Degrassi The Next Generation (2001) s01e04 Episode Script

Eye of the Beholder

So big night tonight, huh? My little girl, out dancing with boys.
You're all grown up.
Dad! Oh, yeah.
I can see it now they'll be lining up for miles.
Yeah, maybe in some alternate universe.
What? What? Honey, wait.
Dad, face it, I'm fat.
Guys don't even notice me.
Terri, you're not fat.
That's ridiculous.
No, Dad, it's true.
Honey, you gotta stop beating yourself up.
You are beautiful.
You're beautiful! Tonight you'll see.
No, I won't see.
"Cause I'm not going.
"Cause nobody's gonna want to dance with a fat cow like me.
Oh, Terri, don't say that.
Come on! Hey, look you've got something here.
Hey, Terri Hey, Spinner.
Um, so, is it OK if I borrow those geography notes? Yeah, I got "em right here.
Thanks, I really appreciate this.
Uh, so, are you going to the dance tonight? Um, actually, I can't.
It's my dad he's kinda old-school.
Hey, Terri! Alright, thanks again for these.
Yeah, see you.
OK, I am beyond nervous.
This has to go perfect.
Amazing turnout, zero problems.
Otherwise, Raditch says it's daylight dancing for another year.
Just the man I was looking for.
Hey, Paige.
So, are you ready to get down? Huh? The dance! You ARE going? Oh, uh yeah.
Well, you better save a dance for me.
Uh, yeah, sure, whatever.
Look, I gotta get to my locker.
So, what was with the Spinner-Terri convention I interrupted? Nothing.
I was just giving him some notes for a class he missed.
Spinner wants class notes? Since when? Hon, that's called a flirtation device.
Something's happening with you and Spinner? No.
Ashley's got an overactive imagination.
You should totally ask Spinner to go with you tonight.
Uh no point.
I can't go.
What? You have to, you're on the dance committee.
Ash, it's not me, it's my dad.
He's making me do chores.
On a Friday? Come on.
If Terri can't go, Terri can't go.
Ashley, you're going to be late for the announcements.
Tell me something I don't know, Liberty.
I'm NOT through with you yet.
Thanks for the ride.
Be good.
I can't believe you guys are chickening out.
We're not chickening out.
We're just not going to the dance, OK? I guess it's just me and you, then.
You DID talk to your parents? Yes and no.
If the dance was during school hours, fine.
But it's at night.
So who am I supposed to go with? Morning, people.
I would like you to meet Sean Cameron.
He was here for a few months last year, before he moved up north.
Uh why don't you tell the class a little bit about yourself? No.
OK, well, um, maybe once you've settled in.
Why don't you have a seat? So come make history tonight, when I host ‘Starlight, Starbright, Degrassi Community School's first ever night-time dance.
Thanks again, Mr Raditch.
And I know I speak for all of us when I say tonight's going to be the best dance ever.
OK, kids.
Now, hold back on your excitement, because today we're starting a unit on Ta-dah! romantic poetry.
A reminder to all dance committee members please report to the gymnasium for set-up.
Alright, Ter what's the real story here? I told you.
My dad.
Yeah, and your dog ate your homework.
I don't have a dog.
Ter, you're lying.
I can always tell.
Your eye twitches.
Just talk to me.
Why don't you want to go tonight? "Cause who'd wanna dance with me? What? What are you talking about? This is crazy.
I'm not letting you do this.
Tell me how to lose 10 pounds in six hours and I'll be there.
Hey, buddy.
What's goin' on? Must be weird, being back and all.
Don't worry the guys won't treat you any differently because well, you know.
Alright? You know what you're missing? Self-confidence.
Seriously, Ter, just let me come over tonight.
I'll get you dressed up.
I'll do your make-up.
You wanna give Terri a makeover? What, are we on some trashoid talk show here? Leave her alone.
It's about having fun, and Terri's not gonna have fun until she starts feeling better about herself.
We'll have a great time whoever we dance with.
I promise.
Well, if this makeover has to happen, I better be there too.
Terri needs all the support she can get.
Look, why don't you just take that seat and I'll lend you a book.
Emma That girl's not happy.
Ever since boy bands reared their genetically perfect heads, they expect us to know how to dance.
Curse them and their fancy footwork.
On the other hand, what else is there to do tonight? Aww, Toby-woby just wants to dance with his girly-wirly fwiend.
Oh, shut up.
Emma's not my girlfriend.
Yeah, well, forget about her.
I have an alternative.
OK, come on, guys, quiet down.
I want you to open up your books and we're gonna read chapter four.
Where'd you get these URLs? I've got this cousin who's really into the Net.
Best thing about "em? They're all free.
Girls too sexy for me? Hah! I doubt it.
I don't know.
Come on, Toby! It's a rite of passage.
Hey, boys, open your books.
Em, I totally wish I could go tonight.
Yeah, well, at least you have a real excuse.
But those two? They're wusses.
Emma, are you really gonna let a couple of prepubescent boys dictate your amusement? I thought you said your parents were going out tonight.
You guys sure we can't give you a ride to the dance? No.
OK! Alright, so, um we're off.
See you later.
"Bye, Dad.
"Bye, Kate.
One parent away, two parent away, three parent away, four Parents are gone.
