Delicious (2016) s02e02 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 2

1 Death takes a little getting used to.
Most never give it a moment's thought.
(COUGHING) 20 Red Marlboro a day since 1986.
Gave up last week.
But his right lung is already brewing the cancer that will kill him.
(MAN COUGHS) 6th July 2025.
She finally takes that holiday she's been saving all her life for.
Drowns, white water rafting.
Meet Joe Benelli.
Gina's father.
He's lives long enough to cause some damage.
This man's way past his sell by date.
- Yeah? - Just eggs.
Here you go.
- Cheers, my love.
- Cheers.
My point is, no-one ever expects it.
It just arrives one day out of a clear blue sky.
Life has a way of serving up what we deserve.
And if anyone deserves what's about to happen to him Ooh! Oh! .
it's Joe Benelli.
Watch out! A successful hotel restaurant attracts people.
Everyone wants to try the brand-new sensation.
Reputation grows.
Booking follows booking, you start to turn hungry people away which only makes them want it more.
Just like Satan's apple, you're totally and utterly irresistible.
Like you've grown six inches and lost ten pounds overnight.
But a brilliant chef needs someone who can turn their great dishes into a sublime experience.
How is everything? Good.
We deliberately wait until your mouth is full.
Yes, every great chef needs a great partner.
(APPLAUSE) It's their hotel now.
The two women I loved.
How long can it last? You know I tried to book a table for dinner? Sorry? At the Penrose.
They told me there's nothing available for months.
I thought this was meant to be all about me.
Absolutely, well Seeing as you never actually say anything I thought I thought I'd tell you about my day.
You said I didn't have to talk if I didn't want to.
I think your .
allergy to water has affected you psychologically.
A barrier between you and the rest of the world.
Wouldn't you say? (CLOCK TICKS QUIETLY) (SHOE LEATHER CREAKS) I'm so glad everything's going so well for Gina .
and Sam.
Must be very gratifying.
It won't last.
What's that they had before Hitler invaded? The Phoney War.
We all know we're going to die but no-one knows exactly when.
(ALARM RINGS) That's time, I'm afraid.
You are still taking your medication? Religiously.
She'll be here any minute.
This is lovely, Gina.
As usual.
I'm thinking of introducing it on to the new menu.
Of course, it appeals to the more sophisticated palate.
How was it today? Great.
In an intensely personal and intimate way.
But if you really want me to share, turns out it's my mother's fault.
So, as I said, we've got six new applicants to see tomorrow.
We've got an important wedding coming up and we need to be able to deliver.
Give me a bastard who can rise a souffle every time.
How many have you fired now? Two or three.
They weren't up to scratch.
- Seven.
- That many? Now, I think you could have a little more of this.
I'm OK.
- Can you pass the salt.
- My pleasure, dear.
Closing? As I understand, that was the arrangement.
- Unless Mrs Vincent failed to inform you? - That is impossible.
My restaurant stays open, wedding or no wedding.
I don't care how much money the family have.
You'll have to tell Sam.
With respect, I'm not sure it's my place to play piggy in the middle.
Well, in that case, I'll have to kill her myself.
I risked incarceration in a Swiss jail to bring Leo's money here and that money saved this place.
She needs to remember that.
I just don't see the point in conflict.
I'll pretend I didn't hear that.
No, thank you.
I used to look at you and see a confident woman.
Piss and vinegar but now Well, you're desiccated.
Thank you.
You need sex, Samantha, as a matter of urgency.
Ideally, a well built young man with nothing much going on up here.
For God's sake! Apparently you can simply download them now.
They tell me it's all online.
Widowhood doesn't suit you.
You're still practically a child.
I'm 40 next week.
My point exactly.
Unless you actually like not drinking sherry with pensioners.
LEO: She always slept on the same side of the bed.
That way I wouldn't wake her when I came in after service.
Unlike husbands, old habits die hard.
Sarah Coker is rich to a vulgar extent and she's paying us handsomely.
So when she asks for extra guests and use the restaurant for the reception we smile and oblige.
But I have taken reservations, personal friends, local dignitaries.
- Who are we talking about? - People.
Just people! - Look, there's a principal at stake here.
- That I do exactly as you say.
That I should have been consulted.
He's in here, Miss Benelli.
The doctors consider it to be something of a miracle.
How did you find me? You were his emergency contact, that's all we had to go on.
