Deputy (2020) s01e02 Episode Script


Previously on Deputy County Charter states that in the event that a duly-elected sheriff dies in office, then the longest serving member of his mounted posse shall serve as acting sheriff.
You're the new sheriff of Los Angeles County.
I'm no politician.
You don't hand the job over to a judge.
Send a lawman.
I'm your driver.
I drive myself, thanks.
I'm also your personal security detail.
As his son you're the only one authorized to wear this.
You and Teresa should consider fostering those kids.
Hyah! Enjoy those stars while you got 'em.
Buckle up.
I'm just gettin' started.
I'll cut to the chase, Sheriff.
Every one of us is still dealing with the sudden passing of Sheriff Bradford.
I, for one, don't think our city's founders foresaw the present situation when they wrote this charter.
So, we wanna take a moment, figure out what's best for the department, long term.
And we've come up with something we'd like you to consider.
Sheriff Hollister, this is not a resignation.
The language of this addendum clearly reflects a mutual reinstatement to your former position as deputy.
With a promotion, of course.
Well No one would fault you for stepping down.
The department is a massive bureaucracy.
It's not gonna change overnight, and let's be honest, Bill, neither are you.
You know somethin'? You're right, Jerry.
I've got a few ideas of what's best for the department.
Which is why I'm not stepping down.
Far from it.
I've seen a lot of life from on top of a horse, and that's given me a different perspective on things.
And a new perspective is exactly what this place needs.
The people of Los Angeles deserve the best.
So do me a favor.
Worry more about them and less about me.
I'll be seein' you.
Except you.
If I see your face on the tenth floor again, I'll throw you out the window myself.
Thanks for your time.
Can I help pick the window? Didn't know you had that gear in you, Bishop.
I'm Irish and Italian, sir.
You tell me who to take out, I'll do it.
What part of Italy? Sicily.
All right, Scott, you're the eye.
So you need me right here, right? - Right here.
- Copy that.
And I want Minnick backing it up.
Look who it is.
- It's the sheriff.
- Hey, Sheriff.
Hey, guys.
What, the Jonathon Club close early? Enough.
What's the status here? Guy's name is Marshall Huggins.
Dude's connected to a commercial burglary crew.
I think he's been casing a target.
Just got a tip that they're moving tonight.
And this party's gonna go late, and I know you hate parties, Bill.
Not these kinds, I don't.
Just tell me where it's going down.
Hey, Bill.
We got this.
Go home.
You're the sheriff now.
You call me when you have these clowns in custody.
You know I will.
All right, Minnick.
You are running flank tonight.
Tuck in two blocks out.
Wait for my signal and then you're gonna pounce like the badass that you are.
All right.
I got you.
You know, this right here is what the damn Ivory Tower needs more than anything.
Less suits and more tats.
Honey, you need to get some sleep.
It's like I'm in a cage, walled in.
Like I'm workin' the jail again.
It's called an office.
Many have survived them.
I spent four hours yesterday arguing about pension plans and budgets and why our vendor dropped off three tons of bad potatoes at the central jail.
I saved a 10-year-old boy's leg tonight.
It was worth the six hours of paperwork.
I'd sell my soul for the Zen satisfaction of cuffing a bad guy right now.
I'm feeling a little bad tonight Sheriff.
Get the cuffs.
What's gotten into you? Are you texting? Um, it's just I have Mm-hmm.
Find a way that works for you.
I know you'll find the right balance.
I'm sorry.
Almost shot you.
Do me the favor.
What the - Is this your - Oh, that's my pee bottle.
Paula got me a French press.
Still don't know how to use the damn thing, but try it.
Matzo ball soup from Canter's.
Why are you so good to me? So where is he? Black SUV.
Is he in there? Yeah.
Seat's all laid back.
You know the text I sent wasn't an invite.
What are you doin'? I'm dying on the tenth floor, man.
Just needed a taste.
Paula's gonna kill me.
Quit holding words back.
Something's up.
That crew became active three months ago and Burgin paroled outta Chino three months ago.
What? Roman Burgin? How the hell did he get out? That's above my pay grade, brother.
