Deputy (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

10-8 Firestone

1 Previously on Deputy BILL: Sheriff Hollister.
Still gettin' used to the sound of that.
LONDON: Sheriff Hollister pushes the boundaries and may make him unfit for office.
This isn't a political statement.
But I'm canceling this operation.
You can't do this, Bill.
The federal grants we'll lose, millions! Not while I'm sheriff.
(GUNSHOT) He's gone.
WOMAN: Deputy Luna ended his watch at 1743 hours.
- MINNICK: Excuses.
- Excuse me? The reason you're here right now is because you weren't present then.
It's about those kids.
They're going into a system with no way out.
Camilla asked about her father.
- You wanna try talking to her? - Yeah.
We all get to go home to our families tonight.
Let's do that every single day.
For each other and for Luna.
("CUMBIA" BY GAWVI PLAYING) Mi amor, quiero presentarte a mi amigo El es un poquito loco - (LAUGHS) - Yeah! This is for la sorpresa? Nope.
It's supposed to be a waltz.
Not anymore.
What? I'm serious.
- Whoo! - (BOTH LAUGH) - (TURNS VOLUME DOWN) - Maggie - (SIGHS) - Come on.
This is your quinceañera.
This is your father we're talking about.
Sheriff Bill Hollister.
Yeah, it's my quinceañera.
And since I didn't even wanna do any of this to begin with, he can just deal with it.
Well, you're definitely your father's daughter, I can tell you that.
You know, and as much as you keep complaining about it, it's an important part of our heritage.
I know.
I know.
I loved mine.
And it's a great party.
And we're so far behind on planning it.
We only have a couple of months to get the caterer, and the, and the guest list.
So, please just keep it easy for your gringo dad and choose something a little more Lame? I was gonna say "classic.
" - (TURNS VOLUME UP) - He's gonna love it.
I just wanna be there when you tell him, 'cause I wanna see his face! (LAUGHS) BILL: You ready for a new assignment? Yes, sir, it's been three weeks.
I'm not doing anybody any good sittin' at home.
BILL: I understand.
And I know how much Luna meant to you.
So if you wanna slow down, I can always find you something in the courts.
I didn't join the department to be a bailiff.
Says here you're having trouble sleeping.
Increased general anxiety.
Sounds like me.
Look, I beat my share of tests.
I don't need a doc's opinion, only yours.
Are you okay? Everyone's carrying something.
BILL: All right, then.
JOSEPH: I wanna be back on the streets.
I can make a difference there.
You know, balance out the scales a little bit for my pe.
They won't look at you the same.
Not with that badge on your chest.
JOSEPH: Some will.
But I knew that signing up.
BILL: Let's see.
I'm assigning you back on patrol.
Lennox Station.
I'm ready to put all this behind me.
BILL: It'll never be behind you, Deputy.
That's It's a part of you now.
People make mistakes of trying to get over things.
Never works.
Now how would you feel about taking on a new trainee? Who you got in mind? Yeah, I'm pretty sure she hates me.
BILL: Look at it this way, Deputy.
He's yours to mold.
But if he doesn't have it, you can tell me.
Did you read my brief on the county supervisors last night? - I skimmed it.
- That's a no.
Okay, they like words like "accountability," "synergy," "open dialogue," and "next steps.
" Well, I don't speak bureaucracy.
Good afternoon, Sheriff Hollister.
Do you know what oversight means? BILL: Well, I guess it means you have ideas about how I run this department.
You have to remember, we were actually elected by the people of Los Angeles.
And I was sworn to protect them, which is what I intend to do with the 86 and a half days I have left.
Of course, we all want those days to be meaningful and productive.
I look forward to an open dialogue, councilman.
COUNCILMAN 1: Glad to hear that, Sheriff.
Why don't we start with this task force on human trafficking that you've proposed? Oh, that's not a proposal.
COUNCILMAN 2: Well, since you called off the last joint operation with ICE, our federal grant has been revoked.
I don't think we have the money for this kind of operation.
Well, is that right? COUNCILMAN 1: We'll need time to review this.
