Degrassi The Next Generation (2001) s01e01 Episode Script

Mother and Child Reunion: Part 1

Read it again, Manny.
Again? I've read it six times.
Just one more time.
Please? OK.
"Emma, you saved my heart and my project.
"If we protect the wildlife refuge, I owe it all to you.
"Love you, Jordan.
" "Love you"! "Love you".
Let me see his picture again.
He gets cuter each time I see his face.
Is that possible? Hey! Manny, don't wreck that.
I want Caitlin to autograph it.
Emma! Ready to go? Just a minute.
We don't have a minute! J.
's waiting for us.
Em! Your room's a disaster.
I thought you were going to clean it up.
I will.
And turn off that computer.
I was just showing Manny your reunion website.
I always knew she'd make it big.
How was that for a hairdo? Could I have been any cooler? Uh, yeah.
My 10-year reunion.
It's going to be great to see everyone again.
I'm getting as bad as you guys.
Come on.
Let's go.
That's some pretty cool stuff you've collected for the reunion.
Emma! Now! Emma! - Thanks for dropping these off.
- No problem, Miss Nelson.
It gives us a chance to see the school.
Don't you think we'll be seeing enough of it over the next year? Are you sure you can handle that? I small but strong.
Like bull.
Speaking of bull Thanks again, guys.
And, Em Yes! I will clean my room.
She rushed me out of the house so fast I didn't get to read my new email.
I hope it's from Jordan, because in his last email, he told me that he's going to send Guys! Help! That sucks about the email.
I know.
But Jordan emailed me last night too.
Really? What did he say? "I got over 6,000 names "on my petition to keep the Polar Wildlife Refuge untouched.
"Thanks for your help with all this, Em, and for your great idea.
"You're the best.
" Wow.
I suggested the petition, but Jordan did all the work.
He's so committed.
Too bad he lives in Yellowknife.
Help! Oh! J.
! People in the "80s were weird.
This car is retro-meets-modernism, Lucy.
It's got the zing of the past with the technology of the future.
I mean, it's even got a little bud vase you put the flower in! It's peace, man.
Be a hippy.
Joey, ideally I'd like a car that's bigger than my laptop.
I have to move to New Mexico in this thing.
This car is a lot bigger than it looks, Lucy.
Trust me, OK? Why don't we take it for a spin? We'll drop your stuff off at Degrassi.
And when we get back, you're going to be begging me Alright, alright, alright.
Tell me that's not Angela! Yeah! Hey, cutie! You're practically a teenager! Can you say, "Hi, Lucy"? Hi.
She starts kindergarten next week.
Can you believe it?! It's going to be great.
She really needs to be around other people.
Speaking of needing other people, I checked the reunion website last night.
You're not confirmed.
I know.
I know.
Joey, we're all sorry that your wife died.
But it's been a year.
I think that Julie would be upset if she thought that you were cutting yourself off from people.
Can we, um? Why don't I go in, get the keys, and we'll go for a spin, OK? Angela, you want to go for a spin? Yeah? We're going to sell Lucy a car! Yeah! Yeah! Aw! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! I really hope you're Mr Simpson.
I am.
And you must be Emma.
Wow! Spike found all this stuff? That's amazing.
"Spike'? My mom's nickname.
Don't ask.
And I can see fedoras are making a comeback.
Ah! Great.
Thanks a lot, guys.
Uh, listen, go and enjoy your last few days of freedom.
"Spike'?! Ow! Hey, guys, no running, no No running.
OK, no, just keep running.
Don't listen to me.
Boy! Look at all the computers.
Emma! Let's go! Oh, I see you can email Jordan from here.
Shut up! Oh! He can read into my soul! Ow! And the jewel in the Degrassi crown, the media immersion lab.
Every computer here is connected to the Internet via high-speed telephone access.
Oh! You see, Toby? You didn't have that at your old school.
Toby?! Mickey hickey wampum Mickey hickey yamp Mickey hickey wigwam North York Summer Camp.
Dude, what are you doing here? Methinks they're friends.
My dad moved in with his girlfriend.
And, uh, Degrassi's the closest school, so I think we'll let you two get reacquainted and your father and I will finish filling out the forms in my office.
So, Toby, you need a Uh, I'm going to walk home.
OK? Cool.
Oh! Sorry.
Uh, Manny, Emma, this is Toby.
We were at camp together.
No! Really? Um nice to meet you.
OK, the coast is finally clear.
Manny, you're coming in with me.
