Delhi Crime (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Why did you go to Mahipal Pur? I wasn't there.
I was in Mehrauli.
It's not even my phone.
Look, we have enough evidence to arrest you.
The bus, call logs, everything.
Just give us the names of your accomplices.
Otherwise, we have another day to make you talk.
Okay, I'll tell you.
We attacked them both on the bus.
From the start.
We picked them up from Munirka Bus Stand and took them for a ride.
- How many of you? - Six, including me.
You took them for a ride and attacked them.
Yeah, I had an argument with the guy.
So, we started hitting him.
The girl came in between to help him, so we bashed her, too.
Then we dragged her to the back of the bus.
We pinned her to the floor.
She fought back hard.
I got really pissed off.
So I raped her.
From the front, and then behind.
The others did too.
She then bit one of us.
So we bit her harder.
I got even more pissed off.
There was a rod in the bus.
I shoved it inside her, in front, and behind.
But you weren't done.
Then I put my hand inside her and pulled her intestines out.
I wanted to tear her apart from the inside.
We threw them out of the bus, and tried to run them over.
I guess they survived.
- Did the others pull her intestines out? - No.
They just raped and bashed her.
I shoved the rod, and my hands inside.
They didn't.
Motherfucker! This officer's been with the victim for the past 18 hours.
Do whatever you want to him.
Hit him, slap him, just thrash him.
Just don't leave a mark.
Why her? - Why did you do this to her? - We just planned on robbing them.
But when we saw her boyfriend having fun with her we thought we could have fun too.
Meaning? I mean it all started with her creep boyfriend.
It's because of people like him that our country's traditions are going to hell.
Is this the way to behave with a girl in public? Shameless.
And she was having fun too.
When we saw that, we got the idea to do all of this.
- Asshole! - What are you talking about? I told you, we were just going to rob them.
That boy started it all.
You motherfucker, why did you go so far? Why not just kill them and be done? I don't know.
I didn't want to kill them that way.
Amar was driving, and thought we should run them over.
That's why we didn't stop the bus.
- What did you do with her intestines? - Don't know.
What did you say? Don't know, someone must've picked it up.
What I did I don't regret it.
How many times have you fooled the police? You knew how to play us.
You've done this before, haven't you? Fucker.
Any luck with the brother in Mehrauli? Sir, we found one guy, Jai Singh's neighbour.
They don't get along.
He can help us.
We haven't told the locals much.
- Where is he? - Come.
This way, Sir.
This guy.
So why are you helping us? You have something to hide too? No, Sir.
Jai Singh's a first-rate asshole.
Always bullying people around here.
- Throw him in jail.
- Okay.
- Do you know where his brother lives? - No.
There were six of you.
Vikas Goswami, Brajesh Kumar, Alok Kumar, Sonu, and Amar.
Amar's your brother.
Vikas is a gym assistant, and Brajesh a fruit seller.
They both live in your neighbourhood.
You said Amar drove the bus.
But you don't know where he is now.
Alok Kumar is a bus cleaner, who works in Noida and Gurgaon.
He has a cousin in Manesar, Gurgaon, that's the only family you know of.
But this last guy, Sonu Sonu's not his real name.
How can you commit such a crime with someone whose name you don't even know? I don't know.
We all call him Sonu.
You don't know his real name, or his phone number.
He doesn't have a home, or a phone.
How do you know him? I used to work for a travel agency.
I drove a bus, Sonu was the conductor.
He would call out to passengers in a strange way.
So he got the job quickly.
That was a few years ago.
So you called him last night after a few years? No.
I owed Sonu some money.
So, four months ago, some bus owner called me.
He told me that Sonu was depressed and needed money so he asked me to pay Sonu what I owed him.
- What's the bus owner's name? - I don't remember.
- Number? - Don't know.
Call him in.
Gopi, come here.
- Where are you going? - Home, Madam Sir.
Check his call logs from four months ago and call every number listed.
Could I do this tomorrow? We have five more men to catch.
I can hang you in their place? What was Sonu doing with you yesterday? He came over in the morning, I don't know where he was before that.
Where is he now? When we saw the news this morning we decided to run away.
Who else was with you this morning? Sonu and Alok came with me on the NIC run this morning.
We then cleaned the bus and planned to park it at Ravi Dass Camp and run off.
On the way, I dropped Sonu and Alok at different bus terminals and they ran off.
Do you know Vikas? You don't.
Thanks anyway.
Just looking for him, he's my cousin.
Thanks anyway.
Word's spreading about the crime.
Let's take advantage of it.
See if we can learn anything that helps.
Sir I just got a call from Vikas.
He was with Jai last night.
He asked if there were any cops around.
I didn't tell him anything.
