Deputy (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

10-8 Black & Blue

1 Previously on "Deputy" BILL: I was wrong about you, son.
And I do not accept your resignation because your dad wouldn't want that.
Jerry London, you've been served.
This is Genevieve.
She tells me you're the reason she moved to LA.
NURSE: Instructions are on the cup.
We have a 50% shot here.
TERESA: We're officially qualified to be foster parents.
BISHOP: You cannot keep chasing down every call in Los Angeles County.
If I feel like it, yeah.
When this is all over, you and me, we're gonna step outside and we're gonna get on the same page.
- That damn bumpity bump.
- I understand, ma'am.
The other day, I saw a group of 'em hot boxing, you know, that's when they're in the car smokin' dope with the windows up.
All right, don't worry, we'll get this all squared away.
Time to take it inside.
Hey, I'm not gonna ask you again.
You turn the music off, you take it inside.
All right, stand back, ma'am.
(MUSIC CONTINUES) 12 Adam Seven requesting an RA for a male, 30 to 40s, with an apparent gunshot wound to the head.
Located at Venice Boulevard and Ocean.
DISPATCH (ON RADIO:) Copy that MAN: Come on, back, back.
- MAN: Yeah.
Like a Ball brother who didn't make it.
Yeah, okay, all right.
- Let's see.
I got you.
- Let's go.
(CHEERING) I'll show you what you really meant to do.
You meant to do this.
See, that's your problem, man.
You never knew how to close out.
MATTHEW: Michael Jordan got benched in high school too.
Only made us stronger, all right? Bro, don't ever compare yourself to Michael Jordan, please.
You gotta stretch out too, man, 'cause we going in on this next one.
Are you Matthew Evans? How can I help you, officers? - Is your name Matthew Evans? - JOSEPH: It is not.
Can I ask what this is about? Where is he? Hey! Yo! Hey! Stop running, bro! - (SIREN CHIRPS) - Stop running! Sir, I'm a deputy.
Getting you my badge.
Stand there and shut up! Just gonna show you my badge.
I'm gonna show you my badge right now.
Hands! Slowly! Get down on the ground or you will get shot! I'm a sheriff's deputy.
My name is Joseph Harris.
Down on the ground! (SIREN CHIRPS) 14 Boyd.
I'm detaining one at gunpoint.
My partner's in foot pursuit.
(WINDSHIELD SHATTERS) Stay down! Don't move.
(HELICOPTER HOVERING) Honey, you look beautiful.
The hospital called another board meeting.
The old dog and pony show, huh? Sounds like fun.
Yeah, it sounds like budget cuts.
We have the most gunshot wounds in the county and the least amount of federal grants.
God bless America.
Well, if anybody can straighten it out, it's you, honey.
I'm not so sure this time.
You're the only thing I've ever been sure about.
You got this.
I love you.
I love you.
(WOLF WHISTLE) ("EVERYTHING IN MOTION" BY STEPSONS PLAYING) The city held its arms open wide As it stood and watched me go And I swore it played back memories In every single downtown window Some days it feels less like growing up And more like chasing down the wind (TURNS MUSIC OFF) (KNOCKING) Sheriffs! MAN: Buzz off! Hey, let yourself in.
Where's the nurse? I fired her.
- She was stealing.
- She wasn't stealing.
Stole my dignity every damn day.
Mix us up a snack, would you? I see you got your new Batman suit on.
Figured you'd be showing off those stars soon enough.
Well, the uniform comes with the territory.
Yeah, well, you sold out, moved up to the 10th floor with those other brass holes.
I didn't ask for it.
- Job came calling.
- A calling? You're some kinda great savior now? You can't wing it anymore, kid.
You screw up as sheriff, it's not just the bad guys who are gonna be comin' after you.
Appreciate that.
WILLIAM: Want something to eat? I got some leftover pizza in there.
You were always great at breakfast.
You all right? Why don't you sit down? I'll get it.
I'm all right.
Can you believe they made my son sheriff? (CHUCKLES) Boy, I always knew you had it.
Hey, would you do me a favor? Would you tell him I said hi? And ask him to stop being so cocky around me, would you? I don't know why he does that.
Will you remember that? - I'll do that, sir.
- Thank you.
I was worried about you.
You're usually home by now.
I lost track of time, sorry.
What's really up? You talked to the ocean.
Now, talk to me.
Well, I was thinking how great it would be to have a family.
How I can teach Roberto and Camilla how to surf.
And then I thought about what if they don't wanna learn how to surf, I don't even know if they can swim.
And what if they always see me as their father's killer, instead of looking at me as their dad? And what if I make a terrible father? I mean, I never had a dad, so what the hell do I know about it? Wow.
