Degrassi The Next Generation (2001) s10e06 Episode Script

99 Problems: Part 2

Hey, buddy.
Hey, guys.
All set for the early practice? What're you doing? Thought we'd welcome you to the team first, drew, And give the whole school a chance to meet you, too.
I know, the flagpole thing.
I expected better hazing than this.
Hazing? Who said anything about hazing? guys! Guys, come on! No more talking.
You're lucky.
I used to have a violent streak! Mmm! okay, who did it? Mm-mm-mmph! Oh Sorry, son.
There's only one way to do this, I'm afraid.
Ahhhhhh! So, I assume you didn't plastic wrap yourself To the pole? Can you find my clothes? Okay, I'll get some scissors.
Just Don't go anywhere.
Very funny.
Welcome to degrassi! Coach armstrong: Hey, come on.
Get to class.
Nothing to see here.
Let's go! looking good! whatever it takes I know I can make it through if I hold out I know I can make it through ooooh-oo-oo-oo-oo-ooh be the best the best that I can be whatever it takes I know I can make it ♪ I can make it ♪ ♪ I can make it through ♪ whatever it takes I know I can make it through Wanna have the best time of your life? If you're interested in us, we're interested in you! here, take one.
Do you dance? Not for something called the "big d dance crue.
" Oh, okay.
So the name could use a little help.
But this little dance crew Is about to become the coolest club in school.
Yeah, what colour are your pompoms? There are no pompoms, Or uniforms, or stupid tryouts.
We're the club for people who can't stand clubs.
so what's the point? To dance, have fun.
Maybe make a few new friends? I have all the friends I need.
Plus, you get to cut class early for practice! Hmm Mr.
Simpson: all members of the football team, Please report to the gym immediately.
Coach armstrong: Mr.
Simpson: There's been an incident And I hope that none of you were involved.
My son was hazed! Obviously someone was involved! Well, possibly, but- No! There's no acceptable "but" after that.
Unless you're defending hazing? Coach armstrong: No one would do that.
Well, by tacitly accepting it, You're endorsing the behaviour.
Coach armstrong: Does anyone know How drew got wrapped to the flagpole? Ahem! Doesn't drew know who did it? They had masks.
I-I didn't get a good look.
Oh! It was someone in this room! And if nobody owns up, I'll go to the school board.
I don't need to remind you Of the serious consequences to the team.
Anyone? Riley, did you hear anything? Uh No, sir.
Oh, no? So you have no idea Who tried to humiliate the young man Who also just happens to be trying out for quarterback? I know riley.
Mom, he'd tell you.
We'll keep looking into this.
Oh, I'm sure you will.
Coach armstrong: All right, guys.
Get to class.
Let's go! one, two, three, four, five, six, seven eight, nine, ten, eleven, jack, king, queen I like it I like it I do I like it I like it I do hi-fi, low-fi put your hand to the sky do-da-dit-dat-do-da-da I like it I like it, I do I like it I like it, I do Oh! Girl 1: What's she doing here? Girl 2: I don't know! one, two, three, four, five, six, seven say it again say it again I like it I like it, I do I like it I like it, I do just like you just like you Whoo! Yeah! just like you Well, whatever you just did, Is exactly what we're looking for.
Sorry I'm late.
if you forgot where the new caf was again, I'll draw you a map.
Marisol brought her brother's old football playbook for me.
Only she couldn't find it, And her earring got stuck in this fluffy scarf she had on, So that took a while.
Do you know what it means When a girl starts "bringing things in" for you? Is that her now? No.
Kc! Found it! Marisol.
I'll get rid of her.
- Hello? - Who is this? You called me.
Do you go to degrassi? M-my son does.
Your son? Kc.
Do you know him? I-I've been trying to get messages to him all week.
Um Sorry, wrong number! Hey.
Thanks, man.
Really, it was cool of you.
I mean, nobody likes a snitch, But I feel kinda bad.
You feel "kinda" bad that the school saw me Wrapped up like a sandwich? I really appreciate you bailing me out.
I didn't do it for you, dumbass.
Zero tolerance.
If I told, we might forfeit the entire season.
There's not much point of making starting qb1 If there's no season.
You making it? You mean, by threatening to tell the world That some guy's gay.
That's heroic.
