Delhi Crime (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

But Deepika's his girlfriend.
I thought the same.
How many girlfriends does this Romeo have? Madam, we're basing our entire case on this guy.
And however much we coddle him - milk, free food, whatever It may all backfire.
Such a healthy, young man, stronger than all of them.
He could have hit back, broken the window, screamed, something! And did you see his medical report? He had a few bruises, got first aid, and was fine.
I think he pretended to fall unconscious.
Madam, I've interrogated a lot of assholes in my day.
When all of them tell you the same thing, it's true.
All of the suspects independently said that he felt her up that night.
Every child knows you don't do those things at night on a bus.
He invited those demons into her life.
She even tried to save him.
And what did she get in return? This is my opinion, Madam.
You all know better.
Move Akash to a hotel.
Move aside, can I just thank you.
I've gone through all the footage, I think this is it.
- Hmm, that's it.
Any other angles? - No, just this.
- Fine, copy this please.
- One minute.
How is she? Not good.
This is worse than a horror film.
I don't watch that trash.
Too violent.
I like suspense and action films.
- And you? - Drama.
- In English or Hindi? - Both.
- Auntie, do you watch movies? - Sometimes.
- Hi Deepika.
- Hi.
- How are you feeling now? - Fine.
Can I speak with you? We have to do another procedure.
I don't understand.
She needs another surgery Why are you all shouting?! What's happening? Ma'am, this man is from the press.
He came in as a patient, using this phony medical certificate.
It's not true, I have a real problem with my stomach.
Really? That's why you brought this camera.
Look at this, Ma'am He was trying to get information from that boy there.
Get out.
- But I need medical attention.
- Go to the hospital across the street.
- Take him out.
- My camera? - Get out.
- Madam, give my camera back.
Anyone who comes in here, I have to clear them, please.
Okay, Ma'am.
I was just talking to him.
I didn't know he was a reporter.
I understand, but you can't talk to anyone.
Why's this happening to her? She's the best of all of us.
Better than me, our parents.
Why her? I know it's been hard for your family.
But we need to focus on positive thoughts.
So she can recover.
And why is this happening to her? I've stopped asking this.
“Hang the rapists.
” Ma'am I want to leave.
Can I go home? But we'll move you out of the station at least.
Where? We want a private room with a private bathroom.
- Then why not go home? - No.
We have to save Deepika and punish these culprits.
Hey! Oye - get up.
Sorry, sorry.
Were you sleeping? Stand up.
Tell me something - why did you use an iron rod, asshole? Did it look like this? - Come here.
- No, no.
You think this is hard? Wait until you go to jail.
Do you know what people want to do to you? No, no Want me to stop? Isn't that what she said too? "Stop! Please stop!" Oye! Oye! What the hell are you doing? We were just scaring him a little.
Oye - what are you doing? Get out of here.
Have you lost your mind? You two, please go to your room.
Control your men, Vinod.
They were just scaring him, they wouldn't harm him.
It's that kind of case - everyone's upset.
- But nobody will touch him.
- Harming doesn't have to be physical.
Ma'am, it may not look good if we punish them at this time.
Get them out now, I'll deal with it later.
I can't monitor your men 24/7.
Come in.
I thought you might be hungry.
I understand this case is difficult and demanding.
And I know we can punish the culprits right here.
But we have to control our emotions.
And co-operate with the judiciary.
We have to get these suspects to trial, safely.
This is our chance to salvage our ruined reputation.
- Yes, Sir? - You have to go to Bihar.
This chasing of Alok Kumar may go on for a while.
We need to have a team waiting in his home village, in case he turns up.
- Okay, Sir.
- Choose your team.
He's from Chapara village, near Aurangabad, right? Yes, Sir.
That's Naxalite (Marxist rebel) territory.
Go to Tundwa Police Station.
Go undercover.
We'll try to get you paramilitary support.
- Okay.
- Good luck.
I'll take your leave, Sir.
When are we moving Jai Singh to Tihar Jail? Tomorrow, Madam.
We have to keep the junior officers on a leash.
We all do, Madam, but don't worry.
They'll die slowly.
When they're incarcerated, not knowing the date of their hanging but certain that it will happen they'll keep asking themselves why they did what they did.
What could be worse torture than that? You should have given the officers the pep talk.
Anything else? The bus used in the crime has been cited before for several road violations.
I thought you should know, in case it comes up later.
I'm worried about you.
Yeah, I'm stretched thin because of this case.
I'm trying to find extra officers.
We also have to protect these suspects.
And this station Look, I'm in a crisis, I can't sit and have dinner with you, sorry.
- I get it, but if you do need anything - Sure, I'll let you know.
Come in.
- Yes, Sir? - I won't go into details.
