Deputy (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Graduation Day

1 Sergeant Hollister's storied history with this department is well-known to this board.
Equally well-known is his history of recalcitrance, insubordination, and disregard for the chain of command.
Sergeant Hollister, let me make this clear for you.
Did you or did you not warn residents of this community about our joint operation with ICE? I might've mentioned it.
Bill, you jeopardized 30 million in federal grants.
Who the hell do you think you are, Sergeant Hollister? I'm a lawman.
Never took a dime.
Never put my hands on somebody unless I had to.
Never pulled the trigger when there was another way.
You wanna hunt gangsters, human traffickers? Well, I'm your huckleberry.
But you're asking me to drag families from their homes so you can eat from the federal trough.
When did you lose your way, Jerry? At least I know what century it is.
Well, I swore the same oath he did.
I didn't swear it to you.
I swore it to them.
And I don't give a pinch of dry turd how those folks got here.
We're all immigrants.
I gave my word I'd protect them.
Even if it's protecting them from you.
Here's the deal.
You can tell Sheriff Bradford if he wants my star, he knows where to find me.
I come from a long line of lawmen.
My great, great, great granddad was one of the first Los Angeles Sheriff's deputies killed in the line of duty.
He was shot by bandits right off Sunset, just a cattle trail then.
They say it was a hell of a gunfight.
But there's no plaque, nothing to mark the spot where he died.
Just one of those hot yoga places now.
Shots fired.
(SIRENS WAILING) (HORN BLARING) (INDISTINCT POLICE RADIO CHATTER) DISPATCHER (OVER RADIO): 20 SAM suspect is southbound through the alley west of Delarosa.
MED 833.
Henry Sam in pursuit.
Westbound in the alley.
Heading towards Patricia and Third.
You said "Mounted Detail"? Yee-haw.
Come on, baby, let's go.
(SIRENS WAILING) ("GO FASTER" BY THE BLACK CROWES PLAYING) I said what kind of trouble did I get into, said Gotcha movin', gotcha movin' I'm not staying long I'm just passing through, babe Keep you rollin', keep you rollin' Shoot those pigs.
I know the chemical That you like too Gotcha movin', gotcha movin' Said that if you ask me nice I'm gonna take you to school I say Keep you rollin', keep you rollin' Punch it.
Let's go! Come on, we gotta lose 'em.
I don't think it's diseased But it sure is sore You can't stop Or I will pass you If you slow down I will outlast you But when you're down You won't find me laughing And just one question I might ask ya Can you make this thing go faster? I'm comin' to ya (GRUNTING) Can you make this thing go faster? I said, can you make this thing What's that crazy fool doing? (BRAKES SQUEAL) Make it go (GLASS BREAKING) Hey, Hollister.
- (GROANS) - Oscar! (GUNFIRE) Hey! You want some? Get down on the ground! What do you got, huh? Bill, what did you do? Majors running point on this? Looks pretty major to me.
Well, I'm no detective, but Pelon and the artist formerly known as Cisco there, both from L.
Los Osos Negros.
Driver seems like he was Upperlake mafia.
Last guy's in the wind.
But I know him.
Oscar Villalobos.
They call him Demon.
He's with the Cutdowns.
You ever heard of three rival gangs working together? Maybe it's the score.
Enough cheese, they set aside their differences.
Cabriamex? Bank in Mexico.
Pelon had this on him.
Some kinda cipher.
Whatever it is, he didn't want us havin' it.
Yo, everybody, move back.
(SIRENS CHIRP) (DOORS OPEN AND CLOSE) Sergeant Hollister, Julius Fabian, County Attorney.
BILL: How you doin', Julius? I'm not sayin' another word without my union rep present.
You don't get to ambush me after a deputy-involved shooting.
That's not why we're here.
Oh, you just happened to be in the neighborhood? No, we're here because of Sheriff Bradford.
If Sheriff Bradford thinks his monkeys can intimidate me into retiring Sheriff Bradford suffered a serious heart attack earlier this afternoon.
