Degrassi The Next Generation (2001) s10e08 Episode Script

Better Off Alone: Part 2

Someone answer the phone.
Yeah? I stayed at my mom's last night.
Sorry I didn't check in.
Okay, sorry.
Ever heard the word vibrate? I should go.
Take these.
It's aspirin, moron.
I'd expect a junkie's kid To be a little more street-smart.
How'd you know about my mom? You suffered an extreme case of gin-induced verbal diarrhea.
Did your basketball coach really hire a hooker? 'cause I want on that team.
Barbie at 12 o'clock.
Glad to see you're still alive.
Ugh! You reek! And you're stupid enough to think gin Would solve all your problems? No, mom.
She's the one crying 'cause her son doesn't want to live with her.
Why don't you go give her a tissue Since you're her new bff? What's your problem? Everyone telling me what to do.
'cause caring's a crime in your world.
What do you know about my world? I know that if you don't watch out You could end up like those losers.
I am not like them.
Really? 'cause from where I'm standing It sure doesn't look that way.
whatever it takes I know I can make it through if I hold out I know I can make it through ooooh-oo-oo-oo-ooh! be the best ♪ the best that I can be! ♪ ♪ whatever it takes ♪ I know I can make it I can make it I can make it through whatever it takes I know I can make through Mrs.
Edwards: That red dress mrs.
Salinger wore to the fundraiser? Reverend duncan nearly had a heart attack.
So why couldn't dad go again? I told you, he had to work.
He's been working a lot lately.
What're you getting at, clare? If something was wrong You'd tell me, right? You're such a worry wart.
What do you want me to tell you? The truth.
Nothing's wrong.
You're sure? Positive.
Now go.
Oh: And everyone thought Not only was the internet cool and useful, It would also be a cash cow.
Then came the dot-com bust.
I'll tell you what wasn't a bust, Your party.
Well, I couldn't have done it without ya.
We do make an awesome team.
So why don't we have a team hangout? Coffees at the dot? The dot? Um, I was I was hoping to spend some quiet time With my boyfriend.
Boyfriend? Oh.
Didn't know it was official.
Do you think it's too soon? No, no, no, not at all.
I can't wait to tell drew.
Drew? Why would you tell drew? Mmm, because He's my boyfriend.
Dave, you didn't think That's so sweet.
Player 1: Set hut! Okay, take it wide.
Player 2: Good eye! Yeah! Dude, it's just a practice! Yeah, what's wrong? Linebacker can't take a hit?! No, the question is can you?! kc, over here! What're you doing? You could've hurt somebody.
Sorry, coach, I uh Forgot there was no tackling.
What, lack of pads didn't clue you in? You know, these last few days You haven't been yourself.
You wanna tell me what's wrong? It's nothing.
Well, if it turns out to be more than nothing, You know where to find me, right? Yes, sir.
Okay, one more ball.
Missed you last night.
Was "twilight" on tv? She thinks she's protecting me by lying, But she's just making it worse.
Rewind and Play.
According to my mom, Everything's fine between her and my dad, But anyone can see that it's not.
Do you think they're getting divorced? Divorced?! My parents would never get divorced! My mom's just sad Because my dad's always in a bad mood.
Well, have you told them how you feel? I've been trying, but they don't want to talk.
You could write how you feel In that letter for english class.
Kill two birds with one stone.
Why are you trying to force me To leave the group home? Because a son should be with his mother.
Come in.
Which mom will I get? The one that makes me dinner Or the one that doesn't come home for three days? It's gonna be different this time, I pomise.
Then why did I find gin here? Oh, I can have a drink or two.
That was never my problem.
But last night it was mine.
I drank it.
A lot of it.
Do you want me to end up like you?! no.
Is that what you want?! Of course not.
Then please make it easy for me.
Let me stay in the group home! I can't do that, kc.
You should be with me! Let's see if the courts agree.
