Death Parade (2015) s01e12 Episode Script

Suicide Tour

Hello there, Information Bureau.
I have a favor to ask. Oh.
Do you think I could have
you send me some memories,
Yes. Thank you very much.
Mm. Where are you going? What's
it matter to you, old man?
I hope you enjoyed yourself.
Looked like
fun. Sorry.
You've been bad, Nona.
No way are you sneaking a peek?
What you've been up
to isn't going to fly.
Arbiters have to be dummies.
That's how it works.
Do they?
Or is that just a suit? You.
Why don't you tell
me what you're after here?
You want to know, huh? Well,
the fact is, we can change.
I take it you're talking about
arbiters who possess human emotions.
Yeah. That's right.
Come on. Don't you see
we aren't just hollow dummies?
That's so ridiculous.
It's making my flower shrivel.
We're all just dummies, Nona.
And that includes me.
Do you understand it yet?
Have you figured
out what we are?
What we're made of?
The souls of those cast
into the void.
Don't even get me started
on our location.
We are what we are. As long
as our fundamental essence
stays the same.
This nonsense you're
trying to pull won't
change anything.
Face it, my dear.
The arbiters will behave
as they always
have. That isn't true. Go ahead.
You'll see the truth
of things soon enough.
Thank you for waiting.
Please take us
to the lowest level classes.
Uh. Really? Are you.
Sure? I'm sure. Thank you.
And you're taking her with you.
That is correct. Okay.
Chiyuki. Suzuki.
What? This looks like my room.
But how?
Impossible. There's no way I.
Uh oh.
You woke sooner than
I was expecting.
May I ask what
it is you're doing? No.
Oh, look, I remember these.
They're the
dolls your mother made, right?
She's quite talented, huh?
How do you figure?
They don't look
anything like the book.
That's okay.
I treasured them anyway.
This has been so strange.
I was starting to think
it was a dream.
I'm afraid this is reality.
It all happened.
Three months have passed
since your death.
Would you like me to give
you a hand? That's okay.
I can welcome.
It's empty. Uh.
You really like.
That's my mom.
Huh? Oh, God. Mom!
Hello, Chiaki. I'm home again.
Uh huh.
She is neither able
to see nor hear us.
We can't touch people
in the living world.
We cannot converse with them. We
can't make contact of any kind.
You could have told me all that
sooner. I am terribly sorry.
Why bring me here anyway?
If you would please take this.
What's going on?
This is why I brought you here.
It wasn't just to give you
a glimpse of your old life, huh?
Did you know
7000 people die every
hour? That's approximately
two per second
while it lasts.
Life is riddled with unfairness.
There are those
who live fulfilling lives.
And there are those who pass
away sooner than they should.
Please listen closely.
I have a bargain to offer you.
In exchange for the life
of one person.
I can bring you back
to life right now.
Simply press this button.
If you do that,
all of your memories
of Quindecim will be erased
and you will
return to your life.
You must choose quickly,
however little time remains.
What will your decision be?
My life or someone else's.
That's the deal. Yes.
It's possible
that it will be one
of my friends
or family who dies.
Yes. However, do consider
the world's population.
It's currently more than 7 billion,
which makes that highly improbable.
Your mother, your father,
your friends, everybody
who knows you will have any and
all memories
of your death erased.
You know Chucky.
Watching you skate was
always one of the highlights
of my life.
But what made me happiest
was watching you grow up.
Seeing you become a good woman.
I'm not a good woman.
Oh. Just go. Okay.
The fact that I couldn't
skate anymore wasn't
what was hard for me.
People can't know each
other perfectly. And I hope
for that kind of understanding.
It's wrong.
It was always your favorite.
You know, it's funny. I just
can't seem to stop making extra.
Oh, Chucky, I'm so sorry.
I had no idea.
I couldn't tell what you were
feeling. I was so blind.
I failed as a mother.
I'm sorry. What kind
of mother can't even tell
what her own
daughter is feeling?
It's not true,
mom. It's not true.
I miss you so much, mom.
I accept. Give me my life back.
I have to tell my mom it wasn't
her fault. I have to say sorry.
People have an instinctive
desire to understand each other,
right? Maybe that's not so bad.
Maybe it is, I don't know. But
it still what I want. So. Yes.
I'm getting a second chance.
Let someone else die.
Then I can live.
I have to write.
It's the only choice I can make.
You know, you're actually
right for once. Yeah.
I'm in love with somebody else.
Like I said,
I think I still have a date
to claim I always want it to.
Why couldn't I just
give her that?
She was always so good to me.
Anything you want.
Please just send me back
to my children.
I heard my wife's voice
thanking me for what I did.
So I decided that my new job
would be exacting vengeance
for helpless victims.
Control your anger.
Don't you want to be
with your sister again?
