Delhi Crime (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

Malkhan - pull over, pull over.
Near the crowd.
Hey, move aside.
Move, move.
Let us see.
You people stay back.
- Get bedsheets from one of those hotels there.
- Someone's already gone, Sir.
- What's your name? - Akash.
Akash, what happened? Look out, here's the bedsheet.
Come on.
Move it.
- Now tell me what happened.
- We got on a bus, there were six guys on it.
They took everything, stripped us naked, and threw us onto the road.
They beat us badly.
They did terrible things to me.
Don't tell my father.
Malkhan, careful.
Drive steady.
Still coughing? - Looks like the medicine’s not working.
- Don't know.
I’ll see if I can find another medicine.
Sir, we got a call from A-Block, some guys were seen with guns.
Come on.
Quickly, Sir.
There's guys with guns Over there, Sir.
They’re policemen.
Some operation going on.
How could I know? They look like goons to me.
Move it, go, get lost.
Yeah, Ma'am? Positive.
Sudhir’s been watching all morning.
Is your boss home? Who is it? - Aseem? - What? Delhi Police.
Your friend Bhupendra.
- Did you call the cops? - Yeah, and you deserve it! And you deserve this, bitch! Are you nuts? So let me get this straight You serve 15 years for trying to blow up Parliament and start collecting weapons to kill the guys who turned you in.
You also admit to your wife that you cheated on her while in prison.
Pissed off, she calls the police.
And you kill her.
Keep an eye on him.
- What is this? Second time today.
- How much electricity did you use last month? - I don't keep track of the wattage.
- But I have last month’s bill, it’s doubled.
My unit’s working on so many cases at night, should they work in the dark? Come on, switch the lights on, I'll pay the bill.
Thank you.
Someone pay this bill.
Deduct the money from the fuel budget.
- We’ve got to do it for Sir here.
- You're too kind.
So, Ram Pratap You disappeared while on duty yesterday.
And don't deny it.
Sir… I'm on duty all day, there's no time to buy medicines.
- My wife was sick.
- Oh yeah? I missed my brother’s wedding because of work.
Don't lecture me about 'duty'.
If this happens again - Okay.
- Sir.
Wait a minute.
I know the shifts are long.
None of us have time for family.
Just don't let me hear about it next time, okay? Yes, Sir.
You asked to see me, Vinod? Yes, Ma'am.
How are you? So how was your first week of training? - Good, very good.
- Great.
Where are you from? - Chandigarh.
- Chandigarh? So how come you’re here? Punjab police must also need good officers.
I wanted the big city experience.
Meaning you wanted to get away from home.
Just… do a good job.
I should get used to saluting you then - our future DCP.
Long live India.
- What’s going on? - Yes, Madam Sir.
No need to salute me.
So many vehicles passed by here, but you didn’t look at even one of them.
Why have a checkpoint? We’ve been watching all day, Madam Sir.
We just took a little break.
What’s wrong with him? Did you smoke pot… on duty? We’ve been on duty for two days straight, Madam, without a break.
Either you’re liars, or you’re lazy… Great.
- Get him out of here.
- Go, get lost! - Yes, Madam Sir? - Vinod! Madam, what happened? I'm at Vasant Vihar Club checkpoint, where three of your men are doing nothing.
- And one of them is stoned.
- Ma’am, I can’t keep track of every constable.
You know about our staff shortages.
If we had more people this wouldn’t happen.
It's good to know that you can’t keep track of your own men.
Get them out of here now, and replace them.
- Yes, Madam.
- I'm waiting here.
Alright, 'Future DCP' Madam.
Check point duty.
Let's give you the big city experience.
I'm leaving Aseem in your custody.
Interrogation over? Yeah, I’ve got what I need.
He’s in lock up, all yours now.
See? Who needs electricity.
- Having fun, Narayan? - Yes, Madam.
Go home.
Go on go home and talk on the phone all you want.
What? Stop! What did you say? Nothing Madam, nothing.
Long live India.
We’re leaving, Madam.
- You’re in training? - Yes, Madam.
I shouldn’t have to tell you why we have checkpoints.
The drivers should feel intimidated.
Look into their eyes.
If they have something to hide, it’ll show on their faces.
- Stop them and check them, got it? - Yes, Madam.
At the academy, you were our favourite.
Our teacher, Joshi Sir, he said you were his best student.
Eyes on the road.
Yes, Madam? - Now I'm stuck with these idiots.
