Deep Water (2016) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

[WAVES CRASH, MAN YELLS] Ah, look at that.
Oscar's waiting for you.
Are you nervous? - Yeah, a little.
- Nah, you'll be fine.
You just show them how we do it country style, ok? Hey! Happy Australia Day.
Same to you, mate.
- Hey.
- Hi, love.
- Coming out, old-timer? - Hey, I'm on duty.
It's a mess out there.
You should have been here yesterday.
I was still unpacking those boxes.
It's a nightmare.
Killer rips out there today.
Yeah, Will's got to learn how to handle himself.
No-one better than Oscar.
Other than you, Dad.
Here we go.
Oh! [LAUGHS] Look at him.
He's a natural, that young fella.
Look at the balance.
Good! Like Shane.
[MESSAGE TONE] I'm going to have to go, Dad.
Can you take care of Will? And just make sure he eats something, yeah? I will.
Murder victim's name is Mr Haris Rexhaj.
Beaten to death around midnight.
- Who called it in? - Anonymous, 5am.
- Detective.
- G'day, Jill.
This is Tori.
She's new.
Detective Constable Lustigman.
No signs of break and enter.
WOMAN: Welcome to paradise, kids.
- Hey, Brenda.
- How are you? So, judging by the injuries, the killer restrained the victim, battered him to death.
- Weapon? - Blunt object.
Possibly curved.
No indents to the flesh, but injuries to the skull indicate the assailant was right-handed.
Have you found any restraints? No.
There's more.
Unusual, but he's got cuts to the testes.
- Jealous lover? - Possibly premeditated.
The killer's brought the knife with him.
Unless there's one missing from the kitchen? No.
It's me.
Pick up the phone.
I know you're there.
I can see the lights.
What are you doing? WOMAN: [ON ANSWER PHONE] Mashka here, darling.
Call me.
This is crazy.
I love you! You love me.
That's more important than what your family think.
10 to 1 it's a domestic.
Don't want to have to take your money again, Nick, but you're on.
Darling, it's Mashka again.
Where are you? It's late and your uncle is complaining.
Can you call me? That came through 20 minutes ago.
Guess you've done your fair share of death knocks in Goulburn.
Try not to get emotionally involved.
Are you telling yourself that or me? [VIOLIN CONTINUES PLAYING] [KNOCK AT DOOR] [VIOLIN STOPS] WOMAN: Shh, shh.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
[WEEPS] MAN: My brother's been killed.
Why? We don't know yet.
Was there anyone threatening him? No.
Do you have any idea why someone would have done this? Any long-term lovers, or? [LAUGHS] Lovers? With Haris, it's always work, work, work.
He doesn't have time for girlfriends.
[CLEARS THROAT] Um, what about any, um, boyfriends? What? No, no, no.
You don't understand.
My son is not a homosexual.
No! [CRIES] No.
It was Haris wearing a watch? No.
Our father's watch is missing.
It's a Piaget.
His black leather jacket isn't here either.
He loved it.
He would never let me borrow it.
Could you tell me, who is this with Haris in this photograph? His name is Rohan.
Is he a boyfriend? Ex.
Do you recognise this voice? MAN: [ON ANSWER PHONE] This is crazy.
I love you, you love me.
That's more important than what your family think.
Would Rohan have a key? Do you know his address? It should be in Haris's phone.
Yeah, we haven't found his phone yet.
If that freaky Persian killed my brother Nick.
Excuse me.
Still no phone, but thought you might want to take a look at that.
- Thanks.
- I want that back downstairs.
Thrustr? Did your brother use Thrustr to meet men? We didn't talk about his sex life much.
But he did meet random men for sex? He might have.
Well, come on, mate.
I'll drive you home.
Uh Try canvassing the neighbours, see if anybody heard anything.
And don't try so hard.
[PUNCHING] [KNOCK AT DOOR] Did you see or hear anything unusual last night, Mr? Mac.
Eddie Mac.
I didn't see nothing.
Heard banging on me ceiling.
I thought it was horseplay.
Two stallions kind of horseplay.
I had to yell at them to stop the friggin' noise.
What time was that? About midnight.
Did you get up to deal with it? He was beaten.
He didn't call out for help? Well, if he did, I didn't hear any squealing.
Have you ever been inside? - Haris's? - Nuh.
And do you have a prison record, Mr Mac? Hell no.
Oi! - Hey.
- Got some questions for you.
- About? - Do you know about this Thrustr app? - You want to know about Thrustr? - Yeah.