I don't care how gay, or not gay you are.
I just did you a huge favour back there, And now you owe me.
And I'm just supposed to step aside? You do not want me to force you.
come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on come on, come on shake your booty booty booty booty now you're a cutie cutie shake your body booty now Front, front, And pose! Pose hard! Oh my god, bianca.
That was amazing! Does "amazing" mean "garbage" to you? Jess fell twice, And janie looks like she's in the ballet.
O-kay, So maybe we have a little bit of work to do Before we t t booked for any hip hop videos.
We have a lot of work to do Before we get booked for indecent exposure.
okay, back in the line! Um, actually, why don't we take a break.
Maybe discuss wardrobe options? Or we could put our effort into things that matter! president sav here with a reminder That buses will take panthers fans to bardell.
Get there early to get a seat! Go panthers! Um, okay, everyone meet outside at 3 p.
Sharp! And why exactly would we do that? So we can all go to the game together.
You know, like the power squad.
Girl, cheerleaders cheer at games.
Dance crew's don't.
That doesn't mean we can't sit in the stands.
We're a club, Aren't we supposed to do stuff together? Yeah.
Like dance.
shake your booty, baby booty, baby booty now you're a thug with the hoodie hoodie hoodie down shake your booty booty booty booty now you're a cutie cutie shake your body, booty now shake your booty booty booty booty now Coach armstrong: Now I know this stuff can be tough, But if you apply yourself, I know you can get it.
Coach arstrong: Okay, good work, everyone.
No homework tonight.
So there's no excuse for missing the first game, okay? Hey, coach? Can I talk to you? Yeah.
Everything okay? Yeah.
I was just wondering about tryouts And if you've made any decisions? Well, you know we only make cuts If we run out of uniforms.
So What about quarterback? Well, I assumed you'd pick up where you left off last season.
Only this time, as captain.
I think drew might be a better captain.
Well, drew's a good qb with great potential, But everyone knows this is your team, riley.
I need you to show me that, starting today.
I don't know if I'm up for it, coach.
Is something wrong? No, it's It's just pre-game jitters.
You're always nervous before a game.
Then you get out there and tear the other team apart.
I've seen it.
I guess it's just been so intense, Fighting for my job.
Don't worry.
Drew's got nothing on you.
avenues there's a chance taking too many times so cut the brake lines pretend you don s see the signs you try to see the stars but there's far too many c the solution to t p problem y y arerehe stata so don't let t slip away the ghost of all those memories become the sun today Hey.
How was french? Pas mal.
I was gonna text you, but I can't find my phone.
really? Don't worry, I didn't leave it At marisol's house or anything.
It's okay, I'm done being jealous.
Did you change your message sound? Um 'cause that sounds like mine.
I kinda borrowed it, And then, I haven't seen you since lunch, So I had no chance to give it back.
You borrowed it.
Find anything interesting? I was being paranoid.
All these texts from the same number, so.
Oh, god! You called it.
I didn't say who I was.
I freaked out and hung up.
Oh: I know your minds are already at the big game, But I'll need 50 minutes of your attention.
My family's off limits, jenna.
So is my stuff.
no wonder I can't trust anyone.
Big announcement! You brought us all brownies? Hmm Better.
Remember how you thought it was pointless for us To all go to the game together.
I still do.
Well, even if big d dance crue's Performing there? oh! Is there another big d dance crue? Well, I pulled some major strings with my brother, But it's gonna be amazing.
Alli, we're not ready! Ready, shmready.
I just want people to see that I have my own group And that it's awesome.
So, wait.
This is all about popularity? Uh, hello? What else is it about? dancing? Dancing equals confidence, Which equals coolness, Which equals getting invited to all the best parties, And getting drew - or someone like drew - As my boyfriend.
You've really got this little plan all figured out.
And it seems like your little plan Is to argue with everything I say.
I'm not performing at any game today.
Then you're cut! Later.
Have fun being popular.
Okay, everyone.
We have got a lot of moves To cram into those little tiny brains, So let's get Started.
Uh Where are you guys going? Bianca's right.
We're a team And you're not on it.
you can't kick me off my own Team.
