Delhi Crime (2019) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Amar! Don't be a fool - come back or there'll be trouble! Come back! Amar - I'll tell your parents the truth about what you and your brother did.
Is that what you want? To bring shame and ruin to your family? No, Sir, please don't do that! - Let's go.
- I'll do as you say! Just don't tell my mother! Stay right there! I don't know how we're going to find Alok.
Yeah, tell me.
Ma'am, we have Amar Singh.
Do we have to report this to the SHO here? No, we don't have time.
Another one down.
Hello? Yeah, I'm Subhash Gupta, from the Delhi Police.
Who's this? - Bitu, Sir.
- Bitu? - I'm looking for a guy named Sonu.
- Sonu who? - Do you know a Sonu? - Sonu who, Sir? Any Sonu will do.
You must know someone by that name? Hey, Brother.
Where can I find Bhaskar Kumar, the welder? - No idea.
- No? Hey kid, let me have a chai.
Do you know Bhaskar Kumar, the welder? No, but he might know.
Brother, where can I find Bhaskar Kumar, the welder? Yeah, he works at the trolley factory.
Would he be there now? They open after 10 a.
- Do you have any idea where he lives? - Sure.
- Can you take us? - Who are you? - Delhi Police.
- Oh.
- Brother - What? I'll be back.
- Where? - This way.
Why'd you do it? Hey, I'm asking you! Have you gone deaf? Why'd you do it? Sir, we were partying, it just happened.
I kept trying to stop them, but they didn't listen.
- Whose phone is this? - I've had it for years.
Doesn't look like your kind of phone.
Where's the SIM card? Smack him on the head, he'll hear better after.
We need to deliver him in one piece, physically and emotionally.
We've done our job, let the bosses do the rest.
- Wake up.
- What what do you want, Sir? - What's your name? - Sir, who are you? Delhi Police, what's your name? - Sir, Bhaskar Kumar.
- Bhaskar Kumar Where'd you get these bloodstained clothes? - Don't know - You don't know? Sir, I'll tell you, I'll tell you.
It's my cousin Alok's.
- I'll tell you, but please don't hit me.
- Then talk.
Sir, yesterday he showed up suddenly, left those, and took off.
He just came to change? He could have done that anywhere.
Sir, that's all.
- You think we are idiots? - Please don't hit me.
- So tell us.
Did you give him money? - Yes, 500 rupees and my phone.
That's all.
He left last night with the phone and money.
- You're telling the truth? - Yes, Sir.
- Where did he go? - Sir, I don't know, I swear.
- I didn't ask, he didn't say.
- Do you have an idea where? Yes, Sir.
To his home village in Bihar state.
- His parents are there? - Yes, Sir.
Where exactly? Chapara, a village near Aurangabad.
- Who else is in the family? - His wife, Pallavi.
- He's married? - Yes, Sir.
She's from Jharkhand state.
She lives with his parents.
- Okay, come to the police station.
- Sir, I didn't do anything.
- You didn't? - No, Sir.
You helped a criminal.
You knew he committed a crime and ran No, Sir, I didn't know.
I thought he might have run over a cow by accident.
- Come, let's meet the cow.
- Please, I didn't do anything.
The cow's pressing charges.
In traffic, Ma'am.
We're just at the city limits, but it might take a while.
Sudhir, come around the back side.
The protests are back.
Okay, Sir.
Tell me something.
How can two brothers do such a thing together? It's one thing for a gang of friends to do it.
But two brothers? It's not like you guys were born into a gangster family.
Your parents are simple villagers.
So what happened? It was Jai's idea.
And you don't say no to Jai.
You're that afraid of your own brother? Yes, Sir.
Madam Sir, I have something that might be important.
Another victim in this case.
On December 16th, Banke Lal boarded a bus at Munirka bus stand where he was attacked by six people.
He was robbed and beaten, before they threw him out at Hauz Khas crossing on Aurobindo Marg.
Banke Lal? Yes, Madam? I'm the South District DCP.
- This is Inspector Bhupinder Singh.
- Hello, Sir.
So tell us, what happened to you on the night of December 16th? I was waiting at Munirka Bus Stand to catch a bus home to Sangam Vihar.
I found a bus and got on.
What time? Around 8:30 p.
As I got on, the lights went off, and the bus left.
There were six guys on the bus, all around the driver's cabin.
They suddenly attacked me, saying nothing.
They took my wallet and phone.
They then threw me off the moving bus.
