Degrassi The Next Generation (2001) s11e17 Episode Script

Lose Yourself: Part 2

(Baby cooing) KC, wake up! Wake up! One of us was supposed to stay awake to monitor Tyson! Okay, he's awake.
No problem.
The doctor said that means he's probably not concussed.
I'm so sorry, little guy.
Jenna, everything's okay.
We're gonna make it through this, okay? Here, I'm gonna take Ty in to grandma.
(Cell phone rings) Hello? Yeah, this is her.
(Door opens) Sorry? It has to be today? Right.
KC: She's gonna give him a bath.
We better get going.
I can't.
That was child services.
They're coming here this afternoon.
Whatever it takes I know I can make it through and if I hold out I know I can make it through be the best the best that I can be whatever it takes I know I can make it I can make it I can make it through I can make it through I can make it through I can make it whatever it takes I know I can make it through (electronic music plays) Aw man, this is so legit! Can't believe I had to blackmail you to get you to work with me.
Yeah, well, once we get Jenna’s part in there, Ms.
Oh's gonna love this.
And love you.
She'll probably suggest some musical instrumentation and harmonies that I couldn't even imagine.
And some bedroom activities you couldn't even imagine! Dude, she's a teacher! So? Anyone who writes a song as passionate as - Oh, girl, obviously has strong feelings.
For the love of God, please stop! Jake: So, you just woke up and decided you wanted to work on the play? Lets us spend more time together! - Wanna try this one? - Uh yeah, sure.
(Drilling noise) Oops.
(Sighs) It's okay.
We can touch that up.
Why are you here? Really? I wanna make sure Eli doesn't try and hurt you.
(Laughs) Hurt me? He gets jealous and possessive.
Last semester, he poisoned Fitz! That was an accident.
Fitz wasn't supposed to drink it.
Eli told us.
And you believed him? Eli's been really nice to me.
His new script's out, and he wanted me to read the part of Fritz for the read-through later (laughs) Clare, there's nothing to worry about.
Yeah, you're probably right.
There's my easy-going Clare-bear.
Runnin' through the hallways of my heart--- That's catchy.
What is that? Oh, I wrote it with Sav.
We were supposed to present it today, but--- Oh, what about the outlets? Is child services gonna be mad we don't have those little pluggy things? I think Ty's a little for that.
I just wanna do everything right.
(Sighs) We have cleaned for two hours.
Everything's spotless.
And KC's gonna get supplies at lunch, right? But, what if they still think I'm a bad mom? They took KC away from me because I locked him in a closet so I could get my fix.
You're a good mom.
I'm gonna scrub the floor one more time just to be sure.
Why don't you go present that song.
- But the meeting--- - Isn't 'til 2.
I know how hard it can be to lose touch with high school.
Jenna: I'm runnin' through the hallways of my heart to try and save my life I'm runnin' through the hallways of my heart from the hunter's knife (Clapping) Sav! Once again I am impressed with your musical prowess! Yeah.
I couldn't have done it without these guys.
Okay, we'll meet at lunch to go over the rest of the play.
I hope we can make some more magic! Jenna: I've gotta go, too.
I can't wait to tell KC! Did you hear that?! Prowess, magic.
She likes you.
It's go time! No man.
Yes! You have to.
For every dude who's ever fantasized about her during computer science class.
For the stocky guys who can never get dates.
I just wanna talk music with her.
Man, she's a hot teacher.
Think about how awesome it'd be? Well, yeah, it would be pretty awesome--- Right? But I don't wanna mess this up.
(Bell rings) Ugh, fine.
See you at lunch--- (Coughs) Loser.
(Sighs) (Sighs) Sudden onset asthma? Eli's written some crazy new draft of the play.
And Jake's gonna hear it tonight at the read-through.
That's it? Yesterday this was a potential murder plot.
It still is.
Of my relationship.
Eli's play is his revenge fantasy.
It paints me as some evil shrew.
Have you seen the flyer? Based on a true story.
It's all lies! Well, too bad there isn't some truth superhero that could swoop down and set everyone straight.