He was pronounced dead at 1535 hours.
- What? - JULIUS: And as it happens, County Charter states that in the event that a duly elected sheriff dies in office, then the longest serving member of his mounted posse shall serve as acting sheriff until a new sheriff can be elected.
You gotta be kiddin' me.
Bill, I wish we were.
Raise your right hand.
Repeat after me.
I State your name.
I, William Hollister Do solemnly swear to uphold the constitution of the United States.
do solemnly swear to uphold the constitution of the United States JUDGE MAYBERRY: And the constitution of the State of California.
and the constitution of the State of California.
- So help me God.
- So help me God.
- So that's it? - COMMANDER CLARKE: That's it.
You're the new sheriff of Los Angeles County.
You're fired.
(CLICKS TONGUE) Sheriff Hollister.
BILL: Adios.
BILL: Sheriff's an elected official.
Millions of people vote him in, honey.
I'm no politician.
PAULA: Don't I know it.
Lift your chin a little.
BILL: I'm wearing these things, why? Because of some obscure rule that nobody remembers on a 150-year-old piece of paper.
Probably says to pay me in tallow or pigs or something.
Oh, no.
How are you ever gonna keep me in this lavish lifestyle to which I'm accustomed to, hmm? You know what it's like, that Brady Bunch episode, remember? Where they make Greg the rock star, 'cause he fits the suit? Well, I'm Johnny Bravo.
That didn't end well.
PAULA: If you ask me, I think whoever wrote that rule knew exactly what they were doing.
You don't hand the job over to a judge or a lawyer.
Send a lawman.
Someone who's actually done the work.
BILL: I wonder what Rick would think of Joseph following in his footsteps.
Whoa, whoa.
You're not going to school dressed like that.
- Like what? - BILL: Like a feral Kardashian.
Like you just escaped some post-apocalyptic truck stop harem.
Stop talking to me like I'm a suspect.
Those aren't Daisy Dukes, Maggie.
Those aren't even Miley Cyruses.
They lack the requisite surface area.
It's a sash with delusions of grandeur.
PAULA: Babe? She looks cute.
You remember how we talked about picking your battles? Yeah, and I'm picking this one.
What are you gonna do, arrest her? I'm thinkin' about it.
MAGGIE: Russian mafia's out front.
Can I help you with something? I'm your driver.
Deputy Bishop.
Bill Hollister.
You sure you're old enough to drive, Deputy Bishop? Dad jokes.
I drive myself, thanks.
Not an option, I'm afraid.
I'm also your personal security detail.
(SCOFFS) This is gonna be good.
What are you, a buck-oh-five after a big breakfast? All due respect, Deputy.
I don't need a bodyguard.
I come with the stars, Sheriff.
All right, give me the keys.
You're not driving.
It's not a date.
I like her.
(ENGINE STARTS) BISHOP: Welcome to the tenth floor, Sheriff.
WOMAN: Can I just get your signature? The scowlers you can trust, the smilers you gotta worry about.
Thank you, sir.
BISHOP: Just 'cause a dog can shake hands doesn't mean he won't bite.
I thought we were all on the same team.
Oh, boy.
We're not? Well, you got no idea what you're walking into here.
Tenth floor's like the yard in Chino, you're talking to one dude, his buddy comes up behind you with a shank, turns your liver into pate.
Bill, welcome.
I see Bishop's showing you around.
- Yeah.
- LONDON: Great.
Listen, I know where most of the bodies are buried, - so if you have any questions - I got a question.
What's going on in there? Risk Management compiled a list of 44 deputies most likely to incur civil lawsuits.
We're planning on transition them out of the field.
You wanna pull 44 deputies out of the field because you're afraid they might get sued? I want more deputies in the field, where they belong, where they can do their jobs.
How do you decide who makes the list? Anyone with 16 or more categorical uses of force within a three-year period, for one.
Well, I think Jeez.
- I must be, uh - Right at the top.
BILL: Yeah.
Shred these.
That's a direct order.
Come on.
Gotta deputize my godson.
