Deputy (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Deputy Down

1 Sheriff Hollister.
I'm still getting used to the sound of that.
NARRATOR: Previously on Deputy Hey, I couldn't find it.
I'm really sorry, I didn't know No, you don't need to apologize.
You need to pay attention.
In this job, you will walk into situations where you have a matter of seconds to figure out what the story is.
(SMIRKS) I'm serious.
BILL: You've all lost touch with what it's like out there.
It's time to get in touch with your inner deputy.
What's up, Levon? You still alive? - What's up with him? - (LAUGHTER) Oh, man, I wanna say there's a new sheriff - in town so bad.
- Don't.
Hey, boss, uh, just giving you a call to see what kinda beer you like.
Sorry, Bill.
I told him not to call.
Harris, get off the phone.
(GUNSHOTS) (INDISTINCT ANNOUNCEMENT OVER PA) (MONITOR BEEPING) REPORTER: A deputy of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department was shot multiple times earlier this evening in South LA.
He remains in critical condition.
The suspect's identity is not known at this time.
We're being told an official statement from LASD should happen any moment.
If you have any information on this case, please reach out to LASD (SIGHS) I got it.
I got it.
BILL: Hey.
I wanna help.
We gotta get this guy.
How do you know it's a guy? I don't.
But I gotta help.
Well, you can.
By stayin' here.
I'm assigning you to a 24-hour security detail on Deputy Luna.
You be there when he gets out of surgery.
And I'll have some fresh clothes arranged for you.
My training officer was shot - and you're benching me? - BILL: No.
I'm just not starting you.
This game's about to get ugly.
It's just gettin' underway.
- But I don't, I-I - BILL: Hey.
My godson almost got shot.
I'm not risking you out in the field.
Emotions get people killed.
You make a mistake out there, I can't protect you.
And I'm not gonna look into your mother's eyes again.
So you wanna be pissed at me, fine.
You do it from here.
You understand me, Deputy Harris? (QUIETLY): Yes, sir.
All right.
(MONITOR BEEPING) (BULLET CLATTERS) LONDON: Bill, you got a second? BILL: The answer's yes.
Excuse me? Well, you were about to go with the "we're all on the same team," right? How someone better talk to the press.
Well, you're that someone.
So, yes.
Go handle 'em.
I've got my hands full here.
Well, at least he's delegating.
You're the gatekeeper, Bishop.
Be careful that gate doesn't get unhinged.
(INDISTINCT ANNOUNCEMENT OVER PA) (MONITOR BEEPING) (OXYGEN PUMPING) REPORTER (ON TV): We are live outside LA Regent's Hospital for an update on the deputy-involved shooting that took place earlier this evening.
Hello, everyone.
I'm Undersheriff Jerry Vengeance is normal.
Somebody hurts a member of your family, you can't help it.
You want revenge.
Well, nobody is a bigger part of this family than Deputy Gabriel Luna.
That makes us all angry, doesn't it? MAN: Yes, sir.
BILL: We took an oath to channel that emotion, to control it, even when it's damn near impossible.
We took an oath to put our lives on the line for millions of people that we don't even know.
That's the job.
That's how Luna does his.
With honor and decency.
So the best thing we can do right now is to follow in his footsteps till he gets back to his family again.
Thank you.
- MAN 1: Yes, sir.
- MAN 2: Yes, sir.
How you holding up? I wanna go find this son of a bitch.
- We will.
- Our way? What other way is there? Excuse me.
Sir, they want you to know they pulled a slug from Deputy Luna.
It's headed to ballistics now.
So he's out of surgery? BISHOP: No.
No, sir.
(SIGHS) Well, I'm not spending all night pacing linoleum waitin' on thoughts and prayers.
(MONITOR BEEPING) Any update on Luna's condition? No, ma'am.
They won't tell us until they notify next of kin.
There is no next of kin.
All right, walk me through the shooting.
I already gave my statement to homicide.
I know.