How did it feel to write this? Good.
Really good.
It's everything I wanted to say.
Dawes: Miss edwards, mr.
It's nice of you to join us today.
Actually, I'm excited to hear your excuses For skipping last class.
Let me guess Violent food poisoning? Actually, we were both working on our assignments.
Original, But it's not gonna save you from detention.
Now, I'd like to hear those assignments.
Miss edwards, why don't you go first? Me? Ms.
Dawes: Yeah.
Come on.
We'll see if the assignment Helped with your writer's block.
"'we need to talk' Is a line that every kid dreads.
But you know what's worse? Waiting for it, Every minute of every hour of every day.
Because I know it's coming, The reason why you're fighting all the time, And I know I won't like the answer.
But whatever you tell me Can't be worse than the waiting.
So please, don't make me wait any longer.
" I'm sorry.
T-there's more.
No, that's all right.
It's a good start.
What say you, eli? I think it deserves a larger audience, Like at the student showcase tomorrow.
That's a fantastic idea.
Clare? Uh, well, it's kind of personal.
Dawes: Yeah, but all great art is personal, And this is head and shoulders above your last work.
I am signing you up after class.
my mom's gonna be at the showcase! Which means she'll be forced to listen to you.
Isn't this what you wanted? Those are last years grades.
But my marks this year are way higher.
I can see that.
Thank you.
And I'm the only sophomore on the senior football team.
That must mean I'm mature for my age, right? Let the lawyer review your file.
Does he know about how she-? I've got a complete picture of the situation.
You're sure you'd rather stay in the home Than with your mother? More than anything.
We'll need references.
I'm happy to speak for kc.
That won't be enough.
Kc, do you have any teachers That could testify that you'd be better off Without your mom? My football coach offered to help.
The process could take months, And in the end it's up to the judge.
But you think I have a chance? If everything checks out Possibly.
Talk to your coach and get back to me.
What can I do you for? Remember how you said If I needed something I could come to you? I do.
The thing is, I could use your help.
I need a reference.
Well, no problem.
What type of job are you applying for? Well, it's not exactly a job.
I need someone to testify that I'm better off without my mom.
Sorry? It's the only way I'll get to stay in the group home.
Well, what makes you think I'm qualified To make that type of decision? You said you'd help.
What about your social worker? I need more than that.
Well, maybe you should talk to ms.
Sauve Or principal simpson.
But they're just my teachers.
And I'm just your coach.
There must be someone else.
Kc, I'm sorry.
So after you plug it into your computer, It'll say "update?" And you just take your guitar, after you plug it in, And you just hit every single note.
It makes it so much easier.
It's so much fun too.
You just- Hey.
I was wondering If you wanted to see "ghostbusters" tonight? It's retro night at the varsity.
Uh, yeah, I've already seen it.
yeah, that's kinda the point of retro night.
Or we could grab dessert.
The dot makes a mean chocolate cheesecake.
I already have plans.
So you're blowing me off? No, no.
I get it.
It's intense seeing me after our make-out session At my party.
It was pretty awesome.
Wasn't it? So let's make this official.
Wow, I'm flattered.
You are? Yeah, you're a smart and beautiful girl.
Well, then everything's perfect, right? Nearly.
It's football season and I'm qb one.
Which means games, practices, workouts.
I'm gonna be really busy.
I don't mind.
You will.
I wish things were different.
Yeah, me too.
Ladies and gents of the pta, Sav, your student council president here.
Are you ready to see Some of degrassi's best and brightest? yes! Okay, you wanted to talk to your mom And this is your chance.
Maybe I am a worry wart.
Maybe there's nothing wrong at home.
Or maybe you're scared.
Of what?! Finding out what's really going on with your parents.
That's not true.
Then prove it.
Dawes assigned us as english partners Because she thought you needed to take risks.
With my writing! Not my life.
This isn't me shouting in a park In front of a bunch of strangers.
This is my family.