Uh uh uh.
It may be over now, but at least
I know that I lived a full life.
I can't. I can't press it.
I don't understand. Mm.
It isn't right.
Everybody matters to somebody.
But whoever ended
up dying in your
place most likely
wouldn't matter to you.
I'm not an idiot,
I know that I know it,
but even if they
aren't important to me,
there's someone out there. They are important
to someone who cherishes them.
Somebody like my mom.
If I could only talk to her.
I'm so sorry
for not valuing my life.
I'm so sorry for
not thinking of you.
You're doing something so selfish for.
Causing you so much grief.
I'm sorry. Condemned for not
giving you the chance to.
I'm so, so sorry.
Be here. You press. That's.
I come.
I am terribly sorry.
What's going on?
None of it was true.
I am so sorry for deceiving you.
But why? I am sorry for
putting you through all of this.
You mean it was
all part of my judgment?
It hurts so much.
This feeling. This
is sorrow, isn't it? I think so.
Hurting you. Hurt me? I just
wanted to know you better.
To understand you.
Tukey I am truly sorry,
but this was the only way.
I had to know. I'm sorry.
I'm an arbiter and arbiters.
I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.
Don't have to apologize.
You've destroyed that poor boy,
I just had him conduct a
judgment together with a human.
Things change as orbiters
come closer to being human.
Judgment becomes more difficult to pass, and
it is accompanied by suffering.
One thing's clear
humans can't judge humans.
If you know that, then what was
the point
of this doomed experiment?
Judging humans is difficult.
True, but that doesn't
make it right to assign
any random judgment to them.
There needs to be a change. That
was the point of what I did.
So your goal
is to make arbiter suffer.
Care to explain
the reasoning behind that?
A judgment ought to be accompanied by
suffering. Or what's its purpose?
Its purpose.
To suffer. Yet stand firm.
That's what it is to live.
It's what gives life meaning.
The meaning of life.
That's what this is about.
It's a concept.
It's only relevant to
those who are able to die.
And the funny thing about dying,
can't do it unless you're alive.
Even if the arbiters
become more human,
it doesn't change the fact
that they're just dummies.
You're wrong. It is relevant.
We live in the present.
What is this place anyway?
This is
where the dummies
are disposed of.
After their judgment is complete and
their souls have been removed.
Under normal circumstances, no one is
permitted to come in here.
So this is where I'll end up?
No. Oh, good. Thanks for that.
After they die,
some humans try to live
all the more in the present.
Those who lead fulfilling
lives are the kind of the.
Kind of people you respect, right? Yes.
Heard that a million times.
Really? That many?
Forget about it.
I am terribly sorry
to have kept you waiting.
Yeah. No worries.
You're stealing my material,
though. What? Forget it.
Hello there. Good to see you.
All right, folks,
where are we headed?
No, no.
You have become quite fascinated
with life and death,
haven't you?
Miss Chiyuki. Mm.
Was it worth it being alive?
Huh? That is wonderful to hear.
That's my goal now,
to be the kind
of arbiter who can
help all his
guests feel that way.
I am glad I succeeded with you.
Some advice though you might do
something about your face.
You know how to smile,
don't you?
Uh, is it like this?
Baby steps, I.
Guess I am terribly
sorry I failed.
You'll get it before long. Don't
worry. Now, this is it, huh?
Yes. Best of luck
on your journey. Goodbye, then.
I'm not gonna. Hey,
where'd mine go? I don't know.
Huh? She doesn't come around
anymore. That's all right.
What are you doing?
Pour me a drink. Bartender. Why?
What exactly is going
on with you today?
Like you actually care. Ginty.
Oh yeah. Your boy did it.
Mhm. This sounds
like a real game changer.
There are so many arbiters.
What do we do?
Should we retain the memories of
death again and forward them on?
Nah, let's just see
what happens for a bit.
We don't have to do anything.
Old flowerheads been watching her like a
hawk. You know that, right?
Yeah. What is she thinking? We
just need to behave ourselves.
Number one, arbiters cannot
stop making judgements.
For this task is more
than their job.
It's the entire reason
for their existence.
Number two, arbiters cannot experience death
without retaining their judgements.
It would make them too
close to being human.
Number three arbiters
cannot feel emotions, for
doing so is not
in their natures.
It is impossible for a dummy
to have feelings.
Number four arbiters may
not work hand in hand with life,
for doing so would ruin them.
It is an unacceptable collaboration.
Weird. What is this place?
Welcome to Quindecim.
Have a seat.
He'd be secure.
Told you tech will
set you on me, I care.
I. Andiamo.
Testo to Show.
Your. Time. I gotta
get some of this, Ringo I got.
By the.
Flying to the sun. It
will take either.
Loki is not the same jokey.
She's the kind.
So. So. Yes. If you go.
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