But I wanna hear you say it.
The adrenalin has worn off, you can think clearly.
Sometimes, you remember more after the fact.
I'm sure you've seen something that can help us.
(GUNSHOTS) (MUFFLED): Luna! Luna! Call 9-1-1! (COUGHS) I did the best that I could.
- We were off duty.
- Excuses.
- Excuse me? - He might have been off duty, but you are never off the clock.
- Never! - Ma'am.
Ma'am, please.
JOSEPH: I didn't clock out.
I was exactly where Deputy Luna asked me to be.
And I'm not making up any excuses.
I'm trying to tell what happ Excuses.
You don't know nothin', boot.
And if you say you do, you know even less than nothing.
The reason you're here right now is because you weren't present then.
- I'm sorry.
- "Sorry.
" We shouldn't even be here right now.
Not you, not me.
Definitely not Gabriel.
So you sit there and you think about what happened.
And when you come up with something other than an excuse, come get me.
Let me know when the doctor gets here.
SEB requesting assistance with a high-risk raid at Branch and Rose.
Individuals believed to be involved in Deputy Luna's shooting.
Consider targets armed.
OFFICER: Hands or I shoot.
Both of you.
DISPATCH (ON RADIO): Group of hoods at 459 Rigby with possible gang ties.
Male, white, reported fighting with deputies, resisting arrest, send backup.
DEPUTY: Stop resisting.
I said, stop resisting! DISPATCH (ON RADIO): Man is showing signs of aggression towards our deputies.
Let's make sure we give him grade-A service.
Sit down.
Stay right there.
- You see this? - Yeah? Oh, what's this? What's this, huh? Thought you had nothing in the car.
Get up.
Get up.
Come on.
Hands on the hood.
Eyes down.
BISHOP: Okay, they seem inspired.
DEPUTY: What else you lyin' about, huh? Pull over.
DEPUTY: Stop resisting.
Remember, I can make your life hell.
Hey, you good? Back up.
Mind your business.
Might wanna look at who you're talking to, Deputy.
BILL: Sheriff Hollister.
Go sit on the curb.
Go ahead.
Probable cause is only good when the cause is probable.
Not emotional.
Just tryin' to do our job, sir.
I've been there.
I've hunted for more cop killers who've murdered deputies than I care to remember.
We're just doing it like you would've done, sir.
Well, you don't know me, Deputy.
You only know of me.
And I'd hate to see all that hard work get thrown out in court and the shooter walk free.
So, I get it, I do.
Do you? (INDISTINCT POLICE RADIO CHATTER) REPORTER 1: Sheriff, can you tell us anything? REPORTER 2: Any suspects? Where the hell's London when you need him? Just deal with them.
Tell 'em what you were gonna tell me to say.
I can't speak for the department.
REPORTER 2: Any suspects? I think I just told you you could.
REPORTER 2: We need a statement.
Please, Sheriff.
How many victims? Sheriff, please.
On behalf of the Sheriff, I would love to say good evening, but there's nothing good about what happened here.
How we doin'? He's in the ICU.
Well, he wouldn't have made it that far without you.
- Thank you.
- Don't thank me yet.
There's lots of internal damage.
The next few hours are critical.
BILL: You're tellin' me.
Luna's a beast.
He'll pull through.
- PAULA: Bill.
- Yeah.
A bullet severed his spinal cord.
He's not gonna walk again.
Well, just just be careful.
Just be safe.
Always am.
- Love you.
- I love you.
That's the best I got.
Hey, guys.
You get any footage off that? TECH: No, we didn't.
All the cameras in here are fake.
CADE: Nothing was stolen.
No robbery.
It's me.
Just calling to see what kinda beer you like.
Gimme a buzz.
Luna said you like lite beer.
I told him you'd rather drink water.
LUNA (ON VOICEMAIL): Sorry, Bill! I told him not to call! Harris, will you just grab the chicharrones.
Come on.
