Delhi Crime (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

So How's it been, working with the little cops in the village? We're not so backwards, are we? It's been enlightening.
Enlightening? If you want to be enlightened, go to Gaya.
Sit under the Bodhi Tree and your soul will find peace.
- Right, Upinder? - Don't look at me, Sir.
I'm not a Buddhist.
I eat meat and drink.
Whatever you are, bring the food.
Uh, he's vegetarian.
No problem.
Just have a little then.
- Just try it.
- No way, Sir.
Come on, another one's coming.
Hey, hold it.
- You're going to kill him now? - Yeah, just out back.
We can't give old, stale food to our guests Our Delhi guests.
Come on, leave him.
I don't eat chicken.
Let him go, for me.
Give me a chance to be a good host.
Imagine that you have, and that we're satisfied.
- Now please let him go.
- Wait, Brother.
We spent our own money on it.
We're going to kill it, cook it, and eat it.
- For my sake.
- You just said that it's for us.
- We want him alive, let him go.
- Hello! We paid good money for that chicken.
I won't let you kill it.
So what will you do, Delhi Police? - What will the Delhi Police do? - Don't do this.
I just wanted to be a good host.
Then consider that my soul will be satisfied As a guest, if you let it go.
For the sake of your soul's peace.
Deal with the bloody chicken.
Any luck? No, Sir.
Every fourth person knows a 'Sonu.
' We've followed up with six so far.
But none fit our description.
Should we call it a day? Not until we find Sonu.
Keep going.
They keep talking about her, and nothing about you.
You're the one who saved her, and they're calling her the hero.
Come in.
Ask him, he'll cover it.
Go, he'll sign.
We're going towards the house.
Hey, where are you going?! Where's Alok? - I don't know, he's gone! - Tell me! - He's not here! - Bhupendra, Alok's not here.
Hey! When did he leave? Where is this happening? Naharpur, in Gurgaon.
I came to tell you that the charge sheet must be completed by January 3rd.
But you have to.
So the investigation and the charge sheet have to be flawless.
- Sir, we will get it right, Sir.
- Good.
Any idea when the victim will be ready to give a statement? In this climate, any statement given to a cop That was the Commissioner.
Big people working on this.
Now the whole world knows what you did.
Everyone wants you to hang.
Your families must be ashamed.
I wonder what your mothers are thinking.
I don't know.
It's a sensitive issue.
If it's a matter of money, then It has to be right for Akash.
He wants to tell his story to the world.
Yes, of course.
The late reaction of the police, and the way they treated him These things need to get out.
Let me think about it.
Sir, we'll make it worth your while.
Plaster of Paris.
This'll work for dental casts.
They're here now and Alok's in-laws live here.
If they leave first thing in the morning Is Sudhir still at the bus terminal? Yes, he'll be there all night.
The English here is terrible.
Show this to Rakesh when he comes back.
He'll type it out properly.
Yes, Madam Sir.
Uh, may I go home now? Why? I haven't been home since Sunday.
So? None of us have.
And we're staying until we catch them all.
Take a nap if you need to.
Yes, Madam Sir.
Vimla work on your English.
It's the language of the judiciary, you're gonna need it.
Have some carrot pudding, it's really nice.
I'm the one who brought it in.
My husband got it.
I'm sorry.
It's very nice.
Ice cream in winter, Madam Sir? Hello? Yes, speaking.
Yeah, my daughter's name is Rebha, she's 21.
Yes, she's fair and educated, she cooks, does household chores, she does it all.
Motherfucker - open the gate! Ma'am, something's happened.
Sir, they must have found this pin on the ground.
“Ma, forgive me” - Jairaj.
- Long live India, Madam.
- Were you asleep? - No, Madam.
Okay, go to Alok's in-laws' home in Palamu.
But that's in Jharkhand.
Leave now.
Madam, that's even deeper into Naxalite territory.
Yeah, so? Madam, I feel that this entire trip is a waste of time.
We could be following leads in Delhi.
My entire operations team is being wasted out here.
And we're miserable.
The people are weird, the food is terrible.
- The food is terrible? - Yes.
Last night the SHO tried to force me to eat chicken.
It almost led to a fight.
Why, Madam? A prime suspect is missing and you're complaining about the food? I sent you to Naxal territory for professional reasons not for a food review.
Go to Palamu, and if Alok's not there, set up an informant.
Is that understood? Of course.
What happened, man? Nothing, Madam said we're not done here yet.
And I agree.
Oh yeah? Get up, come on.
Yup, getting up.
I pulled favours to authorize plane tickets to get them there faster, to do their jobs.
And he tells me that the food sucks? Deepika will never eat again.
Please, Madam Your signature's already on the wall from your shoe.
We don't need a duplicate.
Ma'am, they'll be okay.