What are we waiting for? - Terri, you alive in there? - I'll be out in a second.
Well, hurry up! I'm leaving in five and I want to see the final result.
I knew this was stupid.
Ter, stop.
You look incredible.
Wow, you actually do.
You're sure? Totally! I know it's early, but I really have to set up.
Terri, you ARE coming? I guess so.
I just wish I wasn't so nervous.
You go, Ash.
I just want to freshen up a bit.
Ter, wanna wait? Paige, you look fine.
Please, it's boiling in here.
I've sweated off all my make-up.
Oh, it's OK.
I'll wait.
Alright, but I've got to run.
Oh, Terri I am so glad you changed your mind.
Spinner is gonna freak! Call me when you want me to pick you up.
You're sure you're OK going in there alone? I'm fine! OK.
Good luck.
But do NOT walk home alone.
Mom! Please.
OK, that's better.
I don't know about you, but I always get a little nervous before these things.
Hey, you OK? Um don't you think this outfit's a little too sexy? Hon, it's not that wild.
Then maybe it's not sexy enough.
Well, we could add just a few final touches.
Paige, I don't know if I can go out looking like this.
Terri, you're just nervous.
You need to calm down.
I think we could use a little glass of sherry.
Really? Your signs were blah.
But now you can't even read them they're too covered in glitter, sprinkles and sparkles.
That's called marketing.
It's called messy.
$5, please.
It goes towards the Degrassi Community Food Bank although you wouldn't know it from the sign.
$5, please.
Hey, it's little Miss Bigmouth! Look, she's got a heart on.
It's weird I didn't surf for this stuff before, but as soon as Kate installed the filter Well, you can disable it, right? You weren't just making that up? It's gone.
Where should we start? Foxy Ladies? Babes In Heat? How about the one with three "X's? OK Triple Sex X X here we come.
What just happened? Stupid connection dropped.
Well, how long till it's back up? Could be minutes.
Could be hours.
See, the thing with guys, they love it when you take the lead.
They do? They're shy too.
You can't make them do all the work.
So don't be nervous.
Be yourself.
Just maybe a little more so.
Connection's back up! Boobage, here we come! Nice.
I'll say! - Picture number - two.
Whoa! Oops.
Paige, you saved me.
Yeah, you owe me big-time.
I do.
You you're such a good friend, and I just owe you for tonight, for looking out for me.
Um do you actually think I have a shot with Spinner? I like him a lot and I want him to like me too.
Of course you do, and we're gonna make sure it happens.
Let's go.
Finally! I was starting to think you weren't coming.
Fear not, Ashley.
We're here.
Uh Terri? Bring Spinner on! I'm ready for my man.
Have you been drinking? I tried to stop her.
Get her inside.
How is it going? Perfect, Mr Raditch.
Hey, I thought you weren't coming.
Oh, you know, I changed my mind.
Hi, Spinner.
Uh, hi.
Uh, Terri, you look Wow.
Ashley! My friend! I love you.
Yeah, but maybe you should tone it down a bit before Raditch realises you're drunk.
I'm not drunk.
I'm just happy.
Paige, how much did she drink? And don't lie.
I don't know.
A few glasses? What were you thinking? And what is with her skirt? Um, Ter do you wanna dance? I thought you'd never ask.
Hey, man.
After party at my place.
It's grade eights only, but we'll make an exception for you.
What are you doing?! Just stop reminding me, OK?! It sucks that I'm having to repeat the 7th grade.
I don't have to have you rubbing it in my face.
Do you wanna dance? Yeah.
Our very first dance.
This is gonna be my favourite spot in Degrassi, for now and forever.
You're so cute.
I can't believe I just said that! Um thanks.
Do you believe in love at first sight? Um I I don't know.
She can be my online officer any time.
Oh, yeah.
Let's do some more exploration, shall we? That one.
Are those real? Real somethin'.
Actually, I'd say silicone.
Or saline solution.
Um, are you OK? I'm fine.
Never better.
Are you OK? Um, actually, I don't feel so good.
I told Terri not to drink so much.
So, did you save me that dance? Uh, yeah, I guess.
Terri? You actually asked him to dance? I know! He seems all scary and dangerous, but he was actually pretty nice.
I told you it was a stupid idea.
So what did you guys do Friday night? Nothing.
Why? Nothing?! Just imagine the most embarrassing possible moment of your life, then multiply it by eternity.
What happened? The Internet.
Toby's insatiable perverted curiosity.
Me? It was your idea, remember? You guys stayed home to look at porn? So? It's a rite of passage.
Please! His dad and Kate came home early and found us.
They made us look at porn sites with them, including sites with men, to teach us a lesson about objectifying women.
They made you look at porn? With them? Male and female? Not so loud, OK? Losers! Hey.
So how come you didn't call me all weekend? "Cause I wanted to fall off the face of the earth and die.
Well, if it makes you feel any better, Mr Raditch says we can have another night dance next semester.
Oh, well, at least I didn't wreck everything.
Of course you didn't.
Things are gonna work out.
Just trust me.
Hey, Terri.
Are you feeling better? Look, here are those notes back.
Thanks again.
Yeah, Ter, thanks but Spinner's gonna use my notes from now on.