Degrassi The Next Generation (2001) s11e02 Episode Script

Boom Boom Pow: Part 2

(Basketballs bounce) (Van idles quietly) Audra: Yeah, goodbye! I'll pick you up when you're done.
You don't have to follow me around! Really? Well, think about that the next time you sneak out to go to a concert! Bye, mom! (Van rumbles away) (Sighs) - How are you feeling? - I'm sore, but I'll live.
I may need help planning my escape from parental Alcatraz.
What's wrong? We have bigger problems than your mom.
(Drew gasps) Bianca: It's him.
Drew: "Rushed to hospital with head injuries, Anson Wells was declared dead on arrival.
" (Gasps fearfully) Oh my God, what do we do? Okay, slow down, we don't need to panic.
Really? We need to go to the cops! Drew, we need to relax and think this through.
Oh my God, I can't believe this! A guy tries to rape you! We did the only thing we could! We have to live our lives like nothing happened.
(Police car rumbles) Why should we turn ourselves in if no one's looking for us? (Sighs heavily) (Car door slams) (Keke Palmer song, "the one you call" plays) You do know she wrote that song before she met you, right? I just can't get over it.
I met Keke Palmer.
And now she's gone.
She was never here! In the sense of actually being in your life.
Yeah, but she invited me to her show.
She even pulled me up on stage! That's gotta be something, right? She did seem bizarrely into you.
I have to see her.
Well, did you get her number? (Sighs) Well, that was poor planning! It's not like I could ambush her at her hotel, right? Who does that sort of thing? Groupies, stalkers--- - I should change.
- No, it's fine, go! (Laughs) Officer Turner: After you finish with this, you come home, help me in the garage.
Then you can head out tonight, okay? Dave: Okay.
Drew: Dave! Hey, so I guess you patched things up with Bianca after the Keke show? Yeah, it was a big misunderstanding, my friend.
Bianca: He's so paranoid.
Hey, did you guys hear about that guy who got killed like a block away from us? Yeah, it was another murder in the club district,right, pops? Oh, it was a murder? We don't know that for sure.
Yeah, but people don't usually smash their own heads in.
You guys have any, like, leads? We're working on it.
- I gotta run, son.
- Okay.
Bye, pops.
(Car starts) (Door slams) You know, it's probably gang stuff or something.
Oh yeah, no doubt.
Dave: Yeah, they'll probably find the guys who did it like dead next weekend.
(Laughs) All right, guys, let's shoot around! Maybe Charlie won't recognize me.
Fifi, all you did was lie to Charlie about having a plumbing emergency, and it was Very smooth.
(Groans) I know! Just maybe I should avoid--- Charlie! So, how's the plumbing? Great.
It's great.
Uh--- Just some backed up pipes.
So boring.
Charlie: Right--- Um, I didn't see your scooter out there.
Okay, I lied.
I don't have one.
Why lie? To impress you? I'm lesbian.
A-a lesbian? It's a recent revelation, in case you haven't noticed.
I wondered, I admit.
Ever since I came out, I haven't really hung out with any non-straight type girls, women, uh--- People like us, I mean, if you are.
Charlie: Oh, okay.
(Takes a deep breath) I am.
Um--- Everyone's gotta start somewhere, right? You're doing great! (Both laugh) (Kids holler and laugh) Drew: It'll be okay.
We're gonna get away with this.
We just need to stick together.
(Sighs) (Gasps) Where's your bracelet? I-I don't know.
Last time I wore it--- I-I wore it to the concert! Then? Your name is engraved on it! If the police find it in the alley- I know! We need to go.
(Sirens wail) Sav: Hey, Keke.
Can I get an autograph? Should I get rid of him? Oh, one autograph, it's fine.
What are you doing here? Um--- not stalking you? (Both laugh) Obviously, you're really busy.
I have to get out of here.
- Excuse me? - Every second of my life is scheduled.
I haven't had a moment to myself.
It never stops.