Just by the IIT overpass.
If I'd landed on my head, I'd be dead.
- Can you identify the men? - Some of them.
- Where was the driver in all this? - He was in on it.
- Why didn't you report it that night? - To whom? I asked people for help, nobody cared.
And then an auto rickshaw driver stopped.
I used his phone to call my brother.
He told me to come straight home.
I figured, what would the cops do? When I saw the news, I realized this had to be the same gang.
- Describe the inside of the bus.
- It was a white bus.
With blue seat covers and yellow curtains.
And there was a Shiv-ji idol on the dashboard.
I'm very sorry you had to go through this.
And for coming in here to help us - thank you very much.
I wonder if there are any more? If he had complained that night, maybe we could have prevented this.
We don't know that.
It's not our fault this happened.
The good thing is, we have one more witness.
Just in case.
Take care of him.
Get some rest, Madam.
Listen - we're hopping this fence and running inside, understand? First the river, now this fence.
What is this? We could take you through the front door, where the crowd wants to lynch you.
It's up to you.
You prefer jail or being torn apart? Move it.
Come in, welcome! Go, freshen up.
Have a meal and rest.
Come back after.
Thank you, Ma'am.
Vimla - he's all yours now.
He's agreed to be ID'd by the victim.
We'll transfer him to Tihar after his medical.
Delhi Police - Shame! Shame! Yes, Madam? Brother Brother - so what's the plan? I'm late, I just got off work.
- What are we doing? - We're going to lynch the bastards.
- Who? - The rapists they have inside.
They caught them? We think so.
When they come out to go to court we'll charge them and lynch them here.
That's justice.
But what if they're not inside? We also have people standing outside Saket Court.
We'll get them here, or there.
We won't spare them.
They'll charge at us if they have the chance.
And if they all do it together they might get away with it.
Wouldn't be the first time.
You need to somehow get them to the magistrate, unharmed.
Move it, hurry.
- Move.
- Hold him.
Vimla, get in that car.
- Hey, it's him! - Stop, shut up! What do you want? Don't move! Get in our way, and we'll lock you up, too.
Move it.
Come on this side.
You guys have become celebrities.
Everyone wants a piece of you.
Sir, it's the SUV ahead on the left.
Come on.
Once we have the last two, we'll reveal everything publicly.
It's the dream of every Chief Minister Yeah, Kumar.
Will you have tea or whiskey? - Yeah, Subhash? - Yeah, I found Sonu.
He used to work for a guy named Bhatia in Karkarduma.
Bhatia is the guy who called Jai Singh about the Sonu loan.
- Can you meet him today? - Yeah, I am.
Find out everything he knows about Sonu.
- Will do.
- Great.
That is great.
Soon you'll be reunited with all your friends.
Go around the back.
This is Mr.
Your defence council.
I have some questions, just formalities.
Are you willing to be ID'd by the victim? No.
- No, My Lord.
- No, My Lord.
You realize this refusal can be used against you? That it looks as though you're afraid to see him.
Yes, I understand.
In which language do you wish to have the court proceedings? Hindi.
Have you been under any pressure or coercion while in custody? Has anyone scared you, or forced you into saying or doing anything while in custody? No, My Lord.
Do you recognize any of them? Him, My Lord.
Third from the right.
He drove the bus when we got on.
He hit me with the rod.
And he was last to molest Deepika.
Auntie Auntie.
Chunnu Chunnu, you're awake, dear.
My brave child.
- What the hell is this? - Your order.
I ordered kidney beans, idiot.
You brought chicken? - You're giving chicken to a vegetarian? - I'm bringing it.
‘I'm bringing it.
’ - You have quite a reputation.
- For what, Sir? For tracking people.
- That there's no one better.
- Really? Well, I love doing it.
And what you love doing, you do best.
- And I've never lost a prey.
- Really? But it also depends on the assignment.
If it's a bullshit case, it's a different matter.
Try being a station head, every case is like that.
Yeah, go ahead.
Sir, I've tracked Alok's cousin's cell.
It's active in Rajasthan, near the Haryana border.
I'm sending the exact address on WhatsApp.
Great! We're going.
- We're leaving now? - Sure, what's wrong? Let me have one roti.
- Even I didn't eat one, come on.
- Aw, Sir Are you ordering the kidney beans from Mars? Tell them to move faster.
- Mr.
Bhatia? - Yes.
We spoke on the phone.
- Delhi Police.
