Dee & Friends in Oz (2024) s01e12 Episode Script

Dee and the Shrink Bug

[ethereal, magical jingles playing]
Ahem. Welcome to Skylar's restaurant.
-Fancy. You must be some chef.
Um I'm not sure yet.
You're my first customers.
So what's on the menu?
-We have two items.
[Grandma] A jelly sandwich or an apple.
I'll have the jelly sandwich.
And apples are my favorite.
So, one apple, please.
Coming right up.
[Skylar] No. Not enough jelly.
-Now, too much jelly.
Ta-da! Your orders. Two jelly sandwiches.
[Dee sighs] Um
Well, it's just I I ordered
[sighs] Never mind.
Everything looks great.
Good. Well, enjoy.
But you didn't order a jelly sandwich.
You ordered an apple.
I know, Grandma.
It's just I didn't wanna upset Skylar
by telling him I need something different.
You're not gonna upset your friends
by telling them what you need.
-They want to know how you're feeling.
-[Dee sighs]
You're not gonna get what you need
unless you ask for it.
-[magical twinkling]
-[gasps] I gotta go.
Oh. Um May I be excused?
You got it, Dee-Dee.
But don't take too long, baby girl.
Otherwise, I'm gonna eat your sandwich.
-Dee and her friends
-And you ♪
-Unlocked somewhere new
-Come through ♪
-Take a leap, Oz is waiting for you
-Let's go ♪
-Dee and her friends in Oz
-Say hi ♪
-Adventure isn't far behind
-Go shine ♪
Let's see friends
And make new ones too ♪
-The story's hero is you
-Dee and friends in Oz ♪
-Dee and friends in Oz ♪
[soft classical music playing]
[Westyn] Ooh!
-[Lion] What is that?
-What do we do with it?
Ah, what's going on?
We found this.
Oh. It's an egg.
Ah Ooh
Egg. I've never heard that word before.
Is it some sort of ball or something?
Whoa! Whoa!
Oof. We've gotta be careful.
There's a baby in this egg.
I wonder what kind of baby's inside.
Well, good thing I brought this. [exhales]
The Big Book of Wonders.
Everything you need to know from A to Oz.
-[all] Wow!
-[Westyn] Hmm.
A-ha! It says that there is
a baby Woohoo bird in that egg.
-[Dee] Wow!
-Woohoo bird?
But eggs are supposed to be
in their nests.
Poor Eggie. I bet your family
is wondering where you are.
That egg needs
to get home before it hatches.
-[Scarecrow] It's gonna hatch soon.
I need you to get this baby Woohoo back
to its family. Think you're up for it?
I know we are. Don't you worry, Eggie.
We're bringing you home to your nest.
-[all cheering]
-[Westyn] Yeah! Yeah!
[Miss Emerald] Be wonderful!
[exciting music playing]
[all repeatedly] Woohoo birds.
[Dee] Where are you?
Look out, world, we're on our way
Ain't gonna let nobody get in our way ♪
On a mission, got a vision
We'll seize the day ♪
Got my friends on the journey
And we know the way ♪
The places we'll go
The highs, the lows ♪
My glow will lead the way ♪
Follow your heart, the tiniest spark
We'll journey to that place ♪
-We'll take Eggie to find the Woohoos
-Through all of Oz, we'll roam ♪
We'll all do our best
to get to your nest ♪
I know we'll find your home ♪
I can do anything
I can be anything ♪
No matter what this day brings
I know I'm on my way ♪
I can do anything
I can be anything ♪
No matter what this day brings
I know I'm on my way ♪
[Dee groans]
-[Westyn] Woohoo birds? Hello?
-[Dee] Woohoos? Where are you?
Mmm. It says in my book that the Woohoos
make their nests in Strawland.
-So we should go that way.
Hey, Dee, could I hold the egg
for a minute? I promise I'll be gentle.
Of course, Lion.
I could use a break. My arms are tired.
[Lion groans] Ooh.
This egg is heavy.
Could you hold it again, Dee?
I wanna wiggle my arms.
But my arms are still tired,
and I did just finish carrying Eggie
for a long time.