I should have known that.
Yeah, we call that bureaucratic bull.
What's this? All right, be advised, I got a yellow electrician's truck with three male scumbags pretending to work for a living.
I see him.
We have 'em settin' up a ladder.
Look at these Three Stooges.
All right, let's go get 'em.
For what? Trespassing? Vandalism, too.
They just cut the roof.
We got 'em on a breaking and entering and a little property damage.
You've danced with defense lawyers as much as I have.
This is why I hate fishing.
You just stand there with a hook, waiting.
Thirty seconds.
Well, just 'cause it's never easy we got this bozo showing up.
Minnick, start creeping in.
Copy that.
SCC, Majors David-4-Frank-5, is there an airship available for a 459 now? Hey, there's some dudes rollin' up.
What do you think the shotgun's for? Man, I'm just here for this money.
When they come out we're gotta hit 'em hard.
Okay, we're done here, let's go.
They're comin' out.
Go, go, go! Oh! 10-33, we have shots fired, security guard down.
Requesting backup and paramedics.
999, officers need assistance.
Give me the patch.
Four armed, 459 suspects.
31 Adam in pursuit.
31 Adam, you have a patch.
Clear right.
You're clear right.
Here we go.
Just like old times.
Don't tell Paula.
- You want me to drive? - Oh, be nice.
SCC, where's that airship? Air One is en route.
I'm in pursuit, two cars back.
He's gaining ground.
This guy's crazy, man! Let's not lose him! Southbound Hawthorne, from 147th.
I got this one.
Three suspects on foot.
South LA unit standby for containment.
Air 85, my partner's in foot pursuit heading eastbound on 148.
13-A 61, 13-A 61.
Put your hands where we can see 'em.
All right, lock this down.
I'm gonna find Bill.
All right.
Huh? Easy, easy! I got one jackass.
Marshall's dead.
You don't seem too broken up about it.
I ain't sayin' crap.
You do have the right to remain silent Let's see what your cell phone has to say, huh? Dale, where the hell are you? Roman, run, man.
Run! I thought I told you to stay out of my town.
Who the hell is this? Your third strike.
I promise you, you're goin' right back where you came from.
For life.
Is this gonna be a habit, sir? I'm supposed to pick you up at your home.
This is my home.
Already made the news and it's not even nine o'clock.
Speaking of your nine o'clock, you are supposed to be in a budget meeting right now.
Tell 'em I'm running late.
I had to make a stop.
You know I'm not an Uber, right? I know.
Your rider rating would be one star.
That's only because I'm generous.
Simmer down.
I am your sword and shield, sir.
But I can only protect you if you let me.
I need some coffee.
And you definitely do, too.
I got you coffee and a breakfast burrito.
They're in the car.
Not the point.
And if I may speak freely, sir Like you haven't.
You are not a soldier anymore.
You are a general.
Let the deputies do their job, so you can do yours as sheriff.
You done? For now.
I knew you were a Libra.
It all makes sense.
What the hell's that supposed to mean? Libras can't let go.
They crave control.
A sense of security, and comfort of permanence.
About my schedule, it's gonna be changing up a bit.
Hope you guys are hungry.
Hey, good morning, baby.
How'd they sleep last night? Good.
Camilla asked about her father.
What did you say? I didn't know what to say.
It's just, it's-it's gonna take some time.
This is new for all of us.
You know, let me, uh, figure something out and I'll, uh, I'll have a conversation with her, okay? It doesn't look like Camilla's feeling great.
- You wanna try talking to her? - Yeah.
Yeah, I'll tell you what.
Sick day for you guys.
How does that sound? Hey, how's, uh, Rachel? She's, uh, sleeping in.
She, uh, took that desk job.
Good for her.
I bet you'd want me to do the same thing, right? Not in a million years.
You almost sold me.
Sir, why do we have to be at Major's? I prefer a face-to-face anyway.
It's more than that, though, isn't it? I haven't known you long, but I know your mind's up to something.
Roman Burgin.
Pulled a few bank jobs over in Sylmar.
All he had to do was walk out the front door.
But it wasn't enough.
