Degrassi The Next Generation (2001) s11e18 Episode Script

Mr. Brightside: Part 1

Julian: Giving up? (Grunts) Never! (Grunting) Julian: (Grunts in pain) (Thumps hand on mat) Woo! Owen: And the student whups the master! Nice escape.
I thought I had you there.
That's what I wanted you to think.
Guys! Armstrong! Everything okay in here, guys? Yes, sir.
Everything but my biceps.
Shorten your curls.
And I need to remind you guys that the weightroom is for everyone's use - guys and girls.
Okay? Um, you got some--- Just bit my lip.
What's with locking people out? Nothing.
It's just guy stuff.
Aw, look at you guys with your cute little secret boy's club.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Of course you don't.
Whatever it takes I know I can make it through and if I hold out I know I can make it through be the best the best that I can be whatever it takes I know I can make it I can make it I can make it through oh oh-oh--- I can make it through (Oh oh-oh---) I can make it through (I can make it!) Whatever it takes I know I can make it through Owen: Soon as I sent those girls away, I knew they'd blab.
Julian: We need to be more careful.
Drew: Yeah, like putting someone with a brain on lookout.
Julian: We gotta lay low.
No fights.
Anyone finds out we're wailing on each other, we'll get suspended.
We're training, not fighting.
Fighting is fighting.
Zero tolerance.
No, there's a difference! We have a wrestling team, but MMA training's not allowed? Man, that's just bull! Owen: Whoa! Throw a tantrum! (Bell rings) Betenkamp: Afternoon, class.
Just give me a moment with these pipettes--- You okay? I just can't believe you guys are so ready to give up.
It is what it is, all right? Maybe it'll be better for you to chill for a bit anyway.
You know I miss you! Dave: We had lunch together.
Yeah, like five hours ago! Dave: Okay, all right, so what's my cute girl up to after supper? Alli: The usual: Dishes, homework--- Missing you more.
All right, let's rework that plan.
Dishes, homework, and then we hang out.
Yeah, now you're being cute.
You know my parents won't let me.
Dave: You asked already? Can I call you back? (Beep) (Clears throat) How was your day? I got an eighty-nine on my English paper.
What happened to ninety? Only teasing.
Good girl.
You got me.
Ha! Have I ever told you how much I loved your tie? (Laughs) If you want to order pizza, just ask Gallia.
It's not that.
I was just wondering, do you think I could go out for a bit after dinner? Sure.
It's nothing crazy, I just--- You said, "sure.
" Thank you! You have been very responsible.
Your mother and I talk about how well you're doing.
Uh--- Did you or mom ever date high school? (Laughs) Is this a trick question? No.
I'm just curious.
At your age, it is much better to make great friends.
When you see Clare tonight, tell her I say hello.
Clare--- yeah.
Will do.
Holly J: (Chuckles) No.
You're the only girl in the world who could pull this off.
I suppose it does take a certain je ne sais quoi.
This is cute.
I don't even feel like going to prom.
I'm so drained from all this dialysis, and I'm still processing being adopted.
Not to mention the twenty thousand dollars your birth mom wants for her kidney.
Yeah, I'm descended from a gold-digger.
The whole thing makes me feel icky.
- But I don't have the money, so--- - Yes, you do.
What? A prom gift, from me to you.
No! Fiona, you can't! (Sighs) Not listening! No, my parents will sell the car.
Our lawyer's already signing off on the cheque! Look, I'd give you my own kidney if I could, so just put your moral dilemmas aside and go get that kidney.
Thank you.
(Cell phone rings) Oh, I think that's him! Hi, Sherm? Sorry? But we're not trading in organs, we're just trying to buy one little pink kidney! (Taken aback chuckle) (Sighs) Okay.
Thanks, Sherm.
What's wrong? Apparently paying someone for a kidney is totally illegal.
(Gasps) Adam: Hey, where are the game controllers? I'm gonna black op your butt into infinity.
(Panting) You know, there's more to life than just working out.
I'm doing some mixed martial arts with Owen and Julian, okay? Whoa! Ultimate fighting?! Adam, it's amazing.
You get, like, this rush that you can just--- take on anyone.
Like the guys who beat you up? What? No! The point is--- (Panting) is that it's fun.
Well, at least it was, before we got narc'd on by a bunch of girls.
Now we gotta find somewhere else to train.
Well, I'm glad you found something that makes you feel good.
Just gotta keep at it, you know? Hey, feel like strapping on the gloves? You're kidding, right? Yeah, Adam.
'Kay, good.
'Cause I like my violence virtual.
Bring it.
(Bell rings) 'Kay, remember, grab the full knee to flip your opponent.
Ready? Three, two, one--- Go! (Grunting) Match to Mo.
Spectators: (Applaud) Mo: Come on, coach.
Again? Give me a challenge! Armstrong: We're gonna keep going until somebody beats you.
Anyone? Mr.