[sighs] Never mind.
Sure, Lion. I'll hold it.
-Thank you. Yay!
-[Dee grunts softly]
[sighs deeply]
[sad piano music playing]
Wow. Check out all these awesome bugs.
What are they?
Those are tie-dye butterflies.
Ooh. And that one's a bubble fly.
And that's a trumpet bee.
[bee trumpeting]
-That one's a sparkle beetle.
-[magical twinkling]
Ah Ah Ahchoo!
[Dee grunts]
-[Dee gasps] Wow!
-Let's play.
-[bees trumpeting]
-[Lion] Go, Westyn.
-Toot, toot.
[flowers tinkling]
Poof, two, three. Poof, two, three.
[all chuckling]
[sighs deeply] I wish I could play
with all the cool bugs,
but my hands are full carrying Eggie.
Could you maybe help me so I can play too?
What'd you say, Dee?
I said
[all cheering, chuckling]
[sighs deeply] Never mind.
[creature] Hey. You can play with me.
Huh? Who said that?
Me. Down here.
Aw. Hi. I'm Dee.
Hello, Dee. I'm Lil Larry.
Lil Larry the Shrink Bug.
Hi, Lil Larry. You're a Shrink Bug?
Ooh. I think I saw a page
about Shrink Bugs in my book. Let me look.
Um [yells] No!
Um [giggles]
I didn't say Shrink Bug.
I said, uh er Wink Bug.
Wink Bugs are known for being funny,
being cute, and, um winking.
-See? Wink, wink.
-[all] Aw!
Wink Bugs are super rare.
I'm sure I'm not even in your book.
So no need to check.
Nice to meet you, Lil Larry.
Would you mind if I just climbed up
on your shoulder so I can see better?
Um Well, I'm not sure about that.
[sighs deeply]
Never mind. Sure, Wink Bug. Go ahead.
[Lil Larry sighs]
Wow. Look at this view. I'm moving on up.
Um Is your egg supposed to be doing that?
[gasps] Eggie!
We gotta get to the egg's nest quick,
before it hatches.
Come on, Eggie. We're taking you home.
[suspenseful music playing]
[all panting]
I'm so tired.
We've been walking forever.
I could sure go for something to drink.
Is that what I think it is?
A juice berry bush!
Its berries have delicious juice inside.
-Ooh! Tastes like cherry!
[slurps loudly] Ooh! Orange juice.
Grape. My favorite!
[slurping, aahing]
Ooh, I can't wait for juice.
I'm so thirsty.
Ooh. Do they have any broccoli ones?
Broccoli juice is my favorite.
You like broccoli juice?
[Lion chuckling] Juice fight!
Hey, Dee. Can I have that juice berry?
I gotta splash Lion.
[Lion pooting mockingly, chuckling]
But this is the last orange juice,
and the broccoli juice that's left
looks kind of yuck.
[Lil Larry] Mmm! Broccoli.
[sighs heavily]
But would that disappoint Scarecrow?
[persuasively] Mm-hmm.
If you tell Scarecrow how you feel,
he'll probably be sad
he can't have that juice.
And you don't want that, do you?
So, what do you think, Dee?
Never mind. You can have my juice berry.
Thanks, Dee.
-[All chuckling]
-[sighs deeply]
-[magical whizzing]
[gasps] What's happening? Am I Am I?
[all gasp] You're shrinking!
But why?
Uh Lil Larry, do you have anything
to do with Dee getting smaller?
Yeah. Dee is shrinking.
Are you sure you're not a Shrink Bug?
What? Me? No way.
I'm a Wink Bug. Wink, wink.
We've got to do something
to make you bigger again, Dee.
-That's right.
-[intense crackling]
-[all gasp]
No. We gotta get Eggie home first.
It's about to hatch.
Besides, I'm fine.
I'm sure I'll unshrink soon.
Yep. Uh-huh. That sounds right.
[slurping loudly]
Come on. We gotta find Eggie's family.
-[Westyn] Woo-hoo!
-[Lion] We gotta get to the Woohoo birds.