You all know how serious the situation is.
From now on, make sure the suspects are looked after.
Whatever the DCP says.
And if any of you fuckers screw up You'll see the worst of me.
Spread the word.
Yes, Sir.
One minute Yeah, Prashant - what's going on at headquarters? There's a list floating around.
They're identifying possible scapegoats from the officers working on this case.
- Am I on it? - Yeah.
Yeah, okay.
Send it to me.
God, when will I get to sleep? (Marriage classified ads) I was thinking the same.
Ashok, they're paying for flights, this must be a big deal.
Usually it's a third class train ticket.
- Are you going to Gaya? - What? - To see the Bodhi Tree? - No.
I've been wanting to go for years.
Last year my wife died.
I figured, now's the time.
I've been called there.
Maybe I'll find enlightenment.
If you're looking for it, you'll find it.
Thank you so much.
You should go, too.
No brother, I'm being called in another direction.
- You go.
- Thank you.
- Ashok.
- Yes, Sir.
- Have you been to Naxalite territory? - No, Sir.
Be careful, anyone can be a Naxalite - airport staff, our driver - Not our driver, he's my cousin.
- Fine, whatever.
Anywhere we go to eat, anything we do we do it with paramilitary or local police support.
And tell everyone else we're civilians.
We're from Delhi, on a business trip.
Okay? - Okay.
- Sir, what's our business? - Property.
- Don't worry about it.
Yeah, Sudhir, come in.
Pal, I need you to find this Sonu.
His old employers don't know where he is.
But one of them operates short-route buses, on interstate roads.
All of his buses depart from Anand Vihar Bus Terminal.
Sonu used to work there.
Go to Anand Vihar Bus Terminal, ask around and find Sonu.
Not a single one? What the hell - people are always stealing my pens! Anyone who comes in here has to bring their own pen.
It's been three days since I slept well.
Vijay? Is he the one? How are you, Vijay? Great, Brother.
Speak to bus drivers, conductors, cleaners.
Find out who the owners are, where the buses go.
And whether they've ever had a "Sonu" as a conductor or cleaner.
He wouldn't have been a driver, so don't bother asking.
- And be quiet about it all.
- Okay.
We're not police, we're just friends looking for him.
Okay? And be careful.
We don't know who Sonu's friends are.
Let's go.
Is there a Sonu who works around here? Six months ago a Sonu worked at one of those stands there.
Sonu did work here for a few days.
I think he went on to clean buses afterwards.
- Which buses? - No idea.
- Was anyone else with him? - I don't know.
I haven't seen him in ages.
I don't even know if I'd recognize him.
- Could you help me identify him? - Sure, yeah.
- If you see him let me know.
- Sure.
- Any leads? - Nothing yet.
Keep at it.
Check there, too.
Sir, I have a possible Sonu I spoke to one bus owner who said Sonu worked for him six months ago.
We got Sonu's number and tracked his address - it's in Saharanpur.
And this guy remembers Sonu from a few years ago.
- How far is Saharanpur? - Maybe 100 km.
- You sure you can recognize him? - Yes, Sir, for sure.
You stay here, we'll be back.
Let's go.
Let's ask someone, stop here.
Hey kid, listen.
Where's the police station? Turn left ahead, keep going.
When you're in the middle of nowhere, you'll see the station.
Go ahead.
God, this is a backward place.
What did you think, you got a ticket to Singapore? Hey, what do you want? We're here to meet the SHO.
- Where are you from? - Delhi Police.
ID's in my pocket.
I was informed The big cops from Delhi are coming to our small village.
For their manhunt.
You understand it's a sensitive case.
Well we deal with 'sensitive' on a weekly basis.
The fact is, you may think what's the big deal, coming to a village like this? But the reality is, that here there's an open rebellion against the government, from tribals and Marxists.
And we're on the front lines.
These groups are all so active that if the Naxalites knew that central government officers were here We'd have a big problem.
But don't worry! We're here.
We will protect you.
Do you have an informant in Chapara village we can talk to? Of course.
Manpower, guns it's all we have here.
See that? A convoy just for you.
You follow us and they'll follow you.
Shall we? Go.
- Hello, who's this? - Hello, it's the SHO.
- Yes, Sir? - You like this bridge? It's a constant target.
Last week we defused a bomb here.
- Is that right? - Over.
I know that all of the NGO's and activists represented here And it took so long to move them to the hospital.
The poor girl's life is in danger because of this kind of negligence.
Madam, we're looking for Sonu.
- Sonu? - Yes.
- Is it him? - I don't know.
Doesn't look like him, but it's been a while Wait, who are you, where are you taking him? - Who are you?! - Where are you taking me? So tell me, where were you Sunday night? Here with my wife.