Shot a 15-year-old girl and changed her life forever.
Same age as Maggie.
Family friend? She is now.
Stopped her from bleeding out.
So I made her a promise.
Told her I'd never let him hurt anyone again.
I plan on keeping that promise.
This guy's got no regard for human life.
Are you okay? Everything's good.
Roman's on his last strike.
He knows I'm comin' after him now.
So he's got nothin' left to lose but the bullets in his gun.
You missed me that much? You just couldn't stay away, huh? I wanna talk to our guy.
Find out how he linked up with Roman.
Well, my guess is when they did a tour in Chino.
He's down in lockup.
I don't wanna talk to him here.
What's he talking about? I tried to talk him out of it.
I want you all to pack it up.
It's moving day.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Boss, what does that mean? You'll find out.
Can you adjourn a meeting if it never started? We'll reschedule this one.
Where should we set up? - You can use my office.
- Copy that.
- He didn't.
- Oh, yes, he did! I'm diggin' the place.
What exactly are you trying to prove, Hollister? I'm opening up the lines of communication.
Moving majors.
I can't be going back and forth from the HOJ.
Time is money.
Would have been nice to hear it during the budget meeting you missed.
Well, I didn't miss the meeting.
Technically, he pushed the meeting.
Bill, you can't use this department to cut through your own personal red tape.
Jerry, I've lived under you and Bradford's red tape for years.
You both had your chance.
Well, now, I got mine.
And I'm gonna use it to cut through all the nonsense.
I need all the boots on the ground I can get.
I'm not lettin' Roman Burgin get away.
Who's Roman? You've been on the 10th floor too long, Jerry.
So I apologize that I missed a few meetings that weren't life and death.
I understand.
You have your team here now, so catching the bad guys should be no problem.
Sir, if you are not in the room where it happens, things will happen without you.
Hamilton, right? I gotta see that.
In the end, he's shot by Aaron Burr, sir.
Well, let's make sure that don't happen.
Excuse me.
Can you help me, please? Did you check in with triage? No insurance.
All right, let me take a look.
- Okay.
- Yeah? - Okay, sit on the bed.
- Yeah, come on in.
Just clean him up.
I need a lido with epi.
You got it.
Come on.
Did he rat? Not a word.
Saw that the press say it's a manhunt.
And they're gonna go wide with the mugshots.
Well, breaking news gets eyeballs.
Found a phone in the car.
It's pretty busted up but I think it could give us a lead.
I just need you to cut through some red tape.
Well, it's about time this sheriff thing came in handy.
I'll push through a warrant.
Your first political favor.
Make sure you take a shower afterwards.
We have to leave if we're gonna beat traffic.
This is one meeting I won't miss.
- God son's first day on patrol.
- Yep.
In all my years in the department, I can count the times I saw a sheriff actually walk into a station on one hand.
But this man over here is different.
Our paths have crossed many times as deputies, now as sheriff.
Deputy Luna, thank you.
Sheriff Hollister.
I'm still gettin' used to the sound of that.
And wearin' those stars.
But I tell you what, I'm gonna earn 'em for each one of you.
Because I am one of you.
I wanna be face-to-face with the men and women who actually put boots on the ground.
You all.
'Cause I've worn those boots before.
In fact, I'm still wearing 'em.
Actually, uh you're all fired.
You think I'm kidding? I'm not.
Today, you're gonna spend the next 10 hours proving why we should keep you.
If you make it home, you're hired.
And tomorrow morning, you're fired again.
Think about that every day you're workin'.
I got 104 days left here.
I'm gonna make 'em count.
That's all I got.
Thank you.
You heard the sheriff.
Everybody, 10-8.
Harris you're with me.
Trainees, standby.
The city remains on edge as the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department ups their hunt for serial jewelry robber Roman Burgin and his co-conspirator.
A security guard arrived on scene moments into the break-in only to be gunned down.
Call security.
Now! I'm on my way.
- Hey, guys.
- Hey, Sheriff.
It was a good speech.
Just making my rounds.
A sheriff's gotta show his face.
Your dad and I were sittin' right where you were sittin'.