(GUNSHOTS) JOSEPH: Luna, Luna! Luna! Call 9-1-1! (DOORBELL TINKLING) He didn't run.
- What's that? - The shooter.
He waited for a few seconds, and then he just slowly pushed through the door.
I heard it.
He just calmly walked out of here.
In no hurry.
He wasn't tryin' to get away.
So he could live close by.
One way to find out.
Let's go wake up some asses.
(DOORBELL TINKLES) DISPATCH: Units, continue to be on the loout for any suspicious behavior.
Luna's shooter is still on the loose.
Let's make sure we change that.
Stay safe out there.
Good morning, ma'am.
I'm Deputy Ward.
No one knocked on my door when y'all shot my cousin.
CADE: Look, if you can remember anything, here's my card.
I didn't see anything.
Can you help us out? What goes around, comes around.
Sheriff! - Hello, ma'am, my name's Cade - Hello.
Shh! My son's napping.
(SOFTLY): Oh, I'm so sorry.
I was just wondering if you saw or heard anything last night, you know, an unfamiliar face in the neighborhood or any commotion from the neighbors.
Well, my neighbors, uh, they stay out pretty late sometimes.
But you didn't hear that from me.
Well if you see anyone that makes you think twice, call me first.
- Yes, sir.
- CADE: Yeah.
Hey, wake up.
(MINNICK MOANS) I remembered something about my day with Deputy Luna.
He always had a personalized lesson plan for his boots' first patrol.
Yeah, I know.
Man with a plan.
So, he's, he's drilling me, and we stop off at this strip mall, and they were selling dope out of the laundromat.
There was this white gangster there who knew Deputy Luna, and he made a gun sign at us.
Are you sure? Luna said he'd teach me that lesson later.
And he laughed it off, so I thought the dude was just a punk.
You got a name? I don't really remember, but I got a place.
Well, let's roll.
What? Come on, man.
Sheriff benched me.
I can't.
Harris! You know what? Okay.
Stay here.
Be a good boy.
Do as you're told.
But give me the damn address.
(MUTTERS) (CELL PHONE BUZZING) Sheriff Hollister's phone.
Hey, it's Cade.
Let me talk to Bill.
I'll get the Sheriff, hang on.
Anything? We hit every door.
Some friendly, some not so much.
No one knows squat.
It's too quiet here.
So, I was thinking, maybe this is payback for taking down Villalobos.
Then why not just come after us? They just did.
Your godson was right there.
A warning shot to back the hell off.
Ballistics just sent this over.
We got a match.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, don't hang up.
BILL: Hold on.
DEPUTY: The slug they pulled out of Deputy Luna was key.
The lands and grooves resemble a Lorcin 380.
Gun was the favorite of a career felon, drug dealer by the name of Danny Flores.
What's his last known? All right.
Well, damn.
Let's go pay him a visit.
(DOOR OPENS) (CHAINS RATTLING) How you doin'? Come on in.
Where's the chair? BILL: We don't need 'em.
This will be quick.
I know you're a busy man.
I don't wanna waste your time.
BILL: You caught a sales case.
(DANNY CHUCKLES) I ain't trippin' on that.
I can make it go away.
Have you out of here by tomorrow.
- BISHOP: Is he serious? - Shh! BILL: A gun shot one of my deputies last night.
(LAUGHS) That's too bad.
BILL: Actually, Danny, it was.
Now, we've been all over town jamming up anyone we can find that might have had an issue with Deputy Luna doing his sworn duty which brings me to you.
'Cause he put you in here.
(CHUCKLES) Well, I don't remember him, man.
Well, your prints came up on a casing a few feet from his body.
380 caliber.
Which matches two 380-caliber slugs that we pulled from Luna.
He's in bad shape.
You're crazy, man.
I was in here, all right.
Did you put a green light on my deputy? Your girlfriend has a 380 registered under her name but reported stolen.
Now, I've never been great at math.
But I can make 380 plus 380 equals you.
