Dee & Friends in Oz (2024) s01e13 Episode Script

Dee, Tin and the Golden Ozberry

[ethereal, magical jingles playing]
Come on, Grandma.
Ho ho. Slow down, Dee-Dee.
The food truck isn't going anywhere.
We don't know that. It's got wheels.
It coulda rolled to Missouri by now.
Good point.
I gotta eat a jelly bean taco
from the food truck, so I get
my "Try New Foods" badge.
Nothing's gonna stop us.
We just have to get there before
[thunder rumbling]
uh, rains.
Here. Use my extra umbrella,
so you won't get wet.
Thank you, Dee.
Oh, but I think this umbrella's
too small to keep me dry.
Ooh, and the rain's getting worse.
It's okay. I can get
my Try New Foods badge another time. Run.
[both chuckling]
It's not fair you got wet just
'cause the umbrella wasn't big enough.
Mm-hmm. Sometimes, people say
fair is everyone getting the same thing.
But what's fair is all of us having
what we need to get there.
And to get to the food truck,
I needed more
than this itty-bitty umbrella.
Huh. You didn't need the same thing as me.
You needed a bigger, you-sized umbrella.
That's right, Dee-Dee.
[soft moaning]
Now, I'm gonna go dry off.
Oof, I need a me-sized towel.
-[magical twinkling]
My key. Time to go to Oz.
-Dee and her friends
-And you ♪
-Unlocked somewhere new
-Come through ♪
-Take a leap, Oz is waiting for you
-Let's go ♪
-Dee and her friends in Oz
-Say hi ♪
-Adventure isn't far behind
-Go shine ♪
Let's see friends
And make new ones too ♪
-The story's hero is you
-Dee and friends in Oz ♪
-Dee and friends in Oz ♪
[Lion] Hmm.
[chamber music playing]
Hey, everybody.
We're looking for
the next piece of the Oz Crown.
We need to find three to stop Miss Ruby.
-[Ozling] Yahoo!
-[all gasp]
-What is that thing?
-The Yahoo Sprinkle Machine.
The what?
-[Ozlings yelling] Yahoo!
-Sprinkle Machine.
[Scarecrow] It's a machine
with magic sprinkles that make you fly.
[magical twinkling]
-[Ozling laughing loudly]
-[Dee] Wow!
-[magical bleeping]
-What is it, Miss Emerald? The Oz Crown?
No, but it is something amazing.
If this is correct, today is the day
of a once-in-a-lifetime Oz-currence.
The Golden Ozberry bush has bloomed!
-Should we happy dance?
-We should happy dance!
[lyrically] Happy dance!
Happy dance! Happy dance! Woo-hoo!
What is a Golden Ozberry bush?
It's a special bush that grows
way up up up on top of a high cliff.
[Scarecrow] Legend has it
the bush grows the sweetest,
most wonderful berries in Oz,
and when you take a bite
[both] you can taste the magic.
I wonder what magic tastes like.
There's only one way to find out.
You've gotta go taste
a golden ozberry yourself.
But how're we gonna get there?
The berries are so high up.
[chuckling] How about you give it a fly?
[Ozling] Yahoo!
Oh yeah! We can use
the Yahoo Sprinkle Machine.
And fly up to get the golden berries.
And once I eat a Golden Ozberry,
I can get my Try New Foods badge.
Remember, the Golden Ozberry bush
is only in bloom for a few hours.
You'll have to get to it before dark.
I'll stay here and look for that crown.
You go ahead and taste those ozberries.
-Woo-hoo! Thank you!
-Thanks, Miss Emerald.
-[magical twinkling]
-[Dee] Wow!
That's right. Keep it poofin',
keep it poofin'.
[Ozling] Yahoo!
Who's that?
The name's Thwart. Thwart Funigans.
I'm in charge of
this here sprinkle machine.
I make sure everyone follows the rules.
What rules?
Rule number 113 states all questions
must be asked while hopping on one foot.
Oh. [grunts]
What rules are you talking about?
Well, besides this one.
