Delhi Crime (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

- Madam, go easy on him.
- Why, Bhupendra? If it were in my hands, I would straighten him up right here.
But the problem is he's broken no law.
We should talk calmly about it.
And explain to this scoundrel that this one interview will damage our case.
We need him, Madam.
Whatever sins he's committed will catch up to him.
You’re going on TV? You have the gift of life that Deepika doesn’t.
What else do you want? And if you’re recorded the defence will use your own words against you.
Think about it, Akash.
Hello, Sailesh.
How are you? Buddy… I need a favour.
I have a key witness, from Uttar Pradesh.
I need a background check on him.
Family history, criminal records, anything Get a pen and paper, I'll give you the details.
Yeah, I'll tell you Forget it, I’ll text you.
How do you do it? Dealing with scum like this, how do you go back home smiling? Madam, it helps when you look at the statistics.
Day and night, we only deal with the scumbags.
But 99% of people are decent.
It’s just that we’ll never meet them.
It feels like the closer we're coming to solving this case And we have to depend on these kinds of people.
we’ll catch them all.
I think this Sonu is the youngest of the lot.
How old do you think? Don't know.
The others refer to him as a kid.
It breaks my heart.
These kids who can’t even think and process properly are doing things like this.
You should’ve been a teacher.
You think so? I was supposed to be one actually.
It’s why my wife married me.
Poor girl.
And you? Why'd you join? I was accompanying a friend.
She really wanted to join.
In giving her company, I sat for the test.
After school, it was my first job.
Just like that, 20 years have passed.
And what happened to your friend? She failed the entrance exam.
She got lucky.
- You guys stand there.
- Yes, Sir.
Be careful, stay alert.
- You're sure you'll recognize him? - Yeah, for sure.
- He comes here.
- Is that right? - What time will he arrive? - Don’t know, but should be soon.
- Sir, you're okay? - I’m fine, all good here.
We have four teams, spread along the platform.
You two stand there, near the tyres.
- Okay? - And him? Come.
- Yeah? - Wake up.
Our friend Bahadhur just called, Alok's come home.
On our way.
Shukla, get up, we gotta go.
Sir… - I think that’s him.
- Come on.
Gurgaon! Gurgaon! Gurgaon! Gurgaon! Gurgaon! - Is this him? - Yeah.
- What are you doing? - Shut up! Delhi Police.
- That’s mine! - I know! Come on, follow us.
- Come on, move it.
- Come here.
Sit, sit, sit.
Sir, can someone tell me what’s happening? I’m Sub-Inspector Sudhir Kumar.
That’s Sub-Inspector Vimla Bhardwaj.
He’s SHO Subhash Gupta.
- Your name’s Sonu? - Yes.
The night of 16th December, Sunday, where were you? - Sleeping on the bus.
- Can anyone confirm this? Don’t know, I was sleeping.
On the night of December 16th, you raped a girl on a bus in South Delhi.
No, Ma’am, I didn’t rape anyone.
- What’s your real name? - Ahmed Mansuri.
- Where'd you get this phone? - Found it on a bus.
You mean you stole it from that person in the image, right? And the victim’s ATM card… Where’d you get this? Come on.
Now tell us the truth.
It’s for your own good.
We’ve already caught Jai, Vikas, Amar, and Brajesh.
And they told us everything.
Now you tell us what you did that night.
Tell us.
Talk! Will you talk, or should I make you talk? Sir, I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you.
You’re coming to the station.
Hey Kid, how old are you? Answer.
- Ma’am, I don’t know.
- Tell her.
- Maybe 17 or 18.
- 17 or 18? Ma’am, I swear I don’t know.
Sir, he looks like a minor.
He must be 16.
How can you be so sure? I can’t be, Sir, but look at his face.
His facial hair hasn’t grown yet.
And he’s tiny.
I want to book him as a minor.
Are you out of your mind? The defence will pin the entire crime on him.
He’ll get three years maximum.
And those motherfuckers will get away with it.
And I don’t want to be responsible for a minor being sodomized in jail.
I’m a Juvenile Welfare Officer, and on this issue I outrank you all.
I’m booking him as a minor.
Thank you.
What? Seriously? You’re sure… it’s Sonu? Wow.
Guys, we got Sonu! There’s still one more to go.
- Well done, but I need them all.
- On it, Sir.
Sir, the Cabinet Secretary wants to speak to you in five minutes.
Mama, I’m at work, I’ll call you later.
I’m sorry - just one question.
Can we sell the TV? TV… why? We need money to buy gifts for the groom’s side.
- Why do we need so many gifts? - We just do.
Mom, if they’re asking for it, then it’s wrong.
- You know it’s illegal, right? - I know, Child.
Please let it go.
It’s our custom, it’s fine.
Mama, I’ll talk to you later.
But don’t sell the TV, okay? Just listen Friends, today we can stay silent.
Today, we can back down.
But, mark my words… Today, if we stay silent Today, if we back down… This will happen again! Sir, come quickly.
Disperse that crowd now.
Sticks only.
CP's order: Disperse the crowd immediately, sticks only.
Attention! You’re being ordered to leave now! If you do not, we will press charges against you! - And use our water cannons! - Friends, there’s nothing to fear.
Friends, stay put.
Motherfucker - that's the Chief Minister's son! Get him! What do they want? They’re angry, but what do they actually want? As you can see, the police attacked first.
Madam I did a background check on our star witness.
His father’s a criminal lawyer in Uttar Pradesh.
