Degrassi The Next Generation (2001) s01e03 Episode Script

Family Politics

This is gonna be the best year ever! First thing we need to do, Terri, we need to get you a boyfriend.
It'll happen! Trust me.
Terri, I am not a shoo-in.
We won't even know if I'm president till the final vote is counted.
OK, yeah, I just need to have a shower and get dressed.
Oh, no.
Not again.
Terri, I've gotta go.
I'll see you at school.
Toby, out.
How do you know it's me? It could be your mom.
It could be my dad.
They have their own bathroom.
Then go use it.
I just got here.
Toby, come on.
Be reasonable.
I have to get to school to put up my election posters.
Aren't you the only one running? Toby, remember what Dr Freid said? "A generous attitude makes for a generous family.
" Now, get out of the bathroom now! Toby, what will it take for you to open that door? Just say "please'.
Now say, "Toby Isaacs is the coolest kid at Degrassi "way, way cooler than any stupid grade-eight could ever hope to be.
" Toby, I have to get something.
Get what? Your hairbrush? Your eyeliner? Your training bra? "Bye, Mom! I mean, I hadn't even spit out my toothpaste and she wanted in.
Maybe you should explain to Ashley that bathroom time is private time.
She'd probably go and cry to her mommy.
Really? She has no sense of humour and she's a neat-aholic.
Yesterday I left my gym socks on the couch.
She freaked.
Your gym socks can reek something fierce.
Just "cause me and Dad move into their house, Ashley treats me like Dirt? Gum stuck on her shoe? All of the above.
So, ready for day one of the rest of our junior-high lives? What do you think? Dr Freid says we need to work together and try to be more like siblings.
You fight all the time, can't stand the sight of each other.
You're already acting like siblings.
I mean, I don't mind his dad Jeff and I'm glad my mom's happy, but Toby, he's everywhere.
He's like a little mosquito that keeps buzzing in your ear.
Hey, Ash, maybe when you're president, you can get him expelled.
Yeah, from my life.
Hey, guys.
Haven't seen you all summer.
How are you doing? Paige? New year, new look, new Paige.
You're putting up your campaign posters already? The election's on Friday.
You'd rather focus on the issues than on your appearance.
That's so admirable.
Manny, there's nothing to be afraid of.
Nothing but the grade-eights.
They're only a year older than us.
A whole year to think of ways to make us suffer.
Hall pass.
What? You're not allowed on the school property without a hall pass.
But we didn't get one.
Then you'll both have to leave.
But we can't.
It's the first day of school.
Grade-sevens are such geeks.
Hey, guys.
That's our home room? Cool.
Hey, guys.
Sorry I'm late.
Hey, Em.
Here we go.
Alright, uh, just choose your own seats for the time being.
OK, uh, welcome to Degrassi Community School.
I'm Mr Simpson.
I'm your home-room and media-immersion teacher.
And I gotta say, you guys really lucked out I mean it.
This is by far the coolest home room in the entire school.
First order of business, these are the code of conduct forms concerning the computers and the Internet.
Alright? I want to get this out of the way before we get to know one another.
Some of you I know already and a few of you are new faces altogether.
Gavin Reginald Mason.
Um, I prefer "Spinner'.
This year am I gonna have to give you what was it another 14 detentions? Not if you don't want to.
Learning and good grades are all very important here at Degrassi.
But so is getting involved in the school.
That is why I'm starting a spirit squad this year, Ms Kwan.
We so need one.
Great, Paige.
That's so industrious of you.
Um, and speaking of industrious Ashley? Yes? Your first day of school and you already have a professional campaign under way? Excellent start.
Thank you.
Students are reminded that 3:15 today is the deadline for student council nominations.
See, Manny, this isn't so bad, is it? As long as we don't run into that jerk again.
Is that your stepsister? She's not my stepsister.
We just happen to be stuck in a forced living arrangement.
Well, I think she's pretty.
Ashley hates that I live in her house.
And she hates that I go to her school, which has obviously never heard of democracy.
What are you talking about? This election.
No-one's even running against her.
She's a shoo-in.
Why don't you run? Because it would provoke a rupture in our fragile family dynamic.
It's family counselling speak for "my dad would kill me'.
So get someone else to run.
Yeah, right.
Who'd want to run for student council? The whole thing's a joke.
Did you say "joke'? No way, Toby.
I'm not doing a joke campaign.
Oh, come on, J.
