful name it is,
my dear.
It's sweet of you to say so.
I remember, Mom.
What is it? Is something wrong?
No, it's nothing.
In that case,
I believe it's my turn.
I'm out of cards,
Which means. That
this game
is now officially over.
Are you coming to Chiyuki?
Not yet.
I'm going to stay
a little longer.
Uh, take care of yourself.
Thanks. And you're
quite sure that it's
all right if
I take these with me, young man?
Yes. You're welcome to them.
Thank you so much.
I was thinking,
you know how an old maid,
the person who gets
left with a joker
in their hand, is the loser?
I've always found that rule
to be rather strange, huh?
Just look at most
other card games.
The jokers.
Usually a trump card. Having
it left at the end
seems prudent to me.
Yes. Well, my dears, it's
been lovely. Thank you so much.
Thank you for playing.
Best of luck on your journey.
So out with it.
I want to know how it happened.
I suppose that we really
can't do it this way, can we?
Here I am.
Oculus, sir. I'm sorry
to keep you waiting,
Clavus. There's my boy.
I'm happy to help, sir.
What can I do for you?
Oh, cruel hearted Nonna seems to
be avoiding me for some reason.
Tell me. You play billiards,
don't you? No.
I'm sorry, sir, but I can't.
I'm only joking.
Hang tight.
This should only take a second.
Isn't that just fascinating?
An arbiter with human emotions.
Sorry about that. What? We're
all done here. You can go now.
Oh, all right. Thank you.
I'll get going then.
How utterly pointless.
You know, I don't
believe people live just so
that they can die someday.
I think it's because
they are alive
that they must
die at some point.
I believe that there
is a purpose to being alive.
And there's a purpose
to judgment as well.
Judging is tricky.
Difficult to do, right?
It goes hand in hand
with both life and death.
By its very nature,
it must be performed
hand in hand with human beings.
And because of that,
it requires human emotions.
Huh? Saiyuki, please. Sorry.
If you don't mind.
I need you to fill
in the blanks for me. What?
I could fall to.
Realize that I am just.
I'm not gonna.
Episode 11 Memento Mori.
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