Delicious (2016) s02e04 Episode Script

Season 2, Episode 4

1 It makes sense for you to run the Penrose.
But I need a fresh start.
Your employers are laundering money, you're protecting them.
I told you.
I don't know anything.
If you don't come to us, we're gonna come after you.
Um - About us.
- Adam, there is no us.
You think Leo got you in a way that no one else did, but I'm a better man than Leo was.
- Just be my friend.
- I want more.
- Marry me, Gina.
- My answer's yes.
Leo had a knife like this.
His father gave it to him, but lost it.
No, it wasn't lost.
He gave it to his son.
- To Michael? - To me.
LEO: It's the ultimate question.
Head or heart.
The problem is knowing which is which.
When every synapse is screaming at you to do the right thing, the sensible thing, do you listen? Or instead, do you pay attention to the pool in your chest? Do you use your head? Or do you do what your heart really wants? You didn't sleep a wink.
You noticed? A guilty conscience will do that to you.
If Sam knows you've kept this from her For her own good.
Christ The man's penis is like an emotional wrecking ball.
You've got to tell her about Adam.
The longer you leave it, the worse it's gonna get.
I don't believe you.
Why would I lie? What possible good would that do? Shit.
- Did anything happen with Adam? - What do you mean? No, of course not.
I mean, no! Well, thank God for that.
For a moment there, I thought this was gonna get very complicated.
Why the hell would he do this? Adam wanted to be part of Leo's family.
I think he was scared of being rejected.
- Wanted a chance to prove himself.
- By tricking us both? He's a man.
A man that can cook like an angel, but has the emotional intelligence of a house brick.
Ooh, who does that remind you of? So, what do we do now? This is a family business.
He is Leo's flesh and blood.
- I think we should give him a chance.
- No! If you're planning on leaving, isn't that my decision? LEO: Another family meeting.
We seem to be making a habit of this.
- Do you know what this is about? - Not a clue.
Gina said nine o'clock.
It's now 10 past.
You have an appointment? Well, thanks for coming, everyone.
Um, as you know, Adam has been working here for a few weeks now.
However, he didn't arrive here by chance.
There was a reason he chose the Penrose.
Adam is Leo's son.
(SCOFFS) Why didn't you just say? - Do you want to say something? - OK.
I'm obviously sorry that I didn't tell you all the truth when I first came here.
That was a mistake.
A big one.
But I thought I don't know what I thought.
I just hope you feel that you can give me a chance to prove that I can be part of this family.
And That's it.
I'm sorry.
This is bullshit.
Right? I mean, how do you even know? Well, Adam did tell me everything, and Sam and I have no reason to doubt him.
Oh, great.
I'm really glad he explained everything to you(!) Isn't there DNA tests you can do? I'm surprised you're all so naive.
- Don't.
- No, he's a liar.
- Michael, please - Sam! That wine merchant with tits like Jane Russell? Am I right? You're talking about my mother.
I can see it now.
Something in the smile.
It's blindingly obvious.
It's true.
All of it.
He's Leo's.
And, therefore, mine.
So, did Sam sleep with Adam? She says not.
And you believe her? Sam wants out.
Of the Penrose, the partnership.
All of it.
She told me last night.
- Just like that? - Well, it's been coming.
Actually, it's been bad for a while now.
Listen to me.
She's not my wife, she's my business partner! But it happens, doesn't it? I suppose it's inevitable, really.
It still means I would have to find the money to buy her out.
I have money.
We're talking hundreds of thousands here.
Ah, damn.
There's me down to my last million.
Think of it as a wedding present.
But then, there would actually have to be a wedding.
What, you could raise that kind of cash? Seriously? Smart investments, low outgoings.
From tiny acorns.
I have the money.
I want to do this with you and Teresa.
Well, I can't.
Not like this.
Not now that you've offered to buy me.
I love you.
You love me.
Our daughter isn't going to be around here forever.
Let's just do it.
Let's just be two fucking idiots and get married.
LEO: He is definitely my son.
I should make that clear.
The Geneva money was meant for him.
My conscience locked away in a safety deposit box.