Okay, um--- What are we supposed to do? (Sighs) Run.
- What?! - Run.
Now! Fiona: So now what? Coffee? I have dialysis.
Rain check? Sure.
Charlie: So, you have a girlfriend? Oh, Holly J? Um, uh--- In the platonic, non-lesbian sense.
(Both laugh awkwardly) (Sighs) So what's it like? You've never ridden one? Lucky for you, I carry an extra helmet.
Do you give a lot of girls rides on your scooter? Mmm--- Only special ones.
(Engine revs) (Fiona laughs) Vince: Sorry I couldn't help you.
Maybe we should just turn ourselves in, tell the cops everything.
No! I can't.
I have a record.
What kind of record? I beat up some girl at a club and I'm still on probation! But this was self-defense! He attacked you - You know that! I know that.
But the cops are already talking murder.
(Car engine starts) (Police car rumbles) (Sighs) Then let's find your bracelet.
(Cars rumble, horn honks) Nice and chill, good coffee.
Your hangout's the business! Yeah, The Dot's normally infested with high schoolers, but during spring break, ghost town central.
I'm glad you showed up.
Can I ask you something? Why me? You seem nice.
But for real though.
I mean--- You're this famous singer and I'm just a regular guy.
You're special, Sav.
I'm no jet-setting, club-rocking, hit-making super diva! It's just nice to get a coffee with a down-to-earth guy, once in a while.
(Sighs heavily) That was quick.
Stupid GPS phone.
Bodyguard: Yeah, I'll get her to rehearsal.
Palmer, it's time to go! I guess this is it.
At least you have my autograph.
(Sirens blare repeatedly) Bianca: Forget it! It's not here! Two more minutes, just to be sure.
(Bianca sighs nervously) Vince: Looking for something? Vince: The name's Vince.
And you are Bianca L.
That's not my name.
Vince: You shouldn't put so much personal info online, Bianca! And you must be the boyfriend, Drew.
So you two go to Degrassi, huh? What do you want, man? You gonna go to the cops? You got no idea what you got yourself into, do you? Next time I see you, payback.
(Gasps) There's a guy out there with a gun.
What if he comes after my family or my friends? Or you? I can't live like this! Drew, please! We can't go to the police.
I know.
That's why we need to find that Vince guy.
- So he can shoot us? - No.
So I can talk to him! I don't think Vince is the type of guy who listens to reason.
It's the only way to get out of this! (Sighs heavily) I know a guy who can track him down.
Thank you.
I hope you know what you're doing.
Me too.
(Sighs heavily) (Cars rumble) Holly J: What's the emergency? Fiona: Isn't it pretty? Holly J: Oh, right.
Your new obsession.
Charlie took me for a ride and it made me feel free.
So I'm getting my licence and picking it up tomorrow! (Holly J laughs) Not to be a bucket of water, but you sure you and Charlie are gonna scooter off into the sunset together? Well, she certainly enjoys my company; she's coming to my place.
Oh? What are you gals gonna do? Sketch.
Just the two of you? Alone? Oh my God--- What if something happens? You wanted a spring fling, right? (Sighs happily) (Fiona and Holly J laugh) (Sirens wail distantly) (Crickets chirp) You're sure he's coming? That's what I hear.
Any hints about what you're gonna say? I don't want you trying to change my mind.
(Dog barks) Vince: What's up, dead meat? This better be worth my time.
Drew: Then I'll make it quick.
Look, I get the whole eye for an eye thing.
But you have to understand, this was purely self-defense.
And I'm really, really sorry for what happened to your friend.
Anson wasn't my friend; he was useful.
He helped me get paid.
So now you owe me.
- No! - It's okay.
Vince: I could use somebody like you.
Squeaky clean, popular high school dude.
Lots of potential customers.
Like for drugs? This was your plan all along.
Well, if you and your boy wanna keep from getting shot.
Fine, I'll do it.
First, you gotta prove I can trust you.
