Delicious (2016) s02e03 Episode Script

Series 2, Episode 3

1 - Michael! Hello.
Hi, Mum.
When Leo Vincent died bankrupt, his family concealed money from his creditors.
Surprise! This is how I'm dealing with being 40.
Yeah, midlife crisis.
You've got to move on from this thing with your dad.
Marry me, Gina.
My answer's yes.
LEO: Look at this guy, he has no idea what's waiting for him up ahead.
Mattanza, the annual tuna cull that takes place in Sicily since the 9th century.
He's about to encounter 100 fishermen ready to spear his heart and club him to death.
A shitty way to go, by any standards.
Here I am, on the morning of my own demise.
Would I have done anything differently if I had known? No.
If I had known my time was up I would have spent my last moments doing the one thing that always gave me pleasure, without pain.
After all, life is short, and then You know? I was thinking we could roast it whole.
Garlic, lemon.
Nothing fancy.
You catch it, I cook it.
- That was the deal.
- In other words, stop interfering? Couldn't have put it better myself.
Greenock Glen, rare cask release, born in 1968, spent the past 48 years ageing in a sherry hogshead.
Well, apart from the last three months, when it's just been hanging out in my rucksack.
What the occasion? Always wanted to get drunk on whiskey that's older than me.
Are you in? Mm.
It's tempting, but, no, I can't.
It's Leo's anniversary feast tomorrow evening.
You're making all this tonight? Yeah.
I'm doing it for Leo.
This is how we remember people in Sicily.
The more you miss them, the more food you make.
And with that bloody corporate group that Sam's booked in, there will be absolutely no time tomorrow.
I should get started on this bass.
It needs time to marinade overnight, right? So you're going to stay up all night cooking for a dead bloke you never met? Who wouldn't? Well, all right.
Oh, sorry.
I was up all night working with Gina.
She said I could kip here for an hour.
Not a problem.
So, did you enjoy your party? I did, actually.
And Mark? Is he an old friend, or a new one? An old friend.
You missed one.
Can you do me a favour? Can you keep an eye on Gina for me today? The Strauss booking is too important.
And you're worried she'll sabotage it spectacularly as only she can? Seriously, I know you're her protege, but I need you on my side.
I'm on your side.
LEO: Calamari ripieni, fegato di coniglio.
You want to know what purgatory is like? It's being this close to Gina's food, and not being able to taste it.
Is it wrong to be jealous that you stayed up all night cooking - for your dead ex-husband? - You know me.
Any excuse to feed people.
So, it's been a few days now.
I was thinking maybe we could tell Teresa this morning.
Really? Leo's anniversary might be enough for one day, don't you think? You're kidding.
Mum and Dad finally getting hitched is gonna blow her mind.
Yeah, but you know how easily she tips off balance.
Que profumo! I could smell the coniglio from my room.
Breakfast is served in the dining room.
Your boyfriend is in the kitchen, why not your father? Boyfriend? I'm afraid that ship has sailed.
More of a man friend at this age.
In fact OK.
I'll leave you to it.
Oh, grappa.
Si? What the hell are you doing? No, no.
I was trying to help.
Well, if I want your help, I'll ask for it.
Look, look, I'm happy that you're staying, just please please don't rush things.
Va bene.
Scusa! Scusa tanto.
Grappa! Arggh! Teresa! Hey, wait up.
Look, I left you like, four voice messages.
Oh, is this some sort of game where we make pointless statements? I think green tea tastes like torture.
Your turn.
Look, I'm really, really sorry about what happened at the party.
It's already forgotten.
Really? Great, well, then Oh, and happy one year anniversary of my dad's sudden death.
Happy? Only someone deeply disturbed calls a meeting for 9am outdoors.
I want to move Leo's memorial feast from the Penrose to here.
All the people he adored, eating the food he loved, in his favourite place.
How, exactly? We're miles from the kitchen.
Well, that's where you two come in.
I want to transform the place, you know, lights, chairs, barbecue, the lot.
I want to make it really special.
We could do it together? I've told James I'd help him with his bike, so Huh.
No worries.
Um I'll ask Dio if I can borrow his truck.
Oh, and Michael? If you could practice your seduction skills on the billions of females that don't work in my kitchen, I'd be grateful.
Poppy's just spent the last 72 hours crying because Mikey didn't call.
Yeah, sure.
Thanks, Gina.