All right.
Well, you got about three, two, one.
Go to the right.
(GUNFIRE) (GUN COCKS) (DOG BARKS) (GUNFIRE) Hands where I can see 'em! We got two more in here.
Detain these two.
House is secure.
We're heading out back.
Stop! Sheriff! Stop! Don't make me run, jackass.
Guns down.
Guns down.
Esta bien.
Hey, guys.
Take 'em along the side of the house out front.
Ven afuera.
Ven afuera, por favor.
What don't you understand about that? They're victims, and witnesses.
We need to interview 'em.
Sorry, but it looks like y'all are going home empty-handed.
CARTER: Deputy Ward, sir.
Need you over here.
Chin up, now.
Tomorrow's a new day.
(DOG BARKING) She, uh, won't say a word to me.
Only wants to talk to you.
I got this.
Sheriff Hollister.
I've heard of him.
I need to talk to Bill.
(INDISTINCT POLICE RADIO CHATTER) BILL: Feds sticking with the program? Ah, deep down they love gettin' orders.
What's so urgent? Well, we got a coyote in custody over here.
A few others that reek of cartel.
And about 20 trafficking victims.
And there's this other not-so-minor issue that's gonna ring a bell.
Help me.
Arrest her.
CADE: Hold up.
Hold up.
I'll be in touch.
I'm sure you will.
(ENGINE STARTS) - (HELICOPTER BLADES WHIRRING) - (INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER) What the hell were you doing back there? Making a living.
Well, how deep are you in that mess? - Trafficking now? - WOMAN: No! My family has a debt.
I can explain.
You better.
You can't take me to jail.
If they find me, they'll kill me.
You know that.
I'm not taking you to jail.
We need a safe house.
- Hey, Dad.
- BILL: Hey.
There you are.
What, no call? BILL: I couldn't.
I got held up at the office and, in fact, I had to kinda bring work home with me tonight.
Paula, Maggie, this is Valeria.
An old friend of mine.
Hi! Hey.
Nice to meet you.
BILL: We used to work on a task force together.
Paula, I've heard so much about you.
It's nice to finally meet you, too.
(SPEAKING SPANISH) - I can do that.
- Good idea.
Wait, you speak Spanish now? Poco.
I've got to in this house.
If you guys don't mind, uh, Valeria and I, we need to talk shop.
Super secret.
Top secret.
You got some 'splaining to do.
(KISS) Come on, Mags, let's go upstairs and let's figure out your quinceañera dresses.
Oh, yeah, how's that going, by the way? Oh, you'll see.
Good night.
Oh, Valeria, and you're spending the night, yes? Well, if it's not too much trouble.
Guest room, down the hall.
Thank you.
And I'll see you in bed.
Just like old times, huh? Pretty damn far from it.
You were my informant.
Now you're What are you exactly? A courier.
I have no choice.
Only money.
They have men at the border, I drive through, deliver the package, and then I come back home.
(SCOFFS) I pose as a mom.
So ironic.
I always wanted kids.
You never did, though, and look at you.
So your brother get you into this? I carry his debt.
He get caught with his hand in the wrong man's pocket? Where'd he run off to this time? Hmm? - (SIGHS) - Oh, wow.
You're still protecting him.
I'm sorry.
I had that coming for a long time.
(BILL SIGHS) Well, I survived, and so did you.
(GLASSES CLINK) Just, please Please tell me you had nothin' to do with those people locked up in the back.
VALERIA: Oh, come on, Billy.
I couldn't live with myself.
I was just picking up the money, and that's it.
BILL: So, supposing I buy your story, what is it that you think I can do for you, Valeria? I want out.
(FAUCET RUNNING) (SIGHS) Is there anything you'd like to tell me? That I love you more each day.
You've never mentioned this woman's name to me before.
Who is she? We worked Narcotics out of Firestone.
It's a long time ago.
I couldn't tell you her name.
She was an informant? Yeah.
So she's helped you and and now you need to help her.
BILL: That's right.
She got caught in a raid at a cartel house.
