Death Parade (2015) s01e11 Episode Script

Memento Mori

Hang tight.
This should only take a second.
Isn't that just fascinating?
An orbiter with human emotions.
You know,
I don't believe people live
just so that they can
die someday.
I think it's because
they are alive
that they must
die at some point.
I believe that there
is a purpose to being alive.
And there's a purpose
to judgment as well.
Judging is tricky.
Difficult to do right.
It goes hand in hand
with both life and death.
By its very nature,
it must be performed
hand in hand with human beings,
and because of that,
it requires human emotions.
There you go. It's done.
It's lovely, isn't it?
Yeah, sure.
At first glance, anyway. But.
But this isn't all. There are
no lives without darkness. None.
You got that one right?
What? No way! Horrida,
how are you here?
Didn't you go
to that void place?
Horrida hello.
All right, I wake up.
What's with him?
That's just a shell.
His soul hasn't come back yet.
Whoa! His soul is missing.
Um, so how
do you get it to come back then?
Not easily.
You need a soul to cast
into the void in its place.
Seriously. And if his soul
doesn't come back, what then?
You get stuck with this.
Oh, wow. I have to choose
a soul to send into the void.
Mine should be good enough,
right? Hmm.
I don't see why
I can't take his place.
You little idiot.
Do you have any clue
what the void is like?
No. How would I?
Unfathomably reckless moron.
It's in the name.
A space containing nothing.
It's a graveyard for souls.
Your mind is all that remains.
Terror, regret, despair.
The sensation of falling forever while
feeling only the worst emotions.
That's the kind
of place the void is.
There's no way
you're making that up.
No, I'm not, but I've got someone
else who can take his place
harder. Or this guy.
The choice is up
to you. Who gets the void. What?
Saiyuki. Please.
If you don't mind,
I need you to fill
in the blanks for me.
I don't understand what
you want me to say.
Start with this.
I don't get it.
Why do I have to choose?
Human behavior is so predictable. You're all
a bunch of idiots, huh?
You all seem
to forget that someday
you're going
to die until suddenly you
come face to face with death.
Then you start clinging to life.
That's why up to now,
I've never had so much as a
second thought about my judgments.
When you made a decision.
Press this button.
So who is this guy anyway? Is
that something you need to know?
To cast Harada into the void.
kind of person would it take?
I don't know,
but I would never do it.
Then it sounds like
you've got your answer.
You look very lovely in that.
If you'll come this way, please. Welcome
to Quindecim. Have a seat.
My name is Deckham.
A pleasure to meet you.
I will be your bartender
while you're here.
Huh? I'm sorry.
Is something the matter?
I'm confused. What am I doing
here? I'm supposed to be dead.
You can remember
that you're dead. Then.
Yes, but.
When I don't remember is how
it happened.
Please tell me.
Oh, really? That's unusual.
Obviously I was
unable to prompt her
to play a game.
It sounds like the Information
Bureau screwed up.
Don't worry. All right.
I'll deal with her.
Deal with her? How do you mean?
We'll erase her memories
and start her judgment over.
Not too difficult.
Let's go ahead and bring
her with us.
Certainly, ma'am. I'm on it.
If it's not an imposition, I'd actually
like to handle her judgment.
Why is that?
I'm not really sure. Huh?
Well, if you want to go ahead.
But I think I'll leave her here
a while.
As an assistant of sorts.
You love to skate more than.
Anything, didn't you, mum?
I sustained a serious
leg injury. They ran some tests.
Before long, they told me
that I would never skate again.
Everyone cried for me.
They were all so sympathetic.
But me, I didn't feel anything.
No matter what anyone said,
nothing got through to me.
But I couldn't
tell anybody that.
It's time to eat. Come on,
dear, aren't you hungry?
This is the trophy you won in
the first competition you entered.
You know Chucky.
Watching you skate was
always one of the highlights
of my life.
But what made me happiest
was watching you grow up.
Seeing you become a good woman.
I'm not though.
I'm not a good woman. Oh.
Just go. Okay. Okay.
The fact
that I couldn't skate anymore
wasn't what was hard for me.
There are lots
of other things in my life
that were more important,
like my family and friends.
I had lots
of friends from skating.
I didn't really know
what was wrong.
I was just so confused
at the time.
But now I think I know these
people I've been so close to.
They were,
in a very real sense, strangers.
I mean, they weren't me.
It sounds so obvious, right?
But somehow I'd
never realized it before.
And suddenly everything
started to seem hollow.
I just felt like I'm nothing.
I'm nobody.
I couldn't get
those thoughts out of my head.
They festered and I started
hating myself until finally.
I took my own life.
People can't know
each other perfectly.
And I hope for
that kind of understanding.
It's wrong. I didn't
realize that until I was dead.
Until too late.
Life is so cruel.
From my understanding,
when humans are happy,
they smile, and when they
are sad, they shed tears.
Chiyuki may I ask you what emotion
you are feeling right now?
Well, obviously I'm feeling sad,
right? And if I told
you I wanted to understand that,
you would say that's
wrong of me. Huh?
Because it's true. Regardless
of whether it's possible,
I wish I could know you better.
I have never been
part of the living
nor have I experienced death.
I'm afraid I don't know
the correct way to express this.
But I am glad I got to meet you.
It's truly been my pleasure.
Listen, Deckham.
Certainly. I'm listening.
Nothing. Never mind.
My last drink at quindecim.
So what's this one called?
A memento mori? Apparently it means.
Remember that you must die.
Remember that you must die.
Do not forget that you
are certain to die someday,
and as such, you have all
the more reason to live now.
I believe that is how the phrase
should be interpreted.
Live now a little late.
Shall we? Cheers. Deckham.
Wow. That's delicious.
I am terribly sorry for this.
So where are we going now?
headed for the place
where hardest soul is.
And he's really going
to wake up. You promised me.
Yeah. Something I've been wondering. Who exactly
is harder to you, anyway?
Don't you get it? He's my life.
Oh, really?
So what would your life
be, then,
if harder wasn't around?
What's that mean?
Are you making fun of me?
I want an answer.
What's your life's meaning?
I've got no clue. Okay. Why does
there have to be any meaning?
Someone else who has no idea.
Well, what about you? Huh?
What? Why do you do this?
Do you have
some meaningful reason?
No, I don't need a reason. I'm
an arbiter. This is what I do.
The new arbiters.
Have my pity, all of you.
Pity. I decided for myself
how I was going to live.
Maybe it wasn't a life
others would be super proud of,
but I devoted it to him
because I wanted to.
If you ask me,
there is some meaning in that.
Wouldn't that be nice?
That's that.
In part. I'm so sorry.
Conform to.
So let's realize that.
I'm not gonna make.
And then I was driving and.
Hello there, information bureau.
I have a favor to ask.
Oh, do you think I could have
you send me some memories,
It's happening. I'm just
about to forward them along.
All right. Good.
Thank you. Quinn.
Where are you. Going? What's
it matter to you, old man?
I hope you enjoyed yourself.
Looked like fun. Sorry.
You've been bad, Nona.
The last episode, Suicide Tour.
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