Torres? How would you like to add another sport to your resume? (Laughs) No thanks, sir.
I'll pass.
All right.
Well, if any of you are interested in next season's tryouts, come see me.
So, uh, what are you? Like a heavyweight? You making fun of me? I'm working on it! No, man.
I'm just sayin', you're like in a league of your own.
You gonna try out? Nah.
I'm more of an MMA guy.
Oh yeah.
Tito Ortiz is the man.
He's a man, but it's all about gsp! George St.
Pierre? Overrated! Okay.
So what do you say we settle the matter, hand to hand? When and where? (Bell rings) Sorry our date was so speedy last night.
A little Alli and ice cream is better than no Alli and ice cream.
Betenkamp: Dave T.
You finally watch the original tron? I did, I did.
I have thoughts, Mr B.
- We'll talk later? - You know it! Okay, all right! What, are you friends with every teacher? I'm good with adults, like you are with advanced science.
See you after class? Yeah.
If my parents ask, I was with you last night.
Hashtag: Daughter-of-strict- parent-dilemmas.
What happened to above-board Bhandari?! She chickened out! Boyfriends are forbidden, non-negotiable.
But your parents have come so far.
And that's just it.
We laugh, they're proud of me.
I don't wanna have to go back to square one.
It's just I don't wanna have to lie to them anymore.
Okay, let me blow your mind here for a second.
What if you invited Dave over to your place, introduce him as your friend, and then, once your parents like him, you pull back the curtain.
The boyfriend reveal.
That might be an experiment worth trying.
Mo: You sure you know what you're getting yourself into? Drew: I could say the same for you.
You gotta watch the hands.
Mo: Oh, you wanna play like that, eh? (Grunts) (Heavy thump) (Grunting) Mo: Arrgh! All right! Enough! Gsp's not overrated! That's what I thought! Boom! Thanks.
It's always good to get a jolt of caffeine before the school drop off.
You're not having one? No, I need to watch my liquids - dialysis and all.
But that'll change, right? Soon.
Um--- about that.
Josh, Breanne.
C'mon, eat your muffins, guys! Look, I can't pay you for your kidney.
I know I asked a lot, but- no, it's not the money, it's um--- It's illegal.
But it's not against the law if you donate it.
So--- I'm begging you.
Holly J, my life is nuts.
After I drop these mini-monsters off, I'm at work for nine hours.
Okay, I'm asking the world, I know.
I have a friend who's an RN.
She says that it will take three months to recover from the donation.
I'm a single mom.
You'd be giving me my life.
I can't afford to take that kind of time off work.
The donor list will come through.
You understand, right? I understand that you're so selfish you'll literally give up a baby without a thought.
- And then when you can save her life---- - Holly J, please! You let her down again.
You really shouldn't have children if you're not gonna be there for them! What's up, drew? Not much, Katie.
I saw your little disagreement about GSP with Mo.
Glad to know you're a fan.
So, you gonna run and tell Armstrong again? For the record? That wasn't me.
I swore off tattle-taling in kindergarten.
I just want to ask you something.
In that case, yes, I am free for prom.
So what do you get out of it? I mean, do you like hurting people or something? Drew: It's not about hurting anyone.
Me and the guys do a lot of sports.
Most sports don't involve wailing on each other.
'Kay, wait.
Why do you care? I'm writing something for the paper on violence in youth culture.
- What? No.
You can't- - Don't worry, it's anonymous.
And maybe I'm a little curious--- about you.
Okay, look, when I beat someone, hand-to-hand, I know that I can survive.
I know that they haven't completely beaten me down.
And who are they? Nobody.
Just an expression.
Oh, hey cutie! Let me spring something on you here: How would you feel about meeting my parents tonight? Cool.
You're gonna be great, you've nothing to worry about.
I'm not worried.
I'm into it.
Okay, so I'll meet you after school for a quick prep session.
(Stutters) Prep? You know, the basics: What to say, what not to say.
Am I meeting the Queen of England, or am I meeting your parents? You already know most adults love me.
My parents aren't most adults.
Let's just say they're a little--- Particular.
But if our meeting goes well, you and I get to hang out at my place whenever we want, no sneaking around.
All right.
I like the sound of that.
And remember, nothing to worry about.
(Giggles) I wasn't worried--- Julian: Psst! (Whispers) Where were you at lunch? (Whispers) I wasn't in the weight room taking down the most bad-ass heavyweight wrestler in the school, that's for sure.
You fought Mo? Yeah, I whupped him good, and nothing happened, you chickens! So nobody saw you? Well, one girl, but I think she likes me.
No, no, no, not the newspaper chick! Shhh! Yeah, Katie.
I know.
Don't worry, I'll get her on board and we can use her as a lookout.
All right.
'Cause I just learned a new move you will not see coming, pretty boy.
We just gotta keep it legit; stick with the discipline and work on technique.
Betenkamp: Guys! I assume you're discussing this chemical compound? Drew: Yes, sir.