The Doctor came, they didn't lose much blood.
The bandages will hold, they're fine.
I know everything that occurs in this station is my responsibility.
I thought about it all night, and When they come looking for us someone needs to be the scapegoat.
So you want to volunteer as a martyr? What happened last night? And where was the SHO in all this? Keep this under wraps, Vartika.
Asshole If you take the fall what does that say about me, and our team's competence? I know you don't want these prisoners harmed.
Just do one thing - keep everyone in this building safe.
Madam, we should talk about Akash.
I'll talk to him.
You think that'll work? What else can we do? He's our key witness.
He must have a conscience.
I'll appeal to that.
I was thinking of a stronger tactic.
He's witnessed his friend getting gang raped.
- And his Uncle? - I'll send him out of the room.
I'll talk to Akash in private.
Ma'am, the lawyer's here.
Get me a cup of tea.
And the lawyer? - Get him too.
- Yes Ma'am.
Please come in, Sir.
Sir, it's possible, it's no big deal.
Use all the legal tricks you have.
Just give us some more time.
And talk to the SHO on your way out, he can help.
SHO, Sir? I'm Rajeev Chhabra, standing council for the Delhi Police.
Sir, I'm representing the police in the high court inquiry.
I believe he was the first constable to respond to the call and encounter the victims.
Yes indeed, one minute.
Hello, is Ram Pratap here? Today's your lucky day.
These guys are hard to track down.
Ram Pratap, this is our lawyer representing the Delhi Police in this case.
There's a High Court inquiry on our conduct.
He wants to ask you some questions.
Come, sit.
Ram, can you tell me in detail what happened that night when you found the victims? I got a call at 10:24, Sir What are you drawing? Nothing.
Can you read and write? Yeah.
I have a friend named Sonu.
Young guy.
He cleans buses around here.
- Do you know him? - Nope.
If you did, there'd be something in it for you.
What do you mean? If you can help, there's more where that came from.
I don't know any Sonu.
But I'll ask around.
Who wants to know? Just a guy who wants to get his money back.
We're all looking for that guy, Brother.
I'll see you around.
This guy knows a Sonu who's a bit crazy.
He thinks it's our man.
- Where is he now? - Noida.
- And you can ID him? - Yes, Sir.
Shukla Did you know there's a village in Bihar called "asshole"? No way! The slang must come from there.
Change the radio station.
No, I like this song.
Did I ask for your opinion? Just change it.
What do you have against old songs? They make me sombre.
Let's vote then.
Are we having an election? Change it, I'm still in charge.
So what? Ashok's the one driving.
We need to keep him alert and happy.
What do you think? - So tell us, what do you think? - I'm fine either way, Sir.
What the hell? A man has to choose.
What do you think of this song? I like it.
Hear that? What do you say? - Bought your vote? - That's how it works.
Where are we? I don't see this road on the map.
- What? - Yeah.
- Stop the car.
- Ask someone.
- Pull over.
- Stop.
Ask this villager.
Ask him.
Hey, Brother! Listen.
We're trying to get to Palamu.
- Palamu? - Yeah.
I think you're going the wrong way.
But the last guy we saw said it's this way.
- Where did you meet him? - 30 minutes ago on this road.
Yeah, he must be from Pandu village.
They would say that.
Pandu rhymes with gandu (ass) Turn around.
Make a U-turn.
How do we even know this guy's telling us the truth? It's a narrow road.
How are you guys? All good? You're alive? Tell me why you did such a stupid thing? We're trying to save you from angry mobs and you go and do this? What happened? Will you talk? What's wrong? Madam he thinks his mother's committed suicide.
When? What are you talking about? Because she must have heard the news by now.
She won't be able to live with what I've done.
I know it.
She must've heard about it and killed herself.
I know it.
What's your Ma's number? Give me her number.
- Hello? - Is this Brajesh's mother? - Yeah.
- Ma! I'm here Ma Yeah, everything's okay.
Brajesh is fine.
I'll call you back later, okay? Blessings.
- Your mother's alive.
- I want to talk to her.
Not now.
First get better, then we'll see.
Okay? Ma Uncle, can you to step out for a minute, I need to speak to him.
You're going to talk to D-City TV? Sit down.
Why? What do you hope to achieve? Madam People should hear my side of the story.
Yeah, but at the right time, in court.
You have your whole life to go on TV afterwards.
You can even write a book.
If there are any discrepancies in your facts It could jeopardize the entire case this station you're speaking to has a vendetta against us because we have a case against their CEO.
Shukla, ask him.
- Greetings, Old Man.
- Greetings.
Where does Pallavi Kumar live? The third house from the corner.
But the place is empty.
Go, check.
I'll stay here.
- Greetings, Old Man.
- Greetings.
We're from Delhi.