Figlia mia.
They told me you were dying.
Sorry to disappoint you.
Does it hurt? The head.
Like someone dropped a bucket on it.
- So, what happens now? - Absolutely nothing.
(SHE SIGHS) I've got six chefs waiting outside and she just left? I'm afraid so.
Christ! - Did she say when she'd be back? - Sorry.
So, what do we do? Do I send them away? This place isn't Gina's own personal fiefdom.
- We are perfectly capable.
- We? Yes.
I am both scrupulously fair and an excellent judge of character.
Come on.
Erm Young man, you're first.
This way.
I would suggest you tuck your shirt in.
Yes, thank you.
Eurgh! Totally unsuitable.
Unless excessive perspiration is a desirable quality.
- Perhaps it's a condition.
- Well, in his case it's terminal.
Adam Hesketh? Hi.
- So you cooked in Barcelona at La Roca? - Yes, for about six months.
- It was an amazing experience.
- So why did you leave? I'd rather not talk about it.
If there was an issue with the previous employer then it does seem relevant.
Red rags and bulls spring to mind.
My head chef came on to me.
It was awkward.
Leaving just seemed like the best solution for everyone.
- You didn't report him? - Actually, he was a she.
She was also the owner.
Like I said, it was awkward.
Well, your CV is excellent.
With this experience you could get a job in half the restaurants in Cornwall.
So, why do you want to work here? Leo was always a hero of mine.
When I heard what happened I thought I'd never get the chance to learn from him.
But then I saw the Penrose had been relaunched, well I wanted to see his legacy for myself.
I understand.
Perhaps you could make us something to eat.
Yeah, I'd love to.
LEO: Yes, cookery can be an art.
And chefs can be real artists.
They can also be liars, cheats and utter bastards.
But you already knew that, right? I'm concerned, Mr Benelli.
The doctors they say Doctors know everything about death and nothing about life.
The food here is enough to kill a man half my age.
(HE SIGHS) I cannot stay here.
I need a decent meal.
When can you start? Teresa.
LEO: She hardly ever talked about her father.
Something tells me that isn't about to change.
Look what I found.
Have fun.
So, how's our daughter doing? So, is this more bad penny action? Or is there a reason you've been dumped on my doorstep? No duress.
I came willingly.
You know, I've never really settled down.
Don't get me wrong, I liked it like that.
- Suppose it must be the gypsy blood.
- Oh, bullshit.
You were born and raised in Sallynoggin.
Allow a man a little romance in his dotage, will you.
- You know, we're getting old.
- Speak for yourself.
The point is, I woke up the other morning, alone, I might add, and I realised I'd had enough.
- That there was someone waiting for me.
- Teresa? Not just Teresa.
You always could sweet talk me.
So there you have it.
Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.
I'll think about it.
- You disappeared earlier.
- Sorry, had to see someone.
And? - So we need to rearrange the interviews.
- No need.
You hired someone without consulting me? Well, the executive chef wasn't here so I made an executive decision.
- My staff - Our business, which you just walked out on.
His name is Adam.
He starts tomorrow.
If he can't cook, he's fired.
I'm taking the night off.
Penrose is all yours.
MUSIC: Ooh La La by Goldfrapp Dial up my number now LEO: I think it was Napoleon who said, you must not fight too often with one enemy or you will teach him all your art of war.
Gina has no idea what she's started.
turn me up Don't want it Baudelaire Just glitter lust Turn me up I want to touch you You're just made for love I need la-la-la-la-la-la I need ooh, la-la-la-la I need la-la-la-la-la-la I need ooh, la-la-la-la I need la-la-la-la-la-la I need ooh, la-la-la-la I need la-la-la-la-la-la I need ooh, la-la-la-la You know I walk for days I want to waste some time Excuse me, could I have the bill, please.
You know I love to watch I want to love someone Hi.
Were you waiting for someone? I don't think he's coming.
Well, then he must be dead.
It's the only rational explanation.
You might be right.
I should go.
Or I could buy you a drink.
I need la-la-la-la-la-la I need ooh, la-la-la-la I need la-la-la-la-la-la I need ooh, la-la-la-la.
So what does this arrangement make me? Hm? The gnome at the bottom of the garden? It makes you part of our lives on a trial basis.
- Take it or leave it.
- I'll take it.
- Thank you.
- My pleasure.
I know this is the part where I'm supposed to ask - if I'm going to see you again.