- Are you asking me to take a demotion? No, not yet.
Interrogation’s done? Yes, you’ll have a report on your desk tomorrow morning.
Alright, talk to you tomorrow.
Okay, Madam.
Shut it off.
- Now what, Madam? - What do you mean 'now what'? It’s the second time I’ve been stopped by the police.
I’m late.
There must be a reason.
What's in the back? School books.
Open it.
Madam, it’s school books.
Open it.
- See, school books.
- Get them down.
- It's heavy, Madam.
- Get them down.
Open it.
Look, Madam, look.
These too.
School books and elephant tusks? And, how’s your daughter, Rebha? She’s fine.
A little nervous.
I'm sure just like Maninder here.
Please excuse me, but when we last spoke, you never said what you do for a living? - I’m with the Delhi Police.
- Oh, Delhi Police.
What post? STF - I head a Special Task Force in South District.
So you’re an IPS officer? - No, Sir.
I’m with the Delhi Police itself.
- What's the difference? IPS officers write an exam, and after training, command our officers.
But we have to start at the bottom, as constables, and work our way up.
I understand.
It’s another gift from the British.
- Isn’t that right? - Yes, indeed.
It used to be called the “Imperial Police Service” - Yeah, exactly - And no Indian could join.
After independence, it changed to the “Indian Police Service”.
- Am I right? - Yes, yes.
See, it is a flawed system.
But the day it changes, you’ll see great progress in policing this country.
But until then, you can never become a DCP? But he commands a special force, with direct access to his DCP.
Yes, I heard him.
Well, it’s been great meeting you.
I'll get back to you.
See, the kids' marriage is no small matter.
- I’ll talk to my family, and let you know.
- You're absolutely right.
So how's work? Amazing.
I met Vartika Chaturvedi today.
- Vartika Chaturvedi! - Yeah.
Who’s she? DCP South District.
- You won't win me over like this.
- Even I was thinking that.
I mean, this isn't working, right? Fine So tell me, what do you want to know about me? Nothing.
I know enough.
Enough? - Enough to marry me? - Sure.
I don’t know anything about you.
We have our entire lives to get to know each other.
But we only have a couple of hours to decide if we want to do this.
My parents are visiting.
They’ll ask me as soon as I get home.
What am I doing?! I came to Delhi to be independent.
So is that why you joined the police, to be independent? You seem so sure of yourself.
Actually, besides you, I’m sure of everything.
You have to go? We’ll meet again? Don’t know.
That means we will.
- Brother, take us to Dwarka? - No.
- Brother, take us to Dwarka? - No, I'll take you to Munirka.
- Come on.
- No, Brother, Munirka.
You can take a bus from there.
- We'll find a bus there? - Yeah, of course.
…Yeah, so what date did the judge give? One second, hold on.
Yeah, go ahead.
How much? Are you serious? And she got that at the checkpoint? What was her name? Neeti.
Okay She went to San Diego to study, met a foreigner, fell in love, Here it's okay? - Why didn't we take this one? - No, no.
- Dwarka, Dwarka, Dwarka! - That one.
It's a deal, just three weeks, Kid.
Dwarka, Dwarka! Come in.
Dwarka, Dwarka, Dwarka! Stop stop stop… Go back, go back.
Back… there.
What is it? Oh, God.
Eagle 1, Gamma 5-0, note this call.
Eagle 1, Eagle 6-9.
Go ahead.
Eagle 6-9, Eagle 1.
Go to Mahipal Pur.
There are two people, injured, lying naked near the overpass.
Eagle 1, Eagle 6-9.
On my way.
Hey, come on.
Malkhan - pull over, pull over.
Near the crowd.
Hey, move aside.
Move, move.
Let us see.
You people stay back.
Pick her up.
Careful, careful.
Your name? Deepika, can you tell me what happened? Rape.
And they beat me with an iron rod.
Then they pushed the rod into my vagina.
I think They might have pulled out my flesh from inside.
Deepika, everything will be alright.
Emergency? Deepika? - No one’s allowed here.
- I’m her father.
Deepu my child.
Papa it hurts so much.
So much.
But I'll soon be okay.
Yes child, you’ll soon be okay.
You'll be alright.
Please we have to continue here.
- Please come, come with me - What happened? - I’ll explain everything.
- Have you seen my child’s state? Come, come.
Sit here.
See, there was an attack on a bus.
Your daughter's fortunate It's cold outside, so she was too numb to feel the pain.
