Degrassi The Next Generation (2001) s01e14 Episode Script

Under Pressure

Cathode ray tube? Cathode ray tube ah it was developed when? When was the first televised broadcast? Um 1956.
Only two decades off.
Hey! Cut yourself some slack.
This is hard stuff to remember.
You're doing that wrong.
Come on, let me.
Take a seat.
So, Mom called.
She's off the booze.
Good for her.
Yeah, well, I'm just warning you because she wanted to talk to you.
Which means that she's gonna be calling back, and And she's gonna want to talk to me about moving back with them to Wasaga Beach.
Well, it's not gonna happen, alright? Forget it.
Sean I'm not moving back! Hey! Take it easy.
Use some of those tricks they taught you.
OK, you know what? You are not my social worker, OK? Just Look Don't worry about Mom.
OK? You just keep your nose clean, get good grades and everything will be OK.
Alright? Alright.
This media immersion test is gonna kill me.
So dead, they'll have to check my dental records, DNA Will you stop being so melodramatic for once please? I am not melodramatic.
, try studying it helps.
Emma you said you'd help me study for the test, right? Sure, I'd love to.
Worried about media immersion? Big time.
Oh, Mr Simpson! 20th-century media history is a major component of this test.
Do we need to know anything before that, like the Gutenberg press? No, Liberty.
Just what we studied.
Because I know the Gutenberg press.
I'm sure you do.
I should, ah No, now math's not my strong suit, but if I want an A-plus in media immersion, I'll have to score about 92.
48% on this test.
Does that calculation sound right to you? Did you guys hear Mr Raditch call me? Yeah, I think I heard him call me.
Hey, Sean.
You'll miss that locker, right? What's that supposed to mean? Nothing.
Just you'll be moving to Grade 8 next year.
Paige! Check this out! Spinner, we're going to be late and Raditch is going to expel you! So? Anything to get me out of that English test.
I thought you read all the books.
Yeah, once.
And now I'm supposed to review them for the test? Forget it.
I've done enough work.
Oh, hurry up.
You know what a fascist Raditch is.
Paige, Gavin you're late.
I see some things haven't changed.
And I know that I speak for all of Degrassi when I say welcome back, Ms Kwan we missed you.
Thank you, Mr Raditch.
OK, then.
Where to start? Yes, Terri? Um I know it's none of my business, but is everything alright? Yes.
My husband's finished all his chemo and getting better each day.
Now, how have your tests been? Look on the bright side.
I mean, there's only one test left.
What's wrong, Oskar? I'm not feeling very well, Ms Kwan.
Can I be excused? Mmm.
I hope Oskar's not coming down with this flu.
These bugs seem to flourish in times of stress.
Let's start our review.
So I'll just grab my book.
Why don't we just study here instead? Tracker fixes motorcycles.
It'll be noisy.
Um would you mind if you waited outside? My place isn't like yours.
It's a dump.
OK, sure.
I'll wait right here.
So what are you doing here? New report for your school newspaper? "Life on the Other Side of the Tracks'? No, I'm waiting for Sean.
We're studying together tonight.
Oh, yeah? Think you're going to be a good influence on him or something? 'Cause you are.
He hasn't got into trouble this year.
That's good.
So, thanks.
Trouble? What do you mean? Ah, don't worry about it.
It's, ah in the past.
He's a different kind of kid now.
What were you guys just talking about? Nothin'.
So, you guys gonna go study together? Yeah.
'Bye, now.
OK, repeat after me"shootbac'.
Is that on the test? No, I made it up.
The consonants stand for the HTML tags used in a webpage.
"S' is for"starting', "H' for"head', "T' for"title', "B' for"body' and "C' for "close'.
I added vowels to make it easy to remember.
You are such a Liberty.
I am not.
It's called mnemonics.
Alright, Liberty.
Whatever, Liberty.
You wanna mess with me? I'll mess you up.
I'm big trouble.
I heard.
You heard what? Just Tracker said you got into trouble once.
He didn't give me the details.
Back in Wasaga Beach I got into a fight with this guy.
Messed up his hearing pretty bad.
You made him deaf?! Yeah.
Yeah, in one ear.
Permanently? I'm I'm not proud of what I did.
You know? Sometimes I just get really, really mad, and But I'm working on it, OK? And it was a year ago, right? Yeah.
Yeah, it was.
What's that smell? Oh, no! The popcorn! Why don't we have CornNuts instead? So are you nervous? Yeah.
OK, guys, as you all know, your media immersion test will be written online, which is very cool.
So you're all on the media immersion test page? OK, click on the link which says "Unit Review Test', and when it prompts you, enter the password "broomhead'.
All lower case.
45 minutes.
The test automatically ends when time's up.
Good luck.
Spinner, I told you.
I don't want to hear your stupid ideas.
And getting sick on purpose qualifies.
Paige you sure you're not psychic? 'Cause you just read my mind.
Bless you.
I'll be right back.
Oh, not a good idea, Spinner.
I think I have what Oskar had.
What kind of friend would I be if I let a silly little flu virus come between us? Sorry I'm late, guys.
I just finished marking your tests.
And overall, I was pleased.
However some scores were disappointing.
51%?! Yes! Now I just gotta get out of English and high school, here I come.
Terri, you know you're not allowed to bring beverages into class, right? Sorry, Mr Armstrong.
