Dee & Friends in Oz (2024) s01e08 Episode Script

Dee and the Heart Gemstone

[ethereal, magical jingles playing]
[Dee] And then, the brave knight named Dee
went up to the big, mean dragon.
She said, "Howdy, partner."
Bah. No, that's not right.
She said, "Surprise!"
Uh. That doesn't work. She said She said
[magical twinkling]
I've never seen
my music box do this before.
I Wonder if Miss Emerald
knows what's going on.
I'd better go to Oz and ask her.
[magical whizzing]
-Dee and her friends
-And you ♪
-Unlocked somewhere new
-Come through ♪
-Take a leap, Oz is waiting for you
-Let's go ♪
-Dee and her friends in Oz
-Say hi ♪
-Adventure isn't far behind
-Go shine ♪
Let's see friends
And make new ones too ♪
-The story's hero is you
-Dee and friends in Oz ♪
-Dee and friends in Oz ♪
-[Tin] Westyn, watch out.
-Can't catch me. [chuckles]
-Hey, Miss Emerald.
Something funny happened this morning.
The little gem
on my music box just started
[gasps] Glowing.
Is that good?
[excitedly] Oh, honey. It's wonderful.
-[magical bleeping]
-[all] Wow.
-What is that?
This, my dear, is the Heart gemstone,
the most magical gem in all of Oz.
[all] Wow.
And look, you have a piece of it
in your hand.
I think it's glowing to help
show you the way to the gemstone.
-Show me the way?
-[magical twinkling]
How's it gonna do that? [gasps]
It's pointing.
[all] Wow.
I think it wants us to go this way.
Dee, you need to use that piece to lead
your friends all the way to the final gem.
It's the only way
we can build the Gemstone Loop.
And the loop
will connect all of Oz forever.
[all cheering]
-[Stuffley] Yeah!
Woo-hoo! That's right. We can do it.
Gem, gem ♪
What's Stuffley doing here?
Is this some sort of new trick
to take the last gem?
It's not. I promise. I'm a changed teddy.
I'm sorry for trying to take those gems,
but that's not me anymore.
Now, I wanna help Oz.
Can I come with you
to find the Heart gemstone?
-He is really sorry.
-And he says he's changed.
It would be nice
to have an extra set of paws.
-Yeah. Sure.
You can join our team.
We trust you, Stuffley.
Welcome to the team, Stuffley.
Woo-hoo! [chuckles]
I've never been on a team before.
Em So, um, what do we do first?
-We go find that Heart gemstone.
-[magical twinkling]
Come on. This way.
[adventurous music playing]
Look out, world, we're on our way
Ain't gonna let nobody get in our way ♪
On a mission, got a vision
We'll seize the day ♪
Got our friends on the journey
And we know the way ♪
[all] Whoa!
-Who missed their dance step?
-Sorry. It was me.
[sighs] I messed it all up.
I'm starting to think
maybe I can't be on your team.
I'll probably ruin things.
Hey. Come back here.
I know you can do it,
Stuffley. You just started.
It's all new to you.
And, besides, none of us
get everything right all the time.
-She's right.
But you gotta
be kind to yourself. You got this.
Come on. Follow me.
Look out, world, we're on our way ♪
Ain't gonna let nobody get in our way ♪
On a mission, got a vision
And we'll seize the day ♪
Got my friends on the journey
And we know the way ♪
We're gonna go get the Heart gemstone
And unite all of Oz ♪
Together we'll be the heroes Oz needs
We'll save the day because ♪
-We can do anything
-We can do anything ♪
-We can be anything
-Be anything ♪
-No matter what this day brings
-On our way ♪
We know we're on our way ♪
We can do anything
We can be anything ♪
No matter what this day brings
We know we're on our way ♪
[bleeping, babbling] Who is that?
-It's me. Miss Ruby's back. [gasps, thuds]
What is with
that teddy bear and rubber duckies?
Stuffley. Where are you?