It'll be okay.
I’ll explain, okay? Let me report in first.
Eagle 1, Eagle 6-9.
Come in.
Eagle 6-9, Eagle 1.
Go ahead.
Eagle 1, Eagle 6-9.
I’ve brought the Mahipal Pur victims to Safdarjung Hospital.
An attack took place on a bus.
Both victims were found naked.
Totally stripped.
No medical report yet.
It's really bad.
Maybe the doctors can help.
Yeah, go ahead.
Madam? - Yeah? - Narayan's calling.
I'm calling his mobile.
- Yes, Madam.
- What happened? Madam, I don’t know the whole story yet.
But I got a call that a male and female were found naked on the roadside in Mahipal Pur.
But there’s no confirmation of rape.
- How did they end up there? - Don't know, Madam.
- And there’s no confirmation of rape? - No.
- Hmm.
Call me if you hear anything else.
- Yes, Madam.
Yes, Madam? - When will you be back, Madam? - Don't know.
- Will I have to wake up to unlock the door? - No, Vishal will do it.
Any more details? No, Madam.
Hearing conflicting things.
Go faster.
- You’re the IO? - Yes.
- I’m the DCP, South District.
- Yes, Madam.
Where’s the Mahipal Pur couple? Ma’am, the girl’s about to go into surgery.
But if you want you can speak to the boy inside.
Madam I'm Deepika's father.
- You're the DCP, right? - Yes.
Thank you for coming here yourself.
Please do something.
Nobody's giving us a straight answer.
What’s happened to my Deepika? See, the most important thing right now is to treat Deepika so that we can get through this medical emergency.
I promise you that someone from my team will stay with you.
Have a seat, he’ll stay with you.
Please come.
- Hello, Ma’am.
- Where are you? At home, sleeping.
Come to Safdarjung Hospital, now.
Something's happened.
Ma'am I have no way to get there.
Bhupendra, don’t talk rubbish.
You’re a smart inspector, find a way.
I’m calling Rakesh and Subhash too.
I want all of you here, right now.
Okay, Ma'am.
- What happened? - What else? Have to work.
I'll make tea.
- Hello? - Yeah, Gautam? - What? - Hey, do you still have that car? Yes, Madam.
Narayan, there’s a new IPS officer in training at Vasant Vihar station, Neeti Singh.
I want her number.
It’s an emergency, come now.
What happened? - I have to go to work.
- Now? Yeah, the DCP called me.
We were out in seven minutes.
We reached here at 11 p.
- Where’s Vinod? - Don’t know.
I called and messaged, no response.
He must be getting his weekly manicure.
- And what happened to you? - A foot infection, but it’ll be okay.
Good you all came.
How are you feeling? Who are you people? Vartika Chaturvedi - DCP South District.
These are Delhi Police officers.
Feeling better than before.
- What’s your name? - Akash Kumar.
Can you tell us what happened? Me and uh… Me and Deepika went to Select City Walk, to see a movie.
After the movie, no auto rickshaw would take us to Dwarka.
One of the auto drivers suggested we get off at Munirka Bus Stand and take a bus home from there.
What happened at the bus stand? We found a bus headed for Dwarka.
We were attacked on that bus.
How many people on the bus? Six people, who attacked us.
- What about the bus driver and conductor? - They were amoung the six.
Three of them emerged from the cabin and two of them started swearing at me.
One of them suddenly smacked me.
- I tried to fight back.
- Do you remember any names? I mean, did any of them address each other by their names? One asked "Brajesh" and "Vikas" to get the rod.
They got it.
They started beating me with the rod.
It's okay.
It's okay, take your time.
Deepika called out to the driver for help.
They dragged her to the back of the bus.
She kept screaming, but her voice was muffled.
I tried, but they wouldn't let me go back to her.
It was gang rape? I don’t know.
The driver handed the bus to someone else and came back and hit me with the rod.
He then went back towards Deepika.
Later, I heard a voice saying “She’s dead! She’s dead!” They snatched our clothes, phones, everything.
And threw us out of the moving bus near the airport overpass.
They turned the bus around and came back and tried to run us over.
Deepika was unconscious, so I dragged her to the ditch.
Then they drove off.
After a while the police arrived, but… they stood there for a while before taking us away.
What do you mean ‘stood there for a while’? According to my report, they were there for seven minutes.
Must be the Highway Patrol car.
They have similar sirens.
