Degrassi The Next Generation (2001) s01e13 Episode Script


1 Hey, wanna hear something cool? A protection chant.
Terri, I'm sort of busy right now.
"I call upon my angelic guardians, "I call upon my spirit guides" I call upon Terri to stop freaking me out.
Why'd you pick that topic for your presentation anyway? I love this mystic oracle stuff.
Gives me the creeps.
Anyway, I think I've got our song down finally.
Wow, we are so going to be the stars of the cabaret.
I thought we were gonna pick the song's pace up a bit.
This is the right pace.
You know that, right? Uh, sure.
I just thought this was a duo.
You'd sing this on your own.
We are a duo.
Come on, sing along this time.
Are you serious about performing at Lunchtime Cabaret? Then you' need to sign up with me by noon today.
I'll decide if your act is appropriate and up to our usual standards.
Ter, we should totally hook up for cabaret.
I'm already doing a duo with Ash.
Two Girls and a Keyboard.
That sounds lamer than Heather Sinclair's highland sword dance.
I know, but the song Ash wrote, it means the world to her.
She'd rather just blah.
You need me to jazz it up, add some style.
I've tried to get her to do that already, but she won't.
She won't? It's a duet, not a dictatorship.
Just tell her you want a poppier song, and a trio.
Good morning, aspiring scholars.
In light of Ms Kwan's continued absence, I'm going to be your home room teacher again today.
Please take your seats.
This cabaret's gonna be the best one.
Just wait till they hear our song.
Ash? Yeah? Yeah can't wait.
It's a poetic dance on an environmental theme, Sean.
You'll love it.
I don't dance.
You don't have to dance.
Manny and I will dance.
I just want you to be the hunter.
I don't wear leotards.
We don't wear leotards just black, like panthers, in honour of our basketball team.
And because they're endangered.
In our piece, we're gunned down by a hunter.
It has a strong message.
I don't hunt! I can't believe Sean won't do it.
It's gonna be so good.
The audience will be entertained and learn something in the process.
Leotards and learning don't go together.
Leotards and laughter do.
You're so primitive.
Who are we gonna get to be the hunter? We'll find somebody.
I'll do it.
What? Really? Toby, you're the best.
Hey, I do what I can.
We rehearse after school in the gym.
See you there.
Well, I think it's cool when guys get in touch with their feminine side.
Of course you do, JT.
Look at you.
Ha, ha, funny.
There are many mystic oracles, but tarot and ouija are my favourite.
Now could I have a volunteer? Madame Terri, I'll do it.
Take a deep breath.
What would you like to ask the oracle? Um, great mystic oracle, am I really a super stud? You don't need an oracle to answer that one, Gavin.
Ask another serious question, please.
Um, what was the name of my first pet? I call upon my angelic guardians, I call upon my spirit guides.
How did you? That's cool, and just a bit creepy.
That was quite something, Terri.
Excellent use of PowerPoint.
You've earned top marks, which is just as well.
I wouldn't want the mystical oracles against me.
Ash, you don't really believe in that stuff, do you? In the real stuff, yeah.
My aunt predicted my grandma's stroke by reading tea leaves.
So if you heard a prediction, one that affected you you'd believe it? Yeah, I'd be stupid not to.
You don't even know how to dance.
I don't have to.
I'm just hunting.
You're doing this just to get close to Emma.
Newsflash, Toby she has a boyfriend.
Who refused to dance.
So who's the hero now? So I'm a fool? No, in tarot, the fool represents fate.
What's important is that it's upside down.
It means your day will end unexpectedly, with a twist.
A twist? What is that supposed to mean? It means you should watch out.
Yes, Paige, what would you like to know? O, mystic oracle, should two girls and a piano become a trio? Paige, it's Two Girls and a Keyboard, and no, we're fine.
We should ask.
If you're right, the oracle will back you up.
Three of Rods.
Rods represents creativity, our band, and three The oracle has spoken.
"The oracle has spoken.
" The oracle did speak.
Paige should join the band.
It sounds like you want her to join.
Ter, she'll make it all sexy and stupid.
She'll wreck everything.
I thought you said you totally believed in the oracles.
I do, but my aunt was an expert.
You're an amateur.
Was I an amateur when I found out Spinner's pet's name? Please.
Spinner told you about his cat Rocky, like, a month ago.
How'd you know? I was there, remember? I can't believe she didn't buy it.
She said I was an amateur and she thinks your style will, like, clash.
Me? Clash? As if.
Don't tell me you agree with her.
Then tell her you don't agree.
What's the worst that can happen? Paige, I know you want to be in the band.
No, I know the band needs me.
Well, Two Girls and a Keyboard is gonna remain just that.
What do you think about having a jeté something like this? Arggh! Ow! Can you stand on it at all? Ow! It's already starting to swell.
We should probably take you to the nurse.
I can't believe this.
How am I gonna dance? How am I gonna be a panther? Ter, you predicted a twist and she just twisted her ankle.
She did.
I can't believe she did.
And you were right about me.
Who am I to argue with the oracles? You're in, Paige.
Yes! Ter, are you happy? Totally.
I just can't believe I predicted that.
I am creepy.
Even I'm amazed at my brilliance.
Paige Michalchuk and the Sexkittens? Please.
What's wrong with it? Why don't we just make it Three Girls and a Keyboard? Nice and simple.
Nice and boring.
Ter, what do you think? Three Girls and a Keyboard or Paige Michalchuk and the Sexkittens? I think they're both interesting.