Clark Kent! Superman's alter-ego, who was also a newspaper reporter, just like me! I have to cover this read-through.
This'll never end, will it? Hey, thanks for telling me Sav needed music help.
We totally rocked it! Alli: Yeah, you seem like your old self.
Just gotta get through a stupid child services meeting.
Is everything okay? It will be.
Have you seen KC? I'm here to surprise him! Uh.
Jenna: What's he doing with Marisol? Maybe he asked for a ride? Really? Do they, like, hang out? I-I really don't know.
Is something going on between them? Is something going on between who? KC and Marisol? Uh.
Oh my God, you know!? Yeah, I'm sorry Jenna.
Oh, Sav, sit.
Don't be shy.
Um, where's Mo? Oh, he emailed.
Said he couldn't make it.
Guess it's just you and me.
Should we get busy? What?! To go through the play to decide what places need score.
Of course.
Um, I brought some tracks that Mo and I roughed out.
Oh, it's okay.
Mo emailed the tracks.
He did? Yeah.
So, for the opening "In the darkened hallway" track 1, (Sav's song plays) That's - that's not it! Is this you? It's really good! Umm, I gotta --- I have to--- I---Uh--- I have to go talk to someone.
Sav: you look so cute in those tall leather boots oh yeah, oh yeah Supplies! How could you cheat on me? I wouldn't- Time sheets! Your shifts end at nine, but you come home at eleven? Look, don't jump to conclusions.
Dave told me! I'm at home, depressed, missing my life- while you run around with Marisol? Fine.
Look, something happened.
- But I ended it.
- This is all your fault.
My fault? You're the one who pretended you weren't pregnant until it was too late.
You know, I was trying to make something of myself.
Music is my life.
And I've even had to give that up.
Well, you managed to get back to it long enough for Ty to fall off the change table.
God forbid you put your guitar down for two seconds- (Smash) (Baby crying) (Doorbell buzzes) Oh my God.
It's child services.
Tell me about your support system.
My brother just moved away.
I don't really have anyone else--- We have my mom.
Uh, Lisa Guthrie? According to my file, she was recently incarcerated.
She struggles with addiction? She did.
She's done with that.
Caseworker: You're sure? She's been out less than a year.
Relapse is common.
But she won't.
Until we're sure this is a safe environment, Tyson shouldn't be left alone with her.
So one of us has to stay home, or you're going to take him away from us? We don't like to remove children from their family, but in this case that's on the table.
Tyson's well-being is our first priority.
Is your head okay? I bumped it in the shower.
I'll be back for regular observation.
I need to make sure that this is a safe and nurturing environment.
So who'll be staying home? Niners! Scatter.
Yeah, but I mean, maybe I'll think about it and I'll get back to you on like Tuesday or Wednesday, or--- You win.
Do the score on your own.
Okay, wait, wait.
I wasn't trying to win.
Then why did you ruin my relationship with Ms.
Oh? Ruin it? I was trying to make it happen! By sending her my song?! Well, I mean, now she knows how you feel.
The ball's totally in her court.
There is no ball! There's no game! What's wrong with you? I just wanted to be your wing-man.
Yeah, well, now I can't even look her in the eye! What if I help you forget about her? Okay? I've got tickets to Justin Rutledge.
I'm listening--- You like the older ladies.
They like him.
You find a girl that gets you over Ms.
Oh, I watch the master at work.
(Bell rings) Fine.
But only because the show's sold out.
Yes! That's it.
My life is over.
It's only five years 'til Ty's in kindergarten.
I'll never make it that long without getting completely depressed.
We'll find child-care and get you into school.
How? With what money? I'll take more shifts at Little Miss Steaks.
Really? Your solution is to spend more time with Marisol? No! That's not what I meant.
- Look, Jenna, we can make this work.
- We can't even make us work! How are we supposed to raise a kid? Where're you going? Hey, what about Ty? Watch him! (Door slams) (Baby cries) Ari, you can't fight Fritz.
He dragged you into this godforsaken casino.
He started it.
But I won't be able to live with myself if he finishes it.