She can't go to jail.
I can't put her in the system.
And I don't trust anybody but you.
We're safe.
And she is, too.
Just gonna be one day until I figure all this out.
Was she ever more than an informant? Yes.
Yes, she was.
Before you changed my life.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER OVER RADIO) So, you like music? What the hell are you doing? I'm just askin' you a question.
No, you're makin' small talk.
We have a shared history, Harris.
But it stays there, history.
I'm not your BFF.
I'm your T.
So we don't talk about anything.
Especially when you take your eyes off the street.
When you asked your question, you were looking at me.
Like you are now.
All right.
No small talk, got it.
Your observational intelligence is what I care about.
What kinda partner you'll be.
What happens in here between us, isn't the job.
DISPATCHER (OVER RADIO): 31 Adam handle, possible 918.
3700 West 120th Street, LA.
Naked Asian male running around inside department store.
Possibly under the influence.
31 Adam responding.
Let's see what you got.
BILL: Here you go.
Sleep all right? - Not really, to be honest.
- (HORN HONKING) Well, they're playin' my song.
We'll be fine.
You're not working today? PAULA: No, I took the day off.
I can't be rude to our guest.
- BILL: That should be nice.
- PAULA: Yeah.
BISHOP: You ready, sir? Dr.
Yeah, Bishop, we gotta go.
We're runnin' late.
See ya.
Is, uh, something wrong? Did I miss a meeting or something? No, it's fine.
Your voice doesn't sound fine.
Can we talk someplace more private? This is the best I got.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
Nicole came to my office today with some news.
Roberto and Camilla are having their parental rights terminated.
So, is that bad? We-we can't adopt? On the contrary, they're cleared for adoption.
I need to find Roberto and Camilla the right home in the next few months.
Wow, that was fast.
You got an amazing letter from Sheriff Hollister.
And since they've been in your care, I'm just doing my due diligence.
You still interested? Yes, of course.
NICOLE: This is a big decision.
I have a list of potential candidates.
So if you need time to discuss it No.
Well, maybe just a little.
You should talk to each other, the kids, and get back to me.
If you're not ready to adopt, then we can find a new temporary home.
(SIGHS) We can't let them go.
I can't do that.
TERESA: No, neither can I.
You and I both know it hasn't been easy, right? And you've been here, Cade.
You know how they feel.
I know.
And I don't want them to feel that way anymore.
And we may want them, but we need to be honest.
Given everything that they've been through, do they really want us? BILL: Her name's Valeria Ceballos.
Met her when I was just a deputy, working Narcotics in South LA.
The old Firestone beat? That's right.
She had family ties to FS-13, became my informant.
That turned into somethin' a little more.
I am familiar with the pitfalls of a workplace romance.
You know, over in my former profession, there was always that added layer of, "Is this person I'm sleeping with a spy?" Valeria's not a spy.
BISHOP: You can trust her? As an informant.
I think we might've dated the same person.
(SIGHS) Don't you wish we could go back to the way things were? It's okay.
(LAUGHS) I'm sorry.
This is weird.
You know, I'm sure if my ex-boyfriend came to spend the night, it would it would be weird.
So what kinda guys did you date before him? Or is that too personal? PAULA: No.
- Hmm.
- Kinda bad boys.
- So you married one.
- PAULA: Mm-hmm.
You two are a good match.
You have something we didn't.
Too much or not enough? VALERIA: Oh, my God, that's beautiful.
Oh, I don't wanna get involved, but that's beautiful.
Who cooked? I did.
I cook.
They're good.
What? Stop acting crazy.
Oh, speaking of crazy, tell me a story about my dad.
I mean, you worked with him, right? He had to have done something loco.
Let Valeria finish her breakfast.
Something loco.
So one night I was working undercover with your dad.
Keep going.
There was this drug deal that was about to go down.
And I told your father, "Let me handle it.
" I was trying to protect my brother.
He hated that we were poor, and he started dealing.
So I confronted them.
And? VALERIA: And I found myself on the receiving end of a fist.
