Degrassi The Next Generation (2001) s11e03 Episode Script

Love Game

Edwards: Don't be late for dinner tonight! (Door slams) Okay, diapers Blankets, bottle Mama's coming! Jacket(Tyson fusses) Mama's coming! (Groans) Ugh! I'm coming! Hi! We're gonna make it, right, Ty? (Cries) (Sighs) As soon as I find your other bootie.
(Eli sighs) It's a tragedy it had to end the way it did, but it had to end.
Alli: He was smothering you, Clare, you had no choice.
Clare: I just, I hope he's okay, you know? Has he tried to call? Email? Text? Uh, n-not since the night of the dance.
Maybe that's a good sign.
You're right.
There's no reason Eli and I can't both be mature about this.
We need to move on so we can walk these halls in peace.
Good luck, sister.
(Students chatter) Hey.
So How are you? I'm great.
Okay wanna talk? Nah, I'm good.
See you 'round.
girl: Hey! Oh, I missed you! How was spring break in Florida? The best! Wesley: Do you have third period with Ms.
Oh? Connor: Yes.
Me too! What about second period? Connor: Mr.
Wesley: Nice! High five! Hey, ladies, plans tonight? Other than first day back homework? Look, I'm trying to get the whole gang together.
Can I count you guys in? Sadie: There will be nachos! We'll be there.
(Girls laugh) Hey! How's your brother? Other than grounded for the rest of his life? Just trying to lay low for a couple of days.
What'd the police say? Is he in trouble? We don't know yet.
Mom freaked out, got a lawyer.
I still can't believe he killed a guy.
Hey, it was self defense.
Drew's never hurt anyone in his life.
Dave: Look, my dad said he did the right thing.
Holly J: Priority is prom committee.
We need a theme! Oh! Don't forget about grad photos.
And grad gifts.
Guys, this is our last semester together.
Anya, Fiona, and Holly J: Awwwwww! Aww, well I hate to break up a group hug, but these morning announcements won't read themselves.
Holly J: High school home stretch - are you and I okay? Sav: I am if you are.
Spring break was just what I needed.
- How was yours? - You know, dialysis.
Right, drag.
Well, let's do this, we good? Girl: Yep, let's go.
Okay Welcome back, Degrassi.
Next week we kick off our semester long health and well-being initiative: Our health, our passion.
Holly J: Visit the info table in the foyer to sign up Uh, Jenna! Jenna: Alli! You brought the baby to school? I guess he'll be getting a head start in grade ten with mom? Oh, I'm not actually here for class.
Oh, you're taking some mommy time? Till next year.
It's just even though I'm taking a break, I didn't want to miss everyone else's first day! So, how is he? Are you getting any sleep? Two hours a night, if I'm lucky.
Ugh! I cannot function without my beauty sleep.
You're amazing.
Oh, it's so worth it.
He is the best thing that's ever happened to me And to his daddy! Well, I have class.
See you sometime? Yeah! Sure! Okay.
Alli: Whoa! (Laughs) - Hey! - Hey.
What are you doing here? Ty and I wanted to wish you a good first day back! Oh, thanks.
You took two buses just for that? And to see my other friends.
Kinda boring at home.
(Bell rings) Oh! I can't be late for first period.
Have a good one, big guy.
You have a good day, too! Thanks.
(Jenna sighs heavily) Looks like it's just you and me.
(Students chatter) Guy: Hey.
Adam: Hey! Adam: Well, here we are, scary civics class.
- You ready? - Yeah.
I mean, how bad can itbe.
Whoa! That's a big binder.
(Binder thuds loudly) (Sighs) Hello? You here? Can Eli really just be fine? He told me he was great.
Well, did you hang out with him over spring break much? He had stuff to do.
I mean, you helped him! Look, the break-up is the best thing that could've happened.
You guys going to "Above The Dot" tonight? Uh I guess, maybe.
(Traffic rumbles) (Exhausted sigh) All right.
Oh! Ahhh! Need a hand? Jenna: Oh! Kyle, you're still here! Could you watch Ty for a bit? He kept me up all night.
I can't, little sis.
I'm on my way to work.
Where were you anyway? I wanted to see KC before school.
Kyle: (Scoffs) Lucky guy.
He goes to school, sees his friends, doesn't get woken up by his screaming nephew four times a night.
He's doing his part.
He's bringing over more diapers later.
Wow! He should get a medal.
Kyle! Look, I just think that the dude who actually helped make that baby should be around a little more.
He's busy, and Degrassi is a thousand miles from our place.
Kyle: All right, all right, I'm not gonna get on your case.
See ya later.
Bye, little T.
(Sighs heavily) Alli: Maybe Adam is right.
Maybe Eli is over you.
Clare, you're great, but it is possible.