[Scarecrow] This way.
[Dee] Whoa, whoa! [grunts]
Ugh, Dee, we're getting left behind.
I need them to slow down
so I can catch up,
but will they get annoyed
if I ask them to wait up for me?
Oh yeah. If you tell them how you feel,
they'll probably get annoyed,
and you don't want that, do you?
[Westyn] Hey! Dee, you okay?
Want us to wait up?
-Well, I
[sighs] Never mind.
I'm fine. You can keep going.
-[magical whizzing]
-[gasps] I'm shrinking again.
Oh no! Wait a second.
Lil Larry, ar are you getting bigger?
Who? Me? No, no, I don't think so.
Same old tiny, little,
itty-bitty, teeny-weeny Shrink Bug.
II mean Wink Bug.
But [grunts] it is getting
a little cramped up here.
There. That's better. Much more roomy.
-[Dee grunts]
-Here, Dee. Let me take Eggie for a while.
Thank you.
Let's go, Eggie.
Hey, come on. Let's keep it moving.
[Dee groans]
-[Lil Larry slurping]
-[Dee panting]
[exhales sharply]
You're so big now.
Lion. Westyn. Scarecrow.
Could you wait for me? I
Shh. Dee, come on.
You don't wanna slow 'em down, do you?
[sighs] Never mind.
-[magical whizzing]
-[Dee gasps]
Not again! Why do I keep shrinking?
[Lil Larry] I dunno. Beats me.
But look on the bright side.
You may be shrinking,
but at least I'm not.
Not sure why, I tried it all
But I just keep getting small ♪
No one to help, no one to call
I once was big, now I'm small ♪
Can anyone hear me? ♪
I got small after we met ♪
Uh Probably a coincidence.
Doesn't matter what I say
I just keep shrinking anyway ♪
Can anyone hear me? ♪
Can anyone see me shrinking? ♪
I just get smaller ♪
What are you talking about?
And Larry gets a little taller ♪
Now forget all that
and have some broccoli juice.
You'll love it.
It doesn't matter what I say
I just keep shrinking anyway ♪
Can anyone hear me? ♪
Can anyone see me shrinking? ♪
Dee, come on. We're going this way.
This field's known
for growing our best Ozberries.
It was in Oz Magazine.
[gentle snorting]
Uh What was that?
I almost forgot.
This field's known for one other thing.
The purple piglets.
Aw! They're cute.
They might look cute,
but those purple piglets
love to bump things.
I don't wanna get bumped.
Maybe my book can tell us
how to get past them. Hmm.
Ah. The purple piglets.
They love three things.
Bumping, bouncing, and broccoli?
Broccoli? No!
What if they take all my delicious juice?
Aah. Look. The Woohoo bird nest
is straight ahead.
You're almost home, Eggie.
We're gonna make it before you hatch.
Or at least, I hope we will.
We gotta get past these piglets if
we wanna get Eggie home in time. Come on!
You can't bump me, piglets.
Yeah! [gasps]
Whoo! Saved by straw.
But now they've got Eggie.
You can't stop me, piggies.
[Westyn groaning]
Come on, Lion. You can do this. Roar!
Hold on, Eggie. I got you.
-[Lion panting]
[both] Woo-hoo!
[Lion] Whoa!
Whoa! [thuds, grunts]
Oh! Hey, friends.
-Easy there.
-[Westyn] Don't do that.
Be careful, or Eggie will break.
Oh. Only Dee can stop them now.
I gotta do something. I gotta save Eggie.
But I'm so tiny.
I know I'll get bounced by those piglets.
There's only one way to stop them.
I need to figure out how to get big again.
Nah, Dee. You should stay little.
Besides, now I'm bigger
and better than ever.
Lil Larry, ever since we met,
you've been getting bigger,
and I've been getting smaller.
Those two things probably
have nothing to do with each other.
And it happened every time
I didn't say how I was feeling.
Aah! Lil Larry,
this was all because of you!
You made me shrink.
Because you are a Shrink Bug!
That's right. It was me.
And now I'm finally big.
[laughing sarcastically]
Look at me.
