Deep Water (2016) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[TORI] All of our victims live in Bondi.
So does Real Man.
But why was he at the beach that day? Because he's thumbing his nose at us.
So the killer keeps the victim's phones and he uses them as bait for the next.
- You know about this? - Yeah, it's me.
There's someone luring people with that app.
Don will flip if he finds out.
Don doesn't want to know a thing about any of it.
The Pointers.
Secrets you know could give answers to grieving families.
The O'Donohues were Hammer's bullyboys.
They got off on violence.
They haven't changed.
A gay man went missing the same night that Toohey and Hammers had a bloodied weapon taken off them.
I'd like to have it tested for DNA.
Chalmers parted with this, did he? He thinks that it might link to an unsolved murder.
Your brother you think he was murdered.
Is Toohey gonna talk? 'Cause if he talks, we'll all go down.
Who did you see killed? Wear a wire, get Hammers to talk.
It's Toohey.
[PEEL] Toohey.
He was like a bloody son.
I watched that kid grow up.
I coached him in the Colts.
[NICK] Yeah, I know you two were close, boss.
Yeah, I want the prick who did it.
Yeah, yeah, we'll get him.
Who found him? Oscar Taylor.
Oh, that mate of yours.
He's Eddy Everywhere.
[TAYLOR] I was up there taking photos.
I wanted to get that moment when the moon looks like it's rising out of the ocean.
Right, right.
And that's when you saw the body in the water? No, not at first.
At first it was just a shadow in the pool.
Just a second, Oz.
Look, I know he's your mate and everything, but let him answer, don't lead him.
He's not a suspect.
Everyone's a suspect, you know that.
What have forensics got? Clothes folded neatly over there.
They reckon from the blood on the towel and on the ground, that he was stabbed and then either pushed or fell into the pool.
All right.
There was also something else on the towel possibly semen.
So it could have been a Thrustr hook-up? - Have you found a phone? - Still looking.
[TORI] Toohey was preparing to give up Hammers and the O'Donohue brothers.
What are you talking about? We think he had evidence connecting them to assaults and murders in the '80s and '90s.
- Why wasn't I told about this? - I was gonna tell you, sir.
We spoke last night.
He was gonna come in this morning, make a statement.
Fuck me.
My money is on the O'Donohue brothers.
Can we get a warrant, please? No, let's just sit back.
We'll monitor their chatter on the phone taps.
Any joy with the murder weapon? Ah, uniforms are still searching.
And I spoke to the council and asked them to hold off picking up the garbage until we're done.
Well, can we get on with it? I don't want to be smelling this case from here.
Has anybody got any good news? We recovered Toohey's phone.
He made three calls last night, all of them to his lawyer, Simon Mawbrey.
I called Mawbrey this morning.
He's not picking up, called in sick.
I think somebody should pay him a visit.
- I'll do that.
- All right, that's it.
You two just a word.
- [DOOR CLOSES] - Oscar Taylor.
With all due respect Everyone knows he frequents the beach at all hours with some bullshit photographic blog or something.
Investigations are continuing, Detective.
So for now you treat him like a witness, not like an old mate.
Yes, sir.
And it goes without saying that I need to have complete faith in the integrity of every officer under my command.
Yes, sir.
The newspaper article.
Sir? I'm prepared to overlook the odd lapse of judgement and the odd investigative fuck-up.
But I will not be lied to.
And I will not be made a fool of.
That'll be all.
[BRENDA] Toohey's post-mortem report.
Blood splatter suggests the first wound, the deepest one, see here, that happened when Toohey was lying on the towel, face-up.
And we nearly missed this.
Traces of hair.
Is it the same hair found at Haris's and Cohen's? We're running a DNA comparison.
No results back yet.
- But - Educated guess? They could be the same.
So the person who killed Haris and Cohen also killed Toohey.
Assuming the DNA matches.
What about animal fur? Nup.
Nothing yet.
And we're still waiting on test results for the semen and the blood.
It's the same killer, but the psychology, it's totally different.
The attack on Toohey, it's in a public place, there's no ligatures, there's no trophies.
It's a frenzied assault.
Yeah, it's like this one was personal.
So, whoever killed him took him by surprise or was someone he knew and trusted.
