Deep Water (2016) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

NICK: Murder victim's name is Mr Haris Rexhaj.
The killer restrained the victim, battered him to death.
Thought you might want to look at that.
TORI: Did your brother use Thrustr to meet men? Users can send messages to one another and they don't show on phone records.
Well, it's the perfect tool for our killer to lure his victim.
Sir, there was a prior murder at Cardinal Park, and the victim profile's the same, they're both gay men.
26 years apart.
Just find me the rejected lover.
I wanted to ask about Shane.
Shane was a happy boy.
The ocean took him.
Is this blood? MAN: It is.
No victim came forward.
But, then, they often didn't.
Then he came from behind and smacked him over the head.
The Pointers, led by a vicious kid called Kyle Hampton.
Hammers? He runs the Green Room.
That's where our victim had his last drink.
- I did not hurt Haris! - I know you didn't.
Put the knife down now, Rohan.
You let her go! - [SOBS] - [GUNSHOT] Hey.
Get any sleep? Not much.
You? The storm woke me.
Would have washed away a lot of the evidence.
Sorry, I shouldn't have said that.
The Critical Incident Team are gonna want to take your statement.
Well, I don't know what they're going to ask.
But I'm not gonna lie.
I don't want you to.
I had to assume he was gonna kill you, so I stopped him.
I don't wanna talk about it.
Can you show me that message again? See, from that angle it has to have been taken from the north.
While we were pursuing the wrong man, the killer was watching us.
Have you two got your story straight? Um, well, we haven't talked.
I didn't think it was appropriate.
Appropriate? What are you fucking talking about? What's appropriate is you support your colleague, you comply with CIT, you're back to work.
The minister wants this off the front page.
Yeah, the front page is the least of it.
There's footage all over the internet.
Whoever filmed it might have footage of RealMan.
He was there, he was watching, he had to have been to take that photo.
Well, since we don't know and as I have no desire to make us the butt of cartoonists' humour, we don't advertise that.
What we do know is that RealMan used Haris Rexhaj's phone - to send that message, why? - Because he's thumbing his nose at us.
We also know that Haris Rexhaj received a call an hour before he was killed from an Adrian Cohen, who lives at Brumpton Avenue.
I've called him several times, he hasn't returned.
Well, check it out.
Uh Tori, you take Brenda, will you? The toe cutters are here.
Just tell the truth.
The truth is subjective.
Just stick to the facts, he pulled a knife and you shot him.
You'll be right.
[KNOCK AT DOOR] [KNOCKS] Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, we should be calling this in.
Yeah, you do what you need to do.
[FLY BUZZES] [BRENDA GROANS] I hope you packed your Vicks.
Oh, Jesus.
NICK: Adrian Cohen was last seen leaving his gallery opening on January 15, and we presume that's the night he was killed.
He was also assaulted with a friend a few weeks before, after leaving Synagogue.
We don't know if it's related.
It could be nothing.
So, when he called Haris Rexhaj on the 25th, just before he was murdered, the real Cohen had been dead for up to 10 days.
So, the killer keeps the victims' phones and he uses them as bait for the next.
BRENDA: We printed the flat.
Nothing came up on the Helles Lager bottle.
The blows and the injuries were similar to Rexhaj.
TORI: The killer is using Thrustr.
Both of our victims let somebody in that they were expecting.
You sent messages to all of Haris's Thrustr contacts.
- Did you have any luck? - No.
Did you say 'police business'? - Yes.
- Maybe you should exaggerate.
"Well-built, hung, horny", that should do it.
Well, why don't you do it, Tori? Dig in, find your inner male.
Use it for a change.
We have an invite list from the night of the gallery opening.
Cohen's business partner said Cohen got into a fight with Christopher Toohey.
The Chris Toohey? I've known him since he was a kid.
He's no killer, except on the footy field.
What was the fight about? We're not sure, but we should probably check it out.
Well, you just be discreet.