Rule number one. "Everyone gets
two poofs of sprinkles." That's it.
Rule number two. "You only get to fly
for a little while, not forever."
Rule number three. "All fingers,
toes, paws, straw, and hooves
must stay
within the machine at all times."
Got it. Can we fly now, please?
-Single-file line.
-[Scarecrow] Yeah!
-[Dee] Awesome!
-[Lion] Yay!
Thank you for coming
to the Yahoo Sprinkle Machine,
where you too, can touch the sky.
We're finally gonna fly!
Yes! [chuckles]
Oh. Oh.
Are you sure
the Yahoo Sprinkle Machine works?
-How do you know?
Because you're flying!
I am?
[gasps excitedly] I am!
[Lion] Yahoo!
[clanging, groaning]
[all chuckling]
[Lion] I'm flyin'!
[Dee] Oh. But Tin isn't flying.
[grunting] Just
the sprinkles aren't working for me.
That doesn't make sense.
You got two magic sprinkles,
just like we did.
Maybe I just can't fly.
Of course you can.
Besides, it's not your fault
the sprinkles aren't working for you.
It's the sprinkles' fault. [grunts]
We got you.
We'll figure out how to get you flyin'.
-Sure will. Whoa! [giggles]
Sorry. I don't know how to turn it off.
We gotta find a way to help Tin fly.
[groaning, sighs] But how?
Don't know, but we're not stopping
till we figure it out.
'Cause what's fair is all of us having
what we need to get there.
Up, up, up ♪
Let's go up, up, up ♪
-What is fair is all of us
-Having what we need to get there ♪
Then we'll go up, up, up ♪
-Things that work for me
-That work for me ♪
-They might not, might not work for you
-Not work for you ♪
-We wanna fly up there
-Up ♪
-But if we all can't get there
-Is that fair? ♪
-We can make this right
-We can make this right ♪
-We can help each other fly
-Fly, fly, fly ♪
We have to keep on tryin'
Till we're all flyin' ♪
Then we'll go up, up, up, up ♪
Yeah ♪
-Up, up, up
-Yahoo ♪
Up, up, up ♪
What is fair is all of us ♪
Having what we need to get there ♪
-Then we'll go up, up, up
-Up, up, up ♪
Thanks for trying, everybody,
but [sighs] nothing's working.
Oh no! The sun is setting.
It's gonna get dark soon.
We gotta get to the Golden Ozberry bush.
Hmm. Ah!
Maybe the three of us could go
and bring you back some berries, Tin?
Oh. I kinda wanted
to fly like everyone else.
What's fair is all of us having
what we need to get there. Remember?
-That's right.
Aah. I know.
We have to go back
to where the problem started.
The Yahoo Sprinkle Machine.
You really think that Whoa!
Wait for me.
That's right. Keep it poofin',
keep it poofin'.
Hi! It's us. Again. We have a question.
Ahem. Rule number 113?
[grunts] It's about our friend, Tin
I'm Tin. Nice to meet ya.
Thwart Funigans [spluttering]
Wait a second. This is my business card.
Ahem. I went through
the Yahoo Sprinkle Machine earlier.
-I got two poofs and everything.
-But when he came out, he couldn't fly.
Maybe the machine is broken?
Probably the poof-inator
givin' ya trouble.
This machine doesn't even have
a poof-inator.
[Ozling] Yahoo!
See? The machine works fine.
Two poofs, then yahoo.
[magical twinkling]
[sighs sadly]
But it doesn't work for everyone.
Give the people who need it
an extra poof to help them fly.
Ahem. Rule number one.
Everyone gets two poofs of sprinkles.
That's it.
It's only fair if everyone gets the same.
But is it really fair
if the same doesn't work for everyone?
[sighs] Keep it poofin', keep it poofin'.
[sadly] Come on. Let's go.
Ugh. It's almost dark.
We're running out of time.
Maybe we should go up to the cliff now
to make sure we can eat the berries?
Oh. Without me.
Well, I don't wanna go without you,
but it's the only way
for the rest of us to get the berries.