Yeah, like a lawyer.
[KNOCK AT DOOR] [MAWBREY] Piss off! [KNOCKING CONTINUES] I heard it on the news this morning.
That must have come as quite a shock.
Oh, thank you for that statement of the bleeding obvious, Detective.
We believe you spoke to Mr Toohey last night.
I spoke with my client quite regularly.
We also believe you met him at Bronte Baths.
[CHUCKLES] Really? Can I ask you where you were between 9:30 and 11:00 last night? You can ask all you like, I'm not gonna make any comment.
So you don't deny that you were there? Nice try, Detective, but I'm not confirming or denying I was anywhere last night.
Did he talk to you about Kyle Hampton or the O'Donohues? Okay, I think this conversation is over.
Did he tell you he was planning on speaking to the police? He was going to tell us what he knew about murders committed by the Pointers gang.
Please leave.
You know, I would like to find the person that killed Toohey.
I would have thought you'd want to help with that.
I'm dismayed and devastated at the news of my client's death.
I have nothing further to add.
[NICK] "Dismayed and devastated", my arse.
You think he's hiding something? He's a lawyer.
Of course he's hiding something.
- DNA results? - Settle, petal.
They'll get onto it, hopefully this year.
This bloke just called in, wants to speak to a detective.
Looks like all that publicity's flushed out a former victim.
[MAN] Looking good.
I was walking through Cardinal Park rattling car keys.
That's a kind of signal looking for company.
And Ah, with the others.
And a young man stood up, unzipped his fly.
I realised it was Brett O'Donohue.
I was shocked.
I said, "What do you think you're doing?" I was struck down from behind.
Didn't see it coming.
They cracked my skull.
I still get headaches.
Hammers was shouting instructions.
How did you know their names? I was a football umpire.
I knew their names from their jerseys.
They were gonna throw me off the cliff.
Hammers' girlfriend was shouting, "Kill the fag!" Jeremy, how did you get away? Back then I was fit.
I ran.
They came after, but I was faster.
I hid in some bushes, they ran past.
One stopped.
I could see a tattoo on his foot, a tear.
I remember wondering what the kid was crying for.
Then they ran on.
Did you go to the police? Yeah.
But the interrogation was like I was the one who committed a crime.
Couldn't push it, so gave up.
- How's tricks, Tommy Tomcat? - Please leave.
You're not welcome here.
That's not nice.
We're old mates, remember? Yeah, that friendship ended a long time ago, I'm afraid.
Wrong answer.
Talk to us, Thomas.
It was the O'Donohue brothers, wasn't it? Bit of a warning.
Keep your mouth shut.
All I know is that some things are meant to stay buried.
Like what happened on those cliffs at Cardinal Park, hey? No We can protect you.
I put my trust in a higher power.
This body is just a vessel, Detective.
When my body dies, my spirit lives on.
Thomas, will you tell us what the tear-drop tattoos mean? I don't know.
There's gonna be nowhere to hide when the O'Donohues find out you ratted Brett to the cops.
You you can't say that.
Then talk to us.
Or are you in a hurry to find out where you spirit goes next? The tatts were like a medal of honour for taking a life.
The first noble truth of life is suffering.
To live, you must endure.
I can't escape the past, but I can't live with it either.
Trust me, Tommy won't say a thing.
And the other fuckers Brett's on all, mate.
He's very thorough.
Ticking them off one by one.
- What about the bitch? - Shit.
She's gonna be trouble.
Don't worry.
This will be right up Brett's alley.
Who's the bitch? They always had girls hanging around.
Beats me why.
Any girls in particular? Yeah.
Sally Williams.
Came in by train from the west.
- She was into footy players.
- Like Toohey.
Except Toohey played the field.
She took up with Hammers on the rebound.
Didn't last long.
The beatings must have got too much.
That'd be right.
She didn't report it, or he wasn't charged? Well, cops usually look the other way for a reason.
Are you saying he was somebody's informant? Maybe still is.
[SIGHS] Sally Williams.
What's this? I'm Detective Lustigman.
I wondered if I could come inside and have a talk? - What about? - Kyle Hampton.
- Who is it, Mum? - Um, no one, Jason.
Go to your room.