So I'll say it again did you put a green light on my deputy? Why don't you do yourself a favor, man, and get the hell up out of my face, all right.
You want outta here, right? Let me tell you how that works.
Basically, there's one way or there's another way.
(CRASHING) My deputies run this jail.
And they're not as easy-going as me.
So you wanna walk out of here tomorrow, or never? I can't listen to this.
If anyone were to hear this Would you relax, Bishop.
All right.
I may have something for you.
There you go.
He's all right! He's just a little dehydrated.
Maybe we get him a glass of water or something? Unbelievable.
CADE: Hey, I know you mean well.
But don't be pulling on his reins, not right now.
We need Bill the way that he was.
So we can catch that bastard who shot Luna.
I got a bad feeling.
I've seen enough men and women die from less than what he got.
So have I.
DANNY: Okay, check this out, man.
Couple months ago, I heard that this gun might've got to some guy, right? His name's Marquis Slaughter.
He's with the Rolling 60's.
That's all I know.
Thanks for your time.
Feel better.
Pop the door.
(BUZZER SOUNDING) Marquis Slaughter, you ever heard of him? Doesn't ring a bell, but I'll go ring his.
I'll go talk to the Mayor.
Mayor? He doesn't have jurisdiction over the Sheriff's Office.
Oh, yes, he does.
(MESSAGE NOTIFICATION CHIMES) You gonna marry that thing? It's a web alert.
I have it set up so that all news about the Department comes to me, and to you, because you are the Sheriff and whatnot, and that way you can get out in front of it.
Well, if it makes the news, we're too late already.
(CELL PHONE BEEPS) LONDON (ON SPEAKER): On behalf of the acting Sheriff and all LASD, we have a suspect in custody, involved in Sergeant Luna's shooting.
- How the hell - Acting sheriff? This dude's somethin'.
(ENGINE STARTS) Hey, Jerry, I said one press conference.
You did that.
Plus one more.
Bill, I tried to reach you before.
I knew your hands were full.
I tried your assistant.
No answer.
- The people have a right to know.
- BILL: No.
Not when it's ass backwards, saying we have a suspect in custody.
Maybe you should program my direct number into your phone so you know it's me.
Bishop, give us the room.
- Who called you? - Bill, change is hard.
It's understandable that deputies in this department would still feel a connection to former Sheriff Bradford.
They feel comfortable reaching out to me.
- I'll get them to stop.
- I want names.
That'll only cause you to go after them and cause more unease.
Especially when one of their favorite deputies is fighting for his life.
Well, our suspect has been in jail for three months, Jerry.
He didn't shoot Luna.
Would you like me to call the press back in and update them on the misinformation, sir? Or would you prefer to ride solo? I thought I could trust you.
LONDON: We're all on the same side.
Oh, stop saying that! All right? You sound like a broken record.
When this is all over, you and me, we're gonna step outside, and we're gonna get on the same page.
Well looks like it'll just be us.
Now let's talk about how we're going to handle Bill Hollister.
(ALARM BEEPS) MAN (ON PA): Code blue.
Doctor Reyes.
Code blue.
Let's go! Towel.
(CELL PHONE RINGING) BILL: How we doin'? We hit Marquis' place.
He wasn't there.
No one was, and his last known address is all boarded up.
CADE (ON PHONE): We started rounding up Rolling 60's.
Well, just hang tight.
I'll call you back.
- CADE: Copy.
- (HANGS UP PHONE) Let me do all the talkin'.
(CAR HORN BEEPS) (UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING ON SPEAKERS) Wild Bill! (CHUCKLES) Where the hell you been, man? The Mayor.
One of the few politicians worth a damn.
Well, just clean the neck up a bit.
A deputy got shot.
A solid one.
Always are.
No, this one.
You won't see his name in the paper.
He's a good man.
The gun that shot him, it's been floating around going from one person to another.
Can you narrow it down? I did.
Came here, didn't I? Well, things have changed.
