Delete (2023) s01e07 Episode Script


Claire. Claire, baby.
Come on, Claire. Claire, wake up. Wake up!
- Are you okay?
- What happened?
- What?
- How did I get here?
We don't have time. Let's go! Get up.
Dad, why is that guy chasing us?
Hey, Non, it's Aim.
Are you still at the police station?
Can you get me the address
of Captain Yutthachai Rianamphan?
It's urgent.
Sit here, sweetheart.
Claire! Oh! Oh, my baby! Oh!
How are you? Mmm?
How did I get back?
Dad deleted the woman who
deleted you at the supermarket,
and you came back to us.
I wanted her to delete me.
Mom, I don't want to be here!
That woman did nothing wrong.
How can you say that?
I didn't want to come back!
Do you realize how worried we were?
Do you have any idea
All the things we had to do
to finally get you back!
What's with the gun?
Did someone follow you?
Yes. He's looking for me.
He saw me delete his wife.
Should we just run away?
If we run,
we'll be running for
the rest of our lives.
We have to delete them all.
Every last one of them.
Give me the gun.
Where's the phone?
Give it to me.
Or else
Wait. I'll give it to you.
I have it.
Please don't hurt her.
I have the phone.
Come out, you bastard!
Come on out!
You see this? I deleted your fucking wife.
You want it? Come and get it!
Show yourself. Come on!
Why'd you kill Lilly? Huh?
You think I wanted to get
involved in all this bullshit?
It was your wife who deleted my daughter.
I wanted to save her.
I wanted her back.
You you mean, if I delete you
it's gonna bring back Lilly?
Delete me, please.
Delete me.
Delete me, please.
Just don't hurt my wife and daughter.
I'm begging you.
Let my
let my disappearance be the last one.
Please, put an end to it all. Please.
Let's put an end to it.
Don't hurt my Claire.
Let me be the last!
How did you know?
How about you?
How did you know about him?
Lilly called me. She needed help.
It was Lilly who deleted
that bastard's daughter.
Since then, he's looked for the phone
so he can delete Lilly
and bring his daughter back.
Where is Lilly now?
Lilly, Lilly
Are you okay?
Aim, wait.
How did you know where to find me?
Let's get you to the hospital first.
Aim, did you delete that policeman?
How did I get back?
Too deleted him.
So where is Too now?
You're worried about him?
You couldn't delete him that day,
could you?
I'm pregnant with Aim's child.
I know you're pregnant.
And I know
that I'm not the father.
It's Aim's.
But I don't care.
You haven't told him yet, right?
Then don't tell him.
Lilly, I'd like to raise this child
as my own.
Don't you think it would be better
if we raise this baby together?
We can be a family.
We can do this.
You couldn't delete him that day,
could you?
I'm pregnant.
And I think I want
I want to give Too another chance.
And what makes you so sure
that he's the father?
I went and did some tests.
I'm pregnant with his child.
I'm sorry.
I know you've been really good to me.
You said you wanted
a serious relationship.
I mean, have you ever
really loved me, Lilly?
I understand, Lilly.
I understand what you're going through.
And I get that you're scared
scared that things will get complicated
if we start a life together.
I get that.
But, Lilly, you're making a mistake.
I've made up my mind, Aim.
- Mom!
- Claire, run!
Don't you hurt her!
I'm sorry, Aim.
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