We're looking for Pallavi Kumar's family.
Something's happened? Yeah.
I'll tell you.
It's empty.
Do you know where they might be? I don't know.
They've been gone for a while.
The thing is Pallavi's husband committed a crime in Delhi and fled.
- Really? - He robbed and tried to kill two people.
So we're looking for him.
We thought he might come here.
No, he didn't.
- Do you know where Sonu lives? - Sonu? This way.
- There? - Yeah, down that alley.
Madam, do you know a Sonu around here? Sir, do you know anyone named Sonu around here? Yeah, I'm Sonu.
Who are you? It's him.
This is the crazy criminal? Yeah, why not? You knew that the guy we're looking for is young, in his 20's? This Sonu can't even stand on his own, much less commit a crime.
What did he do to you? Tell me! He was always making fun of me, embarrassing me in front of others.
He once embarrassed me in front of a woman I liked.
Yeah, I remember.
You're that goofy guy.
You liked that cleaner girl.
Taking revenge now? You want to send me to prison? Shut up! After that day she wouldn't even look at me, because of you.
She was saved.
You did good, Old Man.
- That's right.
- You're lucky I don't break your bones.
Where the fuck is Sonu They've committed a heinous crime.
That's why it's so important to find them.
And we need to protect them, too.
If the public finds him, what will they do? We can't have that.
- When did this happen? - Last week.
- How many others were there? - Five or six.
Does this have to do with the gang rape in Delhi? The one on TV? I can't say.
That's also a sensitive issue.
Why else would Delhi cops come here? - You are cops, right? - We're just helping the courts.
You're overthinking this.
Just imagine, if this happened to your sister or daughter, how would you feel? Wouldn't you want justice? Yeah, those bastards should be punished.
We agree.
That's why we need your help.
We really don't want to get involved.
Where are you going? Listen Just wait.
Hey, listen.
If you hear anything about Alok, let us know.
You'll even get a reward.
Sir, we'd do it for free.
- This kind of thing can't go unpunished.
- Absolutely.
But we'll take the reward, too.
- Shukla, we should go.
- Okay.
Take my number.
We're off.
Our rubbish hotel food awaits.
I'd ask you to stay, but it's better you leave now.
- Understood.
- Goodbye.
Where's that bus going? Gurgaon, I think.
I'll be back.
We got there and found this old man.
And he says 'he insulted me in front of a woman I liked.
' Asshole didn't even apologize after.
Sir, are you still looking for Sonu? For Sonu and for peace.
Peace who? I think I just saw him leave on a bus to Gurgaon.
You think? I can't be sure.
A young bus conductor? Yeah, exactly.
You're sure it was heading to Gurgaon? Someone just told me it was going there.
So, we don't know exactly where the bus went, or if it's actually him.
Well done, give him a prize.
No, but most buses leaving in the afternoon return first thing the next morning.
Let's see if he comes back or not.
If he was working on that bus, he surely will.
Take the Investigating Officer with you.
Do you need anything, Uncle? I don't understand what all of this is about.
I just want my child back but I'm losing faith.
My mother used to tell me a story about a girl who was terminally ill.
There was a tree outside her room which shed its leaves.
She tells her father that the day the last leaf falls, she'll die.
So one day her father glues the last leaf to the tree ensuring it would never fall.
Every day she'd look at the tree, and see that solitary leaf.
And because of that single leaf, she built the confidence to survive.
Some water? I'll bring it.
Anybody here? Kitchen's closed.
They left us something.
Come on.
I've spent my whole life serving our nation.
This is my reward.
Isn't it like this everywhere? No, Brother.
Look at America.
Cops own homes, cars They work one shift a day, and get weekends off.
They have a union that fights for them.
And they don't need to take gifts, their fucking salary is enough.
They're even given time to work out.
They eat well, exercise, perfect life.
And their lady officers - you can't mess with them.
One of them could take the three of us down.
Not like here.
They have martial arts training.
Not like ours, who come straight from the kitchen to the station.
They all own cars? With roads paved in gold.
You're screwed in this life.
Pray you get a better one next time.
Ma'am, so we have a lead on Sonu.
Sudhir and Vimla will try to intercept him at Anand Vihar Terminal tomorrow morning.
Call Subhash as well, in case we need more authority.
Yes, Madam.
Excuse me Ma'am, can I make a personal call? Is it the same guy you spoke to yesterday? Yes.
Can I ask you something? Why were you so hesitant to tell him what work you did? Ma'am, whoever I speak to about my daughter's marriage, when they learn I'm a police officer, they refuse the proposal.
Nobody wants to be associated with the police.
I'm proud of my job, and my department.
But my job gets in the way of my daughter's future.
This really hurts me.
If someone didn't respect me, I wouldn't want to associate with them