Nul point, mother.
- What? - I don't care who he shags.
You will have help out later, though, yeah? (SHE SIGHS) Cabin fever finally get to you? Excuse me? Ever since our night of passion, you have been hiding in your shell.
Look, what happened was a hideous mistake and should be forgotten immediately, if not sooner.
Now, chitchat this early makes me nauseous.
And you're standing in my light.
Who said I'm here to chitchat? Oh, please, I let you have the room, can't you leave me alone? Just a token of my affection.
- What? - You don't like it? Bless Then, perhaps, I can stay.
- Oh! - No chitchat, of course.
Arggh All right.
But this is not a date.
I wish you'd discussed changing Leo's memorial with me.
What's to discuss? It's his first anniversary, and we agreed to do something special.
I thought we agreed to do a simple, family meal here.
If I'd known you were planning something more elaborate I wouldn't have booked in the Strauss masterclass.
Don't worry, I'll have those bankers eating out of my hand.
Because I really think that this is the best way to remember Leo, by taking the Penrose from strength to strength.
Of course.
I've got the fruit and veg supplier coming at 12, can, uh, you make a withdrawal? Consider it done.
Yes, and how many guests are they? - What are you doing? - We have a problem, some money is missing from the stash.
Almost £2,000.
- Are you sure? - 100% positive.
Someone in the Penrose is stealing from us.
LEO: Hypocrisy has always been one of Gina's more endearing shortcomings.
Mortally offended by the thought of someone stealing, but she sees no crime in laundering money.
You actually think that one of us would steal money from you? That's not exactly what we're saying.
It's exactly what it sounds like.
Look, it doesn't matter who took it, or why Which one of you stole the cash? What, do you actually want me to say this? - Do you? - Well, the shoe fits.
You only came home because you're broke.
OK, I didn't steal any money from you or mum.
Are you happy? Of course not.
Christ! Isn't it entirely likely that you have misplaced the money? Don't be ludicrous.
Says the woman accusing her own flesh and blood of theft! Mrs Vincent, can I have a word? Why is she always interrupting? Can't you see we're in the middle of something? I'm going.
There's an irate supplier around the back who wants to get paid.
I'll be right there.
Family meeting over.
Where's the bag now? In the same place.
I haven't had a chance to move it.
What if they come back for the rest? Oh, I knew it.
Oh, don't be ridiculous.
I'm not your midnight hoodlum.
This watch was a gift from Joe.
What's my father doing giving you presents? That's the wrong question.
Where did he get the money for it? Stealing? Ha! Have you lost your mind? Spare me the innocent old man act.
It's the only probable explanation.
It is not true.
You have no reason to accuse me.
I have a lifetime of reasons.
Get out! I want you gone by the end of the day.
If you treat people like this, you're going to end up old and alone, like me.
I am nothing like you.
I would never abandon my own child.
Do you know, I buried you years ago.
Do us both a favour, and go back to being dead! Regina, don't you dare walk away from me.
I did not take the money! LEO: The perfect day.
A day filled with the promise of all the other good days to come.
If only men like us weren't doomed to continually mess things up.
Nono, you can't leave.
La mia dolce bambina.
It's not fair.
It's not right.
You didn't do it, I know you didn't.
You know how your mother is when she gets something in her head.
Screw Mum, this is not North Korea.
We do not have to do everything that she says.
LEO: Let it go.
It's easy for you to say, your father wasn't the devil incarnate.
You can't keep doing this to yourself.
Something reminds you of him, and look at you.
He doesn't deserve the energy it takes for you to hate him.
Drink this.
Chef's orders.
You never have to see him again.
And even if, by some miracle, he grows a conscience and shows up here .
I'll deal with him.
I promise.
Now, let me do this for you.
- Your knife's broken.
- It's just the rivet.
I'm used to it.
What's this for? Mattonella di chocolate con fichi.
It's a biscuit cake, with figs.
With figs, huh? Mm.
Hang on.
Are you here to help me out, or are you just after the recipe? Bit of both.
You have no right sending Grandad away.
You don't know what he's like.
I'm trying to protect you.
Oh, my God, how many times do I have to tell you, I do not need your protection.
How many times have you proven that you do? You know, for someone who has spectacularly destroyed every relationship she has ever had, I don't know where you get off trying to control mine.
Stop right there, Teresa.
