Degrassi The Next Generation (2001) s01e12 Episode Script


1 Sorry I'm late.
No problem.
The interview isn't over yet.
Hazel, you were saying? Well, we're a school-sanctioned club.
So now it's just a question of getting enough people to sign up, but they will, of course.
OK, what would you say to a student who thinks cheerleading is sexist? I'd say, "Get over it.
Welcome to the new millennium.
" Totally.
I mean, cheerleading is such a positive thing.
It's great exercise.
It builds leadership skills.
It's better than watching TV.
And it boosts school spirit.
I mean, what's bad about that? Thank you and good luck.
Can I help you? I'm Manny.
I'd like to try out.
What can you do? (Kids shout encouragement) (Laughs) Manny! Sweetie, sign right here.
(Children sing) Whatever it takes I know I can make it through Uh-huh, oh, yeah If I hold out If I do I know I can make it through Mmm Be the best The best that I can be Hear what I say to you Whatever it takes I can see, yeah I know I can make it I know, I know, I I know I can make it through.
School spirit can you' have enough? If you' ask me the answer is no.
That's why I formed the Degrassi Spirit Squad.
So come sign up girls and boys.
Give me a ‘D'.
Give me an ‘E'.
Give me a ‘G'.
Give me a ‘R'.
Give me a break.
Cheerleaders? Please! Give me an ‘I'.
What does that spell? ‘Degrassi'! (BELL RINGS) It's like we're travelling back in time.
Cheerleading is so over.
What? Cheerleading is huge more popular than ever.
So are a lot of things that are just sexist and wrong.
How can it be sexist if there are guys? I bet the guys won't be wearing tight sweaters and miniskirts.
I hope not.
Anyway, I was just thinking cheerleading might be fun.
Fun?! Manny, you're not thinking of You really wanna become some pompom pumping robot? I'm surprised.
Um To tell you the truth, I don't think Degrassi should have a squad, period.
Forget it.
You're right.
Can we talk about something else? I can't taste them anymore! I can't taste anything anymore! That's just the sodium.
Keep going.
Faster! What exactly are you two doing? BOTH: Nothing.
Why don't you trust me? I don't not trust you.
I just wanna make sure you didn't overlook the ace of clubs.
As if I'd overlook that! You're right.
You didn't.
No luck.
My 12 o'clock.
Liberty van Zandt with a chip can.
What?! What we can't come over to say hi? OK, we want your chip can.
Shut up.
Guys, what's going on? It's a contest get one can with the ace of spades and one with the ace of clubs, you win a million bucks.
We already have the ace of spades and it's in a top-secret hiding place.
Very top-secret.
But we still need the other half and the deadline's in three days.
You've been doing this how long? Two months.
Some advice find a dictionary and look up "pathetic'.
Can we just have your can? Sorry.
Try again, like the rest of them.
Try again? Liberty, wait! Liberty, let's make a deal.
So, you're still coming over tonight to study, right? Manny, there you are.
Let's see that awesome cartwheel again.
Come on, Manny.
If you wanna be on the Spirit Squad you can't be shy.
Still amazing.
Yeah, but her landing could have been smoother.
If you ask me.
Better watch out, Manny.
You're making Hazel jealous.
Please! Paige, Hazel? Are you gonna, like, do, like, your colours, like, together, like? (TOILET FLUSHES) Come on, Emma.
They're the coolest kids in school.
And they like me, a grade seven.
That's a pretty big deal, you know.
The big deal is that no-one in the school except me is pointing out the bad side of cheerleading.
Maybe because no-one else feels the same way you do.
Most people realise that it's just good fun.
Well, maybe if my views were brought to the school's attention What?! Are you saying you're gonna write another article for the "Grapevine'? No.
It's not that big a deal.
Can we just talk about something else for a while, please? You'd have nothing without me.
And you'd have nothing without us.
That's our final offer.
Make that 45-45.
That only makes 90%.
That's right, Einstein.
Plus 10% for me.
What for? For protection.
Protection? From who? The only people who know about this are me, J.