Our first day was a doozy.
But you got Luna to teach you.
You just keep your head on a swivel.
So, that's where my dad got that term "head on a swivel.
" He gave a lot to me.
Least I could do is share a few gems in return.
Yes, sir.
Sheriff, you got a call.
Well, take a message.
Can't you see I'm bonding with my deputies here? It's Dr.
Reyes, sir.
Everything okay? There's a guy here at the hospital.
He was acting kind of odd.
I think he might have something to do with the robbery.
I'll be right there.
Make a hole.
Feeling left out? You know I fly better solo.
Been assigned to majors to help out for a few days.
With Rachel gone, they're a little short-handed, so I'm wrapping up some of her cases.
I got you something.
The protector.
I'll feel safer if you at least have him.
Since you don't have anyone riding with you this year.
- You know this is cheesy as hell.
- You love it.
Hey, I couldn't find the Oh, I'm sorry.
We have a Code 9 on the corner of Figueroa Sir, I'm I'm sorry.
For what? For what I saw back there.
What did you see? Nothin'.
Nothin'? Really? - Nothin'? - Yeah.
So what are you sorry about? Sir, I don't know what you want me to say.
I want you to say what you saw.
You're no good to me or the department if you can't do that.
I saw you and Deputy Minnick kissing.
That's it? Yeah.
Look, I'm-I'm sorry.
You don't need to apologize.
You need to pay attention.
In this job, you will walk into situations where you have a matter of seconds to figure out what the story is.
Every detail is crucial.
A sideways glance, a furtive gesture.
Two adults sharing a moment of intimacy before they head out on watch.
- I'm serious.
- I know, sir.
I hope so.
Could mean your life.
Or mine.
Come in.
What's he done now? Not Sheriff Hollister, but this person doesn't have an appointment.
- Ma'am.
- Jerry London.
You've been served.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You okay? Yeah.
Hi, Paula.
Here's your six-pack.
He may or may not be in here.
I want you to look That's him.
It's definitely him.
Now, how confident are you? A hundred percent.
- Thanks, doc.
- All right.
Here we go.
Yeah, Cade, you go ahead.
I need to talk to the patient in here for a sec.
I'll have the truck running, boss.
- What, honey? I gotta - Look at me.
My eyes.
I got two robbery suspects ready to wreak havoc, okay? - I'm not letting 'em get away.
- You're out of your cage, I know.
- This isn't the time for this.
- You need to just take a beat.
You're on autopilot right now.
And you know what happens when you do that, just breathe.
Okay? Don't put this all on you.
It's gonna eat you up alive.
I don't know any other way to be.
The city remains on edge as the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department ups their hunt for serial jewelry robber Roman Burgin and his coconspirator.
Oh, hell, no, man.
Let's go get some cash, boss.
Get out of here.
they are armed and highly dangerous.
Jesus, Roman.
What the hell did you do? Just need a ride to Palmdale while this blows over, okay, baby? No.
Don't get me involved in any more of your things.
Who said I'm asking? I'm not going down for you.
Grab your stuff.
Now they got a warrant and a name.
That burner was purchased by Diane Cortana.
Let's pay her a visit and see if she's home.
Pop quiz.
Which one of these places is slinging? My guess is the vape shop.
That's where you go for stolen credit card numbers.
Try again.
Then, it's gotta be the liquor store.
You wanna phone a friend? The El Salvadorian spot? Now, that's just racist.
So, the laundromat is a drug front? Ding, ding, ding.
Now tell me why.
A lot of homeless in and out.
It's cash business.
Makes sense.
What's up, Levon? You still alive? Boom, boom.
What's up with him? You're not ready for that lesson, Deputy Harris.
Not yet.
Sheriff's Department! It's my room.
All right, get up on her phone ASAP and figure out what tower she's pinging off of, all right? They were here.
We locate her, we locate these punks.
What are we doin' here? Now it's touchin' my family.
Sheriff, I need you to trust me on this.
You cannot keep chasing down every call in Los Angeles County.
How many more Romans are out there in the world? Are you gonna chase every one of them throughout the city? If I feel like it, yeah.