This is the same Eli who crashed his hearse to stop us from breaking up! Okay, maybe we should stay in tonight.
You know, avoid all Eli zones.
I'm fine, Alli.
It's just Something doesn't seem right.
He's not acting like himself.
As in not obsessed with you? Clare, isn't that what you want? Mrs.
Edwards: Hmm.
You got all dressed up for dinner.
Dinner? The Martins? I told you about this weeks ago.
But Alli and I are going out! Glenn and his son just moved back here.
His son Jake? Who threw a dead frog at me last time I saw him.
That was six years ago.
They go to our church, I want them to feel welcome.
Report back to me? Of course.
Have fun.
(Scoffs) (Car rumbles) (Doors slam) Well, hello! Hey, we early? Mrs.
Edwards: Of course not, Glenn.
Come on in! Thank you.
Hey, Clare.
Who's your friend? (Sighs) (Pot sizzles) (Door slams) Sorry I'm late.
Got held up on the basketball courts.
But I got the poo protectors! Oh, you're a lifesaver! How was day one? It was awesome! This semester I have both gym and art, so hardly any homework for the rest of the year! And it was Taco Tuesday on Monday.
Oh, I love tacos! I know! I'm just happy you're here.
I've been waiting all day for some quality time with my number one guy.
Justin Bieber? Yeah, but you'll do till he gets here.
How's Tyson? Oh asleep, finally.
(Tyson coos) Good.
Well, I'd love to hang out with my very, very, sexy girlfriend, but I told Dave I'd meet him and the gang at "Above The Dot".
I thought you said that you were helping with Tyson tonight.
Well, uh, he's sleeping.
We don't both need to be here, right? Legally, no, but Cool! I have no plans tomorrow.
I'll visit then.
Promise! And I'll tell the gang you say hi.
(Frustrated sigh) (Door slams) Glenn: Helen, thanks for having us.
Jake: Mmm! Chicken's great! Mrs.
Edwards: Would you like some more? Dark meat or white? Um, both please.
Edwards: Clare, you should tell Glenn and Jake about your writing.
Clare just got published this year.
Wow! That's impressive! What do you write? Fiction, mostly.
Well, you must be very talented.
I guess.
Edwards: I'm sorry, Clare's not quite herself tonight.
She's just getting over a difficult breakup.
Clare: Mom! Mrs.
Edwards: There's nothing to be ashamed of! It happens to the best of us.
Clare: I broke up with Eli.
I'm fine, and I'm happy to be here! So What caused the move? Glenn: Uh, well, the, uh, contracting business up north is dead.
So I had to drag Jake here, kicking and screaming to the city.
You don't like it? It's not really my thing.
Clare: Oh.
How about school? Mrs.
Edwards: Oh, that's right, Jake! How was your first day at Degrassi? What?! It's really big; I kept getting lost.
Clare, maybe you could take Jake around tomorrow, introduce him to some of your friends at school.
Actually, I have a better idea! All my friends are at "Above The Dot" right now, and I'd really love for them to meet Jake.
Clare, we're in the middle of dinner.
Jake: No, it's cool, I'll go.
Yeah, that sounds great.
You kids have fun.
Great! Thanks, Glenn! Clare: Come on! Jake: Oh! (Jake sighs) (Muffled chatter) (Dance music plays) (Alli and Sadie laugh) Alli: Th-that's not so hard.
Hey! You made it! And we never got a chance to properly meet.
I'm Alli.
Clare: He just transferred to Degrassi, and I wanted to introduce him to some people.
Oh, yeah.
Um, I'm sure Jake would love to meet Eli.
(Laughs) Jake, this is KC, Dave, and Sadie.
Dave: What's up? (Pool balls click) Jake: Are those Hawaiian nachos? Dave: Go nuts.
Jake: Oh, thanks! Come with me.
Uh, I'm eating! How are you still hungry? (Sighs) Eli! This is Jake.
He's new at Degrassi, but he and I have long history.
Welcome to our humble hangout.
I've heard a lot about you.
Eli: Some good things, I hope.
See you 'round school? Mm-hm.
For sure.
Jake: So, should we make out? Excuse me?! Bet it'd make your ex really jealous.
(Patrons chatter and laugh) (KC sighs) Hey, is everything okay? Did something happen to the baby? Jenna: No, everything is not okay! I've been home alone with the baby all day! He's fifty percent you, and I'm doing 200 percent of the work! I miss my friends! I miss Alli, and Dave, and Sadie, and new guy! It's not fair! You get to see them all day, and you left me home alone.
Okay, I'll take you home.
No! I wanna stay.
But loud music's bad for him.
S-so you take him! (Tyson cries) Me? What am I supposed to do? Figure it out! I'm gonna hang out with my friends.
Alli: Jenna! Hey! Dave: Hey! Alli: What's up, Jenna? Sadie: You look good.