Like Nazi gold.
I wanted to tell you.
Then why didn't you? OK, let me.
You enjoyed it.
You lied because you found my humiliation amusing.
I couldn't help it.
You know, I can smile sweetly in public, but don't fool yourself, this is Gina's idea, not mine.
And what do you want? Simple.
I want you to stay away from me.
I found it.
A large amount of cash, hidden by the old mausoleum.
It's all in there.
You believe this is the money they've been using to prop up the Penrose? So, what happens now? You leave it with us.
Are you asking me or telling me? We just both want you to be happy.
I can roll with that.
I think you could do with more stability in your life.
- God knows I've tried.
- Perhaps not incredibly hard (CHUCKLES) Do you love her? I always have.
And do you? Do you love my father? I do.
Well, then, you both have my blessing.
Hey, hey, hey.
Ah! Emotions controlled.
Temporary aberration.
We're getting married.
All of us.
LEO: I knew this day would come.
But it doesn't make it any easier to accept.
SAM: Wow! Isn't this a little sudden? Not really.
He proposed a few days ago, and I'm not a great believer in long engagements.
Clearly! I'm happy for you.
And for Teresa.
It's wonderful news.
Um There is something else.
James is prepared to buy you out.
What, he really has the money? I guess the long-term savings on personal grooming have added up! I know that we've discussed this, but this means that we both could actually do it now.
Maybe it's fate.
I get the Penrose, and James, and you get your money, and a new start.
So? Thank you.
I'd like to organise the wedding for you.
Seems like the least I can do in the circumstances.
The Penrose was Dad's.
He would've wanted me to have it.
Possibly, yes.
Well, then, we can't walk away.
But going back to London makes sense for us.
I know what this is about.
This is about Adam, isn't it? It's all about her little protege.
Gina's getting married! She's moving on with her life.
And I want to do the same with mine.
Really? Then what happened with Adam? Nothing.
Yeah? Cos I saw the way he looked at you.
Nothing fucking happened! I've made my decision, and I am selling my share of the Penrose to James! And I just get absolutely no say in that? You are a grown man.
Stay, go.
It's up to you.
But this time, I am going to do what I want, and I want to leave.
What's wrong with a nice Sicilian man? Well, I haven't met any.
They're rather thin on the ground in Cornwall.
I like the Irish.
They know suffering.
It gives them character.
I approve.
And er It would be my honour to give you away, like your real father.
I'd like that very much.
You think I'm leaving you here? Well, yes.
The last thing you need is baggage.
Especially the well-travelled variety.
Of course I want you with me.
Don't be silly, dear.
Without Leo, we're just two people sailing under a flag of convenience.
Eventually destined to go our separate ways.
You're my mother.
No, I'm not.
And that's the point.
So, London's cool.
There's a palace, where the Queen lives.
And apparently there's this magical train that runs underground.
Wow, sounds amazing That's if you want to go.
Obviously it's no Düsseldorf.
Heh, that's funny.
Everybody thinks I'm a joke.
I don't.
You know that.
- Is this about Adam? - Look, it's not my decision to leave.
It's my mum's.
Come on, it's obvious that you can't stand him.
Do you actually believe him? Well, I think that he deserves a chance.
He's been lying to us since the moment he got here, then he gets found out and wants to play happy families.
God They say I'm dumb.
You know what, I actually think that me and my family would be better off out of here.
So, yeah, take the Penrose.
It's all yours.
And I hope it makes you really happy.
Has something been said? Because if there's a problem, then I'd just rather not talk about it.
I think it's time for me to move on.
Suzy, please.
You know I count you as a friend.
If you, or any member of staff are unhappy, I need to know why.
It's personal.
I don't want to say any more.
Maybe it is the end of an era.
This isn't common knowledge yet, but I'm leaving, too.
Gina's buying me out.
But this is as much your hotel as it is hers.
Maybe more.
Honestly, I don't agree.
It was always her and Leo.
Then go.
Don't wait for the wedding.
Just sell and get out of here.
- Is that it? - That's it.
30 covers.
Finish off sharpish, cos we're full tonight.