, it's the perfect way to stick it to Ashley.
But this is my first day at Degrassi.
Exactly you're in the same boat as a large percentage of the student body.
Which is why they'll love you.
Come on, J.
, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
For you to stick it to Ashley.
No, for you to practise your stand-up material on a large, receptive audience.
Keep talking.
You want to be famous, right? This is instant fame.
Just think assembly, the whole school hanging on your every word.
And you'll do all the work? Deal.
Here we are.
Right here.
Ah, OK.
What if I win? Trust me, you don't stand a chance.
The poster's a little low on the left.
Just bring it Ashley Kerwin.
We haven't met.
I'm Liberty van Zandt and I'm running for secretary.
We're gonna be a great team.
Just think.
I'd like to discuss a few ideas so our policies will be in sync.
First I think we should tackle a lack of the school newspaper.
Why don't we wait till after the election? Great! Um, your poster's a little high on the left.
What was that all about? Oh! You do know it's 10 cents a copy.
I'm gonna make so many changes at the school, Terri, and not just superficial stuff.
I want the students to feel heard.
Uh, Ash What is that? Hmm? Oh, a poster without YOUR picture on it.
That annoying little friend of yours? What's wrong, Ashley? Afraid of a little competition? You are so wasting your time.
School president is always in eighth grade.
Well, uh, this year that's gonna change.
"Bye, Ashley.
Hey, J.
, why do you wanna run for president? Why do I wanna run for president? Uh, that's a good question.
In one word, people, democracy the backbone of our fine nation.
Hear, hear.
He is, people, our great alternative.
In a world dominated by cruel, selfish eighth-graders, J.
Is our last shining hope.
I couldn't have said it better myself.
Thank you, Degrassi.
A grade-seven running for president? I wouldn't be caught dead voting for him.
Besides, I think Ashley and I Liberty van Zandt will make an excellent team.
If elected, I, J.
Yorke, will do what a real politician would do absolutely nothing.
And like a true politician, I will accept bribes.
People are actually paying attention to him? He's pretty funny if you like totally immature humour.
You're not actually worried, are you? No! I, J.
Yorke, unknown, unremarkable Oh.
Personally, I think it's great.
Grade-sevens have just as much right to run for school president as anyone.
I'm voting for J.
Greater representation on the school board.
An updated recycling program.
I'll even get us a night dance.
All it costs is a vote.
What about the staff washrooms? I'll bet you any money that they have softer toilet paper than us.
If you elect me, I'll make those staff washrooms our washrooms.
So vote for J.
You'll do the right thing.
I know you will.
It's working.
I know.
Vote for J.
It'll do you good.
You'll love me.
Nice to meet you.
Toby Isaacs, you shrimp, why are you doing this to me? I'm not doing anything.
Wants to run for president so I'm helping him out.
Doesn't care about the school.
How do you know? Guess what? Degrassi doesn't revolve around you.
Anyone can run.
The guy is an idiot! And he doesn't know anything "cause he just got there.
Ashley, what's the problem? Oh, great, take his side again.
Don't even try to figure out what we're talking about.
I mean, I put all my effort into this race There was no race.
Now there is.
Toby, are you running against Ashley? No.
His friend J.
I'm helping my best friend run his campaign.
What's wrong with that? What's wrong is he's only doing it to bug me! Come on, Ashley, I'm sure he's not.
But, Mom Toby has every right to help run his best friend's campaign.
Today's the big day.
Written your defeat speech yet? J.
Is not going to win.
You wish! Just think, you're about to lose to a seventh-grader.
Let's go.
My name's Paige.
And of course Ashley's gonna win today.
Sure, some students may resent her for being so perfect, but Ashley always gets what she wants.
So why should today be any different? Actually, I'll tell you why today's different.
See, I just got these brand-new glasses and I think they look rather nice with my outfit, don't you? Oh, and my belt.
Please get up close on the belt.
Beautiful, eh? And my new purse so everyone can see all that I own.
What do I have in here? This this isn't mine.
Hello! I'm not done here! Look at this! You've got as much support as Ashley.
It's just some stupid poll.
This is before your speech! Forget Ashley.
You're on the verge of making Degrassi history.
Am I the only one excited here? I thought the point was to make her sweat.
The closer you come to beating her, the sweatier she gets.
Yeah, well, I'm getting pretty sweaty too because if I win this thing, I'm gonna have to do a lot of work.
It would be tragic if Ashley lost today.