I am Whoop-Dee-Doo,
Mr. Stuffley's assistant. Can I help you?
Surely, you know who I am.
Um, the tooth fairy?
Ugh The tooth fairy? Could never.
I'm Miss Ruby.
Um Let me do a quick search.
Miss Ruby, filed under "Closed her sister,
Miss Emerald's, school,
took all of Oz's magic."
Oh yes. That's me.
"But then was stopped
by a kid named Dee and her friends."
Yeah, yeah. That was me too.
-Now, where's Stuffley?
I need that terrible teddy
to help me get Oz's magic.
Um He's not terrible anymore.
He's helping Dee and her friends
build the Gemstone Loop.
[squeals] What?!
Right now, they're looking for
the Heart gemstone.
Aah! That's the most powerful gem
in all of Oz.
Good thing I brought this.
-[Miss Ruby grunting]
-Do you need help with your refrigerator?
-[grunts] This isn't a fridge.
It's my color contraption.
[whizzing, clanging]
-[machine whirring]
With this machine,
I can suck all of the magic
out of that Heart gemstone.
But Dee needs the gem
to build the Gemstone Loop and help Oz.
Loop, foop.
Who cares about Oz?
With that magic,
I'll have the power I need
to close my sister's
Wonderful School of Oz for good.
-[sinister laughter] Ho ho ho!
Are you trying to sound like Santa?
[squeals] What? No!
Get ready, Oz, 'cause I don't play
Won't let anybody get in my way ♪
On a mission, got a vision
Of some gems to take ♪
Oz was boring without me
Time to give it a shake ♪
Give me all the magic
No one else will have it ♪
The most power there ever was ♪
And no need to wonder ♪
Miss Ruby is gonna close
the School of Oz ♪
I will do anything
I will take anything ♪
I will destroy anything
To get that Ηeart gem ♪
Then finally ♪
I'll rule over Oz forever ♪
[sinister laughter]
-[gasps, grunts]
Ugh Rubber duckies.
We gotta go this way
to find the Heart gemstone.
[magical whizzing]
-[Eastyn] Mushrooms.
-[Tin] Wow!
-Bouncy mushrooms.
[Dee yells]
It's a bouncy mushroom mountain.
-[all chuckling]
[all cheering, chuckling]
-[Stuffley] Let's find that gemstone.
Wait. Where's Lion?
Come on, Lion. You gotta do this.
But what if I fall? What if I mess up?
What if I can't do it?
Whoa! [thuds]
I can do it.
Whoa! [grunts, gasps]
I didn't do it.
[sighs] Everyone else can bounce,
but I don't think I can.
I keep messing up.
Lion, you gotta be kind to yourself.
When I feel like I can't do something,
I think about
what makes me feel strong and powerful.
Wanna know what makes me
feel strong and powerful?
I am Dee Davis, and I can do anything!
-[echoing] Anything, anything, anything!
That was Oz-mazing.
What makes you feel strong and powerful?
Hmm? I guess when I roar real loud.
That's perfect.
[both roaring] Roar!
-[Dee] You're doing it.
-[Lion] Roar!
Yeah! Woo-hoo!
Which way do we go now, Dee?
-[magical whirring]
It's glowing really bright.
But it's pointing up?
[all gasp]
[all] The Heart gemstone.
[sinister laughter]
Those kids led me right to the gem.
Soon, it'll be mine, all mine.
Whoop! Whoa, whoa!
Oh no. Dee, Miss Ruby's here.
[gasps] She must want
the Heart gemstone for herself.
-We gotta get to it before she does.
-[all] Yeah!
-[suspenseful music playing]
-[Miss Ruby panting]
[Dee panting]
[Stuffley grunting]
My gemstone.
-[Miss Ruby grunting]
-Eastyn. [grunts]
-[squeals] No!
-[magical cracking]
Get back here, you.
Westyn, catch.
Got it. Come on, Tin.