BISHOP: Yes, sir.
- WOMAN: Sheriff! - (OVERLAPPING CHATTER) OFFICER: Atten-hut! What's with all the press? Here to get a look at the new sheriff.
- He looks so much like Rick.
- I know.
Honey, this is Deputy Bishop.
Practically perfect in every way.
My heart goes out to you, Deputy.
Thank you, ma'am.
As his son you're the only one authorized to wear this.
I don't know what to say.
Neither do I.
OFFICER: Cadets, atten-hut! Cadets, at ease! (CLEARS THROAT) It ought to be Sheriff Bradford up here.
He and I had our differences, though we wore the same star.
Makes us family.
And that's what's happening here today.
You're all becoming part of a family.
With its own traditions and skeletons.
Look to your left and right.
Come on, do it.
They're your family now.
You can count on 'em.
And you better make damn sure they can count on you.
You need three things to do this job.
A badge a gun and what's in your heart.
Policy and procedure be damned.
(MURMURING) The end of the day, you gotta be able to look yourself in the mirror and ask "Did I do everything I could have possibly done to protect the innocent?" This department has lost its way.
Too many save-asses and not enough ass-kickers.
Show of hands who here falls in the latter category? Welcome to the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department.
(AUDIENCE CHEERING) - Thank you, guys.
You did great.
- OFFICER: It's an honor, sir.
- Great job.
- Thank you, sir.
I didn't think you'd come.
That isn't why I'm here.
Joseph wants to be his father.
And he isn't.
I came to ask you to fire him.
Laurie, I I can't do that.
LAURIE: Yes, you can.
You're the Sheriff.
And you're his godfather.
You're supposed to look out for him.
Just like you were supposed to look out for my husband.
Rick was your partner.
If you care anything about Joseph, you will run him out of this godforsaken department before he gets killed.
So what do we call you now? - BILL (OVER PHONE): Bill.
- CADE: That Bill? Shouldn't he be out kissing babies or something? RACHEL: Cade wants to know Yeah, I heard him.
Tell him to kiss my ass.
Then tell me about the armored car.
RACHEL: Weird one.
Armored car carried no cash.
Just documents from Cabriamex.
Bank in Century City.
Maybe these idiots hit the wrong truck.
Villalobos ain't that stupid.
Those gangsters say how they cliqued up? RACHEL: They called it "The Reckoning.
" - Well, who's calling the shots? - RACHEL: That's the thing.
I don't think these knuckleheads even know.
I think Oscar was the middleman.
How about the cipher on the paper? RACHEL: Nada.
But if these gangs are changing the game, they could be drawing up new boundaries.
BILL: My buddy works County.
Memory serves he's got a friendly that might have a line on Villalobos.
CADE: Move! Am I calling at a bad time? Get out of the way.
Out of the way! RACHEL: Naw.
Just on our way to inseminate Cade's wife.
Ew, that sounds gross when you say it like that.
Where's my wife? Teresa Ward.
I'm supposed to meet my wife.
- WOMAN: Right through there.
- Thank you.
WOMAN: You're welcome.
You're not my wife.
Babe? Honey.
Cuttin' it a little close.
Man, this place is starting to feel like a casino.
Here, sign and date at the bottom.
- Hmm.
- Ten percent success rate.
Of course, after 40 it drops down to Fifty-fifty.
We have a 50 percent shot here.
How do you figure that? 'Cause everything is.
Heads or tails.
Either it happens or it won't.
All those numbers, they're not us.
Alright? And they're not now.
And us now is all I care about.
I, um, finally heard from the county.
And we're approved.
We're officially qualified to be foster parents.
Oh, babe, I thought you'd be happy.
I I grew up in the system.
I know what it takes to survive in there.
All right? You have to grow claws.
You end up using 'em on people who are tryin' to help.
But those people aren't us.
NURSE: Instructions are on the cup.
- Y'all done with that clipboard? - TERESA: Oh, yeah.
And, um, I'd prefer you not to conceive our first child using porn.