, Liberty and you.
Will bring the ace of spades tomorrow.
I'll hold onto the ace of clubs in the meantime for protection.
Then we go cash in.
One million smackers.
Hey, girl.
Something wrong? MANNY: It's Emma.
She's taking this whole cheerleading and sexism thing too far.
Really? How far? She did say she might write something for the "Grapevine'.
You know what Manny needs, Hazel? Some time with the girls.
Wanna hang out? Wow.
That would be amazing.
My house is, like, two minutes from here.
I'd say an eight.
I thought we were talking about Joseph here? Try nine.
Try four.
He doesn't wear deodorant.
Major pointage loss on the scent factor.
But I guess we shouldn't be rating boys.
Perfect little Emma would say it's sexist.
Just like cheerleading.
(Manny laughs) (PHONE RINGS) Guys, it's her.
Make sure she's not writing the article, Manny.
Hello? Manny, where are you? I thought you were coming over tonight to study? I was but (Clears throat) I'm not feeling too well.
Must be a 24-hour flu.
Oh, well, I hope you feel better.
Thanks, but, Em, I was just wondering, just to make sure, you're not really going to write that article for the "Grapevine'? I told you I wasn't.
Why? She's not.
I mean, trying to protect the world from cheerleading as if! Did I hear Paige? She'll be leaving soon and then I'll come by.
Don't bother.
Guys, she heard you.
(Sighs) I am toast! (All cheer) Hey, all you Panther fans Show your spirit Clap your hands DCS Let's hear it DCS Let's hear it! OK, let's try this new move.
It's called the toe touch.
I'll show you.
OK? (Scoffs) Not bad, but let's not get crazy here.
Besides, I'm sure Manny could do it better.
I don't know about that, girl.
Manny, sweetie, you are so going to be the star of the show.
After me, of course.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) Emma, can I help you? I know this is totally last minute, but I have an article here for the "Grapevine'.
Emma, I'm just about to publish.
I Please, just read it before you say no.
(Reads) "How can we advance as women if some of us insist "on wearing short skirts and dancing like bimbos?" Wow, that's harsh.
Really? I didn't think it was strong enough.
I could make it harsher.
No, this is good.
You do know that Manny signed up for the Spirit Squad? Isn't it weird that you're attacking it? No! What's weird is Manny.
She's totally becoming this phoney person.
Um what are those? Aren't they the most beautiful boots you've ever seen? They are they're something.
Manny, that last handstand was flawless.
Oh, look.
It's little Miss Save The World.
And it's little Miss Plastic.
Shouldn't you be out testing your make-up on animals? Shouldn't you be out hugging trees? Guys, come on.
Manny, you were asking about this.
It's coming out at noon.
(Reads) "The Spirit Squad's only spirit is the spirit of sexism.
" Look what your little friend wrote.
Nice, Emma.
So I'm a bimbo too? I can't believe you wrote that article, Em.
You've got to get Liberty to cancel it.
How long have we been friends? Since kindergarten.
And now you think you can drop me like a hot potato just because, oooh, some eighth-grader is finally talking to you? It's not like that, Em.
I wanna become a cheerleader, that's all.
(Scoffs) Please! Is it so wrong if I become friends with Paige in the process? You honestly think Paige is your friend?! Is that so hard to believe that for once someone cool likes me? She's just using you, Manny! No, you're just jealous! Jealous of that pretentious wannabe?! You know the difference between you and Paige? Paige is fun.
You're so boring sometimes I wanna scream.
Well, I sure hope you and Paige have fun together.
Just don't come crying to me when she stabs a knife in your back.
Don't worry.
I won't! TOBY: Please, I can afford it.
It's yours.
Take it.
What are you doing? It was cheap.
I'm upgrading my whole electronics system.
You might wanna stop doing that for a while.
Why? You do have the other can, don't you? You lost the ace of spades?! Shh! I didn't lose it.
I just misplaced it.
(Stammers) How could you misplace our chance at a million bucks?! My mom went on one of her cleaning binges.
I just can't remember where I moved it to.