And you think I know? Users upload a picture, a short description, the kind of guy you're looking for.
The GPS on your phone shows the location of a user.
Users can send messages to one another and they don't show on phone records.
[SCOFFS] You don't look impressed.
Well, it's the perfect tool for our killer to lure his victim.
Hey, are there any 70-year-old boxers on there? Honey, you'd be surprised who's on here.
Is that right? - This is nice.
- Mm.
Will be.
Eddie Mac was sentenced to six months in 1983 for assault.
He worked at a local club, he was a bouncer, hit a client.
You got anything more recent? Uh, yes.
He had a fight with our victim over what he refers to as "his parking spot".
What about the family? They seem like a close unit, genuinely shocked to hear the news.
His brother was the only one who knew about his sexuality.
- The twin did not like the ex.
- Yeah.
According to the brother, the ex was the needy type and his needs weren't being met.
Now, if I didn't know about the ex-boyfriend, I might wonder if theft was a motive, so do we have any violent burglaries in the area? - Not like this.
- Hmm.
Could it be that we're dealing with a hate crime? The victim's gay, the neighbour downstairs has a history with assault and a homophobic attitude.
So, you think the neighbour might be a good fit for it? The ligature marks indicate to me that the killer is into control and domination.
The cuts to the testes indicate anger.
My intuition is that we're dealing with somebody Hang on, intuition? We need evidence.
Motive, means, opportunity.
Motive we're not too sure about.
Means, we know that he was beaten to death by a right-handed man with a blunt instrument we don't have yet.
And opportunity well, victim's gay, used Thrustr and he had a jealous ex.
This is the ex.
Surname and address unknown as yet.
Well, we might get a break with the CCTV.
The victim's flat is here.
It's right next to Cardinal Park.
There's a good escape route to the ocean path.
It's lit in parts.
I'm not sure about CCTV.
Well, find out.
Right, well, I'll get the uniforms knocking on doors.
The rest of you, get out there, find me the weapon.
[WOMAN SCREAMS] [LAUGHTER] [THUDDING] [DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES] [CURTLY] What are you doing here? Waiting for you.
- Oh, pff.
- In our new happy home.
And I got school tomorrow.
Your granddad is supposed to be looking after you.
I decided to walk.
You shouldn't be alone.
I can take care of myself.
Oh, can you? Been searching the news.
No homicides.
What happened? A young man was killed while he was home alone in a flat.
I can go back to Goulburn, live with Dad.
You're staying here with me 'cause I'm greedy and I want you all to myself.
And I want to know that you're safe.
[MALE VOICES IN DISTANCE] Give it here! Come on.
No way.
It's mine.
Hey! Did you boys bring that with you? The club? - Nah, we found it.
- Where? Ok, I need you to show me exactly where you found it.
Just found it over here.
- Right.
Do you have a phone? - Yeah.
BRENDA: The club was found in Saltwater, been through five tidal changes and lodged beneath a rock and in the hands of two kids, but it did test positive for blood.
It will take some time to get a match, but we also retrieved tissue and fibre.
Eddie Mac watched me recover the weapon from the rocks.
He's got a record.
Can we see if his prints match? I doubt we'll get prints off the weapon.
However, we did get prints from the apartment.
None so far have come up as criminal, but we'll keep trying.
Fragments of hair found on the victim's torso about 1/16 millimetre long.
Also, fur fibre.
They don't know yet what animal.
Good news is they found similar fibre wedged into the grain of the club.
Forensics also found semen on the sheets, fragments of crystal meth on the body, but none in Haris's blood.
So, angry, iced-up, sleep-deprived boxer, or jealous lover? - I'm going to go with jealous lover.
- Could be a jealous lover.
Could be the victim was into consensual BDSM role-play and it just went really wrong.
Worst case scenario, we're dealing with a psychologically disturbed killer, - and an organised one.
- It may not be his first.
So look into it, see if you can find any murders with a similar MO.
[MAN PRAYS IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE] We need a room so that Ismail and Amir can wash Haris.
I'm afraid that's not possible.
They haven't done the post-mortem yet.
Haris needs to be clean to enter paradise.
You'll have to wait until the body's released.
He is ours.
Not yours.
God have mercy you never find yourself in my place.
[ANGRILY] Now, can I just be alone with my son for a moment, please? Of course.
Have you found him yet? No.
A surname would help.
When he met Haris, he was attached to a university.
Do you remember which one? I don't, but he was a scientist.
That's helpful.
Thank you.
