Delete (2023) s01e08 Episode Script


Taking photos of me sleeping again? Hmm?
I told you not to drink so much
last night.
- You see?
- Mmm.
Can you handle the interview?
Let's drop it.
I'm not in the mood for this today.
A rich man's wife,
her husband buys her a gallery.
I'm guessing a snob. Why not cancel it?
You're being mean.
I think her exhibition sounds excellent.
Mmm. Okay.
You look good. Get out.
- See you later.
- Mmm.
If you don't mind,
I'll record our interview.
So Miss Lilly.
Before we start, the gallery
belongs to your husband, correct?
And in a previous interview, you said
that you saw yourself as a curator.
Would you like to elaborate on that?
- I support artists whose work I admire
- Hmm, is that right?
To be perfectly honest with you,
I'm not comfortable
with the title "curator."
My role is to organize the exhibition
to best suit the artists and their work.
My job is simply to ensure that
their work is exhibited appropriately,
so that the artists and their work can
best communicate with the visiting public.
"Artist supporter" is more accurate.
May I suggest
that you visit the exhibition first?
It will help explain the concept,
and maybe encourage other questions.
- Would you like to follow me?
- Yeah. Sure.
I feel that today, we live in an era
where people only want
to show their perfect side.
As if our only option is
to tell the world how happy we are.
As if there is no more place
for imperfection,
or for embarrassment, or for suffering.
There was a time
when my life was far from perfect.
All I had was loneliness.
That's what inspired me
to host this exhibition.
I want people to come here
and share their true feelings,
all those imperfections they're afraid of.
Regrets, embarrassment, everything.
What I really hope for
with this exhibition
is that it will bring solace,
and help people to feel less lonely.
I hope at least it will show them
that they're not alone.
That there are others having a tough time,
or living through the same thing
as themselves.
Try sitting here.
When you look from this perspective,
we have the impression
the visitors are part of the art itself.
We have new updates
on the case everyone's talking about,
the mysterious disappearance
of Mrs. Lalita Wongroongroj,
known as Lilly.
We have just learned
Lilly has been found.
She had been kidnapped by local police
officer Captain Yutthachai Rianamphan.
Police raided Captain Rianamphan's home
today, but found nobody.
Authorities assume that Captain
Yutthachai and his family are on the run.
Police have started a search
and an arrest warrant has been issued.
Today, also,
Lilly answered journalists' questions
regarding her secret affair
with famous online editor Mr. Aim Arthit.
Thank you. As everyone now knows,
the affair with Aim is over.
We are no longer in a relationship.
I would like to take this opportunity
to thank my husband
for his understanding and compassion
in a difficult
How are you?
How does it feel to be back?
You know. Not too bad, I guess.
- Did you see Ploysai?
- Yeah.
She still remembers when I took her photo,
but nothing else after that.
That's it.
Nobody else knows.
What did you tell your mom?
A bad fall.
She must have freaked out.
Pretty bad. She said she was worried sick.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Now I finally understand
how much she loves me.
I'm sorry.
I was the one who let your horse out.
I'm sorry too.
Why are you sorry?
It's not your fault.
June, you're gonna be an aunt.
I need your help raising the baby.
The baby's room looks so cute.
It's really coming together.
And there's more to come.
Darling, tell me.
Do you still have that phone?
Let me have it.
Did you have to delete everyone?
Listen to me, Lilly.
I didn't want to do it.
I had no choice.
I wanted us to be together.
You understand me, right?
I don't want anyone
to use this thing again.
- Is that your sister Thong?
- Yeah.
You're still being so gallant,
even though you're injured.
It's because I'm a gentleman.
Where's your mother?
- She's at church with my dad.
- Why aren't you there?
Well, you're here.
I have something to say.
Go ahead.
Someone broke my heart.
- Who?
- Lilly.
I feel better now.
I finally told someone.
So, why'd you tell me?
I don't know.
I think I trust you.
I'm trying to get over her.
Any ideas how to help me?
Give up hope.
When Thong had disappeared,
I had to believe she was dead.
Once I believed it,
I gave up hoping she'd come back.
But I guess it must be harder for you.
It hurts so bad.
She's right there and I can't do anything.
I know.
How could you know?
Have you ever loved someone so close?
What are you doing here?
Aim, I've been thinking about this,
and I've figured out
a way to get you back together with Orn.
I'll delete you.
When Orn comes back, she can delete me.
That way,
you both get back together.
Do you think deleting people
is a game, Lilly?
You realize I deleted a human being.
Where do you think I got that courage?
Let me have the baby first, then
you can do whatever you want with me.
Let me do something for you.
Come back.
Come back and live with me
like you promised.
You can't, can you?
Are you feeling too guilty?
Well, best of luck with that, Lilly.
Now get out.
Get out!
All I could think about
when I was there
was that I wanted to propose to you.
But you never wanted to go there with me.
So how about
we get married?
How are you feeling?
Are you a friend of Orn's?
I hope she'll be back.
She'll be back soon.
Just wait a little while longer.
She's really looking
forward to seeing you.
Hello, everyone.
Today, I have a confession to make.
A confession that will most
likely destroy my career.
These guys will be working here
another half hour
But I can no longer
live my life with all these lies.
Not for one more second.
The book I wrote about being
lost in the jungle, is a lie.
The entire story of me
surviving in the jungle
is also a lie.
I was just some naughty kid who
ran away from my Buddhist retreat.
When the story got out,
and became big news across the country,
I was too much of a coward
to tell the truth.
So I made up the whole story.
I am not a good person.
I have done many terrible things.
And I deserve to be punished
for my actions.
I didn't expect a call from you.
I need to ask you for a favor, Too.
I was wondering
if you still have the phone?
I'm going to disappear.
Please, don't look for me.
I've made up my mind.
Feeling so guilty that you come to me?
Do you feel guilty
about deleting your girlfriend?
Or you feel sad about Lilly?
I presume you haven't told Lilly?
No, I didn't.
Lilly threw it away.
I got it back for you.
Do it.
How did you get in here?
What about Aim?
Where is he?
Too, what have you done?
- Have you seen Mr. Too?
- I think he's at the stables.
You don't have to worry anymore.
About those women.
What are you going to do?
Leave it to me, Father.
- Is that your sister Thong?
- Yeah.
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