Terri, you don't like Three Girls and a Keyboard, do you? I think we should just focus on getting the song down.
The name will come later.
Here's the song on CD.
Learn it and meet us at the wall at 4:00 to practise.
Alright, settle, everyone.
Let's continue with our discussion from last class.
We talked about sentence and paragraph structures using short emphatic sentences, shaping the clauses, holding key thoughts until the very end of your sentence structure.
And this is going to be very important for our All we have to do is adjust the dancing.
Tone it down a bit.
Manny can be the hunter.
I don't know, Em.
I'm not exactly the best dancer.
I think it's a great idea, really.
I can't wait to see it performed.
Playing hunter's one thing, but dancing? You're the only one who's been to every rehearsal.
You know the part.
Of the hunter.
Why can't we just have two hunters and one panther? Just forget it.
I'll go tell Liberty we're not going on.
Fine, I'll do it.
But I'm not wearing a leotard.
You don't have to.
Toby, thank you.
I mean it.
OK, ready? Voilà! Wow, that's an incredible look.
For you.
And you.
I don't think so.
I'd look like a sausage.
Silly, you'll look great.
We are so going to get a record deal.
Especially after you hear my ideas for the song.
Have you listened to it yet? Yeah.
And? Well, it has promise, but right now it sounds like a bunch of cows dying.
Paige, what are you wearing? Our new look.
You like? I don't.
You want us to look like prostitutes? Fine, I'll go get us some nun costumes.
Very funny, Paige.
She's holding us back.
I tried, Paige.
And failed.
I have some ideas for the song, but Ashley is gonna hate them.
We need the mystic oracles to convince her.
After Manny, I'm not messing with the oracles again.
But But what? What if you and I just tried your ideas? Made a new version of the song.
Maybe Ash would like it.
That's a big maybe.
But OK.
And I think I know exactly who can help us.
I just have to change.
Mr Simpson, this synthesiser, you talked about it in class once, didn't you? Right.
Well, we weren't really paying attention, but we wish we were.
'Cause we have this song here and we want to make another version of it.
Well, you came to the right place.
This set-up here is amazing.
Wish I had it back when I was in a band.
Stop, rewind.
Mr Simpson, you were in a band? The Zit Remedy.
We even had a video.
You ever heard of us? I'll take that as a no.
Let me show you how this works.
Toby, that's your cue.
Oh, sorry.
Ow! JT, stop the music.
Toby, you keep leaning in the wrong way.
Right, um sorry.
Want to try it again? Um, no, I think I've had enough head injuries for today.
Maybe you should try it at home in front of the mirror or something.
Man, how far will you go? JT, shut up.
This is perfect, Mr Simpson.
It's so danceable.
Y'all ready for this? Oh, wow! What is that? I guess I missed the rehearsal.
I don't believe this.
You guys redid my song? Ashley, it's just an alternate take.
Both versions are still on the computer, so there's no problem.
We weren't trying to ruin your song.
We were taking it to another level, you know? No, Paige, I don't know.
First the name, then the clothes, now my music? Forget it.
Well, I think we should go with our version, right, Terri? Ter, there's no argument.
You know the song was better before.
I I don't know.
You should let the oracle decide.
We can all agree on that.
After all, Terri is in touch with the other side.
OK, we'll consult the oracle.
Mystic oracle, which version should we go with? High Priestess.
It means go with the new.
Sorry, Ash.
The oracle has spoken.
Lunchtime Cabaret will be commencing shortly.
Those interested in attending should make their way to the gym.
Did someone miss the announcement? We're going on in, like, five minutes, Ash.
I did some Internet research on your last reading.
The High Priestess means stay with the old.
You said go with the new.
You lied, Ter.
Why? Because you hate all of my suggestions.
That is so not true.
It is! I don't get a say in anything.
It's not fair.
Welcome to Lunchtime Cabaret.
I expect you will handle yourselves appropriately, so without further ado, please welcome our first act, a dance piece entitled "Endangered'.
Toby! Sorry.
Man, this is too easy.
What is this? Hey, shut up! Let them dance.
Emma, we're not done! Guys, we're going on in, like, two seconds.
Look, the oracle said go with the old.
You guys better watch out.
Who knows what might happen if you defy them? Guys, you're on.
I don't care what the oracle says.
We're using the new version.
Fine, then you can use the new group.
The one without me.
Ter, come on.
Did you settle on a name, finally? Just call us Paige and Terri.
Degrassi's own Paige and Terri! That wasn't so bad, was it? No, but my panther dancing days are over.
Unless a certain someone asks you again, right? Toby, you were great out there.
Thank you so much.
So, um do you want to go and maybe I'll be right back, OK? Sean, I don't know what to say.
You don't have to say anything.
The way you just stood up like that and told everyone off it was so brave.
OK, we were awesome! I would totally do this for a living.
So? You guys were great.
Really? I admit it.
Your version totally rocked, and the audience loved it.
I think you should join the group again.
But first things first, what about a name? Well, there's always Paige Michalchuk and the Sexkittens.
Hello, let me finish.
I'm talking about the initials.
What? It's edgy.
It's cool.
And gross.
Why don't we just stick with Three Girls and a Keyboard? No way.
Ter, it's one to one.
Your vote breaks the tie.
You should consult the oracle.
Uh, the oracle and I are no longer on speaking terms.
But I sort of like PMS.
Then we are P M S!