They beat me, wanting to know where my brother was.
And just when I thought I was gonna die, your dad arrived.
Terrible fight.
They broke my nose, he got stabbed but he did not give up.
He saved my life from those creeps.
And he saved my brother, too.
So I had to save your dad.
I took him to the hospital that night.
To the ER.
And because I was his informant I couldn't go in and be seen.
Feels like yesterday.
The night he was stabbed, that's that's the night he met me.
It was.
- (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) - How we doin'? We're compiling interviews from our victims and our coyote's been down in the box all night, but won't say anything more than "lawyer.
" Then there's you-know-who.
What's DHS got on this coyote? We have a name? Yeah, four.
He's not answering to any of 'em.
And the victims won't talk 'cause they have families back home who will pay the price.
Afraid so.
According to his tats, this guy is FS-13.
Or was.
Possibly graduated to cartel.
I can hear you thinking, brother.
I'm thinking I need a favor.
(CELL PHONE BEEPS) Bill Hollister needs help? One of the folks we snatched up in the raid yesterday was an informant.
One of mine from the old days.
Now I believe the asset could help us work up the food chain on this, but they want out.
Federal protection, new ID, and that's more up your alley.
LONDON: We have a lot of informants.
We can't strike a deal with everyone.
It sets a dangerous precedent with the department.
Give it to one, they all want to leverage that.
BILL: Well, not all.
Just this one.
This informant helped us with tons of drug cases over the years.
Who is he? - BILL: It's a she.
- Hmm.
And that shouldn't matter.
But it always does, doesn't it? You gonna help or not? How would you put this? You'll owe me one, Bill.
Well, make it two.
And I never forget, Jerry.
CADE: So, you just wandered into a cartel house full of cash and guns, with 20 people locked up in a shed out back, and you had no idea what was going on? MAN: No.
That's your story.
All I said was "Get me my lawyer.
" So his lawyer here yet? BISHOP: held up in the lobby.
Those damn elevators keep breaking down.
(BILL CHUCKLES) MAN: Where's my lawyer? Running late.
You good at math? Cartel lawyers are.
Some high-grade calculus crap.
The hell you talking about? BILL: Your lawyer's not just figuring out his fee, or your bail, which won't be small.
No, he he's probably delayed doing some ciphering.
Cost benefit analysis for the jefe.
I want my lawyer.
BILL: Do you? 'Cause he's wondering if he wants you, I bet.
I mean, you really worth the time and effort, or is it easier just to drive you out into the desert, put a bullet in your head, and let the buzzards do their work? They call that a sky burial.
Great name, huh? Hell of a way to go.
Now, let me go find you that lawyer.
(DOOR CLOSES) (SIGHS) He's antsy.
He's gonna go straight to his boss, try to set things right.
Kick him loose, put eyes on him.
- CADE: Okay.
- BISHOP: Sheriff.
Got a text from London.
He's got DHS, wants to talk to you.
That was fast.
Holding a favor over you is motivating.
Sheriff, this is Agent Marquez from DHS.
The undersheriff tells me you have a witness who seeks cooperation.
That's right.
We can certainly make arrangements for relocation, a new identity.
But? We would need significant information on the human trafficking.
That's just our main area of concern.
How significant? MARQUEZ: Names from both sides of the border.
Shot callers.
Not just soldiers.
So she delivers that, and you give her a new life? Once I can determine her information is credible, absolutely.
Let's shake on it.
(LAUGHS) Shut up.
(CAR ALARM CHIRPS) (CAR ENGINE REVVING) All right, let's see if this dog hunts.
I don't drink.
(SCOFFS) Well, in this job, you're gonna learn.
You got to.
Charlie, I'm gonna need to see some ID on this one.
MINNICK: Oh, he's still on watch.
Babyface will have a club soda.
I'll have the same.
BARTENDER: Welcome to the family.
Yeah, Charlie is, uh, one tough MINNICK: Just shut up and sit down.
All right, this is Vegas.
What you see in here, stays in here.
Stop lookin' around.
I'm just working on my observational intelligence.