- You won't.
I'm afraid I just used you for sex.
Good answer.
LEO: The perils of a younger wife, when you're gone they're going to move on.
Believe me, being dead doesn't make it any easier.
When you run a restaurant, every day has its own rhythm.
And every chef loves it.
They'd all cook for free.
It's the rest of the crap you have to pay us for.
Here, try.
- It's fine.
- Exactly.
It's lacking something.
May I? So you're Adam? Be my guest.
Show me.
It's not too late to run, you know.
I won't tell.
You could be anywhere in the world right now.
Why here? Why not here? Mystery man.
Do you know, I was planning on firing you.
What stopped you? Anchovies.
I thought it was obvious.
To you maybe.
Not to everyone.
So, should I come back tomorrow? Oh, I insist.
(TEXT MESSAGE ALERT) - Girlfriend? - Ex.
Never Snapchat after midnight, right? LEO: They say your deeds will come back to haunt you.
Excuse me.
In India, they call it Karma.
Excuse me.
I was wondering if we could have a moment of your time.
We just have the fraud squad.
I'm curious, that's all.
The business was practically bankrupt.
Now it's thriving.
When Mrs Hickson informed me of the case it pricked my curiousity.
Gina's an excellent chef and Sam knows how to run a business.
So you've noticed nothing suspicious? I don't know what you mean.
That when Leo Vincent died a bankrupt, his family concealed money from his creditors.
And they're now laundering Leo's stolen money Through the Penrose.
However, we need proof.
I'm afraid I really don't know what you're talking about.
I always feel loyalty is a very overrated quality.
In my experience, for a woman in your position, it generally pays to look after number one.
Sorry, I have to go.
If you're considering taking the risk of lying to us, ask yourself one question.
Would they do the same for you? LEO: Meet Sarah Coker.
Filthy rich.
And don't we all like to get a little dirty from time to time.
The only thing her family doesn't have is a title.
But what Sarah wants, Sarah gets.
Careful with that.
I'll take this one.
- This is good.
- Thank you.
But it's not great.
I know food, Miss Benelli.
I've dined in the finest restaurants of the world.
I don't want to be satisfied, I want to wowed.
I want more.
You might have mentioned this at the third tasting.
Perhaps if we could discuss your preferences, Anita.
When my daughter can pay for herself she can order fish and chips rolled up in a newspaper.
Do you know how I got rich? I don't accept merely good, I demand exceptional.
- I think you do too.
Right? - Of course.
So are you prepared to prove it? Only if I get to change the menu.
Your day but my food.
We have a deal.
If you have a question it's probably best that you talk to my mother.
Actually, I wanted to check that you were happy with all this.
Who wouldn't be? This is meant to be all about you.
Not your mother.
Sometimes we all need to stand up for ourselves.
I have a mother who will do anything for me.
And I'm getting married in your beautiful hotel.
I'd rather count my blessings.
Listen up.
Listen up.
Our guests have sampled the very best.
But tomorrow, I want them to leave here talking about only the food from this kitchen.
So, we're not just good, we're not just great, we are perfect.
ALL: Yes, chef.
All right, good.
Everybody get on.
Er, not you.
You worked at La Roca? - Yeah, briefly.
- Pastries, too? - Of course.
- Hm.
I need something extra for this wedding, something mind-blowing.
I want to see what you can do if you think you're up to it.
LEO: "No expense spared" - three of my favourite words.
At least now I can honestly say we didn't hire him just for his looks, which would be both unprofessional and wrong.
If understandable.
The Beatles were wrong - money CAN buy you love and, if you're determined, it can buy you a title, too.
Should have been here an hour ago.
Dear Harry couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery, my dear.
No doubt he'll run along soon enough.
Perhaps there's been some kind of delay, Sir Henry.
- Traffic can be tricky.
- Impossible.
I insisted he stayed locally precisely for that reason.
Nothing has been left to chance.
Ah, there he is.
Shall we go through? - So much to do.
- Yes.
Are you absolutely sure? Of course I'm sure.
We weren't wearing masks.
- Well, then, we have a problem.
- Do you think this is funny? Honestly, a teeny-tiny bit, yeah.
So, did you know? That he was getting married to our most important client? - Of course not! - It's just that you do have a history.
I mean, I wouldn't exactly call it a fetish For fuck's sake, Gina, what do I do? Well, in this situation, the truth helps nobody.
