Degrassi The Next Generation (2001) s01e15 Episode Script

Jagged Little Pill

1 Last day of school, here I come.
Ash, we're going to drop you and Toby off on our way, OK? You ready? I'll be there in a minute.
Come on, Tobes.
Oh, working the muscles, I see! (Germanic accent) You'll grow up to be such a girlie boy.
(Both talk at once) Come with me! Let me eat you! I'm eating your hair (Ashley laughs) Oh, here's Mrs Wren's number, in case you need anything.
Stop worrying.
Toby and I are going to be fine.
You're just going overnight.
I know.
I'm being a mother.
OK, so tonight, you're going I know.
One friend over each and no parties.
I heard.
Good for you for being so responsible.
That's great.
(Children sing) Whatever it takes I know I can make it through Uh-huh, oh, yeah If I hold out If I do I know I can make it through Be the best The best that I can be Hear what I say to you Whatever it takes I can see, yeah I know I can make it I know, I know, I I know I can make it through.
MS KWAN: This student I'll never forget, even after years and years of therapy.
Who could that be? (Class chuckles) I'll never forget you either, Ms Kwan.
Have a good break, Mr Mason.
Well, what can I say? It's been great teaching all of you.
Emma? We're gonna miss you too, Mr Simpson.
So, look at the screen.
See the present icon? Click it.
KIDS ON COMPUTER: Thank you', Mr Simpson! This is incredible.
This one needs no explanation.
The student of all students Drumroll please.
(Jimmy drums on desk) Ashley Kerwin.
Thanks, Ms Kwan.
I'm gonna miss you.
"Student of all students"? That is so lame.
I think it's sweet.
This next award is for Dave, because he puts the capital "G' in good student.
(Mr Simpson and students chatter) (BELL RINGS) OK, go.
Clean out your lockers.
And have a great, safe vacation.
'Bye Mr Simpson.
GIRL 2: Ciao, Mr Simpson.
The Kerwin-Isaacs prison.
What's Jimmy gonna say when he finds out? Finds out what? That I can only have one friend over tonight.
And she invited Terri.
Not you or me.
I thought you'd be upset.
Rules are rules, right? We'll do something tomorrow.
OK, am I missing something here? No, just the chance to hang out with me and have way too much fun.
Paige, if you really want to come over, whatever.
So, girls, what are your plans for this very momentous eve? Girls' night at my place.
Meaning no boys allowed, especially boys named "Sean'.
Maybe she's learned that bad boys only lead to heartache.
And now she's looking for a good boy? One named Toby? Not likely.
What you need is a new approach.
Sean's approach.
Hey, Sean! Toby here is having the boys over tonight to play some cards, talk girls guy stuff.
Wanna come? No.
You know, Emma's gonna be there.
Emma? Yeah, we're Having the girls over later.
Are you insane? After tonight's little tutoring session, Emma will be all yours.
Trust me.
ASHLEY: Do you think Jimmy's reaction was weird about tonight? TERRI: No, I think he was just trying to be a good boyfriend.
A good boyfriend would want to come over no matter what.
My parents are away.
He should Never mind.
Anyway I thought you were, you know, cooling on it.
Exactly the opposite.
After you've been going out for a while, things get deeper.
Unless he's cooling on me.
I don't think that's how it is.
(Ashley clears throat) OK, before you go all parental on me, I forgot Hazel and I had plans tonight.
I didn't think it would be a problem.
ASHLEY: No, it's fine.
(SMASH!) (Both cough) Ash.
OK, I know Mom and Jeff said only one friend each But nothing, Ashley.
It's our pleasure to share this fine evening with such lovely young ladies.
Did that thing just wink at me? (All laugh) (WOMAN SCREAMS ON TV) (Squeals) Guys, I can't handle this.
Do you really think the star's gonna die? Paige, you're ruining the movie.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) I didn't invite anyone else, honest.
Sean? What are you doing here? Toby invited me.
Toby? Little scammer.
They're upstairs.
OK, Toby's hanging out with Sean? That's weird.
Has Sean become, like, a total babe since that little fight or what? (All giggle) (All shriek) So, Sean Girls care to share your expertise? Wh What? You know, on how you score like Sundin.
I don't.
Come on.
Girls, like, drool over you.
I don't know.
I just act like myself, I guess.
Why? Who do you like? So, guys, we gonna play or what? Emma knows I'm here, right? Yep.
SEAN: And she's fine with this? JT: Of course.
Even more fine is this.
I brought us a little party favour, boys.
E? JT, what'd Ecstasy is the love drug, right? There's a whole room of girls down there needing some love.
I don't know, man.
This stuff's pretty intense.
Better be.
I paid my cousin two weeks allowance for it.
Let's split it.
OK, give me the pill.
I'll do it.
What? Not a good idea, man.
Hey, Sean.
Having fun upstairs? A little too much fun.
Is that? Sean, you brought drugs? Not me JT.
JT? Toby? They're way too young to be experimenting with drugs.
Flush it down the sink.
They'll never know the difference.
Toby, come on.
Wanna be a bad boy? Start acting like one.
Bad boy? Ignore him.
Let's just do it.
Sure you don't want to join us? Yeah.
My social worker would kill me.
SEAN: Hey, wait.
Chew it slowly.
Gives you a better high.
Uh, Terri's slipping in video numero two.
Sorry, but, uh, this get-together is getting seriously lame.