Did you have a TV in your family room growing up? I didn't really watch TV.
- I'm a big reader, though.
- MINNICK: Mm-hmm.
All right, babyface, this is your family room, and this bar right here? That's your TV.
We come in after a shift and gather around.
But you gotta earn your way in.
How? Trust.
Do your job, the right way, every day out there, then you get to walk in here.
And when they see you, they see you as family.
Like Luna.
Damn straight.
And like your father, too.
Yeah, I'm gonna make 'em proud.
Yeah, we'll see.
All right, eat up, I'm buying.
Thank you.
It is the least I could do.
You did have to tackle a sweaty naked man.
(MINNICK LAUGHS) Miss Ceballos, in signing this, you agree to provide detailed information about the criminal organization that was your employer.
Once we have vetted that information and found it to be credible, you will officially enter the Federal Witness Protection Program.
Do you agree? (SIGHS) BILL: This is your chance.
Give 'em everything.
I'm nervous.
Well, then it matters.
The decision's up to you.
Let's begin.
First, tell us about the money.
I don't count it, I just know it's a lot.
(SIGHS) Okay, I My last package was 1.
- Million? - Their money is everywhere.
I mean, what I carry is just like a grain of sand on the beach.
It's endless.
BILL: Who are they? These men were soldiers for the cartel.
I don't know them well.
BILL: Keep going.
This man is Ernesto Diaz.
He's a boss for the cartel in Los Angeles.
BILL: He gives you the cash that you drive down to Juarez? MARQUEZ: And you've seen this man with the victims? The immigrantes? Yeah.
Ever see him kill someone? My brother.
Talk to me.
We got a solid ID on the coyote.
Ernesto Diaz.
He's cartel brass.
You want us to rip him right now? See where he takes you.
I want updates.
- Copy.
- (CELL PHONE BEEPS) Looks like we got a live one.
Guess we'll see for how long.
I just need to make a few calls and then we'll leave your old life behind.
I'll let you know when we're ready to roll.
Sheriff, the kings are ready.
Did Valeria give you what you needed? It's not what I needed.
It's what she needed.
But, yeah.
I wanted to give you all some updates on the raid.
The one we don't have funds to pay for, the one you didn't have the authority to execute? Oh, I disagree.
She gave me the authority.
And so did she.
And this little boy.
I've got more pictures here of other people if you'd like.
You've made your point, Sheriff.
You talk about oversight.
But you don't get to see what we see out there.
We're giving these people a second chance.
That means something.
When lives are at stake, I don't think about budgets or bottom lines.
I find that remark offensive.
Well, you'll get over it.
'Cause given our success, Homeland Security has taken a keen interest in our human trafficking raids.
They want in on the action.
They're gonna match the federal money that we lost from ICE.
Thirty million.
Now how's that for open dialogue? (CELL PHONE RINGING) Excuse me.
You got him? CADE: I got his 20.
BILL (OVER PHONE): Where? Bell Gardens, down by the river.
Ernesto's inside having a little confab with his narco buddies.
We could use a little back up.
I'll send the cavalry.
(SIRENS BLARING) How we lookin'? It looks like a legitimate business.
Liquor distributor.
Paso Seguro.
It's hard to tell how many guys are in there but we saw Ernesto go in.
Now, that place has cameras all over and obviously we don't wanna be made, so (WHISTLES) (CAR ENGINE STARTS) You got room for one more in there? Not today, Bill.
Someone needs to be sheriff.
And stay sheriff.
Well, I could still kick your ass.
Remember that.
(LAUGHS) Never forget.
Okay, he's one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
Let's go.
I swear, I didn't.
(GROANS) MAN: My reposado, 93 points in the last issue of Wine Spectator.
It's the details that make all the difference.
And your dumb ass got caught with a bunch of poor farmers locked in a shed.
For what, a few thousand dollars? Tell me what they know.
I told them nothing.
I wanna believe you, Ernesto.
I really do.
But Jorge he thinks you're lying.
(GUN COCKS) The only one who could have told them anything is that perra.