You know, it's not actually the first time I have heard Toohey's name mentioned.
- Detective Chalmers - Ex-Detective Chalmers and conspiracy theorist.
Chalmers has more than theories, sir, he has evidence.
This lead pipe was taken off Toohey and Hammers, 1989.
The handle is bound in leather, just as our club is.
You [SCOFFS] You know, one is wooden and carved, the other one is an old lead pipe.
Now, I don't want anyone talking to the press, I don't want anybody leaking anything.
Sir, shouldn't we alert the gay press, so they can issue a warning? Yeah, well, just keep it subtle and general.
Just on gay meeting sites.
And, for goodness' sake, do not mention the word 'serial'.
So, I take it it didn't go well with CIT.
Well, you clearly think I fucked up.
He wasn't gonna stab me.
How do you know that, Tori? You don't.
Yeah, look, sorry, Toohey's doing publicity shots - for the new season.
- Yeah, that's great.
Um, look, we can make a big deal of this or a small one.
You choose.
January 15, Adrian Cohen's gallery, we heard you had a bit of a fight.
Can you tell us about that? Well, I wanted to buy a painting and Adrian wouldn't sell it.
The picture's of me, and I said, "Where's my moral rights?" Was there anything off-key that night? Did he seem on edge in any way? - No.
- You ever been to his house? No.
Why would I go to his house? Could you tell us what you did that night after you had your little fight? Well, I toddled up the hill with Teens and fell into bed, and woke up on Saturday.
Do you know a bloke called Rexhaj? - A prop forward? - Murdered man.
Cardinal Park.
- [CLEARS THROAT] - Does that remind you of something? No.
It's the first I'm hearing of it.
Back in the day, you used to hang out with a gang called the Pointers.
"Hang out with"? It was a beach suburb.
You go to school with kids, you meet them everywhere.
Yeah, I think it was a bit more than that.
Christmas Eve 1989, you and your pal Hammers were stopped by the police and they took a weapon off you.
Sorry, what the hell has 1989 got to do with Adrian? You tell us.
In 1989, my life was training and more training.
I didn't have any time for gangs.
Any weapon in my hand was a football.
Next time make an appointment through my lawyer.
What do you think? Look like the sort of bloke who'd hop on Thrustr and lure a man to his death? No.
But he's hiding something.
Youths attacked Cohen.
Could we be dealing with some kind of copycat? In the Cohen assault report he said they were local kids.
Three of them were laying into him and then one of them yelled out, "Tex, cops are here.
" WOMAN: It was Friday night, there were brawls in every pub up and down the strip.
We grabbed a youth, a kid called Tex.
Did you get an address? Samaritan House, Bondi.
A week later I called Mr Cohen in for an ID.
He never called back.
Samaritan House.
What, is that a refuge or something? Yeah, full of juvies.
Man called Thomas Katz runs the place.
Hates cops.
That'll be fun.
KATZ: What's he done? We want to talk to Tex about an assault.
Assault or fight? Boys of 16, 17, they fight.
It's primal.
It's a way of expressing strength.
When you're a kid you're powerless, but then the hormones kick in, you think you're acting like a real man but a real man knows that masculinity's not about being macho, it's about emotional self-awareness, mindfulness, discipline.
Does Tex know Adrian Cohen? No, but I know him.
He's one of the local benefactors.
Yeah, not anymore.
He's dead.
Thomas, did you pick up an attitude of bias or fanaticism - with Tex or any of the other kids? - If Tex has done something wrong, he's gotta deal with the consequences.
But there's a right and wrong way of bringing him to you.
- What's the wrong way? - Well, compelling him.
I know how to protect these kids, how to reach out to them.
Protect them from what? From people like you, quite frankly.
I know who you are, the cop on the beach.
Last time I helped the cops someone was hanged.
- Adamski.
- Get out, I'm done.
Get out, I'm done.
Typical smug Bondi Buddhist.