His hands! He He was he was tied! Why's his hands? - Cover him, please.
- He's tied! Please, no.
Please! Can I just have peace? Peace for my son! [SOBS] Sir, there was a prior murder at Cardinal Park.
Facts, Victoria.
Start with when.
- January 1990.
- Oh, that's too far back.
Well, it was right outside Mac's place.
Was Mac convicted? No.
No, but that doesn't mean he wasn't involved.
1990 Canberra beat Penrith.
It was Canberra's second premiership.
That was a good game.
And I was a junior officer here.
So who was the victim? - Greg Mills.
- Mills! I remember.
Some poor Polish prick got charged.
And frankly, I was a bit surprised he got done with murder.
- Right.
Why was that? - Well, it was just a stupid fight.
Bit of push, bit of shove, bit of bad luck.
I read the notes, the investigation seemed Careful.
Well, tied around the statement of a kid who could barely speak English.
Well, if I remember, the kid confessed.
Now, is there one shred of evidence tied to the current case? - No.
- Then stop wasting my time.
I asked for similar MOs.
It's the same location and the victim profile is the same.
They're both gay men.
26 years apart.
Just find me the rejected lover.
Sir, for a rejected lover, the killing is brutal.
It doesn't gel.
Everyday, Tori, you come to work prepared to give up your life to protect others, mm? But you've got a son.
Why would you do that? Uh Well, I love my job.
And I'm the breadwinner now.
You take care you survive.
Merry Christmas.
Your park ranger came through, CCTV from the coastal walk.
3:10 in the morning.
What the hell's she doing out at that hour? Animal has fur.
Beast it is.
But forensics confirmed it's not dog or cat fur.
Is that Rohan? Thanks.
University just coughed up a surname, Asad.
Rohan was living at the college, but left several months ago after a blow-up with his supervisor.
Nothing like social media to do our job for us.
Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Lab has semen on the sheets, so if you bring us a suspect Looks like he works at Bronte Beach Kiosk.
Rohan Asad, stop right there! Stop! Rohan, stop! Police! Stop! Police! [PANTS] What do you want? Just wanted to talk, mate.
Just want to talk.
- You will send me back! - No, no, no, no.
We're just going to go down to Bondi station for questioning.
- Just relax.
- Don't let them do this to me! - Settle down.
- They will kill me! Settle down! Rohan, you and Haris were lovers.
For one year, nothing but love.
When I insist Haris to meet his family, we fight, and that is the end.
When was the last time you saw him? The day before he is killed.
We swim, talk love.
After, I am out for a walk.
I see him at the Green Room, dancing.
My heart is stone.
Haris used Thrustr to meet men.
Did that upset you? He did not love them.
I've been betrayed.
It made me angry.
When you face that unexpectedly, there's no telling how you'll respond.
Haris says that he's a free man, and that I should go.
So I leave.
Were you inside or outside Haris's apartment on the night of 25 January? No.
Well, then, we have a bit of a problem here.
Because you made a phone call to Haris's apartment at 11:28 pm.
And we have CCTV footage of you at 5:10 am.
So I need you to help me understand what happened in between those hours.
Did you have sex with Haris the night he was killed? I I want everything to end.
So I swim far into black water.
But I am a coward.
I turn back and police come, throw me into van.
They take me to hospital where I am prison.
It was night time.
I go to see Haris.
I want to apologise, so that we can love again.
I go inside and What did you see? Blood.
I want to hold him.
But he is he is dead.
I go to call police, but I I hear a door slam, so I flee.
Outside, I phone emergency and then I talk to police.
[PHONE RINGS] Rohan, we're going to need Peel.
Some blood and hair samples from you.
- What? - Right.
What will you do with my blood? - Why do you want - His student visa ran out months ago.
The Feds are on their way.
Rohan, do you have a current visa? I have applied for bridging visa.
I I am immunologist.
When I get visa, I will get job.
[DOOR OPENS] Rohan Asad, you are an unlawful citizen under section 48 of the Migration Act MAN: As a result, you will be taken to a detention centre.
Please! Please don't let them send me back! Please.
Please, don't! MANNING: Uniforms took a man who gave his name as Rumi to St Jude's just after midnight.
Well, that's the time of death.
Does that leave him off the hook? Wriggling.
But Haris's phone records show that he took a call right at the time that Rohan said.
You think that's enough to exonerate him, do you? They are a very cute couple.
Well, it didn't stop him looking for company.
The prosecution would have a field day with this.
- Comes across as a stalker.
- Ok.