I was just about to throw it out.
Uh-uh! I'll do that for you.
And, Spinner, when you're done take your seat.
OK, and the rest of the results Ashley, excellent work.
Paige, a good improvement.
Jimmy, that extra help paid off.
You got 70%.
No! I'm not done! 45 minutes, remember? But I'm not finished! Time's up.
You're locked out.
See, Sean? It wasn't so hard.
What are you talking about? I didn't even have time to finish.
I failed.
I was right.
I'm screwed.
Sean, you don't know that.
No, Emma.
You' don't know.
Anything I've ever tried at, I've failed.
Sean, come on! You know what, Emma? Just just don't talk to me, OK? Just leave me alone.
Aw, what's wrong? Forgot your combo? Should ask Spinner for one of his Ritalin.
Really helps sharpen the memory.
Was that a joke?! Yeah.
Don't push me, OK? Dude, what's your problem? What's my problem?! Yeah.
Do you understand English? So you think I'm stupid? No.
I think you're a freak.
Hey! Hey, guys! Guys, what's going on here? Nothing.
We're just playing around.
Well, tone it down, alright? I'll see you after school.
Ms Kwan? I don't feel so good.
Gavin, you're burning up.
You better go see the nurse.
Jimmy, you can't fight Sean.
The psycho totally started it the minute he got back to Degrassi.
Guess what? I'm gonna end it.
I heard he got sent back from Wasaga 'cause he got in a fight with a kid and deafened him in one ear.
Is it true? Are you really gonna fight Sean? Liberty van Zandt? Here.
James Tiberius York? It's J.
And I'm still here, despite how hard that media immersion test was.
Thank you, J.
Too much information.
And that just leaves Sean.
Sean, you're late.
Like it's the end of the world.
No, but it is the end of your lunch hour, which you'll now be spending with me.
Normal body temperature.
What?! But I'm burning up.
You're a little warm.
Of course, you could've been running around.
Nurse Henderson, I'm appalled you would even suggest such a thing.
Maybe that space-age thermometer's, like, not working right.
Well, there's one tried and true method.
Um what are you doing? I don't want that gunk in my mouth.
It's not going in your mouth.
You know what? I'm feeling a lot better.
All of a sudden.
Really! No note from Mr Henderson? Gavin, we both know what you tried to pull just now.
Ms Kwan, I was And I'm gonna keep this between us.
Part of your fresh start.
In exchange, you'll hear me out.
You're not a dumb kid, but the stuff you pull around here is.
If you just channel that energy into your schoolwork, you could be a good student.
But Ms Kwan, these tests they freak me out.
It must be my ADD.
Have you taken your Ritalin? Of course.
Then it's not your ADD.
Gavin, I'll tell you what to do.
You stop avoiding, you breathe, you focus, and you take this test one question at a time.
Class, you have 45 minutes.
And go.
I should have your tests back to you guys by tomorrow.
OK, off to lunch.
Except Sean.
What's going on? I'm just being myself.
A failure.
Sean, you are not a failure.
Oh, no? I totally screwed up that test.
How do you know? I haven't even marked it yet.
Don't bother.
I failed.
That's my life.
What do you mean, that's your life? It's just the way it is.
Well, I guess if you believe that, then that's the way it's gonna be.
Oh, yeah! Who's the king of the world? Yes! I assume it went well, Gavin? I had no idea I knew as much as I did! So you see what good things happen when you focus? I owe it all to you, Ms Kwan.
Hey where are you two going? Sean Cameron wants to fight Jimmy.
It's not gonna happen.
Dude, you're walking away from Jimmy.
Let's go.
Look, man.
We don't have to do this.
It's stupid.
Man, no wonder Armstrong cut you from the team.
He only cut me because you got in my way and faked an injury! Yeah.
You wanna fight? Then let's fight.
I'll meet you in the alleyway.
Jimmy, if you do this, don't expect me to watch.
It's gonna be ugly anyway.
Sean, stop it.
Get out of here, Emma.
Emma, just go.
What if Raditch finds out? We're off school property.
Please! Before it gets too serious.
Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! What, are you gonna cry now, Jimmy, huh? Sean! Leave him alone! Emma, get out of here! Emma Come on I I'm so And then the coward walks away, after picking the fight and throwing his own girlfriend to the ground.
Sean did that to Emma? Uh-huh.
Total coward.
Yeah, and you're so brave for getting in a fight.
Ash, come on! Hey! How was Kwan's test? Brutal.
You're lucky you missed it.
Missed it? I have to do it today after school.
A make-up one.
Probably harder.
Aww, really? Poor Ter.
Gee, thanks for the sympathy.
Today's just too beautiful.
Got my worst subject out of the way, it's the weekend, my dad scored these amazing That's exactly how my flu started.
It's nothing.
Some dust or some Poor Spinner.
Maybe we'll see you on Monday when you're not so contagious.
Guys, come on! I'm fi Oh, no, no, no.
Sean! Some good news.
I finished marking and you did well.
What?! Your best mark yet.
Pulled your grade up to a B-minus.
But I didn't finish.
So? You aced the rest.
It's a good job.
You should be proud of yourself.
Learn from this, OK? Emma.
Emma! Please stop! Emma yesterday was wrong.
OK? I just got my mark back from Mr Simpson.
I passed after all.
And I should have listened to you.
And I'm sorry.
So am I.