I mean, we did all get
the same amount of sprinkles.
Two poofs.
And that's fair, right?
We all got the same.
What? We can't go taste the berries
without Tin.
[sighs] But this is my chance
to get the Try New Foods badge.
Enjoy your berries.
[gasps] Look.
The Golden Ozberry bush dropped berries
here on the ground.
I'm sure they taste just as good.
Happy dance?
-[Lion] Happy.
-Happy dance.
-[magical whoosh]
-Bye, Tin.
[Sad music playing]
I'll find some delicious berries
down here.
Woohoo! Woohoo!
Hey, Woohoo. Find any good berries?
[gasps excitedly]
[slurps, gulps]
Yuck! This berry is
the nastiest thing I've ever tasted.
Gotta get the nasty off.
Yuck, blech.
There's gotta be better berries
around here somewhere.
Ugh! My taste buds!
[gulps] Yuck! My other taste buds!
[Tin] Mr. Ozberry,
you owe my mouth an apology.
Guess I'll try one more berry.
Hmm? This berry is hard and shiny and
it's a missing piece of the Oz Crown!
We can use this to stop Miss Ruby
from becoming the Wizard of Oz!
-No! Wait! Stop! Come back!
Woohoo! Woohoo!
If I could just fly. [grunts]
[sighs deeply]
Yeah! Almost there.
When I bite into that golden ozberry,
I'll finally earn my Try New Foods badge.
Can you believe it, Tin? Tin?
Scarecrow, Lion,
I wanted to try that magic berry
and get my badge, but that's not fair.
What's fair is all of us having
what we need to get there.
-Can we make this right?
-Make this right ♪
-We left our best friend behind
-Left him behind ♪
-How can we go up there?
-Up, up, up ♪
-Floating in the air, when we're not
-We're not ♪
We're not together ♪
Everyone is different
We gotta be considerate ♪
We can make a better day
We can work through anything ♪
-We all can do everything we dream
-Uh-huh ♪
-We have to get the things we need
-Uh-huh ♪
Fair isn't fair
Unless we all find a way to get there ♪
-Up, up, up
-We may not all fly the same way ♪
-When we go up, up, up
-But we all can fly our own way ♪
-Up, up, up
-We gotta fly together ♪
-When we go up, up, up
-We'll make it together ♪
What is fair is all of us
Having what we need to get there ♪
When we go up, up ♪
I'm not gonna taste the berries
without our friend. I'm going back.
[sentimental music playing]
Dee's right. Going down.
I wanna eat a golden ozberry,
but without my friend,
it would never taste as sweet.
How can I get up there?
Ooh! I know.
[clinking, clanging, whirring, rattling]
[grunting, groaning]
Oh. This slingshot will help me
get to the crown piece.
[grunting] Yahoo!
Aah! I yahoo'd on my own! Check me out!
Ha! Gotcha.
-[exciting music playing]
Woo-hoo! Yeah!
[Dee] Woo-hoo!
-That was Oz-nificent! You did it!
-We saw the whole thing!
You found another crown piece.
You're truly Tin-credible.
We're so sorry.
What's fair is all of us having
what we need to get there.
And we shouldn't have left you behind.
We don't want you to miss out on the fun.
Thanks, everybody.
So we decided
we're not gonna fly without you.
That's it. I'm giving up flying for good.
After one last loop-de-loop.
Aah! [thudding, grunting]
Hey! My sprinkles wore off.
I can't fly anymore.
[groans] Ours wore off too.
Uh, and it's almost dark.
Guess we're not gonna taste
those golden ozberries.
Maybe we still can.
The rules say the Yahoo Sprinkle Machine
gives everyone two poofs.
But some people need more,
and some need less.
To really be fair, the machine has to give
everyone what they need to get there.
-So let's change the rules.
-Let's do it.
[Snoring heavily]
That's right. Keep it poofin'.
Oh. It's you again. What do you want?
We want to really make things fair.
The rules say everybody gets
two poofs of sprinkles.
But some people need three poofs.
People like me.
That's not Tin's fault.