Uh don't know any Kyle Hampton.
I don't think you understand.
We believe he might be looking for you.
We can protect you.
We can make sure he can't get to you.
Like he couldn't get to Toohey.
Do you know something about Mr Toohey's death? No.
Don't know anything.
- I I don't want anything to do - Sally.
with the cops, I don't want anything to do with Hammers.
I just want to live my Oh, Christ.
[SIGHS] Please go.
Nick, yep, I've got eyes on a black Ute.
[DOOR OPENS] It's gotta be the headquarters.
I don't know who's cooking for them.
Hammers is involved I just don't know how.
How do you want to play it? Get a warrant and see what they've got? I know Peel's gagging for results, but let's keep our powder dry.
Hammers is slippery.
I don't want him going away for a couple of years for drugs.
I want him for murder.
Different name, same avatar.
He's within 200m, Nick.
Pull over.
He's got to be in one of these apartments.
Where'd he go? There.
This one, I reckon.
This way.
[MAN SHOUTS] [SHOUTS] [SHOUTS IN AGONY] Fuck! We're police officers.
You're okay.
Can you tell me, are you hurt anywhere? - No.
- No? Okay.
Let me untie you.
You're all right.
The deal was quite straightforward.
Um I would lie on my bed naked and leave the front door unlocked and he would come in and have sex with me.
And what happened after he arrived, Mr Andrews? Said he wanted to tie me up.
He said that that would make him get hard.
That's when I saw the knife and I freaked.
He said, "It's time to die, bitch.
" [SNIFFS] That's when I screamed and you saved me.
Can you describe his face? It's just that he had a baseball cap on pulled low and sunglasses.
I couldn't see much.
Um, what about his voice? He was Australian, no accent.
How old would you say this man was? Anywhere from 25 to 35.
His Thrustr name was Brillo.
Like 'brilliant'.
It's also a cleaning product.
Look, we'd like you to work with one of our officers to build up a comfit of this man's face.
Like I said, I didn't get a good look at him.
You'll do your best.
I'd know his abs anywhere.
So we're gonna have wanted posters of six-packs plastered all over Bondi.
- Here you go.
- What's that? The DNA results from the Toohey murder.
The shaved hairs matched the ones found at the other murder scenes.
That's not all.
They found evidence of two different seminal fluids on the towel.
Toohey's DNA and an unidentified male.
Well, if it isn't Miss Marple.
I wanted to ask you how well you know the art dealer Adrian Cohen.
Well, I know him in passing but I know nothing about his death.
You bought this painting from him a month ago.
I did.
It's a portrait of Christopher Toohey.
[CHUCKLES] Please, I buy a lot of art.
Listen, we believe that Toohey's death may be connected with the murders of other gay men.
We believe the same person or persons might be involved.
Now, if you had nothing to do with Toohey's death, then we need your help, or other men might die.
- Okay, what? - Toohey did call me.
And what did he want? He told me to meet him at Bronte Baths.
I didn't know what it was about but I just assumed it was the usual.
I'm sorry, the usual? Well, either he'd had a fight with that bitch of a wife of his or he'd had a few too many lines and was horny as fuck.
Can't hang a man for that, can you? And how long have you had this arrangement? [CHUCKLES] Arrangement.
I'd prefer to call it a relationship.
- I'm sorry.
Relationship? - 15 years next March.
That's a crystal anniversary.
Although he'd never think of it that way.
Oh, don't pity me, Detective.
I knew what the rules were.
Wasn't like it was a regular thing.
We'd go months or years without.
But sooner or later, he would call.
I was the one that he would turn to.
And what happened when you met him? Oh, he was strangely calm.
It wasn't like Toohey at all.
He said he was gonna tell the police what he knew about the newspaper story and I told him he was crazy, I told him to forget the past, I told him he didn't have to do this.
People would forgive him.
He's untouchable.
He's Toohey.
People love him.
I loved him.
How did he react to that? Well, he got very, very hard, Detective, and then I did for him what I've always done.
And then I went home.
Simon, would you be willing to give us a DNA sample? Yeah, sure.
[NICK] Your son's body will be released into your care and you can make arrangements to lay him to rest.
Thank you.
For you.
