Delhi Crime (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

I'll call you back.
Send Ira to Safdarjung Hospital.
Tell her to find out what's going on, and call me.
Madam, you're mistaken.
All of us bus owners live nearby, but our buses don't operate here.
The buses that move around here their owners live on the outskirts of Delhi.
And their drivers stay close to their buses.
Madam, you've called the wrong bus owners in.
Look around the neighbourhoods here.
That's where you'll find your local drivers.
Their owners live miles away.
Ask Mr.
Sirish, most of his buses are white.
- You have his number? - I should.
Try this.
It's switched off.
It's ghastly, Sir.
She's in critical condition, and they're not sure if she'll survive.
- Has the media arrived? - Yes, Sir.
A handful of them.
Do a press conference now.
Explain the details - what happened, how, and when.
- What's happening? - Some district counsellor's here.
I don't know why, the press are also in a frenzy.
Look, I'll only speak for a few minutes.
I can tell you that last night, in our city a ghastly crime was committed.
The victims, a young male and female, were both attacked on a moving bus.
Six men were involved.
Yeah? Get a TV.
But the female victim was brutally gang raped.
Her condition is critical.
To make matters worse, an iron rod was used to molest her.
This came from Safdarjung Hospital a few minutes ago.
A horrific incident in Delhi, on a moving bus Delhi Police, shame shame! - How did they find out so fast? - Don't know, Sir.
Nobody's come in here, apart from those filing official complaints.
Yeah? - Hello, Prashant? - Yeah, Vinod.
- What's going on at headquarters? - All good.
- Look, I need that favour now.
- Sure.
If you hear anything about this case, let me know right away.
Understand? - Sure.
Anything for you, Buddy.
- Okay, thanks.
- Hello? - Harish, any news? Yeah, there's a guy named Sirish who owns a lot of buses.
“Sirish” has come up before.
I heard one of his buses is missing.
The driver's name is Jai Singh, check it out.
Will do.
Does this missing bus have its door on the corner? Yeah.
What route does it go on? It's a school bus - picks up kids in the morning, drops them in the afternoon.
- It's a school bus? - On contract.
After dropping students in the morning - NIC A company called “New Index Consultancy” the bus takes its employees to work.
So then it sits in the company parking lot most of the day.
And after dropping kids in the afternoon it does the same thing in the evening.
Then it's off-duty.
Brother, the most important question is where does it park at night? You owe me big time.
The bus parks at Ravi Dass Camp.
Hold on.
Madam, Ravi Dass Camp, in RK Puram.
- That's near Munirka Bus Stand, right? - Yeah.
- So the bus should be at NIC now, right? - It should be parked there, but it's not.
- And no one knows where it is.
- We'll find it, Buddy.
- If you hear anything else let me know.
- Sure, Brother.
Come over for dinner sometime.
- If it's paneer scramble, for sure.
- Done, okay.
Madam - this guy Sirish, one of his buses is missing.
And it matches our description.
My source has confirmed.
And the driver's name is Jai Singh.
The bus is used for school in the mornings and afternoons.
The rest of the time, a company called NIC uses it.
I think we should check the NIC parking lot.
- And the school - It's a holiday today.
Then where else could it go? Hey Lallu, call NIC.
Yes Sir, will do right away.
This Jai Singh, is he in RK Puram right now? At least, that's where he parks at night.
Send a plainclothes unit to RK Puram, find Jai Singh.
Madam - one of my bus cleaners has been missing all morning.
I can't find him.
- His name? - Alok Kumar.
- You have his number? - Yes.
- Here.
- Call him.
- It's switched off.
- Give me the number.
Sir, there are 350 white deluxe buses registered in the Regional Transport Office along with the name of the owners, many of whom appear multiple times.
Should we get more constables on this? No, no way.
No junior officers on this.
Too many media leaks.
Use only Sub-Inspectors and senior officers.
And if you have any doubt on any owner, call them in.
We'll check them here.
On a moving bus, on a main road.
What else can I say? As the Home Minister, and as a father of a young woman No, Sir.
If this was in my control, this incident wouldn't have happened.
And you, Sir? Sister, where can I find Jai Singh? Don't know.
- Who are you? - I'm his cousin, from Jonpur.
I haven't seen him in a while.
Where can I find Jai Singh, the bus driver? Who are you? A friend.
He's a good guy.
He lent me money when I needed it.
I just wanted to pay him back.
He went to his brother's place in Mehrauli, last night.