Guys, wait! Coach armstrong: Let's give it up for our newest wide receiver Kc guthrie! Yeah, kc! Yeah! Congratulations! Whoo! In the house! Coach armstrong: Our new starting kicker Zane park! Aw, yeah! Whoo! Whoo! Coach armstrong: And finally , starting quarterback Requires a leader.
A man of skill, strength , and integrity.
And that man Is riley stavros! Yeah! Yeah, riley! I thought we had a deal.
I changed my mind.
Come're, bud! Yeah, man! Coach armstrong: Okay, panthers! Big first game today! Fully dressed, and on the bus in 20! Let's go! Let's go, panthers! Let's go, boys! So? Starting wide receiver.
That's amazing! And you're still mad at me.
I've gotta get to the bus.
Talk to me.
I should've never snooped around on your cell.
I'm really sorry! But if whatever's going on with your mom Is such a big deal, You can't keep it all bottled up.
She's out of jail.
Uh Oh my gosh! When did she get out? Eight months ago.
And you still haven't seen her? Been trying not to for eight months.
But where's she living? Close by? Far away? I think we've talked enough.
Ah! Coach armstrong! I don't understand.
My son is hazed and nothing happens? Coach armstrong: The investigation is ongoing, mrs.
Drew was clearly targeted.
And when he transferred to this school, He expected a fair chance at starting quarterback! He was given a chance in tryouts, Like everybody else.
Oh But only one player was tied to the flagpole this morning.
Well, you leave me no other choice.
I'm gonna have to have another chat With your principal.
Dude, what's your mom doing? If I can't play, nobody can.
Are you gonna rat on me? I don't have to.
Coach armstrong: Everybody on the bus! Let's go.
president sav here with a reminder That buses will take panther fans to bardell.
Go panthers! Are you going to the game? Uh, the football game? Not if I can help it.
Yeah, me neither.
Well, what about your dance crew? They're not my "crue" anymore.
What happened? They didn't care about football games or parties.
All they wanted to do was dance, dance, dance.
Hmm, what kind of a dummy Thinks a dance crew is about dancing? this isn't funny, clare.
Even my own crew doesn't want me.
I mean, is this it? Will I miss every football game 'cause I have no one to go with? not this one.
Really? You're the best! Just remember that when I drag you To the science centre this weekend.
Zane, congratulations on kicker.
You earned it.
Same to you, I guess.
I hope it was worth it.
Excuse me? Coach armstrong: Hold up, guys! Yeah.
I just got an order from the school board.
Until they investigate today's incident, The panthers won't be playing football.
Team members: What? Come on! You're kidding me! All this drama Because you think gay guys can't play football.
I have something to tell everyone.
All of this happened because I'm I'm I shouldn't be the starting quarterback Of this team.
Come on, man! The flagpole thing? It was me.
I was scared I couldn't beat drew.
Drew? Looks like you have the start, son.
Come with me.
You win.
All right! Hey, everyone.
Okay, so before we start our game, We have a very special performance From degrassi's very own Big d dance crue! Boy in crowd: whoo! Oh no.
All right! Let's see big d! Alli? What? Hi I'm alli bhandari, And this is Well, I am Degrassi's big d dance crue! Whoo! I'm a bad friend, I'm a kind of bad dancer, And a mega-bad club organizer.
But I love my school, And the panthers.
And if you do too, feel free to join! People in crowd: all right! Hey! People in crowd: Whoo! Whoo! Come on! there you go, you're back again, babe Aw, should we go rescue her? I think she might be beyond that point.
you're still so sleepy when you're struggling What kind of friends would we be If we didn't try? Oh, I can't believe I'm doing this.
that you're dying here you make my friends all sad I know that you're harmless and you're not so bad well I can be your friend will you feel the lovin', baby will you bend down? Whoo! Whoo! will you bend down? you got his ghost to disappear but I'll soon forget Starting quarterback has to be properly hydrated.
Armstrong let you stay? To watch, not to play.
And I got a five game suspension.
You know, I'm sorry the way things turned out.
No, you're not.
Any chances, uh, you can help me run some plays? Are you dreaming? What else are you gonna do, sitting on the sidelines For the next five games? I'm counting down every minute Until I come back.
That should be you out there.
Or, at least, the football you.
Hope someday it can be all of me.
Okay, guys, let's go! I wanna see some hustle! Adriano_CSI