No You two stand guard.
So is your friend always like that? Always.
Really? Wah! Kids.
Keith, I know you're really overworked right now.
But this weekend's really, really important to me.
Come on, it's just one weekend.
I want to show you off.
Show us off.
Please? Yeah, that's perfect.
Five o'clock.
Thanks, babe.
I love you too.
You're welcome.
Snake! Caitlin! Oh, my! Wow! Hey! Mmm! Oh, wow! It's great to see you.
So you're a teacher at Degrassi.
Hey, here.
OK, now, this is your greatest memory of Degrassi? What? So I went through a headband phase.
Come on! It was the "80s.
You were there.
Oh, speaking of the "80s How about this? Oh.
Joey's fedora.
Nice! Nice, it suits you.
Where's the shirt? I don't know.
I think Joey's still wearing it.
You know.
Oh! Look at that! Why don't you sell me a car like that, Jeremiah? Yeah.
Manny, would you calm down?! If we're caught, I'll say I forced you.
Ha ha.
What? What did he say? Manny, Jordan's coming here.
And he wants to meet me.
So what's your dinosaur's name? Allie.
Allie? So you're getting married.
When's the big day? Uh, some time next year.
And we haven't narrowed it down yet, but you're all invited.
So when do we actually get to meet Keith? He's on an afternoon flight from L.
He's dying to meet you guys.
Is he in show business? Mm-hm.
He's a director.
I always knew you'd meet the guy.
Well, I guess I should probably go check into my hotel.
Um, but, Joey the reunion.
You're really not going to go? No.
I'm not.
Well, then at least come out for drinks with us tonight.
I, uh You know what? He'd love to.
We'll both be there.
Alright, so I'll see you guys later, then.
"Bye, Caitlin.
I want to meet him.
It's just I told him I was in high school.
You almost are.
Jordan's coming here! You have to meet him.
It's fate.
Who's Jordan? Some creep Emma met on the Net.
I bet he lives in Scarborough and works at a video store.
I bet he's 40 and drools.
You still wet the bed, but I'm friends with you.
OK, if you're meeting a stranger you met on the Net, that could be really dangerous.
He's not a stranger.
He emailed me his picture.
I've known Jordan a lot longer than I've known you.
Guys, it's cool.
Jordan's 16.
He's coming here on a school trip.
A school trip?! It's summer.
They organised it back in the spring.
He got to go at the last minute.
Quit making this into something it's not.
Aw, poor baby.
Ha-ha, ha ha-ha.
Oh, my God! Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Go back.
I want to see that one again.
Don't try and speed past that one.
I can't wait to meet Keith.
He's got great taste in jewellery.
That's a good sign.
Well, thank you.
Um, actually, I picked it out myself.
"Cause he you know, he was so busy with preproduction and all that kind of stuff, he just gave me his card and said, "Go crazy.
" Can't complain about crazy.
Why are you on my computer? Excuse me, OUR computer.
You're on the reunion site again? Next time, can we try asking before trespassing? Next time, could we be more polite to our guest? Em.
Caitlin Ryan"Ryan's Planet'.
Birth date March 2, 1972.
You're a Pisces, right? And you're a stalker.
I can't believe you're actually here.
In my really messy room.
Don't worry about it.
Oh, my God.
It's great to see you.
All grown up! She wishes.
So expecting an email from your boyfriend? Did you? You hacked my email?! Haven't you ever heard of privacy? Relax.
I couldn't hack my way out of a paper bag.
But I can tell when my daughter is getting interested in boys.
Mom! I'm not having sex.
I'm going to have fun this weekend, right? I promise.
We've gone through all the email.
No video store.
No mention of missing teeth.
's just worried about you.
Is just immature.
That Toby guy seems OK.
He's fine, I guess.
Girls are so much more mature than boys.
That's why I like Jordan.
I've never had a boyfriend so smart, so thoughtful.
Em, you've never had a boyfriend.
I know.
Maybe What? What Toby said about meeting strangers on the Net being dangerous.
Manny, I can take care of myself.
You don't need to worry so much.
We'll meet somewhere public.
Maybe you should just talk to your mom.
She's cool.
She'd understand.
She's not that cool.
Are you saying you don't think I should meet Jordan? Hey! Wow.
Teaching is so noble.
You know, giving back, etc.
Actually, I'm working on a script about you guys.
Kind of a "Dangerous Minds' meets "Footloose' kind of thing.
Just Just a second.
I got to take this.