- What's his brother's name? - Don't know.
Uh, Brother - Where in Mehrauli? - Don't know.
Hey, Sartaj, come in.
How are you? Madam, this is Sartaj.
An old colleague from my bank days.
Today he's a big man, owns a fleet of buses.
- He can give us lots of information.
- At your service, Madam.
- He knows his buses.
- If I know nothing else, yes.
We have a lot of unanswered questions.
Bhupy, since when have you worn glasses? It's been ages.
We haven't met in a while.
Do this - draw a small circle on the wall.
Keep looking at it from a distance.
Don't blink.
Let your eyes water and wash themselves.
Do this five times a day.
Then you won't need glasses.
Your folk remedies won't work here, Brother.
Akash, come in.
- Did you get some rest? - A little.
Uncle is still asleep.
- But, my mind is - I know.
Are you hungry? - Bhupendra - Yes, Madam.
Do you think you can help us with the bus route? - Maybe.
- Now.
Tell me on this.
We boarded the bus from here, and They dumped us here.
In between, there was Malai Temple.
Malai Temple is here.
After that they drove straight, and then there was an overpass.
- How many turns did you take? - Three or four.
- Were they driving fast? - Quite fast.
- How long did the attack last? - 30 or 40 minutes.
- And how long before they attacked? - 10 minutes.
I think they took a turn somewhere and did two rounds.
Because from the pickup point to the drop point, at night it takes about 20 minutes.
And there's one turn.
But he says they took three or four turns, and it took 45 minutes.
Did you pass Malai Temple once or twice? Once actually it came twice, you're right.
So suppose they picked you up at 9:20 p.
from here and dumped you here around 10:05 p.
So during this time, it's these exact hotels on the highway here whose CCTV cameras could have footage, if they're highway-facing.
- Rakesh.
- I'll tell Jairaj.
Any more details about the outside of the bus? Were there any lines on the bus? A thick blue or green line across the bus? If it's blue, it's diesel-powered, and green is natural gas.
- Really? - I couldn't see, it was dark.
- But something was written on the bus.
- It could be the owner or brand name.
Could be.
But yeah When it was done, they dragged us to the back to throw us out but the door wouldn't open.
They even tried with the rod, but So the back door was either jammed shut, or sealed.
What kind of buses only have front door entry? Madam, it has to be a blue line bus.
All the blue line buses were converted to natural gas.
And most of them became school buses.
And when they did those conversions, they sealed the back door shut so the kids couldn't get off the back.
And those were the deluxe-coach kinds, with longer tinted windows.
This missing "Sirish" bus is a school bus.
This counsellor on TV, she works for the Chief Minister.
How did the media find out? Yes of course, spend wisely.
- But catch these guys, quickly.
- Sir.
It's in everyone's best interest that we catch these guys immediately.
Madam, thank God they aren't rich kids.
Looks like the students have found an extra-curricular activity.
If they're lucky, they'll get onto TV and get in our way.
How did they make the signboards so quickly? Stop.
- Didn't this bus come by earlier? - It did.
Rewind it.
That's it.
Keep it there.
Yeah, Jairaj.
Sir, the CCTV camera shows a white bus passing twice in 20 minutes.
- The first time at? - 9.
- 9.
And then? - 9.
9:53 p.
m, Sir.
Record a clip of that video on your phone and WhatsApp it to me now.
Doing it now.
Sonny, play the clip when the bus first came by.
Akash, look at this.
- It could be it.
- Come.
Let's go.
Sartaj, you go too.
Meet at the Aerodrome Hotel.
I'll text you the address.
- Okay.
- Ma'am, one more thing The conductor was calling out to the passengers in a weird way.
I've never heard anything like it.
- Maybe that's why we noticed that bus.
- What do you mean by "weird"? “Dwarka Dwarka Dwarka!” - Rakesh.
- Yes, Madam? You guys can go.
I'll call if I need you.
Yeah, Prashant, tell me.
Headquarters isn't impressed with you or your station.
They may suspend some officers.
Listen to me - make it look like you're doing a lot on this case.
Only the prepared survive a disaster.
Understand? I'll be fine, buddy.
My DCP's overseeing this herself.
If she sticks around.
They know Vartika's personally taken over the case.
She may be the first to go.
- Is that right? - Yeah.
- You've submitted the hospital samples? - Yes, Sir.
I'm just waiting for these.
I'll take them straight to CFSL.
They'll analyse them there before giving them back.