You wanna come in there with me? (LAUGHING) Can I? BILL: Who are you trying to impress, old man? (GRUNTS) All you.
You got it.
(SIGHS) You really know how to win friends and influence people, you know it? Oh, you heard, huh? Place is high school with guns.
Tell me about it.
Look, uh, I'm huntin' Oscar Villalobos.
You still got that friendly who's tight with him? That's one way to put it.
Woman scorned.
Yeah, I'll talk to her.
I got another favor to ask.
Big one.
My godson Joseph Harris, he's comin' out of the academy, headin' your way.
Rick's kid? Lord, we're old.
You want me to look out for him? I want you to fire him.
His evals.
Un-sat him across the board.
And I'll take care of the rest.
I don't think I can do that, Bill.
Kid doesn't have it in him, Bobby.
I'm not losing 'em both.
I can't do that.
Get me Oscar.
FISKE: 3,000 floor.
Where we house our most violent inmates.
Gasser's Alley.
OFFICER: What are you staring at? Why do they call it Gasser's Alley? FISKE: It's what they call it when they launch urine and feces through the meal slots.
Nice way to catch hepatitis.
Got a mouth-breather? No, sir.
This is K6G.
Gay Wing.
Different vibe here.
Guys here are kicked around in the street.
In here, pressure's off.
Nobody hassles 'em.
Problem is we got hardcore gangbangers lyin', sayin' they're gay just to get in here.
So we come up with a series of questions to try to trip 'em up.
JOSEPH: Like what? What's the name of Michael Beck's character - in Xanadu.
- What's Xanadu? You mean to tell me you've never heard of Xanadu? The Citizen Kane of roller skate rock operas? Daisy's kind of the den mother of K6G.
Daisy, meet Deputy Harris.
Can we talk for a second? Friends of mine are lookin' for Oscar.
Oscar know he's got heat? Definitely.
First place I'd look is FS-13 hood.
FS-13? Come on.
DAISY: Counter-intuitive, I know.
But there's there's been this reckoning.
Old enemies are now allies.
His dealer's down there.
(INDISTINCT POLICE RADIO CHATTER) RACHEL: You sure about this? My buddy Fiske swears by this informant, I swear by Fiske.
How did you manage to lose Bishop? Two ways out of the men's locker room.
She couldn't watch 'em both.
Yeah, well, you're the sheriff now.
The sheriff doesn't go on raids.
Then what the hell's the gun for? Come on.
- Good luck, Cade.
- Ain't about luck, baby.
Homies coming home from the pen thinkin' they'd go get high.
Want some regular heroin.
Till we hit 'em with this.
Sirvele pues.
Get that money.
Hola, hermano.
Now! (GROANS) Get upstairs.
I'm on it.
Heart rate 130.
- Respiration - This what I gotta do to get you to come out for some cocktails, huh? Deep breath, Rachel.
Come on.
Call for a jacket.
I think it fragmented his bone.
Okay, thank you No mansplaining.
Now, get out.
Al right, set up the OR.
Let's get her stable.
- Who's this? - The gangster from the shooting.
Okay, hold him down.
It's gonna be all right, Rachel, okay? PAULA: Type him.
He's gonna need a refill.
Oye, dummy, knock it off.
All right? You're gonna bleed to death.
Someone prep the other room for Mr.
Ants-In-His-Pants here.
It's tough to get a table tonight.
They've only got one OR available.
(SIGHS) Deputy's got more left in her tank.
- Let's take the bad guy - Wait a minute.
You're taking him first? What are you doing, Paula? Call security.
Have them escort this man off the premises.
Really? Out! (SIGHS) If you rabbit on me again, I will put a bullet in you.
You promise? MAN: Que pasó? (SPEAKING SPANISH) (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) Shouldn't you say something at least vaguely threatening? Otherwise, you just standing there, I might get the wrong idea.
LONDON: When you borrow something, like the Sheriff's Department for instance, you should return it in good condition.
You're driving it around like a stolen car.
Enjoy those stars while you got 'em.
- Oh, I will.