- Why are you so down on Buddhists? - I'm not, I was one for years.
But a lot of these Johnny-come-lately Buddhists tend to think enlightenment shines out there arse.
Are Thrustr gonna come through with our killer's name? Thrustr only keep records of users who upgrade with credit, otherwise anyone can sign in.
Once they do, their messages are trapped on each other's phones, which we don't have.
Everyone's masking themselves.
There's a lot of torso images.
Could we do a photo match? Huh.
RealMan and Macho, same photo.
All of our victims live in Bondi.
Most likely so does RealMan.
He watches them before he meets them.
But why was he at the beach that day? Maybe Rohan knew something.
Or maybe Thomas Katz is RealMan.
Hey, I took your advice.
I joined Thrustr.
Who's that? - It's my brother Shane.
- Shane cool with that? He drowned a long time ago.
Thomas Katz.
What's your take on him? I would have thought he was a good kid until he fell in with the likes of Hammers.
You questioned him about a 1989 October assault on a man named Ned Davies, who later went missing, presumed dead.
Yeah, on December 17.
December 17.
That's close enough to when you picked up the weapon off Hammers and Toohey.
I'd like to have it tested for DNA.
But does Peel? Why wouldn't he? Justice wasn't done back then.
Are you saying he prevented it? I don't know.
Peel went after me at the royal commission.
My real crime, I didn't fit in.
If the DNA amounts to nothing, I want it back.
Of course.
Can I ask you, when you picked up the weapon off the boys, did either of them have blood on them? Hammers was wearing a brand-new pair of white Nikes.
One was covered in fresh blood.
MAN: Oh, it never concerned me that Ned was a poofter.
Unfortunately not everyone felt the same.
TORI: Last known sighting of Ned was right here.
Missing ever since.
He's not missing.
He's dead.
You know, I knew a couple of local coppers.
That made no difference.
They weren't interested in Ned.
They reckon he was asking for it.
So, a mate of his, Wazza, and I, we went looking for him.
We found his glasses.
- Where? - Just over there.
How did you know they were his? Checked the prescription.
Ned went missing on 17 December.
That's right.
Look, it will probably come to nothing, but I'd like you to come into the station, give a DNA sample, see if it matches to DNA found on a weapon that the cops picked up in 1989.
Chalmers parted with this, did he? Mm.
He thinks that it might link to an unsolved murder from 1989.
Who's the victim? I don't know, but I'd like to find out.
It might be Ned Davies, so I have his father coming in to give a DNA sample, see if there's a match.
I've got some info on the kid who assaulted Cohen.
His name's Tex Palmer.
Uniforms picked him up for a prior assault.
Guess who went to court as his character reference.
Eddie Mac.
Trains with him most mornings, apparently.
Well, 7:50.
We might be in luck.
Yeah, I think it'll have to wait.
CIT have still got some more questions.
Sorry, can't wait.
One, two.
One, two.
Go for it.
One, two.
One, two.
Tex Palmer.
I'd like to ask you a few questions, if I might.
- Don't say a word, Tex.
- Call Thomas.
Yeah, call Thomas.
Tell him to get down here now.
In relation to? Assault and murder.
We have CCTV footage from Roscoe Street that clearly identifies you and your two mates.
I don't know who they are.
Well, you knew them well enough to go looking for someone to bash.
I was pushed, so I hit back.
So, you said you were partying on the beach.
Maybe you had something to drink, maybe you took some drugs.
Smoked some ice with the fellas.
Where'd you get that from? Hey, listen, Tex, I'm not interested in drugs.
You're not dobbing.
I just want to know what happened to Mr Cohen.
This heavy dude down the strip, he came Rat's tail He came up to us and offered it.
Is that man all right? He's dead.
What the hell do you think you're doing? I am well within my rights to report you.
For what? For talking? Tex isn't under arrest.
Not yet.
Tex didn't kill Adrian Cohen.
No, but he did assault him.