Well, think, man, think! Shh! Ah, my two favourite people.
Anything wrong? OK, our last unit was online portfolios.
Today I'm going to introduce you to Photoshop so you can begin to learn how to scan and edit images digitally.
It's amazing what these programs can do.
You can change hair colour, eye colour, whatever you want.
Now, we're gonna take it slow at first because I don't want you guys to get too caught up with playing around with the technology.
(BELL RINGS) MR RADITCH: Students, remember to pick up the new edition of the ‘Degrassi Grapevine', out now.
And lunch today Mongolian chicken stir-fry.
What you guys doing? Just making some editorial changes.
Emma's article's just horrible.
I mean, it's really gonna hurt us.
Here, Manny, you do the next one.
Normally, I wouldn't put stock in anything a grade seven wrote.
No offence.
But we need 12 people for the squad and we only have 8.
This article might convince people not to join.
And then no Spirit Squad.
I mean, you do want a Spirit Squad? Of course! Then prove it.
Was that so hard? This can't be happening.
This can't be happening.
This can't be happening.
, when's the last time you remember having it? What are you my mother? If I knew that I'd have it right now.
I lost it, so sue me.
, you find that can or I will sue you.
Spinner, shouldn't you be at work? He has his priorities.
And his priority right now? To hurt J.
I told him everything.
Guys, I'll make it up to you.
I'll be your slave.
I don't speak dork.
, you're gonna find that can if I have to stuff you in your locker My locker! That's it! No, they're not in there.
In a plastic bag.
(Giggles) There it is! Ace of spades.
Ace of clubs.
We're rich.
You moron! They're both clubs! Oh, no.
Ace of spades.
Ace of clubs.
(Drops cans) They're so similar.
I knew it was a mistake, hooking up with a bunch of loser grade sevens.
Guys, come on.
Ow! Ow! Help! Help! I think I like the shorter skirts better, Oskar, in the blue and gold.
Oh, yeah.
That's it.
MANNY: Yeah, I think that looks way better.
You guys know anything about this? Who would do something like that? You tell me my opinion piece was ripped out of every copy of the "Grapevine'.
Well, I had nothing to do with it.
No-one's accusing you, Paige, even if it was Emma's critique of the Spirit Squad that was attacked.
I don't have to tell you that vandalism can result in suspension.
This is pretty serious.
Mr Simpson Let me, Manny.
If anyone should tell you this, Mr Simpson, it should be me, as head of the Spirit Squad.
But we saw Hazel hanging around the foyer earlier acting suspicious.
More incidents like this and the school may question having extracurricular activities at all, including the Spirit Squad.
You got it? So, two more people signed up.
We're really on our way.
Why did you do that? Why did you backstab Hazel? Hello, I had to give up somebody, and you were about to spill your guts.
I was simply looking out for you.
Well, don't, OK? Not if it means dragging me into your dirty work.
My dirty work? You were there too.
Yeah, I ripped one newspaper.
One? More like all, or at least that's what I'll tell Mr Simpson if you don't shut up.
Paige, you were the one who was Who is he gonna believe you or me? Let's go find out.
Manny, what is your damage? You, Paige.
You better watch your mouth! Or what you'll spread lies about me? Deface my locker? Just try it.
BO Y: Whoa! BO Y: What's happening? GIRL: Whoa! Crazy! FYI your attitude sucks! Good luck making the squad.
Can I sit down? Sure.
Manny, I wanted to apologise.
I should have supported your cheerleading, not attacked you.
Why? It's just a bunch of stupid, sexist, idiot girls prancing around.
Manny, I was wrong.
I'm admitting it.
It's just, all I wanted to do was have fun, Em.
Then Paige took an interest in me.
Then it all became so complicated.
I'm sorry.
So, what are you gonna do about the Spirit Squad, I mean? Give it up.
Paige won't want me anymore, not after what I said to her.
Manny, you're good.
Paige is mean, not dumb.
She's not gonna cut you from the squad.
And besides, what you said? I thought it was amazing.
You were there? And you know what? Couldn't have said it better myself.