Clara caresses Ari's cheek.
Really? He kisses her and turns away.
Fritz appears with a huge knife.
Never turn your back on the blade.
What? Ari turns, whispering to Clara: Traitor.
Okay, come on.
That's ridiculous.
(Sighs) As a reporter for the Degrassi Daily, I have few questions regarding the veracity of this scene.
What do you mean? None of this happened.
Not this way! I know.
It's a play.
That you're advertising as based on a true story.
Imogen: Wow, if anyone's still wondering why Eli dumped you in the first place- You stay out of this.
Okay, new policy- no more press! You've gotta go.
Shoo, shoo, shoo! All right.
Let's keep going.
Dude, it's ladies central! We'll get you over Ms.
Oh in no time.
Okay, what about her? She's at least a nine! Okay, I mean, her friends are a bit weak, about her? But I'll throw myself on a grenade if I have to.
Okay, yeah, fine.
- You gotta start somewhere, right? - Right? You forget how to walk? Left foot, right foot, then repeat.
Oh--- oh!! Yeah, oh! Of course she's here.
All I ever did was try to protect Eli from himself.
I set off one tiny stink bomb as a diversion.
And I did not try to have sex with Fitz, nor did I offer him dry clothes to see him naked.
But I did- What are you talking about? Eli is using his pulpit to trash me, and he obviously wants you to hear it, so I'm just coming clean about everything.
I know this is fiction.
But Eli's such a good storyteller, it's so easy to want to believe him.
If anyone knows, I do.
I would never believe Eli, over you.
You wouldn't? (Laughs) He's weird.
He wears eyeliner and writes plays.
Both: (Laugh) This might not be as bad as you think.
I am a pause in a storm on a dark stair whenever your name is spoken I am the birth of a dawn through a curtain the hurt of a dawn through a curtain Mo: You're not even going to say hi? Dude, I just have to get outta here.
But I can't leave without passing her.
I know a back way.
All right, come on.
Keep your head down.
Sav? Later pal.
I want stories! Hi.
Um, I was just telling them- this is the guy that wrote that song for me.
And about that.
I'm so sorry.
No guy's ever written a song for me.
Still, um--- Miss Oh, I shouldn't have- Miss Oh? (Laughs) We're not in school.
Call me Winnie.
Are you alone? Wanna watch with us? Yeah, sure--- Winnie--- Be a man about this be a man about this be the boredom or the bliss be a man about this Uh, I'm usually better at this.
I'm just observing.
Pretend I'm not here.
Come here.
This is when you normally leave for school? Uh--- yeah? Yeah, this is when he makes his escape and leaves all his baggage at the door until school's over.
(Fridge slams) Are you gonna be on us like this every visit? We have to be diligent to protect the baby.
You understand.
What about adoption? What are you doing? Discussing our options.
It's still an option, right? It's a very big decision.
Whoa! Are we actually talking about this? I'm just asking a question! I can set you up with our adoption consultant, if you're serious.
We are not! Shhh.
It's okay.
It wouldn't be gentlemanly.
Screw gentlemanly.
You gotta tell me.
It's the guy code! Okay, we watched the whole show together.
And she told me to call her Winnie.
Oh my God! You totally- have a shot! That was a great show last night, eh, Winnie? It's Ms.
Or not.
I want to buy you pretty things horses and castles and diamond rings Hey, I read your play.
And? It's--- It's beautiful.
Yeah, I made some changes.
You made Clara the hero.
That's because she is the hero.
---Breath for one another they will never suffocate us and if we stay close to each other - Are we really still not talking? - You ambushed me.
Okay, we should have talked first.
But adoption is an option.
I won't abandon my son.
I don't wanna be a failure--- But you are! We both are.
We're struggling.
We're hurting each other.
And you're never here.
You don't pay any attention to Ty.
Admit it.
You don't really wanna be a dad.
We can give him a better life--- We can get back to school, and sports, and music.
We can make something of ourselves.
If we give Ty up, there's no reason for you to stay here.
And no reason for us to stay together either.
Hey will never separate us