We've got a single key, possibly to Haris's.
We've got a passport, money not much.
No leather jacket, no watch, no wallet, no phone.
No bloodied shoes or garment.
Lithium carbonate.
Maybe he's bipolar.
Well, he'll need his medication.
Discharge sheet, St Jude's hospital.
Maybe he is telling the truth.
We've got some blood here.
- Get on the ground right now.
- This is a crime scene.
- Hey, relax, guys.
- Put the gun down.
- Back out.
- Relax, guys.
- We're Bondi detectives, alright? - You.
Up against the wall.
Oi! You heard my partner.
Just get out of our crime scene.
- Where's your badge? - Inside pocket.
You happy? Alright.
So, you're Bondi detectives.
This is ours.
What are you doing here? Well, we're searching the premises of a murder suspect.
What are you doing here? Rohan Asad.
He escaped from custody.
Oh, shit.
Please tell me you had him in handcuffs.
You can't even hang on to a frightened student and then you come in here, you trample all over the evidence.
Why don't you piss off? Hey.
Hey, that's ours, mate.
Yeah, in your dreams, mate.
You can have it when we're done, alright? You shouldn't have pulled that on the Feds, Tori.
They don't know the arse end of a gun.
You're bloody lucky you didn't get shot.
Yeah, your attitude didn't really help.
Thanks for the backup, by the way.
Yeah, only cowboys are quick to draw their gun.
If you can't talk your way into a good result, you're no detective.
Are you calling me a cowboy? Well, there were a lot of cows where you worked last.
Listen, I don't think Rohan's our man.
The blood stains on his jeans, it's consistent with his story.
What, that's your famous intuition again, is it? You haven't been straight with us, Eddie.
And for a coach with wannabe champions, that's a bit of a problem.
What do you want? You tell us what you heard and what you saw and this time, don't leave anything out.
I've got nothing that's gonna help ya.
You've got a good rep as a coach, Eddie.
Be a shame to have to revoke your licence.
You can't be a coach if you've been inside.
Oh, come on.
I was a stupid hot-head back in those days.
I want a guarantee this isn't going to cost me my licence.
Well, I can't give you that until I know what you have.
It was a bad night.
They was fighting upstairs.
I just get to sleep and I could hear this yelling and moaning.
I went out to tell the inconsiderate prick to shut the fuck up.
I couldn't see anyone.
Coming back inside, I found this.
When I found out about the murder, I thought it looked bad so I shut up.
Did you see who dropped it? I told you, I didn't see nothing.
Yeah, you keep it.
It's been burning away in here.
Were you here in 1990? Yeah.
I've always been here.
I've never moved.
Are you aware there was a murder out there on the rocks? He got what he deserved.
Some local kids got the jack of it and took the faggots on.
I can't say I blame them.
Do you know what happened to those kids, where they are now? No.
It was a long time ago.
They're probably all grown up, moved away.
I don't know.
Mum always used to give us the same gifts.
We found a receipt in there for two drinks from the Green Room the night your brother was killed.
Haris doesn't drink alcohol.
Well, his would be the lime soda, then.
Any idea who drinks Helles Lager? No.
You caught the Persian prick yet? We've spoken to him.
My uncle wants to kill him.
Yeah, well, tell your uncle that's a very bad idea.
Just be patient and we'll get whoever did this, ok? What do you mean, "We'll get him"? I thought you already had him.
You had him and you let him go?! He's just a suspect for now.
Punter comes in, orders an unusual drink.
You tend to remember that.
Monday night.
Lime soda, Helles Lager.
Ring any bells? Lime soda was hot.
He flirted, so I knew he was interested.
- Then Helles Lager turns up.
- Can you describe him? Helles Lager? Pumped.
Dark hair.
They weren't close.
Which made me happy, 'cause I quite fancied lime soda.
He's dead.
That's a shame.
He was cute.
What about this man? Have you seen him? Yeah, I've seen him.
Not for me.
Fuck off.
You too.
Mr Hampton, we'd like to have a look at your CCTV footage for Monday night.
Would you? You got a warrant? It would be in your interest to help us out.
Don't tell me what my interest is unless it's hot sex and you're willing.
Oh, righto.
Righto! Don't fucking touch me.
- Was that entirely necessary, Tori? - Yes.
It was.
Yeah, well, you just blew any chance we had of getting the CCTV footage.
By the time we get a warrant, any CCTV footage he has will be wiped, if he has any, which I doubt.
PEEL: Rohan Asad has a prison record in Iran.