You may not see it now, Sheriff, but you can save lives up here, too.
If you put just a little faith in the system.
Really? The more you stick to the talking points, the sooner you're out of there.
And I promise you, if we get any word on Roman, I will pull you out immediately.
You do that.
Why are we here? That jewelry's been tagged.
We need cash.
Cartel money drop.
Runs like clockwork.
It's easy money, baby.
You told me once you got out, things would change.
Hey, hey, hey.
Someone gotta pay the bills, right? - Hey, keep an eye on her, okay? - Yeah, man.
Don't think about leaving.
It'd be worse for you and your family, okay? Majors, Diane's phone came up.
She's hidden within a 60-meter radius of the 1300 block on Whittier.
Minnick, start moving in from the east.
Hey, where's the cash, homeboy? I don't know what you're talking about, man.
- Where's the cash? - I don't know, bro.
Get ready, all right? Hey, come here.
Where's the cash? Where's the cash? Oh! 214, you're on a patch.
Cade, I got a black sedan.
I got a 133.
Suspect down on location.
Majors, David-4-Frank-5.
Shots fired.
Copy that Additional units en route.
Put your hands in the air! Let me see your hands! 10-33.
Give me the patch.
214 215, Code 6 What's the guy doing? Hey! Get back in your vehicles.
I think everyone up in this Ivory Tower needs to spend more time on the streets.
On patrol.
In a patrol car? Well, yeah.
Or on a horse, in the mounted division.
Now, that's a great idea.
Bill, you can't be serious.
I'm serious as a heart attack.
You've all lost touch with what it's like out there.
It's time to get in touch with your inner deputy.
I gotta put a pin in this.
Roman's headed north on the I-5, vehicles were in pursuit, but they lost him.
How do I shut down a freeway? That would require a logistics meeting.
How about in the next five minutes? Impossible.
Of course it is, Jerry.
Bill, you can't shut down the freeways.
I'm not a big "can't" guy, Jerry.
And it's not freeways, it's one, the 5.
Oh, just the 5.
Actually it's two, the 101 as well.
The longer we talk, the further away Roman gets.
Okay, where's he headed? That's the point.
I don't know.
We need to jam him up, seal the entrance and exit ramps, - so we can corral him.
- And if he gets past them? Then he'll be the only person moving in this town.
You're out of your mind, Hollister! Bishop.
I have a list of a 30-mile stretch.
Call CHP.
Shut down the 5.
Copy that, sir.
Logistics meeting adjourned.
Hold the fort down.
Air One, Socal approach.
LA Sheriff Deputies are engaged in a high-speed pursuit with suspected robber Roman Burgin.
Acting Sheriff Bill Hollister has called for the I-5 to be shut down to keep civilians safe while they hunt down this dangerous criminal.
Air One, eyes in the sky.
Ground units be on point.
We're gonna have a lot of angry drivers out there.
What's the deal, man? Socal approach, Air One.
Uh, traffic at 3 o'clock.
We have it in sight.
Got him! There he is.
Number One lane.
Air One Hollister to ground unit.
Lock down all freeway off-ramps.
2-5, locking down This is Car One en route to the boss.
Rolling Code 3 from the hall.
How long are you gonna keep pretending? You and I both know Hollister unchecked is a danger to the county.
All due respect, I disagree with that assessment.
I see two people who would give their lives for the LASD with two very different approaches.
Deputy Bishop, don't forget there's an expiration date on Sheriff Hollister's time in office.
Don't jeopardize your future with the department.
Message received.
Air One Hollister to ground units.
14 north.
Put northern patrol station on tactical alert.
He's on the dirt.
Headed westbound.
Any aircraft in the special flight area, be advised there is a police pursuit Rooftop 549.
Take the exit north of your location.
Roger that Start deploying station response.
Teams toward the Palmdale area.
Come around, come around.
Cut him off, cut him off.
429, copy.
Taking the exit north of our location now.
Got this son of a bitch.
Put her down on the road now! I've been waitin' a long time for this, Roman.
Pull the trigger.
I would have a week ago.