I'm not as dialed in as I used to be.
And what's worse, folks don't listen.
Got their faces down in their phones.
Thinking they got all the answers.
I hear ya.
THE MAYOR: Makes me feel old.
BILL: You haven't aged a day.
You're lookin' good, man.
Uh, thanks.
So are you.
Not one gray hair.
What? Look at this.
They're comin'.
Especially with this job.
- Don't go changin', Curtis.
- You either, Sheriff.
- That it? - Yeah.
That's his car.
LUNA: What's up, Levon? You still alive? What's up with him? You're not ready for that lesson, Deputy Harris.
Not yet.
(ALARMS BLARING) What are you doin'? He's comin' to us.
(ALARMS CONTINUE) I don't think he's comin' out.
Hey! Stop, man! Stop! Stop! (TIRES SCREECHING) (SIREN WAILING) 10-33, gimme a patch.
Be advised, my partner's on a foot pursuit.
(TIRES SCREECH) (MINNICK GRUNTS) (GRUNTING) What are you doing? MINNICK: Waiting for answers.
A deputy was shot yesterday: - Gabriel Luna.
- You pointed a gun at him.
You shot him.
I pointed my hand, man.
Few hours later, he was shot.
You give the order? No.
I swear to God.
Well, Deputy, let's go.
He swore to God, I believe him.
You? Yep.
(SEAGULLS SQUAWKING) LEVON: Aww, come on! Wait! Please.
I'm Luna's informant.
I was playing the part.
He had me on black market cigarettes.
Come on, man.
Luna had a CI he was working with on this identity theft case.
My name's Levon Andresian.
Check it out.
I was at the Vape Shop last night.
They have cameras.
(HANDCUFFS CLICK) Is Luna okay? The dude was a great guy.
Get outta here.
(CELL PHONE BUZZING) The voice I was hoping to hear.
What do you got? Marquis has been moonlighting as a tattoo artist in Long Beach.
Casa Ink.
Thank you.
(CELL PHONE RINGING) Tell me something good.
Sun's out, guns out.
Casa Ink.
Long Beach.
(TATTOO NEEDLE BUZZING) Can I help you? Yeah, I'm looking for Marquis.
(GLASS SHATTERING) Hey! Drop it! That means everybody! MINNICK: How is he? He had to go back in.
And He's gone.
Can I see him? You sure? No.
Can you go with me? Yeah.
Of course.
You are so beautiful.
I love you so much.
(KISSES) You get to be with your family now.
(SNIFFLES) And don't you go forgetting about me either.
I wanna give you something PAULA: What's wrong? My, my necklace.
I I can't find the necklace he gave me.
Oh, God! I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry! (SOBBING) I didn't do nothin', man! - What's goin' on? - Shut up.
DISPATCH (ON RADIO): All units, stand by for roll call.
31 Adam.
OFFICER 1 (ON RADIO): 31 Adam.
DISPATCH: 31 David.
- Copy.
- DISPATCH: 31 Sam.
DISPATCH: 31 Victor.
31 Victor.
DISPATCH: 31 Henry.
31 Henry.
Car 1.
31 Boy? Deputy Gabriel Luna.
Deputy Gabriel Luna ended his watch at 1743 hours.
Rest in eternal peace.
Let's go.
I just wanna go home, man.
Stop the car.
You sure, boss? Stop the car.
(TIRES SCREECH) A good man died today and I can put you behind the trigger.
You're the last known owner, Marquis.
An owner who broke his parole, I might add.
You won't be going home anytime soon, pal.
I didn't even shoot that cop.
I don't even have a strap.
I sold it.
I swear.
Plus, that gun had too many bodies on it, anyways.
Add one more.
Marquis, it's real simple.
Somebody murders a member of your family, what are you gonna do? You gonna go in your room and cry about it? Or you gonna go find the son of a bitch? Well, we're just family members lookin' for the person who took our brother.
If it's you, you're going to jail.
No parole.