So your father abandoned you, so what? At least you weren't lied to about who he was by your scheming, psychotic mother.
I don't actually blame him for walking out.
Why would anyone want to stay with someone as selfish and manipulative I'm I'm sorry, Teresa.
I'm sorry.
Sorry, I Hey, hey, wait, wait a second.
What? Who do you think stole the money? Do I look like Miss Marple to you? No, I just wanted to explain, you know, about Polly.
Her name is Poppy.
Jesus, Michael, you know, you've really made a fine art out of shagging nameless girls.
(SHE GRUNTS) I just don't believe your dad is guilty.
It doesn't make any sense.
The man stole my Holy Communion money from my doll's house when I was eight years old.
This hardly seems wildly out of character.
But that was before.
Lots of parents mess up.
I know I have.
Look, I'll tell you what, you stay out of my family business, and I'll stay out of yours.
OK? Now, give me that shovel.
Let's get this money buried.
JAMES: You've got your combination wrench, your pipe wrench, your stubby wrench, and - .
Your torque wrench.
- Is any of this important? Because my brain has already filed it under blah, blah, blah, blah.
Well, mechanics is a little bit like life.
You spend enough time at it, you soon know what's what.
You should be my new therapist.
Oh, yes.
Imagine all of the damaged minds I could heal via my motorbike maintenance.
- Do you think I'm damaged? - We're all damaged.
Side-effect of a little thing called life.
SUZY: I've been looking everywhere for you.
The Strauss group arrived.
- Have you seen Gina? - Don't worry, she's coming.
They're early.
How do I look? Uh, how honest do you want me to be? So, that's all the ingredients prepped.
Anything else I can do to help? Murder a dozen bankers, and make it look like a team-building experience that's gone tragically wrong? I don't remember creative homicide being in the job description.
Actually, maybe you can help.
Um Hi.
- Welcome to the Penrose.
I'm Sam.
- It's so nice to meet you.
Look at this place, it's just, I mean, epic.
The pictures on your website do not do this justice.
Fire your photographer, seriously.
You have foliage in your hair.
Oh, I've been digging.
Bully for you.
I haven't been able to get a phone signal for miles.
How do you people live like this? That's the whole point, Rhea, no distractions, no interruptions, just time and space to think, to feel, to reconnect.
This is Dio, he's in charge of your outdoor activities.
Um, oh, thanks.
This is a copy of the schedule.
Oh, archery, wonderful.
Orienteering, amazing.
Why does the countryside always smell like cow shit? Because that's where they shit.
Ha-ha! Really, Rhea.
She's always like this, aren't you, Rhea? So funny.
- She's lovely.
- Just be nice.
I'm making no promises.
All right, everybody.
Check in, and meet in the kitchen for the masterclass with Gina Benelli.
You're not Gina Benelli.
- Well spotted.
- The whole point of a masterclass is that you get to learn from a master.
My very own almond biscotti - with a rhubarb compote.
- I'll try one.
Oh, my God, that's incredible.
Can you show me? Of course.
Why don't you sit up here next to me? Teresa is refusing to listen or learn.
She has absolutely no idea what he's capable of.
And yet she still insists on believing that he's the good guy.
Well, she's your daughter.
Is that it? Your words of wisdom? Meaning she's stubborn, intelligent, passionate, headstrong.
- I slapped her.
- What? What the hell were you thinking? She just pushed me, and pushed me, until I just snapped.
The last thing she needs right now is someone like him earning her trust, and then letting her down.
I tell you, if Leo was here right now, he wouldn't let him anywhere near her.
And yet, here I am, completely on my own, just messing it up.
The Gina Benelli I know doesn't need anyone to fight her fights for her.
You gave him a chance, and it didn't work out.
Now he's gone, it's done.
- Teresa? - Just talk to her, she is stronger than you give her credit for.
You hold the blade like this, so then you just run the knife back and forth.
- Back and forth.
- Amazing.
Such fine technique.
Can you excuse us for a moment, please? Where the hell is Gina? She asked me to run the class.
- I'm more than able - You said you would keep an eye on her.
You said you were on my side.
- I AM on your side.
- I asked you specifically (PIERCING SCREAM) You do realise they could sue us for everything we have? I mean, how could you be so careless? I didn't give her my knife.
If you hadn't have distracted me, I wouldn't have put it down in the first place.
You seemed distracted enough when I walked in.