That is a lot of thinking.
It's a big ocean.
TERESA: You'll be a wonderful father.
That's why I married you.
Don't do this to yourself.
Look, you said a few weeks ago, you know, "We may want them, but do they really want us?" And then I thought, "You know what?" You're absolutely right.
I'm rushing this.
We're trying to have our own baby and then and I bring two kids home without even asking you.
You did the right thing.
And we will do right thing.
We have to decide or we're gonna lose 'em.
You haven't always had The comfort of truth GENEVIEVE: Mm.
You've been holding out on me, huh? Thought I'd keep you guessing.
Like how you could put together such an amazing breakfast without using a single pan? Oh.
Okay, so maybe Postmates helped a little.
- It's the thought that counts.
- Mm-hmm.
Not letting you off easy.
You wanna make it up to me? Unpack those boxes, they've been sitting there since we moved in.
I was thinking we could just throw those away.
You serious? The things in those boxes belong to someone else.
DC was a whole other life.
And I'm a whole different person now.
You're right.
LA is all about new beginnings.
I'm selfish and dumb for your love Help you? All right.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) What are they saying? First-degree murder.
They think I popped that guy Trent trying to take his corner.
Saying they got hard evidence.
I thought you were done dealing.
I am.
I was.
(SIGHS) I'm telling you, man, it's messed up how they doin' us in here.
Guilty until proven innocent.
Hey, stay strong.
They built this place to break you.
All right? Promise me if things go down, you'll look after my Moms.
She doesn't deserve to go through this.
You know I got you.
You know I didn't do this, right? JOSEPH: Yeah, I do.
But that's not gonna be enough.
I'm sick and tired of this! When is it gonna stop? Today I had a gun pointed at the back of my head by an LAPD officer.
And you and I both know that almost had a different ending! And I would've been another headline, right? - (SLAMS DOOR) - Damn it! Look at me.
I hear you.
I did not get this badge to look the other way.
Then don't.
Whenever you put on this uniform, you owe it to every wrongfully accused black man to uphold the oath we took.
So instead of trading blows with this locker, let's find out what's really going on.
Where do we start? By finding the person who had a reason to kill Trent Anderson.
You identified yourself, yeah? JOSEPH: Yes.
You move again, you will get shot.
What's the name of this officer? It doesn't matter right now.
It does to me.
I want his name.
The only name that matters right now is Matthew Evans.
There's gotta be something that we can do, Bill.
He's innocent.
I'm sheriff.
Asking me to look into an LAPD case on your old buddy is no small ask.
I need something more to go on.
This is his arrest record.
Drug possession.
I thought you said you wanted to help him.
Look at the dates.
That's who he was.
Not who he is.
He put that life behind him years ago.
He isn't a killer, and he definitely did not kill this Trent guy.
Everything inside of me is telling me that Matthew is innocent.
All I'm asking you to do is look into it.
I can't do that on gut instinct alone.
Really? Because that is the one thing you taught me to trust.
BILL: What'd you find out? I learned that Trent Anderson was a big-time drug dealer on the south side.
Ran multiple blocks and was recruiting neighborhood kids as runners for his business.
Well, now that he's gone, I'm sure there's a power void.
Top of the pyramid falls, plenty of people are eager to fill in.
So who at the LAPD is handling this case? I'm afraid to ask where this is going.
Then don't.
Sir, I need you to understand the political repercussions prior to inserting yourself into another agency's investigation.
Bishop, Joseph's my godson.
He's a good kid.
He's never asked me for anything.
The least I can do is give it a look.
I hear you, but you're walking a political tightrope here.
Not to mention, this could be misinterpreted as a form of nepotism.
That's exactly what this is.
Hi, Sheriff.
- Do you have an appointment? - Yes.
(DOOR BUZZES) - Sir, I don't see you on here.
- Oh, it's there.
What floor is homicide on? - Four.
- Thank you, Officer.
Detective Johnson.
Yes, Sheriff.
Can I help you? Don't know yet.
I'm here to talk about something that happened earlier today with the LAPD and one of my deputies.
I heard about that.
Luckily, everyone's okay.
I wouldn't say okay.
That deputy is a good friend of mine, my godson, actually.
Would you like to talk to the officer? - I can call him.
- I'm not worried about that right now.
More curious about the guy you arrested.
My information tells me you might have the wrong man.
I can't really comment on that.
Why does the Sheriff's Department care about this case? I'm doing a favor for my godson.
He grew up with the accused.
And, well, you and I both know how these things go.
I wanna give him some perspective.
All right.
"Dead gangster, Trent Anderson, found in a car.
"During the execution of my search warrant "I found the same caliber weapon used in the murder in Matthew Evans' house.
" Wish I had better news for your godson.
