Degrassi The Next Generation (2001) s11e01 Episode Script

Boom Boom Pow: Part 1

All right, it's spring break, kids! And just because you can't get to the beach does not mean you have to spend it home alone! It's about fun, it's about flings, and we've got the perfect thing to get you started! I've got six Keke Palmer concert tickets for the first freestyler that can raise our temperatures up here! - Hold this.
- What're you doing? Do you want those tickets or not? - Oh! - Oh yeah, Bianca! Yeah! Woo! Drew: Woo! Bianca: Two for you, two for you, and---Two for us! - Sweet! - So how are we going to celebrate my big win? By getting me home before curfew.
You have curfew on spring break?! Only two more weeks! Anson: Looking good, b! Looking real good.
Sorry, can't talk right now! Hey, don't be a stranger! He's a friend of yours? Bianca: Anson? No.
He's just a thug I used to hang out with.
Wish we didn't have to say goodbye.
Maybe we don't.
Wow! It's 4 AM.
I should go.
Open it.
It's for our two month.
- If you hate it, I'll- - I don't! I love it.
They engraved it for free.
Bianca l.
Drew? Are you up? Oh my God! My mom! Get up! Ow! I heard voices.
Must've been the TV.
I just turned it off.
Tell your friend to go home, and then we'll talk.
And make sure she doesn't forget this.
Fiona: Thank you, I'll be right down.
Bon voyage! Here, a parting gift.
SPF 75.
I'll wear it proudly.
Only six hours till long walks on the beach, and unlimited strawberry daiquiris.
Virgin, of course.
Oh, so somebody's hoping for a spring fling.
Her name is Tara, or Tisha.
Maybe Hilary.
She goes to a small liberal arts college, and we'll meet when the spa double books us for pedicures.
She'll let me have it.
Of course.
And then once my nails are perfectly polished, we'll stroll down to a secluded cove and that's where we'll share our first kiss.
So you're just gonna wing it? You are not going to like this.
What? The spa's all booked? A volcano erupted in St.
Kitts! All flights in and out of the Caribbean have been cancelled! So what am I supposed to do for seven days? Holly J: Ooh! I'm taking an art class.
You should come! And spend spring break staring at a bowl of fruit? Kill me now.
Mom and dad'll love it.
Fresh new walls just in time for spring, and we did it! Yeah, well, I did it while other guys are out having fun with their girlfriends.
Okay, I know you're still down about Holly J, but your guitar moping is like harshing my spring break high! Fine, I'll take it upstairs then.
No! What you need to do is go outside, and soak up some vitamin D! It's so bright outside though.
Come on, emo boy! You are gonna have fun this spring break, whether you like it or not! Come on! Ten bucks an hour to teach little ten-year-olds how to dribble.
This is the best spring break job ever! With the extra money I can buy baby Guthrie something special.
You guys wanna see pictures? Oh yeah, she looks like Jenna.
Well, she's a he.
Uh--- He looks like you, too! Okay, so, enough baby talk! What did y'all get up to last night? Okay, last night, me and Bianca were right in the middle of--- Dave: So we were making--- Making a sandwich.
A pretty awesome sandwich, when my mom walked in.
Oh! - Grounded? - A month.
So, are you gonna sell your concert tickets? Nah.
Bianca's going without me.
Have you seen your girlfriend? All right, guys, hey, let's go.
Yeah, these are great.
Let's go home.
Sav! You already own a pair like that.
Yeah, so why mess with what works? Because sometimes when you take a risk, - good things can happen.
- Well, Alli, when a girl rips your heart out, and throws it on the ground, and steps on it a little bit, it's hard to pretend to just get over something like that.
You got your heart broken? Yeah, sort of.
I'm sorry to hear.
Uh---I'm Sav.
Is this what you do on spring break? Sunglasses shopping? I-I was working on a song, but uh--- my sister forced me out.
Bodyguard: Keyana! We gotta roll! Jeez, daddy's gotta go when daddy's gotta go, right? Uh, hey, are--- a-are you free tonight? I'm working at the sound garage.
Oh yeah, the-the sound garage.
Yeah, I love seeing shows there.
Wh-who's playing? Bodyguard: Keyana! I'll leave your name at the door.
Cool! All right, here you go.
Okay, that was a good try, but--- when you shoot, you wanna keep your hand--- in the cookie jar.
It's for the concert.
You like? You know what? I-I was thinking.
Maybe you don't wanna go to the concert dressed like that.
You might attract too much attention.
You are too cute when you're jealous.
We need to motor if we want to meet the girls in time.
You're still going? I'll call you when I get home.
And don't worry, I won't flirt--- much.
Look, just trust me, art class will be so fun! I'm signing up, though I still don't know why you did! My CV is lacking in the visual arts, my doctor says it's relaxing, and there might be cute guys! Or girls.
Holly J, I've accepted my dream of a spring fling is officially--- dead.
Well, she looks very much alive.
Maybe you should go introduce yourself and say hello, my name's Fiona.
I like girls.
How about you? Well, you might want to work up to that.
Did I steal your sketch pad? It's all yours.
See? I'm such a newb.
Holly J: Oh, come on, "did I steal your sketch pad?" That is classic pick-up line! Art teacher: Class, I'd like to introduce you to today's subject.
Meet Charlie.
And it looks like you'll have something to talk about.
I said no, Drew! But everyone is going to be at the show! And did everyone sneak a girl in past curfew? Weren't you ever sixteen? Yeah, what if I don't go to the show and---and she meets someone else? How well do you know this girl? Her name is Bianca! The girl who wouldn't dance with your brother in ballroom class?! No, that was a misunderstanding.