I know who you are, Hollister.
Have fun hiding behind that badge.
Badge or no badge, I'll always come after scum like you.
Sir, you wanted to see me? Deputy Minnick.
Please have a seat.
Heard about you assisting majors.
Well done.
Thank you.
I appreciate the opportunity.
Annual reviews are in a few months.
Between you and I, you were at the top of Bradford's list.
That's interesting because I applied for a promotion twice under Sheriff Bradford's leadership and was passed over twice.
Whatever the reasons were in the past, I'm sure a letter of recommendation from me would shore up that promotion.
Stay loyal to this department and I'll get you that promotion.
We'll be in touch.
What, you're not ticklish, are you? What happened, you're not ticklish? Okay.
All right, cowboy.
We gotta We gotta get back to the party.
I hate parties, you know that.
Yeah, but I wanted to celebrate your new job as sheriff.
But I told you not to make a fuss.
It's not a fuss.
It's a hootenanny.
Well, maybe we just take 10 minutes and then we rejoin the hootenanny.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
Should we get your phone? I miss you though.
Look at you.
- Really? - So hot in that dress.
Maybe send me a text, huh? Hey, hey.
There he is.
- Hey, guys.
- The man of the hour.
Come here, boss.
I wanna make a toast.
We knew Bill when he was just a deputy, and now he's a big-time sheriff.
Hey, I'm both.
I don't need to choose.
See? Amen to that.
Redefining what it means to be Sheriff.
Just don't forget about us little people who got you there.
Your name again? Cheers, everyone.
- Thanks for coming.
- Cheers.
We have guests.
Dad, can I get some money please? What? Where you think you're going? I told you about the kickback at Ashley's house.
What the hell's a "kickback"? Hold on.
You're tellin' me you don't wanna hang with your folks and their friends here? Not even for a minute.
I felt that.
Be home by curfew.
Or I'll have units out there lookin' for you.
You know that, right? You're gonna send units? Sure am.
You're so stupid.
Help me with these steaks.
How's parenthood treating you? Uh, one day at a time.
That's the only way to do it.
We'll figure it out.
Well, by the time you think you got a handle on the whole parenting thing, they're teenagers.
Now, that's an entirely different ballgame.
Thanks, man.
All right, final lesson, Deputy Harris.
Come on.
Don't make that face.
- Albert! What's up, baby? - How are you? Good.
And you? I'm good, man.
What you got for me? Fresh.
These cochitos, empanadas, conchas.
What you need? Okay, definitely the empanadas.
Reyes, this is Genevieve.
The Genevieve.
Nice to meet you.
B tells me you're a cowboy.
Actually I'm a Libra.
Oh, no.
Stubborn, determined.
All of the above.
She tells me you're the reason she moved to LA.
Show me where the alcohol is and I'll give you all the details.
- Margarita? - Mm.
We got that.
Right this way.
All right.
This should end well.
Bishop, meet my wife Teresa.
- Hi.
- Bishop.
- This is Teresa.
- Nice to meet you, Teresa.
Big fan of this.
- How can you not - Me, too.
Harris, come here.
You ever had chicharrones? You don't know nothin' about that, do you? What do you mean, like pork rinds? Yeah, sure.
Black folks been eatin' this for years, man.
Okay, so we got more in common than I thought.
Oh, what kinda beer does the Sheriff like? - I don't know.
- Well, call him and find out.
- You doing good though? - Yeah.
- Family's good? - Yeah.
Everyone's good.
Whoa! Charcoal too.
- All right.
- It's in the back.
How you holding up? Well, I'm not gonna lie.
Today was a rough one.
No kidding.
The sheriff has one bad day at work and everybody knows about it.
Well, as tough as it was, I know everything that made me a great deputy is what's gonna make me a great sheriff.
So you're saying I can expect more bumps and bruises along the way? Always.
- What? - Cheers.
- Mezcal.
Hey, boss, uh, just giving you call to see what kinda beer you like.
Give me a buzz back.
Luna says you like lite beer and I told him you'd rather drink water.
Sorry, Bill, I told him not to call.
Harris, get off the phone.
All right?
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