Yes, Chef.
- Chef? - Hmm? I hear you're getting married.
Next week.
Good news travels fast.
You stuck your neck out for me.
Not many people would've done that.
One problem with this whole 'part of the family' thing None of them are actually talking to me.
Just give it time.
They need to get used to the whole idea of you being here.
- I did.
- Even Sam? Well, honestly, you brought that on yourself.
But um Look, that's not gonna be an issue for much longer, because um James and I are buying her out.
Don't tell anyone.
It's just family only.
Well OK.
So, from now on, it's only me you have to impress.
Well, there'll be food at this wedding, right? I think that's a pretty safe bet.
Well, I'd like to cook for you.
Say thank you.
To be honest, I was going to ask you anyway.
Seeing as you do work for me.
But I appreciate that offer.
Yeah LEO: Marriage, Sicilian style.
It's big, it's bold, it's hungry.
VAN MORRISON: Sweet Thing And there are certain traditions.
Toc ferro.
A piece of iron to ward off the evil eye.
Forget at your peril.
Oh, and no gold.
Unless you want to curse the entire marriage.
The bride must not look in a mirror on her wedding day.
Which means she really needs someone she can trust.
Well? Bellissima.
I've checked.
They're ready.
Gina? Sorry, sorry.
I'm just preparing myself.
Does this look all right? This bloody 'no mirror' thing! You look beautiful.
(SIGHS) Gina.
Right, it's just normal, isn't it? Just normal nerves.
When I married Leo, I threw up twice in the waste bin.
Oh, that was my voodoo.
Two hat pins in a Barbie.
I'd wondered if it worked! Right, come on.
I'm hungry.
(CROWD GASPS) I thought you weren't coming.
Would I do that to you? Ready? Yeah.
You may kiss the bride.
(CHEERING) Thanks.
Ah, thanks.
So, how does it feel, being a married woman again? Strange.
Er Wonderful.
All the above.
Sam, thank you.
This is beautiful.
It's a pleasure.
My parting gift.
I'm not sure I really deserve it.
After everything.
The past is the past, and that's where it belongs.
Now, I want you to enjoy.
Everyone got a drink? (CHEERING) LEO: You haven't really eaten until you've eaten at a Sicilian wedding.
14 courses.
Ending with cake and espresso.
(MOUTHS) Sit down.
Eat with us.
LEO: Whether you're one, or 100, everyone is invited to the same party.
Truly, this is La Dolce Vita.
(CLEARS THROAT) Thank you.
Um I never make speeches.
Keep it that way! (LAUGHTER) Thank you But, seeing as I've just got married, I'm gonna make an exception.
Thank you.
(LAUGHTER) You're very welcome.
(CHEERING) One, two, three, four - Hey.
- Hey.
Looks like your teacher's pet now.
Food always was the way to my darling mother's heart.
That why you don't eat? There are lots of reasons why I don't eat.
That was out of order, wasn't it? It's none of my business.
I know it hurts her.
It's almost too easy.
Like pulling wings off a fly.
So, why are you really here, bastard son? I came here to destroy you all(!) Ha ha.
I like you.
Do you want to dance? I think your brother will stab me.
He's not my brother.
And I'm very happy for you to take that risk.
Mrs Harley Actually, about that whole name thing I'm Ooh! (MUSIC STOPS) Hey.
Happy? Everyone likes weddings.
And my mother? Do you like her, too? Nothing happened.
I'd be the same if I were you.
I didn't want it to be like this.
What did you want it to be like? Look, whatever you think of me .
Leo was still our dad.
I'd like for that to mean something.
And what? You just fit in, and life goes on? Why not? Does it have to be that hard? I don't know, Adam.
You tell me.
You're being a dick.
Yeah? Well, at least I'm not a mug.
Don't trust Gina, by the way.
She betrayed my mother, and she cheated on Leo.
She's a liar.
Just like you.
Don't kid yourself, Adam.
You'll never be part of this family.
You want him? A real Sicilian girl would have him on his knees.
Maybe I'm not a real Sicilian.
You're kidding me? Look at your eyes.
Your hair, like midnight.