Jenna: Thanks.
(Eli and Jake talk quietly) Alli: I have the dessert menu.
Ooh! Oreo cheesecake! Wanna split? Jenna.
Jenna Jenna, wake up! Where's Tyson? KC took him home.
I have to go see him.
No, sweetie, he's fine.
He's with KC.
So stay and have a good time! All he does is eat and cry, and poo.
But he needs me, Alli.
I'm all he has! What about his dad? KCs trying, but Sometimes I feel like I'm doing this all alone.
KC loves you.
Just be honest, and I'm sure he'll step up.
(Sighs heavily) (Patrons chatter) Eli? Can we talk? Maybe later.
We can't just avoid each other forever! Two minutes, please! Okay.
How was your first day at school? - Did you like your classes, or- - Not about that, come on! I really don't know what you want me to say.
Just tell me the truth! I'm in a good place.
Can I go? (Eli sighs heavily) Did three months mean nothing? Did you flip a switch and erase me from your memory?! It took you a year! A year to get over your ex! Did you ever love me at all? And scene.
Leave me alone, I'm not finished yet! Yes you are, Clare, let's-let's go.
- Let go of me! - Clare, let's go! (Sirens wail, horns honk) Jenna: Is Tyson okay? He's asleep.
My mom was really good with him.
Did you spend time with him at all? Yeah, some.
But there's only so much I can do.
My mom says I need to take care of you, too.
Hot milk with honey.
Is there anything else? Is that pillow okay? - Uh If you prefer tea or-or water - No.
I-I'm sorry I messed up tonight.
It's not about tonight.
I can't raise him alone.
But you just seem so normal.
You're living your life like nothing happened! I wanna help, I just don't really know how.
I never really learned how to be a dad.
I could drop out of school, get a job, we could use some extra cash.
Then you'll leave me for work and school? (Sighs) I need you.
More of you! Really? I'm actually kinda glad to hear that.
It's nice here With you.
(Jenna sighs happily) (KC sighs) But it doesn't make any sense! Did I really mean nothing to him? - You don't get it.
- Get what? Enlighten me! So what if he doesn't have feelings for you any more! (Gasps) The one who needs closure here is you! Okay.
If you're so smart, how? How do I get closure if he won't even talk to me? (Laughs) I'm glad my life is so entertaining for you.
I'm sorry, it's just Why does everything have to be so dramatic? Move on, Clare.
Oh, just like that? Move on? H-here, let me try something.
Whoa! What are you doing? JustShut up for a sec.
See? No big deal.
So, should we go in, tell our parents all about our night? Or not.
(Laughs) (Jenna yawns) Oh! (Sighs happily) Lisa: Someone's happy.
Jenna: Oh! Mega happy.
That was the most sleep I've had in weeks.
Why don't you go take a long hot shower and we'll keep an eye on Ty.
Thank you! Yes, we will! Won't we? (Door shuts) Mom, I've been thinking about what I could do to help with the baby.
What kind of thinking? Well, with me at school and her brother at work a lot, Jenna's on her own with Tyson all the time.
I know, it must be tough.
I know our place is small, and it might be impossible, but what if Jenna and Ty moved in here? Whoa.
Um That's a big step.
I don't know what else to do.
You don't have to say yes.
I can't be a 24-hour babysitter.
N-no, no, of course! No, and there are gonna be ground rules, and I'm gonna need help with expenses.
Was that a yes? (Laughs) I was kinda waiting for you to ask.
Really? So it's okay? Yeah! (Laughs) Lisa: What kind of grandma would I be, huh? Um, I was wondering which shampoo Is everything okay? What if you and Ty moved in? (Sobs) (Jenna laughs) So is that a yes? Jenna: Yeah! Lisa: Yay! (All laugh) (Bell rings) Alli: So he kissed you? Just like that? Just like that.
Did you take a photo to show Eli? Funny.
Before last night, I couldn't see myself kissing anyone but Eli ever again.
But now? I'm free.
So, was the kiss good? Oh, yeah.
Clare Edwards, you little hussy! So what, are you two like an item now? "An item"? Who are you, my mother? No, it was It was just fun.
That's all I want right now.
Hmm That's what they all say.
(Clare sighs) Give me a second? Are you gonna rub Eli's nose in it? Oh, you do have photos! No, Alli! I owe him an apology.
Alli: (Exasperated sigh) (Locker door slams) Clare: I know you probably don't wanna see me right now, so I'll keep it short.
I am so sorry about last night.
Once upon a time We had something really great, and maybe one day we can be friends.
But I know you don't have feelings for me anymore, so I'll leave you alone.
I don't have feelings at all.
- What? - I'm on meds.
Anti-anxiety pills prescribed by my therapist.
Are you happy now? I'm sorry, I didn't know.
Well, now you do.