- (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) (CAMERA SHUTTERS CLICKING) - Sheriff, just a few questions.
- (OVERLAPPING CHATTER) Guess someone must've leaked your heroics to the press.
- (REPORTERS SHOUTING) - (CAMERA SHUTTERS CLICKING) REPORTER 1: Sources are saying that you took part in the raid.
Deputy Delgado is gonna be fine.
Thanks for asking.
Sheriff, we're actually hearing that children were present inside the house - when your deputies - You know what? Here's a good rule of thumb for dealing with the police.
Don't shoot at us and we'll get along famously.
REPORTER 2: Sheriff, can you just explain a little bit more about Who are you kidding? You didn't come here for the truth.
You thought you smelled blood, same way coyotes sniff out a wounded animal.
(CONTINUES OVER TV): I think I got more respect for the damn gangsters.
London played me.
I let that son of a bitch wind me up.
You were pretty wound up before London got a hold of you.
I was worried about Rachel.
This wasn't about Rachel.
It's about Rick dying on my table.
- I didn't say that, Paula.
- You didn't have to.
They wanted to run me out for warning those folks about the ICE operation.
Then these stars fell in my lap and they couldn't.
I'm startin' to think they were right in the first place.
You need three things to do your job.
Your badge, your gun, and what's in your heart.
If your heart is telling you that it's time to walk away, I'll support you.
But if this is you feeling sorry for yourself because the job's harder than what you thought, suck it up.
These are the best tacos in LA County.
I will take your word for it.
What, you a vegan or something? Just a firm believer in the County Health Inspector's grading system.
Deputy Bishop, where I come from, it's considered an insult not to break bread with your partner.
Well, we're not partners, Sheriff.
I work for you.
Break bread with your boss, then.
Come on.
Okay, that's pretty incredible.
Tell me your story, Bishop.
No offense, but it seems like you're destined for bigger things.
Well, I used to work at the Pentagon.
What? - Are you serious? - Yep.
BILL: So how'd you wind up here? I fell in love.
After about two months we figured out that the bicoastal thing wasn't gonna work for us, so You guys were hiring.
What, you never heard the joke, "What's a lesbian bring on the second date?" A U-Haul.
I don't get it.
Well, I guess it's a joke about how women are supposedly wired for monogamy.
Men maybe not so much.
Well, I wanted to marry Paula the moment I laid eyes on her.
Maybe I'm a U-Haul lesbian.
Good one, Dad.
So how did you two meet? I got stabbed.
She sewed me up.
I asked her to dinner.
You really do come at everything head-on, don't you? But if you're gonna do this job, you're gonna need to learn that there are other angles of approach.
You could actually make a difference.
London's got me boxed in.
How the hell am I supposed to make a difference? Off the top of my head, there's another joint operation with ICE, like the one they were gonna fire you over.
It's due to kick off in about 20 minutes.
Everybody, bring it in.
We're gonna have a little chat.
Now, this isn't a political statement.
It's just the opposite.
And I respect that you have a job to do.
But ours is different.
And people need to know it, regardless of how they got here.
Because if they're afraid to come to us for help, then we're gift-wrapping about a million victims for every bad guy in town to prey on with total impunity.
I'm sorry, but I'm canceling this operation.
Deputies, you're dismissed.
You can't do this, Bill.
The federal grants, we'll lose millions! Look, I don't blame you for being pissed, Jerry.
You come to me with specific targets.
But we are not taking part in any round-ups.
Not while I'm sheriff.
BILL: Bishop.
You're like the Ned Stark of the LA Sheriff's Department.
- The what? - Not a Thrones fan? Never got through the first season.
- (SCREAMS) Hey! Hey! Get back! (GROANS) - Come on.
Come on.
- (DAISY GROANS) (ALARM BLARING) Hey, get back! Stop! Stop! (CLAMORING) Get off of me! Get off of me! (GRUNTS) (GROANS) (BLARING CONTINUES) -(CADE WHISTLES) - RACHEL: Ahh! Those must be from Teresa.