It's personal.
Okay, up first we have a talented scribe.
Only in grade ten, She's taking grade eleven advanced english.
Please put your hands together for clare edwards! I can't.
Uh, okay Hey, I need to get out of here, fast! Don't worry, I won't stop you.
Come with me.
We can hitchhike to nashville and find your mom.
My mom's in memphis.
Well, then we'll go there too.
I did something bad.
Really bad.
I was mad.
It was dumb.
Please, can we go? fine.
Okay, so memphis? Let's start with coffee.
Kc? Can we have a little chat in my office? So, I spent all afternoon thinking about you.
What amazing idea did you come up with? I still want to spend time with you, If you want.
We could catch that movie.
or we could go make out somewhere.
Um, well, My parents won't be home for another hour.
Edwards: There you are.
What happened?! I thought you were supposed to read something At the showcase.
I got cold feet.
Stage fright's not like you.
Is everything okay? You tell me.
What's this? The piece I was supposed to read today.
What's going on with you and dad? Are you Are you getting a divorce? I wish I could tell you.
You can.
I'm not a kid.
But you are a kid, clare, And you shouldn't have to worry about your father and me.
But I can't just ignore the fact That something's wrong! What is it? I don't know.
Your father doesn't want to spend time with me, And nothing I do seems to change that.
So ask him why.
I'm worried about what the answer will be.
I need to know, mom.
Don't you? I'll talk to him tonight.
Simpson: What's going on? Coach armstrong asked me to call this meeting Because he's concerned about you.
That's crap.
Excuse me? If he cared about me, he would have helped.
Kc, I'm just your coach.
So, is this an intervention? No, it's not.
Sit down.
We'll wait.
Now, we want to discuss What's been going on with you lately.
We know you didn't sleep at your mom's last night.
And you've been acting out at practice.
And there's also the, uh, Little incident with coach armstrong's car.
I don't know anything about that.
Are you sure? Is this what you do at this school? You accuse the poor kid of every crime? Well No, of course not.
Then I assume you have some proof that kc's guilty? Look, we just want to get to the bottom of this thing.
But you figure the mom did jail time So the kid's a bad seed! Miss guthrie, We would not jump to conclusions like that.
good! Then I guess we're done! Is there somewhere I can talk to my kid? Take your time.
Why'd you cover for me? 'cause you're my son.
I not gonna let anybody mess with you.
Even me.
I know what it's like To not have control over your life, And I wouldn't wish it on anybody.
So, if you want to stay in the group home, I not gonna fight ya.
What're you doing here? Hi, eli, how are you? Fine, clare, thanks for asking.
If you don't wanna tell your mom how you're feeling, I respect that.
Too late.
You read her the letter? And she wants to know what's wrong as much as I do.
She and my dad are talking right now.
So what you're saying is My plan worked? could you be more smug? Absolutely.
You might want to borrow these.
They're noise cancellation.
Might come in handy If things get worse with your folks.
Or if you need to ignore an english partner.
And I'm sorry for interfering.
I promise not to do it again.
Um You can interfere every once in a while, But I'm still gonna do whatever I want.
Wouldn't expect anything less.
* so tell me where did I go wrong * * before you * * before you came along? * * well, it's seems like I was lost you showed me how to do things right Hi.
Are you here to stay? I'm scared, mom.
me too.
It's going to be better this time.
So much better.
You're probably hungry.
I have chicken wings and pizza.
I wanted to make sure I had all your favourites Just in case, so Did I do something wrong? No? Well, then let's get out of the hallway And have dinner! Then, maybe after, We can discuss the drinking And why it's not okay to key a teacher's car.
Not gonna let me off easy, are you? what kinda mom would I be? Mom? * so use me, don't let me screw it up * * I believe you, oh, and I need your touch * I really missed you.
Me too.
* I believe you, oh, and I need you now * * to make it better all somehow * * to make it better all somehow *