I said it's quiet here.
I even acted a bit, as if I knew nothing.
- Is he coming here? - Yes, Sir.
Any time now.
Brajesh is with him.
I'm taking him to set up a perimeter.
Yes, Sir.
Yes, Sir? We got a number from Jai Singh's phone - it's in Mehrauli.
Looks like his brother Dada's.
- I'm sending you the address, go now.
- Yes, Sir.
Slippers off.
and Amir dropped your new chair off, but it doesn't fit inside the door.
- When are you coming home? - Might be a few days.
So what about the chair? Just leave it out for now.
If Amir takes it back, great.
If not, I'll deal with it after the case.
How's your back? Not good.
But I'll deal with it after as well.
Old man old man, where can we find Dada Singh? Who is it? - Dada Singh? - Yes.
- Go inside.
- Who are you? Keep moving.
- What happened? - Move.
What is it? - Who are you people? - Take them to the other room.
- But who are you? - Go in there.
- Please leave.
- What's going on? Delhi Police.
Go with them.
Where are you taking us? Sit here.
- Where were you last night? - Here, with my family.
Ask anyone.
- What do you do? - I'm a watchman.
- You have one daughter? - Yeah.
- And two brothers? - Yeah.
- What are their names? - Amar and Jai.
- When was the last time you saw them? - Maybe three or four days ago.
Yeah, four days.
Why, what happened? - Where are they now? - Don't know.
- Where are you from? - Karauli, Rajasthan.
- Who's there now? - My parents.
- Do you visit them? - Yeah, when I can.
Give me your phone.
Now listen carefully.
Last night, your brothers raped and mutilated a girl.
If you see the news, you'll see the entire country is hungry for their blood.
We're looking for Amar.
So you've got to help us.
Now it's up to you.
Help us Or put your entire family in danger.
For helping a criminal, we can jail all of you.
You'll lose your home, job, respect, everything.
You'll never see your family again.
Your life will be ruined.
But if you help us, nothing will happen to you.
Your name won't come up in this case at all - I promise.
- Okay.
- Do this Call your parents in Rajasthan.
And listen - tell them that you're looking for Amar, but his phone's off.
Then ask if they know where he is.
Understand? Go ahead.
Ma? - Hello? - Ma, greetings.
- Who is it, Jai? How are you, son? - Ma, It's Dada.
How are you? Oh, Dada.
Ma, have you spoken to Amar? - Amar? - Yeah.
- How can you be Amar?! - Ma, did you speak to Amar? Is he there? Yeah - that's why I'm confused.
Amar's here.
- Should I wake him up? - No, Ma.
I'll call tomorrow.
- Okay, fine.
- Ma, goodbye.
Let them go.
Let them come.
I'm keeping your phone, and an officer will stay here with you.
Sir, do you carry a gun? Just once in my life, I'd love to hold a gun.
Could I see yours? I'll take a photo and give it back, I swear.
- Is that right? - Yes, Sir.
Keep talking like this, and I'll use that as your funeral photo.
- Sir.
- What? Vikas.
- Positive? - Yes, Sir.
Delhi Police, stop! Where are you taking me? Let me go! Put him in.
Give me your ID.
Why were you running from the police, Vikas Goswami? - Police? - Clean your ears.
- Do you know why we're here? - No, Sir.
Why? To ask you a few questions about rape, banditry, and attempted murder.
- I haven't done anything.
- Don't be scared.
There's plenty of time for that later.
- Where's your friend, Brajesh? - Don't know.
Do you know this? Do you? Yes, Sir.
He's coming now.
- By the same route? - Yes, Sir, he was right behind me.
Yeah, the other guy's coming same route.
Be ready.
Well How are you, Brajesh? Madam, we have two more, Vikas and Brajesh.
Search their homes and then get them to the station.
Yes, Madam.
We have two more, just three left.
Keep this to yourself.
We don't know who's leaking to the media.
So this was a wasted trip.
I'm sorry you've been put out.
Even the media is still a pain.
We've spent the entire day keeping them away.
- Have you caught them yet? - Not yet, but we will soon.
Don't spare them.
Do you have a daughter? Yes.
Then from one mother to another Promise me - they'll all hang.
Uh have you eaten anything? Please come.
Did you see the bite marks on her body? Not sure, but I've seen it on American TV.
We could measure the marks against the jaws of the suspect.
Look, you have to go to Karauli.
It's a five-hour drive.
Go now with your team.
Yes, Sir.
D 34-32-28-98-22-76.
- Arif.
- Coming, Sir.
Let's go.
Sleeping? Sorry, sorry.
Were you asleep? Then go back to sleep.
Are you coming home? I was, but I'm off to Rajasthan.
An assignment's come up.