It looks like a PCR van, but they have no facilities.
Can you describe the bus? ‘Future DCP’ Madam, you honour us with your presence.
You showed up? You honour us with your presence.
She’s critical, and may not have much time.
Ma’am, where will this case be registered? - Where did they board the bus? - Munirka Bus Stand.
- That’s in Vasant Vihar? - Yes.
- It’s your case.
- No, but, they were found in Mahipal Pur.
That's borderline, with ‘Delhi Cantonment’ district.
And they’re here as well.
The crime began where they boarded the bus, Vinod.
So this case will be registered at your station.
God bless you.
- Who’s your best lady officer? - She’s here, Vimla Bharadwaj.
Can she handle this? Of course.
You’ll be the investigating officer on record.
Log all of the official paperwork.
I’m creating a special investigation team.
We’ll handle the case.
Vinod, you can also stand down on this.
Ma'am, that’s not necessary.
We can investigate.
We have a crack team, Ma'am.
And either way Your team can’t even handle a checkpoint.
How will they handle this case? - Should I come? - No, Sir.
I’ll report to you in the morning.
A young male and female picked up by a private bus.
On that bus, they were assaulted by six males.
The male victim was beaten with an iron rod, robbed and stripped.
She was gang raped, and then molested and disfigured with the same iron rod.
Section 376 G.
We don't have much to go on.
No leads, and we don't know what the suspects look like.
We just have two names - Vikas and Brajesh.
So what else do we have? A white bus, and some details of its interior.
Most likely route is South Delhi: Munirka - Mahipal Pur.
Collect information on all white buses from the Delhi Transport Corporation.
Make a list of contractors of large fleet and short-route buses.
One team will work with our informants, to get anything they can.
Find out from them how many white buses are parked in South Delhi, right now.
- You’re both from Palam area, right? - Yes, Madam.
Call your contacts, see if anyone knows anything about this bus.
Yes, Ma’am, I’ll talk to Sudhir.
And put all of our informants on this.
If they find any buses like this, stop and search them.
The suspects are all lower class.
Bus drivers, conductors, bus cleaners.
A girl was raped on this bus and a boy was beaten.
It's a mess.
They’re probably cleaning it somewhere.
Or they might be at a food stand or liquor den.
They probably didn’t go home.
Badarpur, Gurgaon, Noida, even North Delhi… Check out all the major bus stands.
Go to the Mahipal Pur overpass.
See if we can find any clues.
Subhash, I want you personally on this.
In fact, trace the entire route of the bus, wherever it went.
Collect all the CCTV footage along the potential bus route.
Check all of the airport hotel cameras.
See if any of them caught this bus.
- Jairaj, your team’s here? - Yes, Sir.
- You guys handle this.
- Will do, Sir.
The victim’s mobile logs - maybe they were called during the crime.
Trace the calls, map out a digital route of the bus.
In fact, I want a list of all calls made during the crime, along that route.
From Munirka to Mahipal Pur.
If any numbers show up in both areas, mark them, they may belong to our suspects.
- Ma'am, that could be millions of calls.
- Yeah, but it’s not your problem, Vinod.
I don't want the defence council saying we screwed up.
The command centre will be at Vasant Vihar Station.
Everyone will report back to me or Bhupendra.
I don’t have to tell you all how easily this case can slip away.
If we don’t catch any of our suspects within 7-10 hours they may all disappear.
This is not a standard gang rape.
What’s happened to this girl, I’ve never seen before.
Whatever they need, food, anything, take care of them.
You’re closest to the victim’s age.
Her family needs someone they can relate to.
Yes, please send it.
I’m taking over your office until this case is solved.
There’s no need, Ma’am, get some rest Ma’am, can I ask you something? Yeah.
- What’s so special about this case? - You didn’t see her condition.
No, but we’ve handled so many gang rape cases.
- What’s so special about this one? - This one’s demonic, Bhupendra.
If it happened to one of our daughters, we don’t know what we’d do.
And we can’t trust Vinod with this, you know that.
He tried to pass this onto the Delhi Cantonment guys, asshole.
He’s the kind who acts innocent in front of his mother and sister but will let these cases slide.
- Delhi Police.
Where’s your security room? - Why, Sir? What's happened? There was a crime last night, we need to check your footage.
There's no camera facing the road? No, Sir.
Sometimes we catch a reflection off the front door glass.
But there’s no camera facing the road.