The machine didn't give him
the poofs he needs.
-Rules are rules.
-Then you need to change the rules.
What's fair is everyone getting
what they need. I need three poofs to fly.
But, but, but I mean, the rules!
Everybody gets the same. Two poofs each.
Give him one of my poofs.
Then he'll have three, and he can fly.
Are you sure?
Then you'll only have one poof.
I'm made of straw, so I'm lighter.
I think I can fly
just as high with one poof.
Sharing poofs is against rule number
We follow the rules of friendship.
He gets my poof.
Fine. Fine. Get on the belt.
You'll get your poofs.
[Thwart groans] I need a raise.
[magical whirring, twinkling]
[both chuckling]
I hope this works.
Me too.
Come on.
[sighs sadly]
Guess I wasn't meant to fly after all.
That's not true.
How do you know?
[all three yell] Because you're flying!
-[exciting music playing]
-[Tin gasps]
[yells] I'm flying! I'm flying! Yahoo!
-Isn't this great?
-[Lion] Yeah!
[all cheering, chuckling]
I guess everybody getting
what they need, rather than the same,
is the fairest thing.
I will be un-ruling
the previous rule that was ruled.
From now on,
the Sprinkle Machine will give
as many magical poofs as a person needs.
Effective immediately.
[all cheering]
[Tin] All right, Thwart!
[exciting music playing]
Ooh. Whoa!
[both Ozlings] Whoa!
Now, come on.
Let's all taste the golden ozberries.
-[Scarecrow] Wow!
-[Tin] Amazing!
[Lion] Wow!
-Ah, yeah!
-[Lion] Woo-hoo!
Look out, world, we're on our way
Ain't gonna let nobody get in our way ♪
On a mission, got a vision
We'll seize the day ♪
Got my friends on the journey
I know the way ♪
The places we'll go
The highs, the lows ♪
My glow will lead the way ♪
Follow your heart, the tiniest spark
We'll journey to that place ♪
Fair doesn't mean
We all get the same thing ♪
It means nobody's left below ♪
Fair really means
We all get what we need ♪
And now, I'll always know ♪
I can do anything
I can be anything ♪
No matter what this day brings
I know I'm on my way ♪
We can do anything
We can be anything ♪
No matter what this day brings
We know we're on our way ♪
[all together yelling] Yahoo!
-[Dee] I'm so excited!
[all chuckling]
-[slurps] Mmm!
-[magical twinkling]
Happy dance, happy dance,
happy dance, happy dance!
[Miss Emerald] Yahoo!
You reached the golden ozberries.
Yuh-huh, but we did even more than that.
Look what Tin found.
Check it out, Miss Emerald.
Aah! The next piece of the Oz Crown?
Wonderful job, Tin.
We're closer to stopping Miss Ruby
from becoming the Wizard of Oz.
-[Lion] Yeah!
-[all cheering]
[Miss Emerald] That's right.
If we plant a golden ozberry seed here
Down on the ground
An ozberry bush will grow
where everybody could reach it.
[rustling, scratching]
Um Why hasn't it grown yet?
From what I've read,
seeds take time to grow.
But it'll grow one day.
-[Tin] Maybe.
-Or maybe the day after.
-I guess that's possible.
-[Scarecrow] Maybe next week.
-[Lion] Could be.
[ethereal, magical jingles playing]
Let's go ♪
-Dee and her friends in Oz
-Say hi ♪
-Adventure isn't far behind
-Go shine ♪
Let's see friends
And make new ones too ♪
-The story's hero is you
-Dee and friends in Oz ♪
Dee and friends in Oz ♪
Dee and her friends
Unlocked somewhere new ♪
Take a leap
Oz is waiting for you ♪
You're wonderful, and you glow
Dee's got the key, and we're heroes ♪
Oz is full of friends
Hold on, here we go ♪
I know you know the song
Everybody sing along ♪
Dee and friends in Oz ♪
Dee and friends in Oz ♪
Dee and friends in Oz ♪
-Yeah, yeah
-Dee and friends in Oz ♪
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