Drew, why don't you come on up, talk us through it.
Drew: (Sighs) O-kay.
Ooh! That looks nasty.
You okay? Never better, sir.
Alli: So don't say anything about rap music.
Dave: Holla! But do mention that your dad's a cop.
Though you should probably say police officer.
What's his rank again? Uh, detective constable, I think.
Yeah, say that.
That sounds good.
Are you writing this down? No? Um, it's okay, I have cue cards.
I can write it down for you.
Are you sure you're ready to do all this - introduce me at home? 'Cause- Of course I am.
Why wouldn't I be? Because you're acting like I'm in the CIA.
I'm just your boyfriend.
We can not use the b-word.
Hold up.
I thought your parents were meeting your boyfriend.
Look, I'm sorry, I've just never done this before - brought a boy home.
So you're nervous.
My parents are tough, Dave.
But I know they're just looking out for me.
So, if I just barge in with a boyfriend--- They'll put up a force field? But if I introduce you as my friend, they'll genuinely love you.
And then we can drop the BF bomb.
Is that all right? Yeah, for you it's 'aight.
(Sighs) So what do you know about cricket? Uh--- Holly J: God.
I might as well burn my Yale acceptance 'cause I'll be stuck to this machine until I die! I take it you didn't make a connection with dawn? I called her selfish.
I said she never should've had children.
Yeesh! But you're allowed to be mad at her.
But I'm the selfish one; I never even tried to get to know her and now I never will.
What are you going to tell your mom? I'll have to tell her she wasn't a match.
Listen, we just need to hang onto hope; keep fighting.
I'm tired.
But you're not done trying, are you? (Knocking) Alli: Hi.
Dave: Hi.
(Classical music plays quietly) Alli: So this is my friend Dave-id.
Nice to meet you, David.
Uh, and you, Mr.
Please, sit, David.
I've made tea.
Oh, I'm fine thanks, I don't- I'd love some.
Thank you.
Alli: Dave and I--- David and I spend a lot of time together.
We're really good study buddies.
Alli's big on studying.
She keeps my grades up.
It's nice to hear that Alli's a good influence.
So, what does your father do, David? He's a detective constable.
Bhandari: Oh, that's very interesting! I never miss "NCIS", "CSI", or "The Mentalist".
Lovely shows.
Do you like sports, David? Yeah, yeah.
Basketball's my game.
But lately I've been getting to know cricket.
Ah! Did you happen to see the India/South Africa game? - Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
I did.
With uh--- - Virender.
- Virender sss--- - Sehwag.
Dave: Phew! (Slurps too quickly and spits) (Clears throat) - Um--- - It's okay.
It's okay.
Drew: So I'm thinking we see if Mo can recruit a few more guys from the wrestling team.
Julian: Pair a few guys up, and come next week--- Owen: Yeah! And we got ourselves an mma tournament! All right.
Hey, sir.
Oh, you wanna get in there, fellas? I just wanted to, uh, get a quick workout in - health initiative and all.
It's usually open.
Yeah, it'll be open again, but with supervision and sign-ups.
I've heard a few stories.
From who? You know I approve the school newspaper.
The latest edition there are reports of fighting.
Whatever she said is a load of crap, sir.
Can you just let us in? Please? We need to train! - Look, I know you feel strongly- - Don't touch me! You know what? I'm going to let you cool down in detention.
I'm sorry, sir.
I didn't mean to- we'll talk to him.
He's having a hard day.
(Bell rings) Yeah.
Well, if I hear about any more violence, I'll know who to look for.
Thought your girlfriend could keep secrets.
I will never forget my first live game at Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai.
India was playing England! As alli would say, it was epic! You know what? We should all watch a game together! Great idea! Shall I get you some more tea? Mom? How could this be going any better? What's wrong? Look, I thought your parents were supposed to get to know the real me.
But it's going so well.
It's all fake! Not all of it.
You're being nice and the real you is nice! Yeah, but the real me wouldn't tuck in his shirt and drink tea.
Let's face it, the real you wouldn't have lasted a minute! Okay, that's not what I meant.
No--- More tea? Sorry, I actually gotta head out; my dad needs help in the yard.
Bhandari: Of course.
Come back and visit again soon.
All right.
Thank you.
(Keyboard keys clack, door opens) Drew: You lied to me.
Excuse me? I just got out of detention.
Your stupid piece wasn't anonymous! There isn't a single name in it.
Sorry, but I'm trying to finish the intramural round-up.
Not a single writer on staff has any interest in sports.
Simpson shut the weight room down.
You need to sign up and have a teacher supervise now.
So the principal finally figured out what's going on in his own school.
How is that my problem? I thought you liked me.
Look, I've heard stories about you; rumours about why you missed school after spring break.
If you're hiding something, maybe I can help.
How? By putting my personal crap in your paper? Well, here's the story: Drew Torres is an idiot.
He thought Katie Maltin was someone he could trust.