I'm humongous, gigantic, enormous.
I've outgrown the name Lil Larry.
Call me Lawrence!
[echoing] Lawrence, Lawrence!
Wait a minute.
[Dee exclaiming]
It says here, "Shrink Bugs make you shrink
when you don't ask for what you need."
[gasps] "And they get bigger."
"The only way to stop a Shrink Bug
is ask for what you need."
So that's what I need to do.
No, no, no, no, no. Don't do that.
I'm just Lil Larry, remember? Wink, wink.
I'm not gonna get what I need
unless I ask for it.
And what I need is to get bigger.
-[magical whizzing]
-[gasps] I'm growing! It's working!
No! No! No!
I won't shrink, I say what I think
That's my mindset ♪
Now I'll tell you what I need
And you respect that ♪
My voice, a positive force
No hesitatin' ♪
If I don't tell the world what I need
Then I won't get it ♪
I'm here to be big
Take up space, wake up the world ♪
I'm here to be brave
Use my voice, shake up the world ♪
Now I finally found it
Being small is so done ♪
I know exactly who I am
And I won't shrink for no one ♪
No! Stop! Listen to me! No!
I won't shrink for anyone ♪
Anyone, anyone ♪
I won't shrink for anyone ♪
Anyone, anyone ♪
[Westyn gulps]
[Lil Larry panting, groaning]
This song is me singing what I should ♪
Won't make myself quiet
So others feel good ♪
Shrink Bug, you know you buggin'
You had me doubting me ♪
I gotta use my voice
And I say to get off of me ♪
[Lil Larry] WhoWhoa! [grunts]
I try to shrink somebody so I can get big,
and this is what I get for my trouble?
Yeah, that seems about right.
-[Lion] Go, Dee!
-We love you, Dee.
Always tell us how you feel.
[shouting] Eggie, I'm coming!
[Dee exclaiming repeatedly]
Hmm! Aah!
[Dee] Oh, piggies.
Who wants juice? It's broccoli.
-[gasps frighted]
Eggie. You're okay.
-[Scarecrow] You did it, Dee!
I'm so glad you told us
how you were feeling.
So you're not upset or disappointed,
or annoyed that I asked for what I needed?
Nuh-uh. When you ask for what you need,
it helps us be the best friends we can be.
-[all moaning tenderly]
[gasps] Come on, Eggie.
We're taking you home.
-[sadly] Woohoo!
-[Dee panting] We found your Eggie.
[all joyfully] Woohoo!
Woohoo! Woohoo! Woohoo!
[Dee gasps] And just in time.
[squeaks] Woohoo.
-[all] Aw!
-[Lion] Look at him.
[all chuckle]
-[Dee awing]
You're welcome, Eggie.
-We did it!
-[Grandma] Mmm.
-[piano music playing]
[chuckling] I'm back, Grandma.
Oh. You took so long
I was about to eat your sandwich.
I don't mind, 'cause I'm gonna tell Skylar
how I feel so he knows what I need.
Um Skylar?
[exhales intensely]
I ordered an apple, not a jelly sandwich.
Apples are my favorite.
Could I please have one of those?
Oh my gosh! I'm so glad you told me.
I always wanna know how you feel,
so I could get you what you need.
Ta-da! Here you go. Chef's special.
Thank you.
And about that extra jelly sandwich Mmm!
[ethereal, magical jingles playing]
Let's go ♪
-Dee and her friends in Oz
-Say hi ♪
-Adventure isn't far behind
-Go shine ♪
Let's see friends
And make new ones too ♪
-The story's hero is you
-Dee and friends in Oz ♪
Dee and friends in Oz ♪
Dee and her friends
Unlocked somewhere new ♪
Take a leap
Oz is waiting for you ♪
You're wonderful and you glow
Dee's got the key and we're heroes ♪
Oz is full of friends
Hold on, here we go ♪
I know you know the song
Everybody sing along ♪
Dee and friends in Oz ♪
Dee and friends in Oz ♪
Dee and friends in Oz ♪
-Yeah, yeah
-Dee and friends in Oz ♪
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