If it's not you, you better convince me otherwise.
I don't keep receipts.
Well, you don't sell a gun to just anybody.
Look, man, I needed the money.
I don't even know his name! He's some creepy dude from my old neighborhood.
What neighborhood? Where does he live, Marquis? Angelino Heights.
The House.
He's got all kinds of crap in his yard.
I think he paints on them.
Dirty house, junk all around.
CADE: Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- I know the place.
- Are you sure? - CADE: Hundred percent.
- Well, call it in.
David 4, Frank 5.
Ramon and 11th.
And bring the world.
(TIRES SCREECH) MAN (ON RADIO): Arrest team is a go.
Stay on your toes, folks.
We're not losing any more deputies.
REPORTER: Shocking images of sheriff's deputies prepping a raid on the home of a man believed to be Deputy Gabriel Luna's killer.
We'll keep you posted as the story continues to break.
(SIRENS BLARE) Let's go.
- You in place? - Set.
Sir, we can't get to some of the other apartments.
Folks are still inside.
We count six in nearby apartments.
- We're gonna move.
- Hold on.
Bill, you may be Sheriff.
But SEB has command and control here.
You work for him tonight.
MURPHY: You don't understand, Donald! - (GLASS SHATTERING) - All right.
We go now.
(INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER) Sheriff Hollister, you're not going anywhere, sir.
Team commander, we got movement.
MURPHY: Don't hurt my son! Show us your hands.
Now! This is lithium, just lithium! I didn't have enough money to pay for it.
I barely can keep that house, let alone pay for my son's pills.
I didn't know.
My son is sick.
- He doesn't understand.
- All right.
Ma'am, does your son have a gun now? Yes.
We can take out the target.
I only want one man.
Not collateral damage.
- You with me? - Right next to you.
What the hell is he doing? BILL: Donald.
DONALD: Dad? Yeah, son.
Go away! I came to apologize.
Can I come in and just talk to you? I guess so.
It was me, wasn't it? Well, let's just talk about that later, son.
Why don't we go find your mom.
And we can send all these folks home.
Coming on one side window.
COMMANDER (ON RADIO): commander to Long Rifle 1.
Confirm your deploy.
OFFICER (ON RADIO): Long Rifle 1.
Sights on.
COMMANDER: Containment, arrest team's in place.
Long Rifle, sights on target.
Let's make sure we're watching each other's backs.
Not losing any more deputies.
I was looking for you.
I was mad at you.
I saw you - You saw me at the store.
- Yes.
I tried to kill you, Dad.
I missed.
I shot that man.
And it's your fault.
It's all your fault! Because you never loved me! BILL: Hey easy.
Go easy, Donald.
Would you ask those people to kill me? If I go for that gun they have to.
I heard it on the news.
I won't do that.
The only person I hate more than you is me.
Stop! Who's firing? (HELICOPTER HOVERING) ("WAVE" BY BECK PLAYING) I move away from this place In the form of a disturbance And enter into the world Like some tiny distortion Go home.
We, uh We all get to go home to our families tonight.
Let's do that every single day.
For each other.
And for Luna.
You should be home.
Off duty.
Never off the clock.
I found this in the car.
I hope it helps you find peace.
And I know you hate hearing these words, but I am sorry.
MINNICK: Thank you.
(EXHALES) This whole damn city is always on edge.
Not up here.
We should do this more often.
We should.
A lot of people ignore the gray in life.
And you didn't.
Well, last night could have gone the other way.
My deputies wanted revenge.
A few weeks ago that was me.
Well, then, I like the new you.
Maybe we, uh be a little late to work today.
Just hang here.
I can't.
Why? - Okay.
- We can do it.
- Okay.
- Come on.
Just five minutes.
(PAULA SIGHS) All that is not going anywhere.
Trust me.
It'll still be there.
Coming at us.
All it takes is one person to try and change that.
Maybe that person can be you, Sheriff.
Well, I may need a little help.

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