You are walking a dangerous line, Detective.
Am I? I was talking to Ned Davies' father last night and he is desperate to find out what happened to his son.
Missing since December 1989.
He went for a walk in Cardinal Park.
Yeah, well, Cardinal Park was pretty dangerous those days.
Yeah, well, the danger's back with us.
Secrets you know could give answers to grieving families.
What secrets? What are you talking about? 1989.
The Pointers.
I was 12, right? I had to choose, hang out with them or become a victim.
Then were you still hanging out with Hammers on Christmas Eve 1989? No.
By then I was over Hammers.
He was manipulative, sadistic.
He liked to cause pain, make you watch, make you participate.
- In what? - Violence, sex, crime.
Would you be willing to talk about it? I have already.
You're the unidentified witness in the Mills murder.
And what about the Davies killing? I wasn't there.
Did Toohey see Davies killed? How would I know? - Do you still see him? - Yeah, on telly.
I am dealing with the families of the dead and they need to know the truth.
The truth is, you need to find the pricks who sell the ice to kids and get them off the streets.
Tex got his ice from O'Donohue.
The O'Donohues were Hammers' bully boys.
They got off on violence.
They haven't changed.
Brett O'Donohue's prison record reflects a violent temperament, an unhealthy interest in Nazis and he's suspected of killing a transgender woman, Ada, on the inside.
She was stripped, her head was shaved before she was hanged.
- Charming.
- Oh, yeah.
It gets better.
Ada was in fact Adamski who transitioned on the inside, Brett's friend.
Brett was released a year ago on parole to his brother, Terry.
He sells ice, he's got history.
Hangs around the beach.
Could've taken the shot.
Let's go.
Police! Stop! I know who you are.
You stay away from me, you bitch.
- Eugh.
- [LAUGHS] [COUGHS] [QUIETLY] Fucking - You all right? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I lost him.
But I did get this.
[PANTS] If we can match this to the ice we found at Haris's flat, then we've got him.
All we need to do is lay down a few LDs in the meantime, listen to the conversations, and then we'll know if we're barking up the wrong tree or not.
PEEL: Well, you are barking up the wrong fucking tree.
So is that a yes, boss? Look, we could have this whole case cleared in a couple of days and off the front pages.
Yeah, okay.
It's worth a punt.
I'll give the magistrate a call.
- But it's phone taps only.
- Yep.
You your CIT interview is scheduled for tomorrow.
Remember we're a team and loyalty's important.
- [SIGHS, WINCES] - BRENDA: Every single time.
- See you, guys.
- MAN: Oh, see you, Brenda.
You been in front of the CIT before? I can't say it's high on my list of career goals.
[CHUCKLES] You want some advice? No.
[CHUCKLES] Look, you're new around here, Tori.
People don't know who you are yet.
But there's one thing that they are gonna want to know and that's whether you've got their back.
In other words, don't be a snitch.
You too, huh? That lead pipe you gave me - have you spoken to Peel about it? - No.
The paperwork rolled up with it, it's got his name all over it.
"Thanks, Brenda.
" There you go.
Thank you.
October 2nd, Ned Davies makes the complaint.
He mentions Kyle Hampton is one of his attackers.
He recognises him from his parents' fish and chip shop.
He also recognises a footballer who plays for Easts, name unknown.
9 October, Davies no longer wishes to take the investigation further.
See? You can't blame Peel.
That is not what his father said.
Well, maybe he lied to his father.
It happens, doesn't it? Footballer's gotta be Toohey.
It can't be.
It says the complainant's missing or dead.
Come on, Nick, that means not once, but twice, - Peel has covered for Hampton.
- No, no, no.
I know Peel.
All right? He's just not corrupt.
Look, there's corrupt and then there's supporting a mate.
I'd say he's dancing pretty close to the line, huh? [PHONE RINGS] Brenda? Yep.
Adrian Cohen's phone record, last person to call him was Toohey.
Pass it here.
