Degrassi The Next Generation (2001) s01e11 Episode Script

Friday Night

It's called Passion Flame.
Oooh, very hot.
Speaking of hot.
Oooh, gee, I forgot.
I have to go talk to Liberty.
So, did you do that math assignment? Yeah.
It was brutal.
Yeah, it was.
So, it's Friday.
Um do you have any plans? No.
OK, well, maybe we could hang out? Sure.
Well, I'll see you.
So, what did he want? Manny, I'm not sure.
But I think he asked me on a date.
This is so exciting.
Your first date.
I know! And romantic.
So, how did he ask you? I don't know.
He just asked me.
Well, it had to be more than just, "Oh, he asked me.
" Hey, guys.
I mean, girls.
I mean Let's go sharpen our pencils.
Great idea.
Why can't Toby just, I don't know, like you instead of me? Forget about him and give me details exactly what Sean said.
OK, well, first we talked about that horrible math assignment and then he mentioned that it's Friday.
I know, kind of weird.
And then he said maybe we could hang out.
OK, and? Nothing just hang out.
This is a date, right? Of course.
I think.
These are permission forms for next week's bus trip to Stratford to see "Romeo and Juliet'.
Sorry, could whoever's making that noise please cease and desist? That means stop.
Have a parent or guardian sign the form and enclose a cheque.
Alright, who's doing that? Detention after school.
What? But Hey, you can't My Discman! No! Your fault for listening to it in my home room.
Keep wasting my time, Gavin, and I'll keep wasting yours.
I'm sure he was asking you out.
Well, I'm not so sure anymore.
And, besides, even if he was, couldn't he have been a bit more romantic? Well, here's your chance to find out.
Sean, about tonight? Yeah.
"Yeah'? Sean! OK, today we're gonna play some dodge ball.
Good arm, Emma.
Again, nice shot, but there are other targets, you know.
Grade 8 students interested in the Stratford trip are reminded to talk to your parents this weekend and return your forms to Ms Kwan.
Ms Kwan is such a tyrant.
Come on, Jimmy.
Spinner let you guys loose in the caf.
Kwan had to do something.
So, who are you sitting with on the bus to Stratford? My Juliet, of course.
Miss Kerwin, Mr Brooks, this is a school, not a petting zoo.
Kindly disengage yourselves.
But we were just Would you prefer to take it up with the principal? I'm sure he'd be happy to discuss the finer points of the Degrassi code of conduct.
You two may think you're adorable, but that doesn't mean anyone else does.
Total tyrant.
There you go.
One lamb stroganoff.
Kwan did it to you too? Man, she's made it her mission to make our lives miserable.
I wouldn't be working here if it wasn't for her.
No, you wouldn't be working here if you wouldn't have dumped bugs in Ash's food.
A minor detail.
Jimmy, you and I should join forces, get Kwan back.
Teach her a lesson.
No way, man.
We try to get revenge, I'll end up wearing a hairnet too.
Hey, princess less talk, more work.
Manny, I have no idea what to do.
Toby says Sean was just making conversation.
You asked Toby about Sean? I know, but I'm desperate here.
Having a little boy trouble, Emma? Anything I can help you with? No, nothing's going on.
Honey, your thing for Sean is more obvious than Heather Sinclair's bargain-basement nose job.
Do you want my advice or not? OK, Sean asked me to hang out with him tonight.
Not go out, hang out.
I thought he might be asking me on a date.
I was wrong? Hon, that's a date.
Told you.
Just in guy speak vague, short, yes, no, grunt.
"Yeah'? "Yeah' definitely qualifies.
Em, it's Sean we're talking about.
He's a one-syllable kind of guy.
Kwan's in a meeting with Raditch.
She says to review "Romeo and Juliet' to get ready for our field trip.
She'll be back soon.
OK, class, listen up.
Shakespeare is the greatest writer not just of his time, but of all time.
But, Ms Kwan, if he's such a great writer, why is reading him such a big yawn? Because you' are a moron.
But, Ms Kwan! And for being a moron, I punish you with a week's detention.
A week's detention! If you want to waste my time, I'll waste yours.
She's coming! Sorry, I'm late.
I know you're all anxious to begin.
Shakespeare is the greatest writer not just of his time, but of all time, even though some of you may find reading him a big yawn.
Mr Brooks, did you know that Mr Raditch's office has a direct link to this classroom? When you turn the intercom on, you can hear every single word that's spoken in here.
Mr Brooks, Gavin already has a detention tonight.
You can keep him company.
Maybe because you tried to kill me in dodge ball.
So you don't hate me? Of course not.
So we're still on for tonight? Absolutely.
If you want to.
Oh, I want to.
I'll pick you up at 7:00 at your place.
See you then.
It's Friday afternoon and we're stuck here.