Kaka's okay? How was his exam? He failed.
I don't know what to do with him.
Failed? Didn't he study for it? Why don't you come home and ask your son yourself? Sir.
Sir, ready.
- Find anything? - Only scraps of burnt clothes.
Just like Brajesh's home.
Nothing much here.
There must be something else.
Check carefully.
They took ATM cards, credit cards A mobile phone too.
Check there.
What's that? Fine, leave it.
- Yeah? - One minute.
What is it? This looks different here.
Sir, I had a case, where a guy buried the evidence.
This Is that flesh? Madam, we should talk about Akash.
If what Jai Singh said is true, it could be a problem for us.
You believe Jai Singh? Vikas and Brajesh are on their way.
It won't take long to get a confession from them.
I'm more worried about Alok and Sonu.
What's this? I'll make good coffee for you.
Madam, let it be.
If I tell someone that the DCP made me coffee, they won't even believe me.
Have it today, you won't get this chance every day.
Have you ever tasted real coffee? I drink coffee every day.
No, not that crappy instant stuff.
I don't know much about this.
You actually have no desire for it? If it's handed to me, sure.
But I wouldn't go out of my way.
- You're lucky.
- A little.
Ma'am, I found a guy to photograph the bite marks.
Ma'am, as you know, I've been station head for a year now, and But, today's been a rough day for me.
Managing regular police business, and this case on top of it It's been difficult.
Ma'am, where do I start? First we had to process Jai Singh's arrest.
And then bring in twelve new officers here.
We'll need extra security.
For now, we'll have to keep using the back entrance.
And I was working out, and overdid it.
Ma'am, I was thinking, if I could go to the gym, you know - stretch, exercise We have two more accused coming here.
The Station Head should be present.
But it'll do for now.
A girl's about to die and he's talking about bodybuilding.
Why aren't you answering my calls? I was busy.
And I can't speak on the phone in there.
What's going on? I can't say.
You shouldn't be hiding things from me.
If you were on a military operation, I wouldn't ask.
I don't know, it's just This is all so strange.
- I have to go back.
- Can we sit just a bit longer.
Five minutes? When we reach the local station, don't mention this specific case.
Otherwise they'll make us go through red tape.
They'll put their officers in charge and make us do the paperwork.
But Sir, we can't lie to them.
Let me do the talking.
Okay, Sir.
Sir, have you ever seen anything like this before? Seen too many like this.
No I mean, yeah, there are many violent crimes, but not like this.
How can someone do this to another person? It's simple.
It's economics.
The bigger the gap between the rich and poor, the more the crimes.
You see, the rich have brought more money into society.
But it's not reaching the poor.
So they try and take it.
The result is more strife in society.
It's normal.
It's happening all over the world.
Add to that the explosion of uneducated youth here.
They have no sex education, but get free porn online which affects their adolescent brains.
They don't know how to interpret it.
They objectify women and wish they could have that in their lives.
If they don't get it, they take it, with no regard for the consequences.
- After all, they have nothing to lose.
- Simple.
And how do you know all this, Sir? Every two weeks, I go home.
It's a long drive.
I get a lot of time to think.
This is a nice song.
Madam, this is the first time in my life I've had a meal with a DCP.
The way this case is going, it won't be the last.
Jairaj, I need you to go to Manesar, Gurgaon.
Alok Kumar has a cousin there.
We don't know much, just his name and the industrial zone he works in.
Don't worry Sir, I'll find the bastard.
- I'll go with you.
- Sit.
Ma'am, I need to follow up on a few things.
- Yeah, but finish your food.
- I'm done.
That can't be full yet.
Sit for five minutes.
Trust me, you'll need it.
Have a seat.
Will you refuse the DCP's orders? Ma'am, we'll always be ready for your orders.
I've never met anyone who loves his job this much.
That's what I have to do? Follow you around and beg you to pay this bill? When will you learn? What is this, mood lighting? Ma'am, I was just asking this idiot why he didn't pay the electricity bill.
Why didn't you? Tell Madam.
Madam, I was told to use funds from our fuel allotment to pay the bill.
But there's nothing left in it.
So why didn't you tell me? How can I run a station without power? Sir, Vikas and Brajesh are here.
I called "Papa", he'll deal with it.
We're from Delhi, Special Task Force.
Is the Station Head here? Nobody's here, Brother.
But you can talk to me.
Some guy committed a crime in Delhi, he's hiding here.
We're here to catch him.
"Woman Raped on Moving Bus" What crime? Attempted murder, among others.
Who's your Station Head? - His name's - Sir! Sir! We came, like you said.
For God's sake help us, or we're dead.
Another dowry case.
Do you get these in Delhi? - Yes, of course.