What's that supposed to mean? Since when does a cooking masterclass involve foreplay? Foreplay?! I was just doing what Gina told me to.
Don't mention Gina.
She is the problem here, not the solution.
Then why are you so pissed off at ME? I think this is about something else.
This is about a professional agreement that you (FOOTSTEPS APPROACH) Um is this part of some new staff reward scheme? Why on Earth would you trust an inexperienced staff member with such an important booking? "Inexperienced staff member", oh, you mean the one you were just mauling in my kitchen? That's not the point.
That's exactly the point! You want to talk about professionalism, let's start right here.
You have already seduced my husband in the workplace, and now you're coming after my protege.
Adam is not Leo.
Not everything I do is about Leo.
You don't even seem to care about his anniversary.
Of course I care.
But I am trying to run a business and to move on from our ex-husband, unlike you.
- Excuse me? - Come on! James! Who are you kidding? You're just stringing him along until you get bored.
You don't know anything about MY relationship.
Maybe I was wrong to have kissed Adam, but at least I'm not clinging onto a man who is never coming back.
So, which tree did you bury Gina under? I didn't kill her.
Not that I didn't want to.
Did you call the hospital? Yes, they've reattached her finger, it all looks fine, thankfully.
I will need you to write a statement for the accident report form.
Yes, of course.
About us Adam, there is no us.
Are you sure? I'm positive.
You're too young, you're an employee, there are more than a million reasons why this won't work, Adam, trust me.
Honestly, I don't know what I was thinking.
Is this really what you want? It's for the best.
Couldn't you have called anyone else? Dio's not picking up.
Everybody else is busy.
So I thought maybe you could give me a hand.
Look, otherwise it's going to take me forever to look up all this stuff, so Are you going to help me or what? LEO: Group bonding, where you take a bunch of people who detest each other, and make them carry out a series of meaningless tasks, until they feel united by their mutual hatred of the experience.
Are you sure you've done this map right, because it doesn't make any sense to me? Maybe if you took your head out your arse, you might see the wood for the trees.
Just a thought.
But give me a bit of good old-fashioned tension any day.
There's a magic in that clash of personalities two people pushing and pulling.
There is a chemistry there.
An alchemy that brings out the best in people.
And the worst.
Where do you want these? You know, I think this is where Dad taught me to swim.
Well, I say taught, but he kind of just threw me in and it was a sink or swim situation.
But I'm not dead! I'll just leave these here, then, yeah? What's wrong with you? You should at least be able to talk to me.
I took the money.
Even YOU'RE not that twisted.
Fuck! Really? Really.
And, what, you just let your grandfather take the blame for it? Like, what kind of person would even do that? Great friendship skills, Michael, thanks.
Sorry to keep you.
- Are you checking out? - More like checking in.
You should leave.
I could lose my job.
Your employers are laundering money, and you're protecting them.
I told you, I don't know anything.
It's like this.
If you don't come to us, we're going to come after you.
And we will put all of you in prison for a very long time.
I'm throwing you a life jacket here, but if you'd rather go down with the ship You should leave.
Thank you.
I hope you enjoyed your stay.
Oh, very much.
I'll definitely be back.
Have I just been completely wasting my time here, training you up to be a great chef so that you can throw it all away for some casual sex with the boss? - It just happened.
- You are good, you know you are.
You've got a serious career ahead of you, if you want it.
I do! So nothing else is going to happen between you and Sam? No.
Give me another chance, Chef, I won't let you down.
That beef needs prepping.
You won't regret it.
Your knife's broken.
No, it's just a rivet.
It was that way when I got it.
Where did you find it, Adam? Nowhere.
It's mine.
It's just, Leo had a knife exactly like this.
His father gave it to him, but he lost it.
No, it wasn't lost.
He He gave it to his son.
To Michael? No.
To me.
So Your mother.
Who was she? A wine merchant.
She met Leo here.
Here?! For fuck's sake, Leo! But I never had any contact until my 21st birthday, when he sent me the knife, with a letter.
Don't you think you should have mentioned this earlier? You wouldn't have let me stay.
There's no money here, if that's what you're after! I don't want your money.
I just want to know who my dad was.
Well, I'll tell you exactly who he was.
A lying, cheating bastard who did whatever he liked regardless of who he hurt along the way.
I just wanted to know what was so great about this place, to meet the family my dad chose over me.