Good work.
Back in to me.
Yes, yes, yes.
Whoo-hey! [LAUGHS] That's it.
What do you reckon? - No - [PHONE BEEPS] This just in from the techies All right, they've triangulated his calls.
On the 25th, his phone's pinging off the mobile tower at Cardinal Park.
On the 15th, he goes home, to the gallery Back home, then around midnight, he's in the vicinity of Cohen's.
Hangs around there for a bit and then down to Bondi.
BOY: One up, Dad! Let's not do this in front of the kids.
Let's try and be discreet.
Listen, I'm getting a lot of pressure from everyone about this CIT interview, and I just Thought we'd been through your misgivings.
I know you didn't mean to kill him.
Thank you.
But I gotta tell the truth.
[SIGHS] You do what you gotta do, Tori.
- See ya, boys.
- BOY: Bye, Dad.
- BOY: Bye, Dad.
- See ya later on.
See ya! [ENGINE STARTS] [STARTS ENGINE] Where's he going? Here we go.
Oh, Toohey.
Should go and have a look? Catch them in one act or another.
Open up.
Come on.
Open up, please, Mr Toohey.
Detectives? Give us your phone, will you, Toohey? Don't have it.
- What are you charging me with? - At this stage, nothing.
Look, I'm a family man.
I was stressed I was just getting a bit of relief, massage.
You meet all your masseurs on Thrustr? Where's Peel? We just wanna go over your movements for 15 January.
Now, I have here Adrian Cohen's phone records, and I think you told us you last saw him at the gallery.
Is that right? Oh Actually, I went to his house.
I think on our last interview, you told us you'd never been to his house.
Why were you visiting him? My wife wanted me to apologise.
What, at midnight, in person? Who cares what bloody time it was? I wanted to buy the painting.
He told me someone had bought it.
He slammed the door in my face.
Was he with anyone? I didn't get that impression.
But I didn't go inside.
Do you have any, um masseurs in common? He is gay.
I am not.
Look, Chris, I really don't care how you get your jollies, but, um Section 61 M of the Crime Act states that any person committing an act of indecency with or towards another person faces prosecution and up to 18 months in jail.
Your private life is one step away from becoming very public.
- [DOOR OPENS] - MAWBREY: Hey, Toohey.
Don't worry, we'll sort this out.
Now, I would like a word with my client alone with that thing off.
Now, thank you.
No, he's not gay, he just likes having sex with men.
Who knows what kind of secrets he's keeping? MAWBREY: I'll sort it out.
Consenting sexual activity between two adults is legal, as you well know.
Police department should be charged for wasting my client's time.
I know you want this to go away, but it's not going to.
You were picked up with Hammers with a bloody weapon in your hand in 1989.
Does the name Ned Davies mean anything to you? Get out of my way.
- Whose blood is on that weapon? - This interview is over.
Talk to Hammers.
[PHONE BUZZES] [GASPS] Will! Will! [SIGHS, WHIMPERS] Oh, thank God! [CRIES] What's the matter? Oh, you're okay.
You're okay? Yeah.
WOMAN: How did Rohan get a hold of you? I moved in close to get the knife.
You've been taught defensive measures, how to deal with a mentally ill person with a knife? - Yes.
- And did you do any of these things? - Not strictly, but in the situ - And why not? - The situation was unique - Where was your baton? It was in the car.
Well, you should've drawn your pistol and used your voice to take control.
I did use my voice.
I was trying to get him to lower the weapon.
I was letting the other officers know that he wasn't our killer.
Okay, so he grabbed you, you pulled away and then what happened? - I could see they were going to shoot.
- They? Detective Manning and the other officers.
Oh, so it wasn't just Detective Manning who made the decision to shoot? I I don't know.
I was trying to tell the other officers he wasn't our man, and the suspect was getting increasingly agitated.
I managed to get out of his grasp, and that's when he raised the knife, and [GUNSHOT] Nick took the shot.