But if she did and if I Liberty van Zandt am elected as secretary, I will work closely with J.
To ensure excellent standards of student government.
Uh, hi.
You're coming with us.
What?! What did I do? I'm gonna be late for class.
You're gonna be late for class.
That's a lot of lateness.
You wanna get a detention? I know I don't.
What did I do? Is this about the election? If I promised you something you've got a problem with, just tell me, I'll change it really, I will.
That's all for now.
What's going on? Here's the deal.
You quit the race for school president and I give you 50 bucks.
You see, I'd jump at that, but I've got this older brother he just lost the race for school pres My parents were shattered.
They had to go on Prozac.
I can't put them through that again.
Glad to hear it.
But for that amount, I want a show.
I want you to quit in front of the whole school.
At assembly? Cool.
I still get to say my speech.
Half now, the rest after.
It was a pleasure doing business with you, Ms President.
I'll go now.
And once the election's over, I head straight home.
And avoid Spinner.
Ow! Oh, great.
Now look what you've done.
I was just kidding, alright? Wow.
That's so cool, Spinner, making a grade-seven girl cry.
Look, I didn't mean to make her cry.
Well, you did.
It's OK, Manny.
He's gone.
I knew it would work.
Always does on my brother.
She bribed you? She paid me.
It's wrong! Wrong? What about this whole campaign? What about it? We did this just to get back at your stepsister.
She's not my stepsister.
Would all candidates please come on the stage? Look, if it makes you feel any better, we'll split it 50/50.
I don't want her blood money.
It's just helping Ashley get exactly what she wants again.
In conclusion, I promise that, if elected, I Liberty van Zandt will fulfil my responsibilities as student council secretary with enthusiasm and even more enthusiasm.
Thank you.
Thank you very much, Liberty, for that enthusiasm.
Next up, our two candidates for school president.
Each will have three minutes to deliver their speeches and we will begin with J.
Ladies and gentlemen, it's a long year.
You've gotta vote for me you need something to laugh at.
Now, if I could just Ashley.
say a few words about my presidential platform, this speech would be a lot shorter.
Ashley! But seriously, if there's one thing that I've learned in my zero years of political experience, it's well, it's nothing.
What are the issues facing What? You bribed J.
No, I didn't.
Yes, you did.
I saw the money.
It's corruption.
Oh, how thrilling.
You learned a new word.
Oh, you want thrilling? Wait till I go up on stage and tell everyone what you did.
But J.
Took the money.
No, he accepted it as evidence.
You wouldn't.
I will.
I'm heading up there and telling everyone what a fraud Ashley Kerwin is.
My life's a disaster anyway.
It might as well get worse.
Your life's a disaster? I want my mom to be happy and I've tried to be nice, but the moment you moved in, everything became all about you.
About me? Do you have any idea what it's like living in your house? Please! My mom dotes on you! She doesn't care what I feel so long as you're happy.
What?! And now I can't get away from you.
You're everywhere at home, at school, even in my campaign.
That's not true.
I wanted just one thing that you couldn't take away from me, but you found a way.
Please, before you go up there and publicly humiliate me, just listen to my speech.
Then decide if you don't think I deserve to be president.
She's got the looks, she's got the brains, she's got everything.
Don't pity her, pity me! Thank you.
Oh, um, by the way, I quit the race for school prez.
Vote Ashley.
Well, that's rather unexpected.
, are you sure? Mm-hm.
Well, I think we would still like to hear what Ashley has to say.
Ashley? Ashley? We'll talk later.
Ashley? No way! Yeah, well, whatever.
I'm not lying.
Yeah, right.
Well, thanks, and I'll see you tomorrow.
Congratulations, Miss President.
So is this what defeat looks like or just guilt? Congratulations, Ashley.
I mean it.
You you deserved to win.
OK, what have you done with the real Toby Isaacs? It's my fault J.
's in trouble for running the joke campaign.
I shouldn't have put him up to it.
You're right.
You shouldn't have.
Ash, I'm trying to apologise here.
I knew it'd drive you crazy.
I just couldn't stop myself.
You hate me that much? Sometimes.
I gotta admit, sometimes I feel the same way about you.
The fact is, Toby, we have to live with each other in the same house.
And that sucks, right? You can say that again.
But does it have to suck this much? Maybe not.
Maybe not.
Are we bonding here? Bonding? Us? Well, for the first time in a month, I don't want to rip your eyes out.
Dr Freid would be so proud.