And from me.
You okay? Couple inches to the right and Becca grows up without a mom.
Yeah, there's no rule that says you have to keep kicking down doors out here, Rach.
You could promote.
No shame in working in the building for a while.
RACHEL: What else you bring me? Well, I was hoping you could help a proud son of LA Unified investigating remittances.
- For me? - No, that's mine.
Starting with what's a remittance? It's like a wire transfer.
Foreign workers sending money back home.
All from Cabriamex.
Six thousand, Ramos.
Fifteen hundred to Cruz.
RACHEL: But nothing big enough to arouse suspicion, tip off regulators.
All signed by the CEO Chandler McGowan.
Has anyone ever told you you're a genius? CADE: The cartel was using Cabriamex and the gangs to launder money.
Villalobos and Sombra were working for 'em.
So they're not just pretty faces.
That was a joke.
Better Sombra than you, Cade.
I don't give a damn about that scumbag.
It's about those kids.
You know, their life is rough enough and now they're gonna get thrown into a system with no way out.
You found a way.
It's not that easy.
If you and your sister had landed with good people, it would have been a whole different story.
What are you saying, Bill? You and Teresa should consider fostering those kids.
If only we knew somebody with a little pull that could make that happen, you know.
Did you think when you woke up this morning that I'd be sheriff and you might be fostering two kids? How in the hell did we end up here? You got no idea how many times I've asked myself that same question today.
Dig into Cabriamex.
CADE: You got it, Sheriff.
McGowan? - Yes.
- I'm Deputy Ward.
I slipped on one of my daughter's toys and, uh May I come in? Uh, it's not a good time, actually.
Maybe that's why you still haven't asked me why I'm here yet.
- Drop the gun.
- (MCGOWAN GASPS) - Who else is in the house? - Just my wife.
I swear! - I thought you were one of them.
- Who? He had a uniform and a badge.
I thought he was a deputy sheriff.
He said no police! - Get him out! - What do you want me to do? He's gonna kill Debbie! Get him out! CADE: All right, calm down.
MCGOWAN: He's gonna kill our little girl! - Get him out! - SEC-David-Frank-5.
Requesting two units to my location.
Possible kidnapping.
McGowan has been washing cartel money.
Billions, through Cabriamex Financial in Century City.
Cartel gets the idea that he's been skimming, he has.
And that armored car robbery? That was a surprise audit.
They find what they were looking for? Not enough to make McGowan think they did.
They spooked him into a confession.
So Oscar Villalobos breaks out of County, takes the little girl and calls McGowan, says cough up the 20 mil he pocketed or they'd kill her.
Hence the Mitt Romney impersonators.
It's kidnapping, brother.
It's FBI's jurisdiction.
Respectfully, Sheriff, a cartel kidnapping? And the FBI wants to take it off your hands.
Sheriff, that's a gift.
Well, all right.
What would the old sheriff do? Well, the smart play is to give the FBI the poison chalice.
We do not want to be the agency of record when they find this kid's remains.
That is how this ends.
With corpse-sniffing dogs and a tear-filled press conference.
Russ Bowes, special agent in charge of the Bureau's LA Office.
Bill Hollister.
Anything we can do? For now, I don't wanna offend you, but you can help by staying out of our way.
All due respect, cousin, you can have that press conference all to yourself.
I don't like 'em anyway.
That's what I heard.
I just want the kid back home safe.
I want Villalobos back in custody.
Not one of those things is gonna happen you cut us out of this.
If I had a nickel for every time I heard that speech from a local tough guy with a shiny badge and a bruised ego I'll take my chances Sheriff.
They sure do dress nice, don't they? The odds of finding this kid alive Fifty-fifty.
All right? Either we find her or we won't.
No reason not to be optimistic.
Who taught you math? Bishop, I know what the smart play here is.
It's just that I like to do dumb things sometimes.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Well, ain't we a pair, Joseph? Your boyfriend's a jerk.
DAISY: Story of my life, kiddo, which you saved by the way.
Thank you.