- Need anything from me? No, just a friendly visit.
Next time, just leave a note.
Don't wake me up.
That's not protocol.
Yeah, come here.
Write your daughter's name, the dowry sum, husband's name, where he lives, everything So, Vikas, where were you last night? At St.
Thomas Church, watching a show.
- Alone? - No, with friends.
- Was Brajesh with you? - Yes, Sir.
Sit tight.
Yes, my boy Tell me.
Where were you last night? At Hauz Khas, with my friends.
- Just hanging out? - Yes, Sir.
In the park, having fun.
What - at the church? No, Sir, in the park.
- Was Vikas with you? - Yes, Sir, he was.
This'll be fun.
So you must know that last night there was no program at the church? - He said we were at the church? - Yeah.
Maybe he went there first, before meeting me.
Okay, in the park? What park? Weren't you at the park? No, Sir.
I told you, I was at the church.
I was just checking.
Who else was there? Sir, there were six of us.
Six of you? - What's that bruise on your leg? - Where, Sir? - Lift it up.
- What? - This.
- I fell yesterday.
That's the bruise.
How is this a bruise from a fall? It looks like a bite mark.
No, Sir.
It's from a fall, an injury - Sir - I've had enough.
We know you're lying.
Now you have two options, tell us the truth, or get ready for a beating.
- Sir, I am telling the truth.
- The truth, motherfucker? He told us everything.
The bus, the rape, everything.
- Bastard.
- Now you can help yourself.
Lying will only make it worse.
The truth is, last night you were on that bus.
On a joyride.
Then you picked up a man and woman.
You robbed them.
Raped the girl.
Brutally beat them both and then threw them out.
And then tried to run them over.
That's the truth isn't it? Tell me! Isn't it? Yes, Sir.
Alright, Vikas confessed.
He was on the bus last night.
He raped the woman and tried to kill her.
He told us everything.
Now your turn.
There's no point in lying anymore.
Why are you making it worse for yourself? Wait He hadn't confessed yet? Quiet.
So - Good, get up.
- Sir? Come to the other room.
Sir, I didn't do anything.
Look We found the victim's ATM cards in your homes.
We have your call records that prove you were on the bus route yesterday.
The game's over.
Now tell us what happened, from the beginning.
What time did you all meet? Hey, Brother.
Do you know where Amar Singh and his family live? - Amar Singh? - Yeah.
In a small settlement across the river.
River? Yeah, go straight.
But you have to cross by foot.
Or you'll have to drive 20 km to the nearest bridge.
Let's go.
Asshole! You think you're smart, huh? - Motherfucker! - Enough, enough.
- And then? - Then he stayed down.
Sir, I didn't even kick him that hard.
He was pretending to be hurt.
And the girl? Jai had already taken her to the back.
Where he raped her.
When did you both go back there, to rape and torture her? - We only had sex with her.
- Yes, Madam.
We only had sex.
We didn't do those other things.
That was all Jai.
He pulled her insides out.
He became a maniac.
And it didn't occur to any of you to stop him? You can't stop Jai.
When he gets angry, we stay away from him.
- You're scared of him? - Yes.
He's older than us.
He tells us what to do.
For how long have you been following him? For the past two years, since his wife died.
- His wife? - Yeah, she was sick for a while.
After she died, he was really screwed up.
He couldn't stand seeing young couples happy together.
Whenever there was a wedding in our area he'd bang on the door of the newlyweds all night, to spoil their first night.
We're telling the truth.
Our plan was just to rob them.
But when Jai saw what that boyfriend was doing, he lost it.
- What was the boyfriend doing? - He was feeling her up.
He started kissing her, Sir.
He was touching her thigh, her waist.
He was going to do more.
That's when Jai started cursing him, asking "where are you taking her so late at night?" And then he hit the boy.
When the girl tried to protect him, he went nuts.
Are you sure you don't want to use the bridge? There's no bridge on the map.
There's no time.
If we look for the bridge we may lose him.
We go this way.
- Sir, can you swim? - No.
You've been in gun fights, killed people, and you're afraid of water? We'll be fine.
Keep your jacket and phone in the car.
- Sir? - Yeah? Where does Amar Singh live? Right here, next door.
What happened to you guys? Nothing.
We drank too much and fell in the river.
Amar Singh? What's going on? Madam, is this Amar Singh? Yeah, he's my son, but who are you? Delhi Police.
Amar, what's wrong? Nothing, Ma.
Tell her! Tell her why we're taking you to Delhi.
Sir, I'll cooperate.
Let's go.
- What? - Let's go, Sir.
We need to ask him some questions about a case, in Delhi.
- Come on.
- Ma, I'll be back soon.
What now, Sir? Let's go.
Amar! Amar!