[grunting] Whoa! Whoa!
Lion, catch. Rah!
Ugh! I got it.
[exhales sharply] Argh! Ha!
-Dee. Go long.
-[Dee] Huh?
[Miss Ruby grunting]
Almost got it.
[Dee grunting]
[gasps] Oh no.
[gasps] The gemstone?
The gemstone!
-[Miss Ruby] Thanks for the gem, Dee.
Now, I can use my color contraption
to suck out all its magic.
[Miss Ruby] And you wanna know
what I'm gonna do first?
Close the Wonderful School of Oz.
Whoa! Whoa! [chuckles]
I lost the gem. I messed everything up.
Now, we'll never be able
to build the Gemstone Loop.
It's all my fault.
[sad music playing]
Come on, Dee. It's not over yet.
We can follow Miss Ruby
and get the gem back.
-Yeah. Of course.
-Come on. Let's do this.
It's too late. The story's over. She won.
[sighs deeply]
But we still gotta try. Right?
Come on, Dee. We need you.
[scoffs] Need me?
I was supposed to save the day,
and Miss Ruby's gonna close
the Wonderful School of Oz
and take all the magic.
I don't think I belong here anymore.
I'll just make Oz worse.
Tell Miss Emerald I'm sorry. Okay?
[magical whizzing]
-Wait, Dee.
-Dee, wait. Don't go.
[magical whizzing]
[Dee sighs]
Inside I feel so lost and confused ♪
So I'm deciding to stay here
Hide in my room ♪
I let everyone down
I should never go back to Oz ♪
I can't be the hero ♪
I can't be the hero ♪
I can't write my own story ♪
-Dee! Come back.
-Come back.
-Oz isn't Oz without you.
-[Stuffley] We're not a team without you.
-[Tin] Dee.
-[echoing] Dee.
-[Eastyn, Westyn] We love you, Dee.
[magical twinkling]
Do you think Dee heard us?
-[magical twinkling]
-[sighs] I guess she didn't.
No, she did.
How do you know?
-Because I'm her.
-[all gasp]
-You're back!
[all cheering]
I'm so sorry.
You worked so hard to get all the gems.
And then,
when I dropped the Heart gemstone,
I ruined everything for us and for Oz.
Dee, we love you no matter what.
But I messed up.
So? You're still the greatest, nicest,
most wonderful-est person ever.
You have to be kind to you, okay?
Like you are to all of us.
I have to be as kind to myself
as I am to other people.
Be kind to yourself ♪
Gotta be, you should
You should be kind to yourself ♪
Sure, you're not perfect ♪
But you're perfectly you ♪
When you're in Oz
Oz is better because of you ♪
That's right ♪
You were there for me
When I wasn't that nice ♪
You said that I should be kind
So take your own advice ♪
Dee, you should know
That I love the way you think ♪
-You'll always be our sister
-And we'll always be in sync ♪
Your name is Dee Davis
There's nothing you can't do ♪
So take a moment, just breathe
And be kind to you ♪
I can be the hero ♪
I can write my own story ♪
I can be the hero ♪
I can write my own story ♪
Be kind to yourself ♪
You gotta be, you should
You should be ♪
-I can be kinder
-Kind to yourself ♪
Be kinder to myself ♪
So, what makes you
feel strong and powerful again?
[deep breath] I am Dee Davis,
-and I can do anything.
-[all] And I can do anything.
Thanks for helping me be kind to myself.
I'm lucky you're my friends.
-[magical twinkling]
-[all gasp]
This piece, it's still glowing.
The Heart gemstone
must still have its magic.
That means it's not over yet.
Let's stop Miss Ruby
and get that gemstone for all of Oz.
[Scarecrow] Woo-hoo!
-[Tin] Here we go.
-[Eastyn] We got this.
All right, gemstone.
Let's see what kind of magic you got.
[magical sucking, whizzing]
Yes! Yes! That's the magic
I'm looking for. Yes.