That girl Can be utterly humiliated in front of all of her friends and family or can have a perfect wedding to an imperfect man.
God knows we've both been there.
He's lying to her.
Well, the truth is sometimes overrated.
- So what do I do? - Nothing.
You do absolutely nothing.
So, today, I thought we'd try something a little bit different.
- Have you heard of hypnosis? - Vaguely.
I'd like to try something with you, see if we can unlock it all a little.
- You can try, it won't work.
- You'd be surprised.
Suggestibility is often correlated with high intelligence.
If you make me eat an onion, I'm suing.
No onions.
Scout's honour.
Why did you tell me? I thought you should know what you're getting into.
My husband betrayed me.
It hurt me very badly.
He left you? He died.
I'm sorry.
What are you going to do? My mother wants me to get married.
What do YOU want? Isn't that important, too? So now you're feeling relaxed and comfortable.
I want you to imagine you're lying in your favourite place, somewhere you've been before, perhaps with someone you trust.
A friend, a family member.
It's not working.
I think that's obvious to everyone.
I thought we'd talked about all this.
Believe me, Dad, it's not my idea.
It's all Mummy dearest.
What did you ever see in her? She's a wonderful woman.
The sex was incredible.
Oh, my God, I know we're in a psychotherapist's office, but there is such a thing as over-sharing.
If it helps, I don't think you're crazy, just different.
Try telling Mum that.
Oh, no, wait, you can't - you're dead.
All right, rub it in.
Can't you do that whole ghost act? You know, just, like, send them a message from the other side? "Woo! Teresa's not mental!" That sort of thing.
My manifestations are strictly limited.
Very frustrating.
I can imagine.
In fact .
it's pretty lonely up here.
I miss you.
Human contact.
Being dead can't be easy.
Living's no picnic.
What did you do? You were under for several minutes, as deep as I'd ever seen.
Sometimes that can provoke intense physical sensations.
The important thing is not to worry about it.
I want to leave.
- (WATCH BEEPS) - Oh, perfect timing.
You know, I think we're finally getting somewhere.
You told her? She had a right to know what she was getting into.
So now this entire thing is off? We both agreed not to say anything.
No, you told me what to do.
There's a difference.
We discussed it and you agreed to keep your ridiculous dalliance to yourself.
I didn't want any of this! My staff have worked their arses off to make this happen for you and now you've gone and ruined it all on some selfish whim.
Maybe I just don't feel comfortable lying to people.
I seem to remember you managed it pretty well when it suited you.
You know what I think? You enjoy holding grudges.
In some fucked-up way, they sustain you, which means we're never going to get over this, are we? Any of this.
I am always going to be the other woman to you, the junior party.
When this started, I thought we could get over our past, that one day we could actually see each other as friends, but that's never going to happen, is it? Where are you going? I'm going to tell everybody that this wedding is cancelled and they've all wasted their time.
MUSIC: Canon In D by Johann Pachelbel (MUSIC CONTINUES) I think we dodged a bullet there.
Back then.
You meant what you said.
- It was heat of the moment.
- Really? The unvarnished truth.
You really don't know me at all, do you? I know when we need to count our blessings and bank our cash.
This is never going to work, you and me, this place.
I think it just did.
Maybe you can fool yourself, but I can't.
I swear it's true The past isn't dead It's alive, it is happening In the back of my head No future, no past No laws of time Can't undo what is happening When I close my eyes And with the stars and the moon (DOOR OPENS) Hi.
In the same place - Just hold me.
- All right.
It's happening It's happening It's happening It's happening It's happening again It's happening It's happening It's happening It's happening It's happening again LEO: I think it was Tolstoy who said that every unhappy family finds its own special way to fuck things up.
Tolstoy never met Joe Benelli.
I took a day or two To exile from the light To unfold that prisoner They call a mind He's your father, your problem.
I want you to move him right now.
Time's up! I'm calling the police.
I think I have NPD - narcissistic personality disorder.
It's when we put our own needs above others and expect them to do the same.
- He's not coming inside.
- I think it's a good idea.
He can wait in Mimi's old room.
I'm busy.
I think my therapist tried to kiss me.
Right, I'm sending Adam.
Consider it my birthday present to you - the gift of not having to suffer my company.
I swear it's true The past isn't dead It's alive, it is happening In the back of my head In the same place