This is so unfair.
Now do you think something should be done? Guys, I'm teaching a night school course in three more hours.
You don't wanna join me, do you? OK, so, which shirt do you like better this one or the one I'm wearing? Both are great.
So, your first date.
I remember my first date.
Let me guess you're going to tell me all about it.
It was awful.
I was so nervous I kept laughing like a hyena and I had the worst case of verbal diarrhoea.
This isn't helping, is it? I'll get it.
Sean, hi.
Hi, Christine.
Emma, your date's here.
You kids have a good time and be home by 10:00.
Wait! I almost forgot.
Mom! Just one photo, that's all.
Sean, take one giant step towards Emma.
And cheese! Sorry about my mom.
No problem.
So, what do you wanna do? Oh, well, we could I was thinking we could see a movie or grab a bite, go to Playdium or there's this free concert in the park Just relax, OK? Whatever we do tonight, we're gonna have fun.
God, that was verbal diarrhoea, wasn't it? This test focuses on English verb tenses.
You will write the test.
You write the test.
And in an hour you'll be able to say, "You wrote the test.
" Please begin.
Excuse me, but whoever's chewing gum, please, spit it out immediately.
It's disturbing the rest of the class.
I'll be right back.
Is anyone in there? Lou, have you seen anyone hanging around? No.
Do you mind opening this door for me? OK.
Time for part two.
I'd like to make an order, please.
You didn't have to buy me dinner.
Please, after going back to my house so I could change and having my mom take another picture of us, it was the least I could do.
Yeah, well, OK.
I'll get the movie.
I got you a vege burger.
I hope that's OK.
Yeah, it's fine.
As long as it's not a hamburger.
You're a vegetarian too? Actually, I love meat.
But last summer I spent a month with my aunt and uncle on their farm.
They raise cattle for harvest.
Harvest? Yeah.
It's a more polite way of saying slaughter.
Anyways, I saw a couple of these cows get harvested.
It was awful.
The sounds and the blood and guts oozing all over the place, and the smell it was just Sorry.
I didn't really mean to No.
It's OK.
Anyways I figured if I couldn't handle watching them become meat, then I couldn't eat meat either.
That's a good way of looking at it.
I mean, so many people are hypocrites that way.
They just pick up their meat from the supermarket in the nice shiny packages and don't even think about what happened to it before it got there.
You've got this blob on your chin.
Yeah, 12 dozen honey garlic wings here.
But I didn't order anything.
Is the number here 555-1950? Yes.
And you're Ms Kwan? Yes, but Then you ordered this, ma'am.
That'll be $53.
48, please.
There is no way that I am paying that! Ms Kwan? I help pay.
I have hunger.
"I am hungry," Prakesh.
I am hungry too, Ms Kwan.
Are you hungry, man? Got money? Hey, Ms Kwan, I will eat the chicken wing.
I eat the chicken wing.
I ate the chicken wing.
My wallet! I'm paying for the movie, remember? No, it's not that.
My wallet was on the tray and then we threw out our stuff.
You threw out your wallet? I don't know.
I think so.
I think I got it.
Eugh! Hi.
She lost her wallet.
Guess you'd kind of like us to do this someplace else, huh? This is for making me spend every lunch hour in the cafeteria.
And this is for making me wear a hairnet in public.
Come on, Jimmy.
Fire away.
I don't think so.
You don't know what you're missing.
This is for making me read Shakespeare in public.
And this is for making me and Ashley feel like dirt.
It's not here.
Someone must have stolen it.
Are you sure you left it on your tray? Of course I'm sure.
I bought the meals, set my wallet on the tray.
You almost spilt ketchup on it while you were eating.
And then I Oh, no.
Oh, no.
Um it's here.
So this is prepoop and this is postpoop.
I like your first outfit better.
I'll be lucky if Sean ever speaks to me again.
Emma, if Sean really likes you, he's He's not gonna let some bird crap, rotting garbage and a couple of embarrassing pictures change his mind.
So, how's your wallet? Sean, I am so, so, so sorry about Friday night.
Can I have this? It's all yours.
Oh, you should have seen the look on her face.
I wish I had a video camera.
It was pretty funny.
Sounds sort of cruel to me.
Look, whatever.
Kwan asked for it and Kwan got it big-time.
- Good morning, everyone.
- Morning.
Ms Kwan will not be here today or for the rest of the term.
She's requested a leave of absence, which I've granted.
So I'll be filling in for her.
Unfortunately, this means that we'll be cancelling your trip to Stratford.
Ms Kwan wanted me to apologise to you for that.
Is Ms Kwan gonna be OK? Well, she's been under a lot of pressure lately.
Her husband is very ill.
The stress of that plus working full-time overtime, really was just too much for her.
Open your textbooks and your malleable little minds.