Yo, Frankie.
No, I'm in Toronto.
No, I haven't seen any Eskimos yet.
Uh, no Caitlin, I watch your show every week.
The situations you get yourself into you're amazingly brave.
Brave?! What about you? What about me? Oh, come on.
Don't be so modest.
Two years of physical therapy? Followed by an honours BA and a masters in anthropology? And a PhD in one more year.
Guys, that's not brave.
Oh, no, you're right.
It's just brilliant, awesome and amazing.
It's not even awesome.
It's just life.
I survived the accident.
I got off easy.
Sort of like Wheels.
Kills a kid.
Hey! We got white ones, we got red ones.
We got big ones, we got small ones.
Oh, no way! That's right.
At Jeremiah Motors, if you' find a lower price anywhere else, I'll give you' the shirt off my back! That's awesome, that's awesome.
Joey, that's awful! I needed a commercial, so I made a commercial.
Right on, man.
It makes or breaks a business.
Just hold on a second.
Frankie! Listen.
Listen to me.
They're from a major.
You're not going to sign the deal in some low-rent pancake house.
Fix it, OK? But, Joey, next time, hire a real actor.
You know, avoid this shifty, used-car salesman vibe.
I mean, that's what I would do.
No, thank you, Keith.
No problem.
That's what they pay me the big bucks for.
Guys, it's funny.
It's classic.
It's It's Joey.
Keith, if you had seen Joey through high school total ham, the whole way through.
I bet.
I think it's great! I mean, despite everything you've been through, you're still the same old Joey.
Actually, uh, I have changed.
And so, if you'll excuse me.
Could we get two more of those? Thanks.
Joey, we're over there right now.
Yeah, I know.
I'm just waiting for my cab.
What's going on here? Nothing's going on.
I just I knew this was a bad idea, so I'm going home.
Oh, Joey, come on.
Snake, will you get off my back?! Please? Don't start.
Cutting out the rest of the world is not going to bring her back.
You know that, right? Will you save the Psych 101 crap for your students? I'm not a child.
I don't need you or anyone telling me how to live my life.
Joey, we're your friends.
We're worried about you.
Oh, I get people feeling sorry for me.
Why do you think I don't want to go tomorrow night? It just makes me feel worse.
So this has nothing to do with Caitlin? No.
No, it doesn't, alright? Alright, I don't like her boyfriend.
And I don't like the fact that she feels sorry for me.
But I'm fine.
Frankly, I am sick and tired of everyone trying to save me.
You know what? I'd look and see who's feeling sorry for who right now.
Whew! We still know the words, God help us! Who wants a glass of champagne? I do.
Hey, can we spike your hair now? Never.
This, uh, never worked for you.
Oh, come on! The "80s are back! Besides, the Go-Gos have reunited.
Come on! Emma! We woke you up.
Oh, sorry! Sorry, Em! We promise to be quiet.
Ladies, bubbly? Yeah.
Hmm, just one glass, though, OK? Keith's waiting for me back at the hotel.
Can I help? Hey, Emma! How are you? It's so good to see you.
Caitlin, can I ask you something? Sure.
Let me guess.
Your boyfriend? My friends don't think I should be with him.
Well, what do you think? I mean, do you like him? Yeah! We get along so great.
Sometimes it's like he can read into my soul.
Well, sometimes, then, you just have to take a chance, go for it.
Even if your friends don't think it's right.
Like what you do for the environment? Yeah, exactly.
If my family had their way, I'd be working in an office right now, somewhere on Bay Street.
Oh, what an awful thought.
So is he cute? Come on, I want details.
Details, details.
Huh? Hey, Spike.
What do you think of Keith? Caitlin could do a lot better.
Yeah, no kidding.
Very cool! But how do you know? I mean, when it's one of those times? Well, you know in here.
And it's usually right.
Bonding moment? Oh, no, no.
Just, uh, boring Emma with tales of my environmental crusades.
What you said? Wow.
Honey, do you want to join us for a minute? No.
I'm tired.
Night, Em.
So? What were you talking about? Wouldn't you like to know?! Oh! She's so young.
Oh, and you're so old.
Well, I'm practically 30.
I refuse to have this biological clock discussion.
Honestly, I don't even feel it.
I wouldn't mind going out on a date.
Oh, my God.
That's the best thing about Keith.
No more flirting with men in sandals over organic food and environmental chitchat.
Poor Caitlin.
So many vegans, so little time.
Sometimes you just go for it.