You want me to shoot someone? You in or you out? (Gun clicks) Vince: It's gonna go down tomorrow.
I'll call you with the name, and where to find him.
This is your one chance, bro! (Dog barks) (Fence rattles) (Streetcar rumbles) Nice pad you've got here.
Fiona: It's comfy.
So, what should we draw? Fruit? Another banana? Fiona, I've taken 7 levels of still life classes.
Where do you want me? Oh! Uh--- You're gonna model? Charlie: Yeah! I model for you, you model for me.
(Laughs awkwardly) (Sighs) (Laughs) Are my shoulders really that pointy? Fiona: Oh no, you don't like it? No, I do.
I love it.
What are you doing in there? When I found out my spring break trip was cancelled, I thought I'd never get a chance to wear this.
The suspense is killing me.
Fiona: (Laughs) Do you like it? It's cute.
So now it's your turn to sketch.
Where do you want me? (Sighs) Right there.
Like that.
The way the light hits you, right there, that has to be one of the most beautiful things in the world.
I'm sorry, uh--- Can we just sketch? I'm really sorry.
(Sighs heavily) (Sighs) I'm gonna need you to stand still.
(Sighs) (Sighs heavily) (Song plays on computer) Hey, sounds great! Is that Keke? No, it's me! Alli: You're writing songs again? Does this mean you're not bummed? No, I-I'm not deluded, Alli! I was one degree from Keke Palmer! That could've been a whole semester of cred! You know what the best part is? I haven't thought about Holly J for a whole day.
(Computer chimes) Whoa--- what's this? Whoa! Hey! Sav? Keke! How did you find me? I have people.
You okay? Yeah, I mean, I'm-I'm keeping busy, working on songs, and working on my demo.
Keke: I've been working on something too! Sav, I'm sorry I had to run.
I hope you didn't think I was playing with you.
Sav: Nah, it's fine.
It was fun while it lasted.
Truth is, I needed the pick me up.
Keke: So did I.
Sav: So, can I hear it? Your new track? Well, it's just a melody, but I can wing it.
Well, that would be awesome.
(Keke laughs) You can push me to the edge I'll come back like an avalanche I'm ready gotta both my feet on the ground the world is waiting for me I'll put the stars in the sky in my hand and into my pocket build a castle way up high come down on rockets Yes! Can you turn that off?! Adam: No way! I'm slaughtering these guys! You wanna play? No.
- Holly J: Well, how was your sketch date? - Sketchy? If humiliation had a face, this would be it.
What happened? We kissed.
Holly J: Fiona Celestine Arabella Coyne, you naughty little minx! So, are we talking spring fling, or should I make new plans for chick TV night? Well, I kissed her, and then she kissed me, and kept kissing me, and then I totally chickened out.
Rejection is harsh.
Followed by the most awkward hour of sketching since the invention of charcoal.
(Fiona sighs nervously) Are we skipping art class? No, I have to face this.
Hey, Charlie.
Look, if you hate me, I get it.
Last night, I might have moved faster than I should have.
I like you, it's just--- This is all so new to me, and I just wanna make sure we're friends.
Friends first, benefits maybe later.
It makes sense.
We'll only go fast on the street--- If a friend can give another friend a ride.
I don't see why not.
(Relieved sigh) Well, I hope the brakes on your crush are as good as the ones on her scooter.
They're not.
(Laughs) Come on.
You don't have to do this.
I'm doing it for you.
There he is.
It's time for me to prove myself.
Dave: Yo, drew, what's up? I need to talk to your dad.
You all right, son? That guy in the alley - the one that was killed - it was an accident.
And how do you know that? He attacked my girlfriend.
He was going to rape her, so I hit him over the head with a brick a couple of times and then we ran.
I killed him.
There's also this.
One of his gang buddies gave it to me.
I'm supposed to shoot someone to save myself.
I'll tell you everything.
What's going to happen? There'll be lots of questions, but you're doing the right thing.
(Car door slams) (Car starts)