Madam, we've asked 50 contractors to track the whereabouts of their white buses.
- Harish? - Hello? - Rakesh here, buddy.
How are you? - All good, you tell me.
How’s your wife? Everyone’s fine.
- I need a favour.
- Yeah? You know all transporters based in Palam.
I need a list of all bus operators from there.
- Okay.
- And their phone numbers as well.
I’m investigating a sensitive case.
It’s urgent.
Can I get something for you - tea? How could someone do this to her? What did my child do to deserve this? She said she’d come home after the movie.
She kept asking how she looked in her new top.
What happened? We've started her treatment.
There's internal injuries, organ damage.
The bite marks on her face have caused swelling.
And there's internal hemorrhaging.
- All the details are here.
- But, she’ll be okay, right? We can’t say anything for sure.
Her condition is critical.
We might have to do another surgery.
For now, we’re monitoring her.
I have to get back.
Have faith, we’re doing the best we can.
The doctors are trying their best.
Please have a seat.
I’ll sit with you.
- Where’s the hospital seal? - Madam, is that necessary? Sir I tried my best.
But there were too many of them.
She said you were just going to see a movie.
What happened after that? You were both attacked but she’s the one fighting for her life.
Why? Akash, we have to go.
I tried my best, I'm sorry.
It’s okay, Kid.
Be brave.
Look Akash, you can still help Deepika by helping the police.
Right? Let’s go? - Come.
- I tried.
Yeah Harish, what do you have? Yeah, check your WhatsApp.
I’ve sent 20 names.
All bus owners who live nearby.
Well done.
You just got yourself a bottle of whiskey.
But none of that rubbish Black Label.
- Oh yeah? How about Glenfiddich? - Yeah.
- Hey Brother, where are you coming from? - Noida.
- How are you, Akash? - Fine.
- Sit.
Vimla, some warm milk for him.
- Yes, Madam Sir.
So do you remember anything else? Even small details about the bus or the people.
One second Yeah? No, only the cameras on our route.
If they're not facing the road, don’t waste your time.
On the dashboard of the bus, there’s a statue.
I think it's Lord Shiva’s statue.
In the driver’s cabin.
- Send this information to all our teams.
- Yes, Madam.
Wait, there, there, we found it.
Finally, a camera facing the road.
- It always faces the road? - No no.
The screw broke, that’s why it’s facing that way.
Play it from 8 p.
last night.
Madam Sir.
- Good, seal all the samples like this.
- Yes, Madam Sir.
The constable at the hospital was negligent, even after your orders.
- We can’t trust these constables at all.
- I'll take care of this.
- Yes, Madam? - Where are you? Madam, interviewing bus drivers in Dwarka.
Okay, do you still have your friend at the Central Forensics Science Lab? Yes, Madam.
I want their experts at our crime scene to collect all the samples.
I don’t trust the junior constables at all.
Sure Madam, but we would need to do a mountain of paperwork for authorization.
So you want us to run this investigation by the book but you don’t want to observe protocol in getting the right team to conduct it? - I’ll get it done, Madam.
- And keep track of any expenses, okay? No problem, Madam.
Long live India.
Finish up, quickly.
Hello - a bit early, isn’t it? Sir, I wouldn’t bother you if I didn’t have to.
We’re investigating a heinous crime from last night… …and you want my boys for forensics? Sir, you know I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t dire.
DCP Vartika Chaturvedi is overseeing this herself.
- Why? Is she looking for a promotion? - No, it's not like that.
She’s taking this case personally.
We all have that one case at some point.
Anyway, you’ll provide transportation and meals for my boys.
No problem, Sir, done.
Sudhir's gone to the Regional Transport Office to get a list of bus owners.
Madam, my team's searched 250 buses, and detained 22 for inspection.
We’re talking to the drivers to trace their routes.
Right now, it's all soft interrogations.
But did you tell the constables about the Lord Shiva statue? Yeah, they should all have that information soon.
And we’re asking the drivers about the bus owners and calling them up.
I want to speak to them.
Actually, you know what? Bring them all here.
Just the white bus owners.
Here? - What’s this bus used for? - It's a school bus.
- We’re not looking for a school bus, right? - No.
- You’re the regular driver? - Yes.
And this is your regular conductor? No, he’s a replacement.
My guy's visiting his home village.
- Who’s the owner? - Mr.
- Mr.
Sirish? You have his number? - No, I don't have it.
Don’t have it? Fine, you can go.
Let him go.