And you tell me you're not a real Sicilian? Let me tell you something.
All my life, I've never given a damn what people think.
Giuseppe Benelli does what Giuseppe Benelli wants.
If you want him, then you have him.
Very simple.
LEO: There's another Sicilian tradition you should know about.
For the future.
LEO: Every guest must pay for the chance to dance with the beautiful bride.
- May I? - Of course.
LEO: That way, she can collect enough for a start in life.
A house.
Or even a hotel.
Do you take cheques? I do, Dio.
- Shall we? - Yes.
- You look beautiful.
- Thanks.
So do you.
Well, they say I'm like a fine wine.
Neither age nor death can wither me.
- James is a good guy.
- He is.
I approve.
Sensible choice.
You learned your lesson.
- Maybe.
- I don't blame you.
Being in love with a bastard like me can be exhausting.
Time for a safe bet, right? I'm sorry.
I should never have lied to you.
You were the other side of my heart.
But it's time to let you go.
(WHIMPERS) I don't want you to go.
I'm not going anywhere.
Hey, are you OK? Yeah, I'm happy.
These are happy tears.
I love you.
I love you, too.
I didn't know you smoked.
I don't.
Why do you think I'm hiding? We should talk.
Don't you think? Fine.
You've got until the end of this.
I knew it was wrong.
You were married to him.
But I couldn't help myself.
It's like when someone tells you not to touch a plate cos it's too hot, but for some reason, you have to find out for yourself.
So I'm a plate? Fucking chefs I think I just called you hot.
Time's up.
Gina clearly trusts you.
Or at least, she wants to.
But I don't.
If you're leaving here because of me Christ! You really think this is all about you? You're just like him, you know that? The charm, the smile.
The fake apology.
But here's the thing about getting older.
You get wiser, too.
They're leaving.
You should do the same.
LEO: Every party comes to an end at some point.
But you have to say goodbye before you can move on.
So, this is it.
It's been Interesting.
Well, look on the bright side.
At least we didn't murder each other.
That's true.
(LAUGHS) But this is best.
For both of us.
I'm just glad you're happy.
I've got my man.
The Penrose.
What more could I want? - Gina! - Yes.
Yes Will you still be here when I get back? Our rental starts next week.
- My solicitor will be in touch.
- Oh Well, look, after all we've been through, I think I'm actually gonna miss you.
- You're drunk.
- Yeah - Gina! - Yeah.
(CHEERING) LEO: It's basic human nature.
Keep telling someone they're a bad penny, and eventually, they'll decide to prove you right.
So My daughter gives you a home and a job, and this is how you repay her? I came here for the money.
It was meant for me, and your family took it.
- I came to take it back.
- Then why didn't you? I thought I found something else I wanted more.
Turns out I was wrong.
I thought you were a smart guy.
Smart enough to know when I'm not wanted.
You lied to Gina.
And she still took you in.
You know why? Because you're his son.
You're the son of the only man she's ever loved.
And you think you're not wanted? A family is worth all the treasure in the ocean.
Don't make the same mistake I made.
Put it back.
I will go home.
You put it back, and nothing happened here.
OK? Would you stop, James? - Really? - Yeah, please.
Gina, are you OK? Gina? I cried when we danced, and you asked me why.
- You told me they were happy tears.
- Yeah, the thing is I don't think they were.
Cos when we danced, I was in your arms, but I was dancing with him.
With Leo.
Maybe it was the wine, I don't know, but I could see him.
I could feel him.
You still have feelings for him? I get that.
You know, you get drunk, emotional, these things don't just disappear.
But it's you and me now.
That's what we both have to focus on.
No, that's the problem.
That's not it.
Not all of it, anyway.
This isn't just about Leo.
Gina, for fuck's sake, talk to me.
It's all this.
You, and me, and this marriage.
It just makes sense.
For us.
For Teresa.
For Sam.
For the Penrose.
There isn't a single good reason why this isn't the perfect solution.
- So, what's the problem? - I am the problem! Cos I'm bad-tempered, I'm always right, I'm a hurricane.
Do you think I don't know this? Believe me, you don't want me.