He was arrested January 2003 for sodomy.
He was imprisoned for two years, transferred to hospital, released on bail somehow.
Old Rohan escapes and he finds his way here.
After all he's been through, it doesn't make sense that he'd kill someone and risk being sent back to that kind of persecution.
Yeah, but if it's a crime of passion then he wasn't thinking at all.
Sir, the bloodstains on Rohan's jeans, they are consistent with him kneeling down.
There is no other blood splatter.
He has a strong alibi for the time of death.
I know you don't think Rohan had anything to do with this, Lustigman, but everything points to it.
[SIGHS] ok, sir, but this past murder at Cardinal Park, it bothers me.
I can't find any trace of the man who went down for it.
- Adamski? - Yeah.
What if there's a link with him and Eddie Mac? I'd like to follow up with the investigating officer, um, Chalmers.
You'll get nothing from him.
He left the job under a cloud.
Is it odd that Adamski's just disappeared? Hey, no, no.
Tori, Tori.
You're just going to antagonise him.
[GRUNTS] It's been a while since someone on the job came asking for help.
Since the Royal Commission.
You nailed Adamski for the murder of Greg Mills back in 1990.
We got lucky.
Someone had a conscience.
Do you have any idea where Adamski is now? Feeding the daisies.
I had a deal with his silk.
He had information about other deaths, but I didn't get to close the books before they found him hanging off a shower.
Now, I can't find any records of him deceased or alive.
He had a sex change while he was inside.
- What? - Yeah, he got the chop.
If you go looking, you'll find him under a different name.
There was an under-age who went down with him.
A Brett O'Donohue.
They were the two I nailed.
But the thugs who I believe were responsible said they weren't there.
Well, sometimes you get what you can and call it a good day.
- How old were you in '89? - Oh, primary school.
Poofter-bashing was a sport back then.
A blood sport.
Gangs of youths up and down the coast.
Hunting for prey.
But don't make the mistake of thinking all these lads were underclass.
Some of them were from decent families.
There was a gay beat at Cardinal Park and one of these gangs, the Pointers Shark Point, white pointers, who knows? Took to the sport with a vengeance.
Led by a vicious kid called Kyle Hampton, aka Hammers.
You're kidding.
He runs the Green Room.
That's where our victim had his last drink.
Hammers was a charismatic prick.
He should have been locked away 25 years ago.
He thinks he's invincible.
My God.
There's so many.
Nearly 70.
Disappearances, assaults, suicides.
After a while, you see the pattern.
Why weren't these acted on? Well, you tell me.
These men were assaulted and killed and no-one was ever charged? That's right.
Are you saying there was a cover-up? I don't know.
There was a climate of fear around AIDS back then.
The Grim Reaper ads had everyone terrified.
Shouldn't this be in archives? Back then, it was a weapon used in a suspected assault, so it didn't end up in the evidence lock-up.
I had my suspicions, so I hung onto it.
These leather bindings, they're on the club that we found.
Where did you get this? Hammers and his future footy star mate Toohey, drunk on Bondi Beach.
Toohey, the Friday game show guy? Who else? Is this blood? It is.
No victim came forward, but then they often didn't.
That's why that never made it to court.
December 24, 1989.
How's Will? Once I wrestled the console from him, fine.
Sleeping like a baby.
Hey, do you remember the Grim Reaper ad? VOICE-OVER: At first, only gays and IV drug users were being killed by AIDS.
But now we know every one of us could be devastated by it.
If not stopped, it could kill more Australians than World War II.
How old were you in 1989? - 19.
- Yeah.
And out.
You know my dad sent me to a shrink to try and fix the problem? [LAUGHS] Hey, here I am gay and a happier man than he ever was.
Cheers to that.
So you were 19, out, in Bondi.
- Were you ever attacked? - By whom? Gang.
Maybe the police.
You want to see how it was? Mardi Gras.
The first one.
MAN: Unfortunate these sort of things happen.
I think it's unfortunate that a couple of policemen had to receive hospital attention.
10 years later, it was better.
But we were still fighting.
Hey is that Shane? Mm-hm.
My God.
He's so young.
What happened to him? He drowned.
We searched Christmas Day, Boxing Day.
And then a lifesaver found him.
Were there any signs of violence? You know what happens to a body that's been in the water for two days.
Your father just protected you from those details.
But what what did the coroner's report say? You'd have to ask Don.
It's always the good swimmers who drown.
But there was an investigation.
Yeah, of course there was a bloody investigation.
He went swimming, he drowned.