She's a good person, mom! Well, then you have nothing to worry about.
Don't stay up too late.
Who's a good person? Never mind.
Okay, well as long as you're grounded, do you wanna fire up the X-Box? I'm going out.
I can't get any more grounded.
Actually, you can! Ready? Where are the girls? Inside.
Let's get in there! Free tickets to the Keke Palmer concert? Sav, you have got to lock this girl down.
What's her name again? Keyana.
She said she was working, I don't know where she is.
Who cares? The concert's about to start! ooh ooh right now I need to break down could you feel it too Woo! What if I was you? I got one life Alli! Alli! Alli.
That's her.
That's Keyana! No--- That was Keke Palmer! I wanna live it up I need to live it up until the walls come tumbling down until the walls come tumbling down so, DJ, turn it up--- Anson: Hey, B! What a coink-I-dink! Are you stalking me? I'm a big Keke fan.
You know, I thought about you lots when I was locked up.
We used to have so much fun.
Anson, don't.
Too good for me now? I have a life.
A boyfriend.
Who? That kid I saw you with? His name's Drew.
No, he seemed like a nice guy.
I bet people would be real torn up, you know, if he got hurt.
You thirsty? Yeah.
Let me buy you a drink.
So, DJ, turn it up and are the speakers on? until the walls come tumbling down How do I even know if she's gay? Talk to her.
I'm sure you have some special lesbian-dar thing.
Oh! I can't! Deep breath.
Okay, move your lips, words will come out.
Go! So, were you inspired to sketch? Oh, not really.
Oh, model sucked.
I hate when that happens.
Oh no, the model was great.
You were great.
Cute scooter.
It gets me around.
You like? I love.
Oh, awesome.
Don't tell me you have one too? Me? Oh, yeah.
I have scooters--- That's plural.
More than one.
Wow! Another fanatic.
We should go riding together sometime.
- We should? - Yeah! It'd be fun.
Um---What are you doing tomorrow after class? Riding scooters with you? Sounds great! How'd it go? We need to go shopping.
Accessories? Kinda.
So you think you can just call me like this? No, not me.
yeah, yeah nah-ah-ah-ah nah yeah I can't believe that that is the girl that I met while shopping for sunglasses! Well, believe it! And when you two get together, maybe Keke can introduce me to Taylor Lautner! No, no, no, too Drew-like.
- Maybe Justin Bieber!! - No--- No, Alli, that's never gonna happen! Sh-she's a rock star.
So I went through your phone just to see who picked up but it won't be me A rock star who wants you up on stage! Just go! I forgot all about you why you all on me you should really go back to her 'cause right now you working on my nerve 'Cause I'm not gonna be not, not gonna be the one you call Whoo! Yeah! So you don't listen did you not get the hint when I said I'm not interested with me your time's run out don't you think you should give up now who are you kiddin'? Oh, man! Sav is so lucky! But---Not as lucky as me.
Hey, didn't you guys just have a baby? Yeah.
My mom had the night off.
Best grandma ever! Yeah, I'll be lucky if I can stay awake for another hour! Why you all on me? why you call? you should really go back to her This is so crazy--- This is so crazy! Hey, guys! Hey! Look what the cat dragged in.
- Your mom let you out? - Uh, not exactly.
Where's B? Haven't seen her in a while.
but what gives you the right to think that I'm gonna wait up don't you see that you're playing yourself Hey, uh, B, I'm at the show and I was hoping that you're still--- Here.
You're unbelievable, you know that? Oh my God! What are you doing here? I sneak out to find you here with another guy! Did you plan this, did you tell him to meet you here? Of course not! Oh, so it's just one big coincidence?! We used to date, okay? He's stalking me.
There's nothing I could do about it! Then come with me! He's dangerous, Drew! He's in a gang, he threatened to hurt you! What's he gonna do? Shoot me? You know, I thought you'd changed.
Drew, stop! I bet you've been hooking up with him the entire time we've been together.
Pretty much! no it won't be me 'cause you missed out on a good one now you're feelin' lonely--- Okay, thank you.
Argh! Apparently there's no way I can learn to ride a scooter by tomorrow! It's baby blue.
How hard could it be? Before you can even get on a scooter, you need a learner's permit and a licence.
And there's no way you can get all that by tomorrow afternoon? So I'm told.
I guess there's only one thing to do.
Tell Charlie the truth? And let her know I'm an inexperienced dork who can't talk to a girl without turning pathological? You're not gonna cancel.
Is "plumbing emergency" a viable excuse nowadays? I'm off.
You find Bianca? Yeah, with another guy, some ex.
She made up some crap about him being in a gang.
Not everyone lives in a nice house off the park, Drew! There were tons of guys in the group home mixed up with stuff like that.
It's not easy to get out! You think she's telling the truth? Has she ever lied to you before? No.
She could be in trouble.
You're not hiding from me, are you? I need to get home.
Oh, come on, we both know that's not true.
Don't worry, okay? I won't make you do anything you haven't done before.
Oh, come on.
Pick up! Pick up, pick up! Damn it! Ahhhhh! Let go of me! Shh! Shh! Shh! Help me! Shh! Shh! Shh! Help me! Get off her! Mind your own business, huh? Stop it! Stop! Get off of him! Stop!! Ungh! Please! Get up! Get up!! Oh D! Oh! Are you okay? Yeah.
Hey! Let's get out of here! Oh my God.
This is all my fault.
I'll never doubt you, I'm so sorry.
You fought for me.