Yes, Sir.
I've been working crime scenes like this for 15 years.
This is the first time I'm seeing a forensics team at one of them.
It's so comforting.
It's what a pissed off DCP can do.
Did she pull the strings to get them, or you, Sir? - I called in a favour.
- Amazing.
If I called them they wouldn't pay any attention.
Stay in this as long as I have you'll owe, and be owed, favours to your death.
Just keep a good ledger for them.
Yes, Sir.
But Sir, why are you here? You have your own station to look after.
Yeah, I do.
But I owe the DCP a favour.
Yeah, go ahead.
Sir, we got Jai Singh's bus number from one of his neighbours, it's 9094.
They say he was with his brother in Mehrauli last night, but we can't confirm this.
They're all missing.
- So find them.
- Yes, Sir.
We need a better image of the bus to show Akash.
There's something about Akash that's bothering me.
Meaning? I don't know, just a bad feeling.
They've destroyed this girl.
Worse than death.
We've seen a lot of cases, but these bastards crossed all boundaries.
We're solving this case - we have to get those bastards.
Play it.
- Something's written on it? - Yeah.
What is it? Ma'am, I can get a clear image.
My camera's high resolution.
This is the original image, it can't get clearer.
One minute excuse me, Sir.
See this, Ma'am.
Sirish Travels.
Send more plainclothes officers to Ravi Dass Camp to apprehend Jai Singh Jai Singh! Is this the Delhi Transport Corporation? I'm calling from the Delhi Police.
I need to know how many “Sirish Travels“ white buses are registered in the NCR.
Whom do I speak to? Pick up all contractors of "Sirish Travels" buses.
And where the hell is this Sirish?! He's on the line, he's looking for Jai Singh.
- This looks like the bus.
- Hey look at this! Look, look! See that? The front left wheel axle - the cap's missing.
Okay - send these details to your teams at Ravi Dass Camp.
The bus has ”Sirish Travels” written on it, the back door is jammed shut, and there's a Lord Shiva idol.
And On the front left wheel axle, the cap's missing.
The cap's missing.
- You're going yourself? - Absolutely.
The Delhi Police sat around for two hours, and did nothing.
The girl and boy were lying there.
It could have been this seat where they were molested.
I don't understand where they get this rubbish from, Sir? Yeah, the DCP South can do it, she knows the details on the ground, Sir.
the same bus where last night a man and woman were picked up, and the woman was gang raped.
Sir, I promise you, by mid afternoon, we'll have the bus and the first man in custody.
Okay, then be cryptic.
But be ready if they jump on you.
Sirish confirmed that both bus 9094, and its driver - Jai Singh - are missing.
This guy confirms the front left tyre on Jai Singh's bus has no wheel cover.
- Tell him.
- Yeah, Sir, yeah.
I sent it to the tailor.
He'll give it back in a few days.
And then when you wear it, we'll go out, okay? Devinder: "Where have you gone? No answers to my calls?" When will this be over? Everything will be alright, soon.
Did they settle your arrears? No, Sir, it's been a year, nothing's changed.
He's a piece of work.
I'll talk to him.
You have ID? - Yes, Sir.
- Show me.
Jai Singh.
Why did you run? I saw people running after me.
So I ran.
- Is this your bus? - Yeah, I'm just the driver.
Why? What did I do? - Come to the station, we'll talk.
- Sir, tell me what's happened.
Have patience.
We need to move the bus to a safe spot, where nobody can find it.
Madam, how about Nehru Stadium? The administrator's a friend.
- Yes, Madam? - Subhash Is your forensics team still with you? Yeah, just finishing here.
We have the bus.
I'm sending it to Nehru Stadium with Vimla.
No one should know about it.
And keep it away from the reporters.
Go there with your team Yes, sure Madam.
Take the bus to Nehru Stadium.
The forensics will be done there.
Make sure nobody knows about this, and nobody touches it.
Well this is fun.
We still have five more guys out there.
I don't think we're going home tonight.
So be it.
More importantly, what's for dinner? - Ravi's food stand? - No way, too oily.
I hear they're using coconut oil now.
No kidding.
Ma'am, in Hindi.
The female victim has been gang raped and the male victim attacked.
What's their condition now? I cannot uh I'm not allowed to But the investigation is underway.
We are making progress and hope to solve this case soon.
We're trying our best to apprehend the culprits.
I just want to say one thing - let the police do their job.
As soon as we have more information, we'll inform you.