- Where do you work? - I'm a street cleaner.
- You clean buses too? - Buses? Not for a few months.
I did when I was in Delhi, but left when I got married.
- When did you marry? - Last month.
What happened, Sir? Hey, what are you doing?! When were you last in Delhi? I told you, a few months back.
Three or four months.
I have no ties there.
No home, no job.
Ask anyone, I was here.
What do you want from me? So you're not sure it's him.
No, I'm not sure.
I haven't seen Sonu for three or four years now.
I don't think it's him.
He was short, really skinny.
What is this Chandni? We've been friends for years.
Commissioner Sir, I'm sure they can spare one man and still do their job.
- Hello, Bahadur Ji.
- Hello.
Come, come.
- How are you? - All good.
- They've come from Delhi.
- Greetings.
They're looking for someone.
A suspect named Alok Kumar.
They think he might be here.
It's like this, Sir I can talk to you.
But I don't know them.
They're with me.
That's why I brought them here.
It's like this Alok hasn't come home.
- Where exactly is his home? - At the end of the lane, there's a tree.
From there, go straight, turn right.
Then left, it's the first door after.
- Perfect, thank you.
- Before you go In the village, there was an old man, named Maniram.
- He died a few days back.
- Okay.
And there's a newborn girl, but they haven't named her yet.
Bahadur Ji What would this place do without you? It would still live in peace.
Okay, we're off.
Let's go.
- Goodbye.
- And to you.
Yes, who are you? - You're Ashwini Kumari? - Yeah.
Come in.
We're from the police.
We're looking for your son, Alok Kumar.
- What's going on? - Get up.
- Hey! - Relax Madam.
We're just here to talk.
Leave him.
- Is Alok here? - No.
What's happened? Look around.
- You're his wife? - Yeah.
- Pallavi? - Yeah.
When was the last time you spoke to him? It's been months.
I can't remember when he was last here.
- What's he done? - Sir, you must know where he is.
I haven't heard from him in six months.
What did he do? You're coming with us to the police station.
Like hell I am.
Why should I? You're a sensible man.
Come on You've done nothing wrong.
It's just to ask you some questions.
You're the DCP? Are you the DCP? Don't worry about anything.
I'm handling this case myself.
I know who you are.
I'm so happy you're handling my case.
We already have four of them in custody.
We'll get the last two soon.
This is good news.
- How is Akash? - He's fine, totally fine.
He's helping us on the case.
Is there anything you want? Maybe a TV If you want anything, just let Neeti know.
She's wonderful.
What's happening here? She can't give a statement.
Don't disturb her.
No, I don't care.
Without hospital permission, there's no police allowed.
Only Neeti can be here.
No, she needs rest.
No exceptions.
Please, you're both disturbing her.
Go outside.
Madam, Please.
He's here to photograph the bite marks.
So when did you last speak to your son? I don't know, Sir.
Will you cooperate, or not? Why are you making this difficult? You invaded my home.
You embarrassed me in front of my daughter-in-law.
- What do you want from me? - Just answers.
- I have none.
- Then who does, motherfucker? Where's Alok?! Calm down.
Come, come outside.
All of you, too.
He'll tell us.
Let me try.
You see, these are villagers.
They don't trust city folks.
Listen, old timer.
These people haven't come from Delhi to waste their time.
Alok's charged with rape and attempted murder.
If the public learns where Alok is, they'll tear him to pieces.
They're not here to catch him, but to save him.
Help us.
Talk to us.
It's best for everyone.
Will you? Good.
Come in.
Okay, tell us.
Last night He called me.
- From where? - I can't be sure.
You can check my phone.
Give it.
- What time? - I think around 8, 8:30.
Hello? Who's this? It's a public phone stand.
Where? In Naharpur, Gurgaon.
- Who's in Naharpur? - My brother-in-law.
Write down his address, phone number.
And then you can go.
What are you talking about, Sir? He's our only chance to find Alok, and you're letting him go? It's for the best.
My guy will keep an eye on him.
And there are only two places Alok could be.
Naharpur, or at his in-laws' home, in Jharkhand.
Either way, it's late, and too dangerous to go searching.
You all must be hungry? The New York Police Department's budget last year was $4 billion.
The Delhi Police Department's budget was $400 million.
Our officers are on call 24 hours a day.
They don't get paid for overtime.
And while they're on duty, they use their own money to buy fuel.
Clearly, we can't question Commissioner Vijay's dedication and passion.
But the facts are the facts.
If the Delhi Police was under my control, it would be better managed.
And I would appreciate your support.
Dad's doing the best he can.
The room's totally against Kumar.
He's on the defensive he's starting to lose it.
Hold on.