And he has 20 cases against him.
Since when did we start running background checks on victims? Ever since we ran into this scoundrel.
- Rakesh… - Yes, Madam.
We’re going to Safdarjung, Deepika's ready for a statement.
Call you back.
- Should I call the Magistrate? - I’m doing it.
- Sir, Cabinet Secretary on the line.
- Yes.
You are being ordered to disperse.
If you do not you will be arrested.
The crowd attacked him, but the police saved him.
Really? - Get me the Chief Minister, please.
- Yes, Sir.
You're connected.
Hello, Sir.
- Greetings.
- Greetings.
- Your man's here.
- Is that right? He came this morning.
- Is he still home? - Yes.
Let’s go then.
Can they film Deepika’s statement? No.
But I have to record the statement to avoid any discrepancies later.
Deepika - How are you feeling? - Okay.
The Magistrate’s here to take your official statement.
Can you explain what happened that night? I just want to tell you that everyone in the country is praying for you.
You've got to pull through this.
I'm trying, Ma’am.
Dear From the start, what happened that night.
Me and Akash went to see a movie… Delhi Police! Hey, don’t go up there! Fucker, we'll kill you! Stop - don’t shoot! Don't! Fucker… Alright, alright.
Try to run, bastard.
All done? - Yeah, it's done.
- Come on.
Tell me… is this Alok Kumar? Huh? - Yeah, that’s Alok.
- Shut up.
Go on.
Alok Kumar - the same bastard who left me six months ago.
Now rot in jail.
- I’m innocent, Sir.
- Of course you are.
- I’m innocent.
- Move it.
Well done, well done.
Come on.
Follow me.
Let’s go.
What’s this? You don’t come home, so we brought this here.
Maybe it can help with your back pain.
See? What would you do without us? Our names should also come in the news since we help you catch the bad guys.
But I’m happy to trade places with you, anytime.
- Tell me you got him? - Yes, Sir.
Well done.
Take the first flight out, and stay alert.
- Call me when you reach the airport.
- Yes, Sir, will do.
Sir, we’ve got orders to head straight to the airport.
- Thank you all for your help.
- We’re not out of it yet.
By now, everyone surely knows about your precious cargo.
You're a target.
We’ll accompany you to the airport.
- Over.
- Copy.
They moved towards Akash and started swearing at him.
They then hit him.
I tried to stop them so they beat us both.
They took me to the back of the bus.
They tore off my clothes and then took turns raping me.
They hit me with an iron rod and bit me all over my body.
Six people took turns raping me on the moving bus.
This went on for an hour.
Their names… Alok.
Jai Singh.
We were in the dark the entire time.
I heard someone saying - “Girls like her should be killed”.
Then they inserted an iron rod inside me.
In front, then behind.
They kept putting it in and pulling it out, over and over.
Then they put their hands inside me and I don’t know what they pulled out.
And threw us off the moving bus.
On the side of the road, we both lay naked until someone saw us and informed the police.
Dear, can you sign and date this testimony? We’re with you until the airport checkpoint.
After that, you should have no problems.
Sir, an old man just saw us and made a call.
It could just be an old man on the phone.
It could also be an attack order.
It’s your fault for coming here, now suffer.
You suffer.
“Airport” Keep going.
No one will stop you.
- Thank you, Sir.
- Give our best to Central.
Will do.
- Go ahead.
- We’ve reached the airport.
- Happy journey.
- Thank you.
Chunnu - they caught them all.
Okay, now open your mouth.
Put that straight in his mouth.
And you have to clench down for ten seconds, okay? Go ahead.
I paid you good money to unseat Kumar, and you failed.
- So how can you look so smug? - I'm not, just staring.
Kumar Vijay wouldn’t allow an inquiry unless he was sure he'd get off clean.
- We don't know that.
- This was a perfect chance.
I’ll deal with him.
You and your dad screwed this up.
You didn’t say you were coming.
They caught those bus guys.
Try this.
Maybe it’ll help.
It comes from inside.
The country will change, when we change ourselves.
Then society changes - And the orange one.
- Whatever, just bring them.
I don’t care what people say.
In the winter - thanks - ice cream is the best antidote for tea.
- Why aren’t you eating? - Take a look, my foot’s infected.
Yeah, the infection’s in your foot, not your throat.
Eating cold things makes it worse.
- What happened anyway? - Ah, what can happen… - How's the foot? - Madam, it’s badly infected.
- I’ll take care of it now.
- Show it to a doctor.
if it wasn’t for your call that night, these animals would’ve got away, and done it again.
We’re not out of it yet, Madam.
There’ll be a public inquiry.
- On top of that a Judicial Commission.
- So let 'em come.
We did everything right.
And what the hell, Subhash.
Are you scared of a little inquiry? No Madam, I know we did everything right.
But it’s crucial we record it, properly.
We will.
- Try it.
Here, take mine.
- Look, I don’t want it.
Don’t push it.
When you’re my age you’ll understand.
If you’re so over the hill, retire.
Did you read Deepika’s prognosis report? Everyone’s celebrating, but The statements, court cases… During the interrogation, when I saw Jai Singh there was nothing in his eyes.
He took such pride in what he did.
It was like his his soul was missing.
I don’t know how we can celebrate.
Yeah? Ma’am, I got a call from Tihar Jail.
Jai Singh’s dead.
They’re saying it’s suicide.
Go, Ma’am.
We’ll handle it.
No way am I leaving this on Vinod.
Come on.