You know that The photo your police officers took away I think this one is better.
How handsome he is.
Yeah, he is.
Amir tells me there there were others? Yeah, there were two others.
Two? These men were killed just like Haris? So many mothers so many tears.
Tell me, that Rohan Asad, do you Do you think he loved my son? Well, his [CLEARS THROAT] his last words were for Haris.
It was "Tell him 'the wound is where the light enters.
'" Does that mean something to you? Yes, it's It's Rumi.
It's a poem.
"The wound is where the light enters you.
" Suffering brings illumination freedom.
I never wanted to believe the truth.
I never thought Haris could be happy.
How could he be happy? But I was wrong.
Because he was happy.
And he was loved.
And now You know I think I think I would like that Rohan guy.
Please promise me one thing, please.
If I can.
Find a way.
Find them.
You need to stop whoever is bringing all this pain.
[HELICOPTER HOVERS] The DNA test results you requested.
The blood on the lead pipe.
You're related.
Is there something you want to tell me? - It's a familial match? Are you sure? - Yeah.
Uh, can we just keep this between us, just for now? [SIGHS] You know you're not allowed to work on a case that involves a relative.
This is different.
It's not strictly an active investigation.
Yeah, right.
Please, Brenda.
Put it down to the sisterhood.
Hey, thank you.
I - I owe you one.
- Big-time.
[SCRAPING] - Hey, Mum.
- Hi.
- What are you doing? - I'm just happy to see you.
- You see me every day.
- I know.
- Where's Oscar? - Inside.
Oscar? - Hey.
- Christmas Eve 1989.
Some police officers took a weapon, a lead pipe, off two teenage boys near Cardinal Park.
So, what are you saying? It had Shane's blood on it.
What? Ha.
No way.
I had it DNA tested.
It's a familial match.
To me.
I'm sorry.
I loved your brother.
I wanted to tell the world, but Shane said he wasn't ready.
He said he was waiting for the right time to tell your dad.
There's never a right time to tell my dad anything.
The night Shane died, he was meeting me.
The wind over there does strange things at night.
Sounds swirl around.
Someone can be just a few metres away, you think they're calling from way out at sea.
Did you hear something that night? Shouting.
In those days you heard a lot of that.
It wasn't unusual.
Do you think it was Shane? I don't know.
But those shouts Now I'm wondering.
No don't do that.
Who was it? Tori, I need to know.
It was the Pointers.
Hi, sweetheart.
How was work? Dad, we need to talk about Shane.
In the course of my work some evidence has come to light.
It's not official yet, but I think I know almost certainly how he died.
Yep, he drowned.
Death by misadventure, that's what Peel said.
Misadventure's pretty much just an open finding, Dad.
But I think I can prove that he was bashed.
Somewhere near Cardinal Park.
- And possibly thrown off the cliff.
- What? No - Dad, now, I need you to listen to me.
- Tori.
I know it's hard.
Dad, listen.
- He did not go swimming.
- Tori.
He did not drown, he was set on by a gang of boys.
Tori, stop.
It's ridiculous.
He had no reason to go to Cardinal Park.
Dad, he was there to meet somebody who he cared about.
Who cared about him.
He was there to meet Oscar.
Please, Dad, just have a look.
Oscar's a fuckin' liar.
Oscar is your friend, Dad.
Why would he lie to you? Shane was not gay.
So, it's okay for Oscar, but not your son? You know Oscar's somebody's son too, Dad.
Hey, just don't twist my words.
Please, Dad, speak to Oscar.
Listen to what he has to say.
This is just another one of your little stories.
You were always telling stories about Shane.
How can you Broke your mother's heart when Shane was taken from us.
Yes, but not by the sea, Dad.
Shane was gay and some bastards killed him for that.
[DOOR SLAMS] He's walking around like he owns the place, and I tap him on the back and I'm like, "You wanna meet the guy who owns the place? "He's right here.
" What an idiot.
- I know.
- Good for you, Toots.
I know what you did.
Cardinal Park.
Shark Point.
I know how it worked.
Who the fuck are you and what the fuck are you talking about? You stake out a beat, you and the Pointers.
It's all right, mate.
You bash innocent men and you throw them to their death.
Is that right? I was there.