I never thought that being here would change everything the way it has.
For the first time in my life, I feel like I really belong somewhere.
Gina, please let me stay.
You can stay for evening service.
And then? And then I'll do what's best for my family.
Ah I didn't figure you for such a cliche.
Hitting the bottle at the first smell of trouble.
How did you find me? The most squalid pub in a ten-mile radius seemed an obvious choice.
And I need clarification.
Did you take the money? You know I didn't.
That's why you came here.
Then, how could you afford this? It was my mother's.
I wanted you to know that what happened between us meant something to me.
I'm sorry.
I can't accept it.
Get your things.
You're coming with me.
LEO: There's a time in everyone's life when they realise they're no longer in the right room.
And the only decision to make is whether to stay or to go.
James said you were looking for me.
Yeah, I wanted to explain.
I was eight years old, and my mother was dying when my father left.
All he will do is cause you pain.
That is what he does.
Well, then, I'll deal with it.
- Not if you don't have to.
- But I do have to.
I want to get to know my grandad and .
I want to start taking responsibility for my decisions, right or wrong.
I'm sorry I slapped you.
I'm sorry I was such a bitch.
I took the money.
What?! Why? Because I was angry and frustrated.
Look, just tell Grandad he doesn't have to go, please.
On any normal day, Gina might have told the truth about Adam, but normal days are becoming something of a rarity around here.
Still, you've got to love a family that remembers the dead as well as the living.
Where shall we start? (SHE CLEARS HER THROAT) Leo .
I wanted to .
cos today Leo spent some of his happiest times here.
It did make sense to remember him here.
With the people he loved most.
Leo, you were an incredible .
talented, difficult man .
and you are missed.
Let's eat.
If you loved me till my eyes gave no more shade for you If you walked beside me all the long way home If you wasted all of your time on me I couldn't love you more I just couldn't love you more I just couldn't love you more I wanted to give you this.
It was my mamma's.
Didn't you recently gift that to your octogenarian girlfriend? Mimi made me realise that you should be the one to have it.
Your grandmother adored you.
I'm sorry.
I know you didn't take the money.
It's been a tough day tough year, actually.
The men in my life haven't given me much reason to trust them.
Trust needs to be earned.
In your own time.
If you loved me till my eyes gave no more shine for you If you walked beside me all the long way home If you wasted all of your time on me Well, I couldn't love you more Just couldn't love you more So you found your way back, then? What do you see when you look at me? Besides someone with their head up their arse.
So what's with the pills? I have a heart thing.
Kind of like living with a hand grenade.
Never know when it's going to explode.
Get in.
Trust me.
Oh, it's bloody freezing.
(THEY CHUCKLE) Well, you're not dead yet.
I should have just listened to you.
But, well, I'm an idiot.
That's true.
Why did you take the money? Because I want to get out of here.
I'm so tired of everyone trying to control my life and me just always being the one that gets left behind.
- Just be my friend.
Please? - I can't.
I want more.
You think Leo got to you in a way that no-one else did, but I'm a better man than he ever was, and if you can't see that - for yourself - I know, I know, I know.
Let's go to bed.
Just give me two minutes.
That's the last one.
I was dreading today.
And all of this nonsense with Adam, it's made me realise that I don't really know what I'm doing any more.
All my life, I've been holding back, I even abandoned my career to support Leo's, but he's gone and .
I have to move forward.
What do you mean? It makes sense for you to run the Penrose.
But I need a fresh start.
Where? I had a career before Leo.
I'll have one after him.
Now, you should get some sleep.
It's been a long day.
LEO: "Dear Adam.
"I want you to know that I tried to remain in contact with you, "but your mother wanted all or nothing.
"I only wish I could have told Gina about you, "but sometimes it's easier to be the person people think you are, "rather than admit the truth.
"So this is my one piece of fatherly advice.
"Don't lie.
"Lies destroy everything.
"They spiral and multiply "until you've gone so far, you can't remember where you started.
"And it will always come back to haunt you.
"That first untruth.
"It will bring your house of cards tumbling down.
" Adam is Leo's son.
This is bullshit, right? - So what happens now? - Leave it with us.
- I hear you're getting married.
- Next week.
Stay, go, it's up to you! - I want to leave.
- I'm getting married.
- All of us.
- What do YOU want? I want you to stay away from me.
MUSIC: Call Me The Breeze by Beth Orton