Here's Jai Singh's phone.
Pull his call logs, immediately.
- You'll have them tomorrow.
- We need them today.
- And you're not leaving until then.
- Why today? - I'll see what I can do.
- Listen, if I was you, I'd do it now.
Get working.
Family's okay, I'm just staying close.
- Can we do this cleanly? - Meaning? Following protocol, the proper way.
This is justice.
What does ‘proper’ have to do with it? Where's Akash? Gone home to get clothes with one of my guys.
He'll be back soon.
What happened? I haven't done anything.
- What were you doing all day? - Working.
Oh yeah? It's a school holiday, and you didn't stop at NIC.
Where were you? So what law did I break? I can't drive my bus around? Motherfucker, now you're asking us the questions? I don't understand any of this, I didn't do anything.
- You didn't do anything? - No.
Then agree to be identified by the victim of a crime that took place last night.
No, no way.
What victim? Who is he? You're refusing? First tell me, what's this about? If you're refusing, it can be used against you.
Shall we log it? Yes, I drive bus 9094.
First I pick up school kids, and then NIC employees - every day.
- Where were you last night? - With my brother, in Mehrauli.
We had a small party, ate chicken, and then slept there.
What's your brother's name and number? His name's Dada, but he doesn't have a phone.
- Okay fine.
His address? - I don't know.
We partied outside his home, and slept there.
His place is too small to accommodate us.
He's a doorman in the colony.
- Who else was there? - My other brother, Amar.
- Where were you today? - Sleeping.
It was a school holiday, so I went to NIC, then had lunch parked on the roadside, and slept.
Where's your bus cleaner? Cleaner he's gone.
You said your other brother, Amar, is a bus conductor? - Yes, he is.
- Where is he? I don't know.
He's also gone.
You don't know where your brother is? You all had chicken last night, and now he's missing? - I really don't know.
- You really don't know?! - Shall I refresh your memory, asshole? - Vinod? Since when has the wheel cover been missing? Since forever.
I keep telling my boss to replace it.
Please let me go.
Look, I'm disabled.
How could I do it? Come outside.
- This isn't working.
- His story doesn't fit I don't know.
We have people at Ravi Dass Camp trying to find his brother.
- Let's keep him here for a while.
- Don't worry about that.
We can keep him for another 20 hours.
- Akash? - No.
He refused to be identified, we just have to do this properly.
Sudhir, come here.
Yes, Sir? Jai Singh has a brother, somewhere in Mehrauli.
Find him.
But first, go to Ravi Dass Camp, see what you can learn, quietly.
Yes, Sir.
I'll go with him, too.
- Where the hell are the call logs?! - Are they ready or not? You'll get them tomorrow.
You have one hour, or you're finished.
Motherfucker, you'll be suspended.
Get them.
Yeah, tell me.
Madam, the bus is clean.
We can't find anything.
Check properly.
There has to be something.
Even if there was something, they've cleaned it well.
You're not looking hard enough.
I'm sure he's the one.
If you can't do your job, I'll come myself and do it.
- Can we go now, Sir? - Just wait.
The guy said he was sitting in the third or fourth row.
Meaning there.
The girl was then brought to the back.
That means, here.
Maybe here.
Check these two rows carefully.
- Gaurav.
- Yes, Sir? Can you remove the floorboard? Yes, Sir.
But we don't have the right tools.
You must have a screwdriver.
We're a forensics team, not mechanics.
I have to do everything myself.
If the DCP shows up here, it'll be our blood that's spilt.
Ma'am, if this is the wrong guy, the right one is probably long gone by now.
Look, we all know you're lying.
Tell us the truth.
I keep telling you, you got the wrong tip.
Speak to my brother.
He'll vouch for me.
But you said he doesn't have a phone.
Yes, but you can take me to him.
Everything will be cleared up.
I told you motherfuckers.
Tell me.
We found it, Madam.
Blood everywhere, it's him.
- Call logs, Madam Sir.
- Give it to me.
This is something.
Last night, at 9:16 p.
m, you received a call for 13 seconds, here at Hauz Khas.
Then, at 10:04 and 10:06 you received two calls for 51 seconds and 56 seconds, here at Vasant Gaon.
This means, last night, your phone was on the bus route.
Sonny you can run away from the system.
You can run away from the police.
But you can't run away from your rotten luck.
You're lying that you were with your brother in Mehrauli.
Your phone logs prove this.
And we found blood in your bus.
No I was with my