I saw you.
- Bullshit.
- That's what I'm telling the cops.
I saw you bash a man, then throw him off the cliff at Cardinal Park.
You're lying.
Doesn't matter if I am or not.
All that matters is if the cops believe me.
[GRUNTS] - [GLASSES CLINK AND SHATTER] - [WOMAN SHRIEKS] [OSCAR] And that's all that happened, mate.
[TORI] Are you okay? Yeah, I'm great.
- I want him charged.
- Fuck off, Hammers.
Hey, he comes in here threatening to verbal me, threatening to lie about something I didn't do some 20-odd years ago?! - What? - Oh, some shit at Cardinal Park.
You got something to say about Cardinal Park? I think you're forgetting, Missy, I'm the victim here.
My boys were simply trying to protect me from the fuckin' queer avenger here! What is it that they say? Nothing's lower than a copper's dog ratting out his mates to cover his own arse.
- That's enough.
- I like her.
She's crazy.
Yeah? You want crazy? I'll give you crazy, you piece of shit! Lustigman! A word now.
- What did you say? - What? What did you tell Oscar? Nothing.
Nothing he didn't need to know.
Shit, you've been feeding him information about the investigation, haven't you? Look, he would have found out anyway.
You wound him up to verbal Hammers.
Listen the weapon that Chalmers took off the Pointers there's a blood match, it's a familial link.
Oh, shit.
And you told Oscar and that's why he came after Hammers.
This is bullshit! You don't even know what happened that night.
How did they get the club? Who struck the first blow? Was it one of them, all of them? Was it someone else? I don't know, but I do know that someone has to be held responsible for this.
And they will be.
But you can't be on this case.
Nick, I have to be.
Listen, Brenda is the only one who knows about the blood.
It's not about that, Tori.
I won't live with a guilty man walking free because you perverted the course of justice.
If you want me off this case, you're gonna have to tell Peel yourself.
The ice found on Brett O'Donohue matches the ice found at the Rexhaj and Cohen murder scenes.
It's the same chemical composition.
But it still doesn't put them there, does it? Well, if they're not our killers, then one of their clients is.
Yeah, or someone who gets their ice from one of their clients, which could be about half of bloody Bondi.
So, we're no closer to cracking this.
Little steps, boss.
We are making progress.
Well, I need more than just busting the O'Donohues for a few bags of ice.
- Nick.
- Cheers, Brenda.
- Hey, mate.
- How are you going? That boy of mine around? I gave him an early mark.
He's out there product testing.
He's got the makings of a good little surfer, that boy.
Remind you of someone? He attacks the waves like Shane did.
He's got his uncle's good looks, too.
What happened, Oscar? What did you do to To what? You know to make make him Gay? You think I made Shane gay? Is that what this is about? You wanna blame someone for your loss, blame the pricks that killed him.
[ENGINE STOPS] [CLEARS THROAT] [KNOCKS] - [PHONE RINGS] - Boss? That's not gonna answer itself.
Oscar, can it wait? I think I know where he is.
What? Your Thrustr guy.
He's online.
Tell me exactly what you're talking about.
He's changed his name, but I recognised his avatar.
Tori, I messaged him to meet me.
You did what?! If it is Hammers, I wanna be here when you take him down.
I'm at the Q Bar.
Nick, it's Oscar.
He's with Real Man.
Tell me you didn't put Oscar up to this.
You can get out now if you want to.
Did you call for backup? If anyone asks, there wasn't time.
- This is him, yeah? - Yeah, that's him.
What did you say to him? Hook-up here, then party time.
- Tori, it's not Hammers.
- Okay.
So, we'll go in, split up, maintain visual.
Use the app to triangulate the position, yeah? - Sounds good.
- What do I do? How about you stay the fuck out of the way? That would be really good.
Just let us handle it.
It was him.
- He's a thug.
- So? You can't turn a blind eye forever.
- Beg your pardon? - [SCREAMING] Drop the weapon, Terry.
Drop the gun now.
Where is he? Your arrogance might almost be impressive if it didn't make me sick.
Hammers is a malignant piece of work but the sick fuck we're after is something else altogether.
Please don't ask me about the past.
These secrets must be driving you crazy.