Must have been very close to his heart because Rohan died quickly.
So would you say that Detective Manning behaved appropriately under the circumstances? It was a hasty shot No, you put your fellow officer in a situation where he felt that he had no other option.
So I'm gonna recommend that you repeat basic training in defensive tactics.
Sir, yes, sir.
You've just moved from the country, haven't you? - Yes, sir.
- What, Goulburn? You wanna be careful.
City's dangerous.
Don't put your fellow officers in jeopardy again.
Are you happy now? You, Peel, your old boys' club.
Five minutes' time, you'll be down at the pub, slapping each other on the back while that poor man lies in the morgue.
Didn't go well, then? The truth is Rohan Asad was gay and illegal, and because of that, no-one gives a shit, including you.
Well actually, I do, Tori.
[SIGHS] I keep going over it, hoping the outcome was different.
[SIGHS] What did he say to you on the beach? His last words were, "Tell Haris "the wound is where the light enters.
" What does that mean? - I don't know.
- BRENDA: Sorry to break up the party.
Police doctor's here.
So is your DNA match.
Don't know why they couldn't have done this back then.
The technology didn't exist then.
Thanks for coming in.
It's a long shot.
No, thank you, detective.
I appreciate it.
You know that Ned could have slipped and drowned.
Yeah, well, maybe.
But if he was killed, I want to know.
Jill will show you out.
Jill? Just this way, sir.
Can you take mine as well? - Contamination.
- MAN: Sure.
What's going on, Tori? If I tell you, you have to tell Peel, and I'll be off the case.
I can't put you in a position where you know.
Your brother you think he was murdered.
Oh If I said a gay man went missing at the same location, the same night, that Toohey and Hammers had a bloody weapon taken off them Well I could see why you'd want to look at it as a cold case.
Nick, it's the weapon, the location, the O'Donohues There was a killing epidemic that went on in the past.
It went under the radar, and it is back because it was not dealt with.
Toohey ran with the Pointers.
He knows things.
He won't talk.
I need a way to break through that silence.
I don't need any more shit.
If I help my assistance has to be buried so far under the cone of silence, it never existed.
People can't remember yesterday's news, let alone what happened 26 years ago.
Who cares? I think you'll find the public cares, Mr Stout.
I need the contact details of the detective who investigated these past murders, the victims, survivors And an insider.
Someone in the gang that saw things.
Thomas Katz.
Or Christopher Toohey, he'd be a hard nut to crack.
The Toohey? He was a Pointer? - Yeah.
- Oh, yeah, baby.
Now you're talking.
Can I quote you about the current murders? I don't think that would be in the public interest.
Look, Detective, you scratch my back, I scratch yours.
The killer's using Thrustr to contact victims.
He has different identities.
Back in '89 and '90, gangs like the Pointers preyed on gay beats like Cardinal Park.
Now, the killer's using Thrustr.
- You look like shit.
- Yeah, whatever.
No, Mr Stout, I don't have a comment.
"NRL legend Christopher Toohey has been named among witnesses "to the murder of a man thrown from a cliff in Bondi in 1989 "one of a spate of gay hate killings and bashings "linked to a gang of local teenagers.
"Former detective Abel Chalmers "believes it's among a hidden epidemic "of about 80 gay hate murders in New South Wales over three decades, "as many as 30 of which remain unsolved.
" [MUTTERS] Oh, fucking tosspot.
"'It was a blood sport, hunting gay men and bashing them, ' "Mr Chalmers said this week.
"Now the Herald does not suggest", this is nice of them, "that Toohey, who was 17 17!, at the time, "is directly involved in the assault or killing, "and when asked about the case, "Toohey replied, 'No, I do not have a comment.
'" Did either of you go to the press? What, with the Critical Incident team breathing down my neck? Chalmers I never trusted that prick.
How'd he know about Thrustr? - Did you tell him? - No, sir.
It was in the gay press, sir, on your authority.