OK, then.
What do you want to do? Invite Jimmy over.
Just stop being boring and break a rule for once.
I already did.
Then invite him again.
Hon, you just need to live a little 'cause you're pretty cool when you do, honest.
Jimmy, come over.
I want to have fun, together.
Toby, I'm floating on a fluffy white cloud.
TOBY: Right.
Can't you feel it? How can you not feel it? I'm starting to, I think.
(Buzzes and whirs) Dude, this is incredible.
Dude, this is ecstasy.
I'm feeling the love.
It's time to call.
Emma? Girls, say hello to your destiny.
Ow! Ash, my hand.
(Screams) OK, I'm now officially deaf.
Oh, that was so scary! I'm sure they heard my scream all the way in China.
(Ashley giggles) (Screams) Guys, this is gonna be great.
A real party.
But if my dad finds out I'm here, I'm gonna be grounded until my wedding day.
Hey, you're not Jimmy and Spinner, unless they had a sex change! Liberty, I didn't invite you.
How did you know? Was I sending out psychic vibrations? EMMA: Uh, no.
JT and Toby called.
Yeah, and I'm the one inviting too many people.
Liberty, I've wanted to tell you this for, like, forever.
But I get you.
You're like me only sorta not, you know? Uh You guys, look who's here Liberty.
(HORROR FILM CONTINUES ON TV) (TV TURNS OFF) Ash (LOUD POP MUSIC BLARES) ASHLEY: Get down, Liberty! Ash wanted to have fun tonight.
I guess she's having fun.
Toby? Welcome to the Isaacs Zone of Infinite Love and Harmony.
Thanks, uh, for inviting us.
(MUSIC BLARES) (Ashley giggles) Hey.
What's going on? Hey! This is my kind of party.
Jimmy, you're here, finally.
When did you decide to have a party? I thought your parents Isn't this music just incredible? Ash, you're burning up.
Oh, I know.
It's so hot in here.
Have you been drinking? No.
"A', "B', "C', "D', "E'.
(Quietly) Ecstasy? Where'd you get ecstasy from? Toby, JT.
One of 'em.
Do you know how stupid that is? Stop being so melodramatic.
I'm having fun.
You can too.
You need to drink water and lots of it.
I can't believe you'd take E.
OK, calm down, Dad.
Paige is right Ecstasy? You need to loosen up a little bit.
Ash, what? I'm going upstairs to the bathroom.
I'll drink some water from the toilet.
(Kids laugh) Emma.
Sean, just leave me alone.
If I knew you were gonna be here I would have stayed home.
I'll go find Liberty.
Emma, can we talk, please? There's nothing to talk about.
Emma, you're not being fair.
Sean, you went too far.
We're over, as in finished.
Sean! Are you OK? You need to talk to someone.
Come on.
This is so stupid.
I know what you're going through.
How? OK, everyone thinks you're bad, right? Well, everyone thinks I'm this perfect, boring girl.
I just thought Emma was so different.
Why? She's just like Jimmy.
She only sees What she wants to see.
Exactly! Sean, don't cry.
Don't cry.
(MUSIC BLARES) Hey, Jimmy, have you seen Emma? There you are, Mr Drug Dealer.
What? Don't you know that E leads to harder things, like my fists? What do you care if I did E? 'Cause you didn't.
Ashley did.
And she said she got it from you.
Sean switched it.
Sean? Sean's here? Yeah, he's upstairs.
Sean what? Jimmy, oh! Emma? There you are.
Look, it was stupid of me to invite Sean.
And I want you to know the only reason I did was because (Sobs) 1 2 3 Arggh! JIMMY: Where's Sean? Jimmy, stop.
Where's Sean, Spinner? He left, like, two minutes ago.
Jimmy, stop.
OK, I know you're upset, but what just happened was the most intense experience of my life.
It was like this telescope and I saw me, the real me.
Look, you don't know what you're saying.
What? It's not you, it's the drugs.
Oh, yeah, keep going, Dad.
Keep telling me who I am.
Ash, look No, this is exactly why me and Sean just He gets me.
You Ash, stop.
Ter, I love your shirt! It's so shiny, like stars.
I'm outta here.
What I should have done is broken up with you on your birthday like I was going to.
Ash, would you just stop being such a hag already? Paige, you are a hag.
On two fronts your looks and your personality.
(Giggles) Jimmy, it's just you don't have what Sean has and you never will.
You're just not enough for me, sorry.
Oh, and now you're upset.
Don't be.
It's OK.
It is.
It's all good.
It is.
Nice, Ash.
Guy, where are you going? Come on, it's a party.
Come on.
Where's everyone going? Come on, guys.
Guys! (Laughs) Come on.
When did that break? While you were dancing with Liberty, when you were strung out on E.
What were you thinking, Ash? What was I thinking? What were you and JT doing with E in the first place? Guys, it doesn't matter.
Was I really that bad? What if I just call Jimmy? Ash, Paige won't talk to you.
Do you really think Jimmy will? I'm such an idiot.
How am I ever gonna face everyone again? (KNOCK AT DOOR) Jimmy? Here.
Jimmy doesn't want this stuff anymore.
Spinner, how is he? Just take it and don't call him.
Ash Oh.
Well, you know, it's time to get this place cleaned up.
They'll be home soon.
I mean, come on, we can just uh Ash? You OK? (Sniffs)