What's her name? ERNESTO: Valeria.
(TRUCK BEEPING) Sheriffs! Get down! Get down now! Stay down.
Don't move.
(GROANS) Sheriffs! Don't shoot! Baje las armas.
Eyes up out there, we have a rabbit out the 3-side.
I'm here to listen now.
We are everywhere.
We'll find that bitch.
Hey! Stay with me.
I don't suppose you have anything to say before your fancy lawyer shows up and we all play our parts.
My name is Inigo Montoya.
You killed my father.
Prepare to die.
BILL: Um, excuse me.
Thank you.
I always wondered if you were okay.
I felt guilty.
I wanted closure, but, uh not like this.
I get a chance at a new life, thanks to you.
The one where I made the right choices.
BILL: All our choices got us here.
And now you get to start again.
(VALERIA SIGHS) Just do me one last favor.
Don't forget about me.
Legally speaking, I have to.
But I won't.
I wouldn't be where I am now if I hadn't meet you.
You'll always be a part of me.
BILL: Same here.
I got the scars to prove it.
You called in the tip on that house, didn't you? Wasn't just meant to be.
Oh, but it was.
I am gonna miss that name, you know.
Me, too.
No looking back now.
I hope I didn't screw up any plans.
Sir, you know I would have told you if you had.
You would.
Took my trainee out for his first big boy drink.
I remember mine.
How's it going, by the way? MINNICK: That's what this is about? Partly.
Well, what's the other part? (LONDON SIGHS) I wouldn't have put you and Joseph together.
Especially after what happened with Deputy Luna.
Well, I'm moving past that.
This is a new beginning for both of us.
LONDON: If Harris works out.
Given his personal connection with the sheriff, if he doesn't work out, the blowback falls on you.
He will work out.
Well, if he doesn't, I'm here to help.
Let me know if there's any issues or conflicts of interest you see with Harris.
Or Sheriff Hollister.
You want me to spy? If that means looking out for yourself, the good of the department, and that promotion you worked so hard for yes.
That's exactly what I want you to do.
Enjoy the rest of your evening.
(DOOR CLOSES) JOSEPH: Excuse me, miss? Can I get some service, possibly? No, move.
Quit hoggin' the bar.
Look, man, I'm just trying to be nice.
They won't serve boots here.
It's just one of the many great traditions of the department.
Hey, Trey, can I get four mezcals in the corner? - You got it.
- Thank you.
Hey, man, you wanna come over and drink with me and my boys? Come on, I'll get you set up right.
What's your name? JOSEPH: Harris.
Joseph Harris.
CARTER: Joseph Harris.
Well, it's good to meet you, Joe.
Come on, follow me.
(SNORTING) (CAR APPROACHING) All righty see you tomorrow.
We thought you could use some company.
BILL: You guys, always.
Okay, I know this is like your man cave or whatever, but we got more important issues.
The quinceañera.
Yes, your daughter will become a woman.
Please don't say that.
Just get over it and dance.
- BILL: One, two, three.
Right? - MAGGIE: Mom, count us off.
MAGGIE AND BILL: One, two, three.
MAGGIE: Quick, low.
There you go.
(LAUGHS) - How's that? - It was good.
Wait - Oh, I'm going - That was the same side again.
- Wait.
Okay, no, left.
- Oh.
Okay, here we go.
(MAGGIE LAUGHING) Slow, quick, quick.
Slow, quick, quick.
- Yeah.
- Yeah? MAGGIE: Yeah.
All right, I'm going to Mom now.
Check this out.
(SONG PLAYING IN SPANISH) - You okay? - Yeah.
Is she? Yeah.
How about us? Bulletproof.
I love you, baby.
MAGGIE: Okay, you guys, enough.
Enough, no.
PAULA (LAUGHS): We We We're your parents.
- I'm - Just a kiss.
Not in front of me, okay? - All right, come on.
- I could maybe do this dancing thing.
We're gonna be rehearsing every night.
- MAGGIE: Oh, no.
Wait - (LAUGHTER) MAGGIE: You should take over.

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