- Oh, Sir, please sit.
- You'll have some tea? - Yeah, sure.
Four teas, quickly.
- How can I help? - Thank you for helping.
Helping the Delhi Police is advantageous for everyone.
Tell me - You're a bus owner? - Yes.
- And you don't know where Sonu is now? - Sir, I swear.
I have no idea.
I hired him when he was a kid - not even 18.
So I had to do his background check, from an old employer.
One minute.
This is his old employer's number.
Check it, see if it helps.
If our investigation is hindered because of you Resigning? What for? So what can I do for you? Why not? Perhaps your SHO at Vasant Vihar? Or DCP South? Where were they when this happened? Well, then there's nothing left to discuss.
Hello? Yes - I'm showing him the bus now.
- Good.
Sir - there's activity on Akash's SIM card.
Someone's using it in the Kalindi Kunj area now.
It could be one of our suspects.
Lallu, I need you to grab someone! Yes, Sir - Yes? - Delhi Police! Let's go.
I'm leaving it here.
- How are you? - Fine.
- Crazy, isn't it? - Yeah.
Do you know anything about the case? - Huh? - Do you know about the case? - No, no.
- Aren't you in Vasant Vihar? I don't know anything.
Nobody here knows either.
It's all rumours.
Okay, listen up! You all know what's happening here.
The people have a democratic right to protest.
But they're getting close to the Parliament and the President's home.
We've set up barricades.
But you ladies are the first line of defence.
Watch for my signal if anything has to happen.
But keep in mind Do not react unless they are directly attacking.
Okay? Move out.
Shame on Delhi Police! Yes? Delhi Police.
- We're looking for Alok Kumar.
- He's not here.
- How do you know him? - I'm his sister-in-law.
Where is he? I don't know, he came and left in a hurry.
When did he leave? - About four hours ago.
- Four hours Any idea where he went? No, he was scared, frantic, but didn't say anything.
- Has he done something? - No, we're just asking for fun.
Yes? We got here late.
He came and went.
His sister-in-law has no idea where he is.
How did you get this SIM card? I told the constable - I was at a bus stand.
I saw the SIM card on the ground, picked it up, and used it.
I didn't know this was against the law.
- Where were you on the night of the 16th? - Jamia Nagar, why? Because we think you were at Munirka Bus Stand.
A woman was attacked that night.
Maybe you were involved? No, Sir.
I'm telling you the truth, I wasn't there.
I just picked up a SIM card.
I'm an engineer.
If I did this You think I'd be stupid enough to use the SIM card from the crime? I swear I didn't do anything.
For the last time, tell the truth! I am.
I didn't do anything.
Sonu I don't know where he is, these days.
He used to sell fruit.
Where? You know the bus stand - the entrance closest to the railway tracks? Yeah.
There's a fruit cart there.
I think that's that one.
I've heard you know Sonu.
From what I remember, he got a job working for a bus owner.
I haven't seen him in a while.
- Would you recognize him if you saw him? - Sure.
Who's the bus owner? - We have to enter on foot.
- No, Madam, not through that.
You have no choice.
But, Madam Fine, I'll just tell them who you are, and let them deal with you.
Come on.
Get out, come on.
Be careful, take it easy.
Please let me through.
I'm done.
Can't wait to go home and sleep.
All this for one case - what is going on? - I'm off, bye.
- Bye.
Rickshaw! Jai Singh An old friend's come to visit.
Is that him? Yeah, it's him.
Had to be sure.
His call logs.
Looks like you're telling the truth.
You're all nuts.
Can I go? Listen.
Next time you find a SIM card on the ground, turn it in to the police.
I'll send it straight to you, you can use it.
I just saved your neck, at least say 'thank you.
' What is it? - Something - What? I also had Akash's call logs pulled, take a look.
Hello? - Hello? - Who's this? Yes, tell me.
I found a wedding photographer to take pictures of the victim's face.
The other guy I found doesn't shoot digital.
And Akash identified his mobile phone, the one we found on Amar.
Akash wants to go, he doesn't want to stay here.
Yes Ma'am, but for how long can we keep him? He should be kept away from the accused Is there a place nearby we can put him? Ma'am, we don't have the budget I'll get it covered, don't worry.
Madam Sir Fucking motherfucker.
That night on the bus, Akash received a call during the rape.
He didn't answer, but guess who it was from? From a woman.
Apparently his girlfriend.
But Deepika is his girlfriend.
I thought the same.