Not the hurricane me.
Not this me.
You're funny, and you're smart.
You care for me.
You're the perfect man.
It's just that I shouldn't have any man.
Not right now.
Some people keep warm with a comfort blanket by the fire.
Me? I would rather burn the house down.
So what the fuck was all this about, Gina?! Look, I'm sorry.
I'm gonna hurt you more if I let this carry on.
I could make you suffer over months and years, or I could rip the plaster off right now.
No, no, you don't do this.
You don't get to tell me what's best for both of us.
I'm a grown man.
I can fuck up my life very nicely all by myself.
I know you.
I walked into this with my eyes wide open.
I thought you did, too.
Look, you don't deserve this, James.
Nobody does.
I am so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I've been an idiot.
That's pretty much your default setting, right? Yeah.
- Mum's leaving next week.
- I know, you told me.
I don't have to go.
Unless you want me to? - Because if you do, that's fine.
- Shut up.
OK, here's what I think.
I think we should either do this, or not do this.
But that we should do it, because it's what we want, and everything else is irrelevant.
Totally irrelevant.
Gina What's happened? Where's James? (CAR APPROACHES) Ms Vincent, Ms Benelli? This is a search warrant.
Shall we? Try that one.
We'll search the entire hotel.
Come on.
Come on! So, if none of us moved the money, where is it? Adam.
Where's Adam? What's going on? LEO: There's an old story about a farmer who found a snake freezing in the snow.
The farmer takes pity on the creature, and places it inside his warm coat.
But as the snake thaws, it wakes enough to turn and bite the farmer.
The farmer dies on the spot, and the snake drops back into the deep, cold snow, to freeze into ice.
The police are leaving.
I suppose he's done us a favour? Without him, we'd be in handcuffs right now.
Always steals the nest egg.
I'm so sorry, Gina.
It's been a long day.
(SOBS) LEO: Gina is right.
A creature of habit can never change.
No matter what kindness you show it.
But perhaps we all need a snake in our life to save us from ourselves.
To make us harden our hearts, just enough to get what we need.
I'm sorry.
I know.
Just for the record, I walked away from James.
Did you marry him just to make me happy? I hoped it would make us all happy.
Seemed like a good idea at the time.
Never, ever settle for any man who doesn't make your heart sing.
I'm leaving.
With Michael.
Michael and I are leaving.
Well, your timing is immaculate Please don't cry.
I can't take it if you cry.
I'll be all right.
I'll be better than all right.
I know.
That's why I'm crying.
I couldn't sleep.
There's a lot of it about.
I thought you really loved him.
So did I.
I'm sorry.
You know, the wedding.
All of it.
It's OK.
Really, it's OK.
You slept with Adam.
But I wanted to.
And now I know why.
Fucking Leo.
How can he still be screwing up both our lives?! It worked, you know? All of this.
I know we didn't always see eye to eye, but it really worked.
And do you know why? Because you stood up to me.
Which drives you insane.
Maybe I needed a little bit of discipline.
You match me.
We're ice and fire.
So, which of us is which? Doesn't matter, really, does it? Alternating.
Week on, week off.
Now I know you're drunk.
Care to join me? Great.
Where are we going? - Stuttgart.
- Isn't that? About 90 miles south-east of Düsseldorf.
Oh, for God's sake Shall we just get lost? Together.
LEO: Every woman needs a devil in her life.
Even if it's only for a summer.
Just like every soul needs what it needs.
The trick is to see it.
Service! But these days, you can make up the rules as you go along.
Three smoked mackerel.
One black-truffle ravioli.
Yes, Chef! You know, we are utterly broke now.
We have nothing.
We have a hotel.
I don't smoke them.
Highly recommended that you start.
Well? You're a great cook.
I'm a great manager.
We're a hell of a team.
I vote we stay.
That was easy.
Hey, maybe we're starting to get on.
I suppose anything's possible.
LEO: Head or heart.
There's really no competition.
Never, ever been a fair fight.
But one thing's for certain, you can find friends in the most unexpected of places.
And a good friend beats a delicious lover, hands down.