The other day, when Fiske asked you you said the first place you'd look for him was Sombra's pad.
And look where it got me.
What's the second place you'd look? He kidnapped a little girl wearing my father's badge.
Help me get her back, we'll call it square.
I am many things, Joseph, but square is not one of them.
But how can I say no to that face? I heard they were cooking meth up in Lancaster.
Lieutenant Fiske, can I borrow your phone? This is it.
All the transmission lines in Lancaster.
All right, so they wanna be off the grid, but still have access to the power they need for the cook.
All the power lines are running all along the old Pear Blossom Highway.
That's over a hundred miles long.
CADE: Yeah, we gotta narrow that down.
Now I know why Tracho was tryin' to eat the damn thing.
It's a map to their hideout.
(BIRDS SQUAWKING) All right, it ain't gonna climb itself.
CADE: So how'd you know about this place? BILL: My dad and I used to hunt hogs out here.
Those boys sure don't look like they're huntin' hogs.
How do we know she's even in there? Trailer, dead ahead.
Look in the window.
BISHOP: Debbie's backpack.
Smart girl.
That's an SOS.
CADE: Oscar's gotta be in there with her.
It's a tactical nightmare.
One road going in.
They'll see us coming a mile off.
Call SEB.
Go in heavy.
Welcome to Ruby Ridge.
It'll take us an hour to hike down.
Can you ride? You mean horses? Summer camp.
Took silver in the Junior Olympics for dressage.
Of course you did.
BISHOP: You okay, boss? Hey.
It's time to go home.
Okay? Come here.
I got ya.
Reyes, got another GSW.
- Give it to the intern.
I think you wanna take this one.
Where'd this happen? Lancaster.
Long story.
And you drove all the way over here to get treated? "I'm sorry" would've done the trick.
I am sorry.
Well, you're gonna have to wait.
Several patients ahead of you.
'Course, Doctor.
I I understand.
(GASPS) (HEAVY BREATHING) CADE: My sister and I had the same arrangement.
Places that we grew up, I didn't want anybody sneaking up on her.
So we slept in shifts.
But this isn't one of those places.
You understand? You're safe here.
You're the one who shot my dad.
CADE: Yeah.
Then I'm gonna kill you.
I had no choice.
He was gonna kill me and I wasn't gonna let that happen.
Now, you want to avenge him.
I don't think he's worth it, but you're entitled, I guess.
But here's the deal.
You can't kill me.
Not now.
You're too small.
And I'm too good.
You know, I used to kill guys for a living.
I was a sniper in the Marine Corps.
And I used to watch my targets for a long time.
Learn their habits, best place to take 'em.
Maybe you can do that with me.
Stay with us, that way you can keep an eye on me.
Meantime, we will take care of you and your sister.
And we won't let anything happen to either one of you.
That way you can watch me and wait for your shot.
That sound like a plan? Okay.
JOSEPH: Thanks.
I never had any business putting it on in the first place.
And I think you know it.
Well, I thought I did.
I even asked Fiske to run you out.
I'm saving you the subterfuge.
I resign.
I was supposed to have your old man's back.
I've been wearing it the last 10 years.
I swear I could see him right now, looking back at me through your eyes.
I was wrong about you, son.
And I refuse to allow you to feel sorry for yourself.
'Cause your dad wouldn't want that.
And I do not accept your resignation.
'Cause the only way you can dishonor his memory now is by quitting.
BILL: My dad used to say there are no victories on the job.
Just the fight, and it never ends.
- You ready, partner? - Yes, Sheriff.
BILL: You're blessed if you wake up with another chance to make it right.
Another chance to force the world to be a little nicer.
You okay, Sheriff? Gettin' there.
It's been a hell of a first couple days, huh, Bishop? Actually, it's, uh, it's been four days.
Time flies.
Look on the bright side, Sheriff.
Only 110 more days to go.
BILL: Let's just get through this one.
BISHOP: Gotta say, the last few days have had their challenges, but it's been quite a ride.
Well, buckle up.
I'm just gettin' started.
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