-Rubber duckies.
Oh no. The machine is taking
the gemstone's magic.
So what do we do, Dee?
[Dee] Hmm!
I think I've got a plan.
Oh, come on. What's taking so long?
-I have a school to close.
[whispering] Distract Miss Ruby.
Would you like to hear a song?
No. I only like the sound of my own voice.
Great. Here is my song.
[singing distortedly]
Enough! Be quiet.
-Stop that. Come back here. Off. Off!
-[continues singing]
-Thanks, Whoop-Dee-Doo.
-[magical whizzing]
Let's do it, guys.
-[Scarecrow] Woo-hoo!
-[Lion] We did it.
[Dee] Come on.
Time to bubble.
-Let's go.
-Let's ride.
[Dee] Woo-hoo!
[singing distortedly]
So, what did you think of my song?
It certainly was loud.
[gasps] My gem. It's gone.
Those kids.
You tricked me!
-Yes. It was pretty easy.
-[all cheering]
-[Tin] Great job.
Nice try. But you can't stop me.
[shuddering] Whoa!
Yes. I got it. I got it.
That gem's mine.
I told you. A regular kid can't save Oz.
Oh no.
[all] Woo-hoo!
-[Tin] We've got you, Dee.
-We're here.
Yes, we can.
We'll see about that. [grunts]
[Miss Ruby grunting]
[Miss Ruby] Stop that. Come back here.
-Fooled ya.
-[grunting angrily]
-[Westyn] Whoa!
-[Miss Ruby grunting]
[Westyn] Stuffley.
[gently] Stuffley. Buddy. Pal.
Don't you wanna give me the gemstone?
I'll share the magic with you.
I don't want the magic
for myself. I wanna help Oz.
Say what?
I wanna help my friends.
That's right.
You'll never get the gemstone,
Miss Ruby. And you wanna know why?
-'Cause I am Dee Davis, and
-[all inhale deeply]
[all shouting] I can do anything!
[echoing] Anything, anything, anything
[Miss Ruby yelling] Whoa!
-Rubber duckies. Ah.
We did it!
[all] Woo-hoo! Yeah!
Now, come on.
Let's get this gem
back to the Wonderful School of Oz.
-Miss Emerald.
-We did it!
-[all cheering]
Wanna do the honors, Dee?
[magical twinkling]
There. Back where you belong.
And you're back where you belong too.
You make Oz wonderful.
[magical whizzing]
[all] Wow! Awesome.
[Eastyn] Woo-hoo!
[magical twinkling, whooshing]
[exciting music playing]
[all] Wow!
[Dee] Look. It's amazing.
[magical twinkling, whooshing]
We saved the day ♪
The trouble has gone away ♪
The magic is here to stay ♪
We saved the day ♪
We're heroes who found a way ♪
The Gemstone Loop's here to stay ♪
Woohoo! Woohoo, woohoo, woohoo!
[all chuckling, cheering] Yeah!
And, so, Dee the knight
said to the dragon,
-"I am Dee Davis, and I can do anything."
-[Quentin] Dee, come play outside with us.
-[Rohan] Come outside!
-What're you waiting for? Come on!
Coming. [chuckles]
[magical twinkling]
[ethereal, magical jingles playing]
Let's go ♪
-Dee and her friends in Oz
-Say hi ♪
-Adventure isn't far behind
-Go shine ♪
Let's see friends
And make new ones too ♪
-The story's hero is you
-Dee and friends in Oz ♪
Dee and friends in Oz ♪
Dee and her friends
Unlocked somewhere new ♪
Take a leap
Oz is waiting for you ♪
You're wonderful and you glow
Dee's got the key and we're heroes ♪
Oz is full of friends
Hold on, here we go ♪
I know you know the song
Everybody sing along ♪
Dee and friends in Oz ♪
Dee and friends in Oz ♪
Dee and friends in Oz ♪
-Yeah, yeah
-Dee and friends in Oz ♪
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