Where did he go in? Why does matter where he went in? Did anyone mention Cardinal Park or Shark Point? Shane was a happy boy.
Got caught in a bastard rip.
The ocean took him.
MAN: This is a recorded interview for police records.
Can you state your name for the camera? Yeah.
Brett Roger Ian O'Donohue.
Martin Adamski.
We saw the guy walking down.
Spoke to him.
Told him I'd give him a blowie, so he came with me.
The poof got his pants down around his ankles.
He was heaps stiff and he grabbed my cock and Adamski came from behind him and smacked over the head.
What with? A lead pipe.
How many times did you hit Mr Mills? Nah, I told you before.
Adamski laid into him.
Show me how many times you hit him.
[SCOFFS] Bit of a push, bit of a shove.
What were you doing, Brett, while this was happening? Pulled my pants up and I started kicking him in the face.
He stood up and started backing away from us, straight over the cliff.
I'm 14.
He grabbed my cock.
He's in the wrong, right? So, a lead pipe with leather bindings.
Similar weapon found in the same location that we found the club that killed Haris.
So we've got Cardinal Park, Shark Point, three bodies here, here and here.
We've got Greg Mills, found on the rocks, killed by Adamski and O'Donohue.
There's Dr Peter Levy, was also found on the rocks.
Reported as suicide, but forensics have him with defensive wounds and under his nails, skin.
Yeah, well, that'd be useful if we ever find it.
Wouldn't hold your breath.
Then you have Ned Davies.
He went for a walk in Cardinal Park, disappeared December 17, 1989.
We do not have a body for him.
Nick, the numbers are growing.
We've got one murder 26 years later.
Well, O'Donohue was released from Silverwater a year ago.
Well, let's find out where he is now.
Rohan Asad's blood sample is a DNA match for the semen found on the victim.
[SOBS] Slow down.
It's not a bloody race.
Are you there? Rohan, listen, I have your medication and I think you need it, so why don't you tell me where you are and I can come and pick you up, ok? Rohan, I read your case file and I know what you suffered in Iran.
99 lashes.
My own father betrayed me.
I understand why you might fear the police.
But I'm going to ask you to trust me, ok? Yeah, just tell her to keep talking.
Can you guys go any fuckin' faster? Everything that you tell us, it helps us put the picture together.
Rohan, did you have sex with Haris the night he was killed? We swim in the day.
I go with him.
Play music.
Have sex.
But after, he say never.
He will never tell his family that he is homosexual.
What kind of life is this? A life of secrets.
That's good, Rohan.
Thank you for telling me those details.
But I'm going to need you to come into the police station.
So you can lock me up? Shave my head, torture me? Rohan, where are you exactly? I want your word.
You will let me walk free.
Rohan, can we at least talk face-to-face? I I can see police on the beach.
Rohan, listen.
I need you to come out with your hands up and I can promise you that no-one's going to hurt you, ok? Nick! Nick, he's left-handed.
Rohan! MAN: Put that knife down now! Rohan! Drop that knife! Rohan, it's Tori.
Drop the fucking knife now.
- You're ok.
- I did not hurt Haris.
I know.
Back away, Tori.
I know you didn't.
Don't spook him! We just want to talk to you, ok? But I'm going to need you to put the knife down, alright? Put the fucking knife down now! You're ok.
Look at me.
Look at me.
It's alright.
You put the knife down now, Rohan, and you let her go! It's alright.
It's alright.
Rohan, I know that you don't want to hurt me.
Let her go, Rohan.
You talk to me and I can protect you, ok? I can keep you safe.
I know this man.
He needs medication.
Hold your fire.
I will not I will not go back to hell.
I won't! Listen to me, ok? Now, we can have a conversation, can't we? Yeah? And I can keep you safe.
Yeah? I can protect you.
That's right.
You're doing a really good job now.
I'm going to slowly, slowly turn around.
Yeah? You're ok.
You're ok.
You look at me.
It's alright.
Eyes to me, Rohan.
You're ok.
You're ok.
We're going to keep you safe.
But to do that, I need to get the knife out of your hand, Ok? I'm going to take the knife out of your hand, - Argh! - [GUNSHOT] [PHONE BUZZES] Critical Incident team are gonna want to take your statement.
- But I'm not gonna lie.
- You two got your stories straight? Cardinal Park was pretty dangerous those days.
Secrets you know give answers to grieving families.
The Chris Toohey? I've known him since he was a kid.
He's no killer, except on the footy field.
But he's hiding something.
Who did you see killed?