Look, Stout's a bloodhound.
If it was out there, he'd find it.
It's already getting a reaction.
Jill, can you play the tape? MAN 1: [ON RECORDING] Brett's got to go.
He's a fucking loose cannon.
He attacked a female cop, and you know who she is.
MAN 2: [ON RECORDING] You're paranoid.
No-one's talked to us.
We're not under any suspicion.
Toohey's freaking.
Is Toohey going to talk? Because if he talks, we all go down.
No, Toohey won't talk.
He's got too much to lose.
He might as well top himself.
Bloody hell.
[KNOCKS AT DOOR] [KNOCKS AT DOOR] You know about this? - Yeah, it's me.
- Take it down.
No, I'm not taking it down.
There's someone luring people with that app, and then killing them.
You shouldn't be on it yourself.
And neither should you.
Don will flip if he finds out.
Why? Because his son was gay? - Because this will hurt him, Tori.
- Look, Don's not going to know, 'cause Don doesn't want to know a thing about any of it.
Do you realise we've never even once talked about the night that Shane died? Do you know we've never had one fucking conversation? Oscar, it was me.
I went into his room.
I found those magazines.
And I went and told Mum and Dad about it.
I still don't fucking know why I did that.
You were 11, for Christ's sake.
No, I knew what I was doing.
I was trying to get him in trouble.
And the fight Mum was just crying, and Dad screaming and screaming.
Shane walks out the door.
It was Christmas Eve.
I never saw my brother again.
- [CRIES] - Hey Hey, it's all right.
Thanks for your call.
I did all I could to make my life good and then you ruined that with one story.
Best and fairest is a thug.
But I didn't do anything.
I have a witness, Toohey.
I was a witness myself.
That's not a crime.
But you didn't come forward, and that is.
And now two men, maybe more, have been killed.
Look, I'm convinced that what you witnessed is connected to these present-day killings.
You just have to talk.
Speaking out has a price.
You knew this day would come.
I can't predict anything, but I do know people value honesty.
Really? Christmas Eve, Chalmers and Peel took a weapon off you and Hammers.
Who was the victim? - I don't know.
- Oh, for fuck's sake.
- You are wasting my time.
- Look.
I grew up with Hammers, but I never liked him.
I bumped into him on the way home from the team Christmas party.
He was pissed out of it, and he was waving a lead pipe in my face, and saying that he'd killed another faggot.
And I asked him who, and he said, "Oh, you'll never believe it.
" Then the cops grabbed us and Peel drove me home that night.
He said to me, "You want a career in professional football, "you've got to turn your back on scum like Hammers.
" And I did.
My brother was gay.
He died Christmas Eve, 1989.
I can't tell you what I don't know.
Who did you see killed? We were young.
High on speed.
Hammers was revving up the boys, and and this bloke came along, they just jumped on him.
Set on him with clubs and He was bleeding.
"I'm a fireman.
You made a mistake.
Let me walk on.
" They just picked him up and threw him over the edge.
What did you do? I shut my eyes.
I was afraid to see.
But the sound he made when he went over When that poor bastard hit the rocks, I knew I had to hide who I was for the rest of my life.
The victim was Ned Davies.
His father needs to know.
I did this for you.
You ask me to repeat this, I'll deny it.
This has to finish.
The only choice you have is whether you come in, make a statement, make it official, or you wear a wire and you get Hammers to talk.
I'll come in with Mawbrey, first thing.
I'll make a statement, but that's all.
What you do after that, that's up to you.
When I was a boy, my father told me that God knew everything about me, the good and bad, but he loved me anyway.
And Dad said, since there could be no secrets from God, then there should be no secrets between me and Dad.
But I was afraid, and I kept somesecrets that I shouldn't have and a man was killed.
Now I'm going to speak out.
And some people might say things about me that might be hurtful, and your friends your friends might even reject you.
But if that happens, come to me, and we'll work it out together.
It's Toohey.