Deputy Harris.
No, I get it.
Nothing else, huh? You know these boys and their beefs.
Even have video footage connecting Matthew and Trent.
- They knew each other? - Looks that way.
Pretty much open-and-shut case.
So Thank you.
- Am I early? - No.
We're late.
This meeting should have happened months ago.
Please, sit.
I'm sorry, what am I missing here, Derek? You know the situation.
We need changes to stay afloat.
I could waste time with consultants but everyone says you're critical to the success of the hospital.
I need your expertise.
If I'm hearing you correctly, you're asking me to help you gut St.
More like trim the fat.
Our staff is already overworked, underpaid.
Any trims means dead bodies on our doorstep.
Neither of us wants that.
But if we don't make the right changes now, the board will panic and make the wrong ones.
You asked for my expertise.
And I'm telling you the department can't run safely if we make these cuts.
If we don't make the cuts, there will be no department.
Then start by cutting me.
TERESA: Neither looks good.
And if you take the plea, you're looking at a minimum of 25.
Well, what's the other option? Roll the dice, take your chance at trial, possibly face life.
Sorry to interrupt.
Needed to put a face to the name.
Joseph tells me you two go way back.
Joseph's been my boy since day one.
That why you lie to him? I didn't lie.
'Cause they got footage and text messages of you and Trent.
Something about you wantin' back in.
And he was playin' hard ball.
Meanwhile, Joseph's out there running around trying to figure out a way to get your ass outta here.
Least you could do is come clean.
You ever try find a job with a felony on your record? I had no other choice.
Needed the money.
These bills aren't gonna pay themselves.
And Joseph's out there because he knows I'm innocent.
I didn't kill anybody.
Look, we need to focus on the deal.
Weigh the risks on both sides.
Wait a minute.
What deal? The prosecutor offered a plea bargain.
Johnson never mentioned a deal.
Why would they try and cut a deal when they have a solid case? That's a good question.
Bail is set at half a million dollars.
Your honor, that is punitive.
Given the cold-blooded murder and the criminal history of the accused, the people believe he shouldn't even be granted that.
And since defense has rejected our deal, we'd like to proceed with our arraignment.
Your Honor, if I may approach.
You may not.
Well, the bailiff won't stop me.
He works for me.
This is about turf.
Your Honor, cooperation between LAPD and the Sheriff's Department has a long and successful history.
That's not the turf I'm talkin' about.
I'm talkin' about political turf.
The DA wants to up their conviction rate, so they look for quick solutions.
They set the bail high enough to where the accused has no choice but to sit in jail and accept a bad deal.
They're trying to overwhelm the justice process before there's even time to uncover the truth.
This has to stop.
We are to serve all people and give them their fair shake.
Yes, put the bad guys behind bars, but only for the wrongs they've done, not the wrongs we refuse to investigate.
And he, like every other citizen, deserves a fair trial predicated on a genuine investigation.
Your delay tactics aren't helping anyone.
This defense is never gonna rest.
I'd like to postpone arraignment until my department has time to look into the case.
After all, this is my county.
I'm requesting 48 hours.
You've got 24 hours.
Close enough.
(BANGS GAVEL) I wanna know all the players.
Top to bottom.
All of 'em.
(DOOR CHIMES) Alec Wells? Who's asking? I'm not asking.
Man, if this is about Trent, my story hasn't changed.
No, this is the first time I'm hearing it, brother.
Enlighten me.
(SIGHS) I stopped workin' for him a few months ago.
He got greedy.
Started doin' business with anyone that was willing.
He sounds like a real go-getter.
Well, he was all about the money.
Was only a matter of time before he made a deal with the wrong people.
So you think Trent was smoked over a deal gone bad.
Look, all I'm saying is his entire circle started gettin' picked off one by one.
They were murdered? (SCOFFS) Nah.
Locked up.
I think I just got myself fired.
They want me to make the cuts.
"Trim the fat" is what he told me.
That sounds like something that Derek would say.
Yeah, but I told Derek that he can make the cuts himself and he can start with me.
Wait, was I in that meeting? (SIGHS) Well, you've clearly rubbed off on me.
A great woman doctor told me something that stuck with me over the years.
"It's not all about you.
" No, I don't need advice.
I just need support.
Honey, you're missin' something.
If you leave, is the hospital better off? Probably not.
Damn right it isn't.
Yeah, that's pretty sage advice, Sheriff Hollister.
BILL: We all got bosses we gotta deal with.
PAULA: You don't.
Now, you know that's not true.
(INDISTINCT POLICE RADIO CHATTER) JOSEPH: How do you know about this spot? I used to pass by here when I taught at Crozier.
Kids called it "the plug.
" Information spot of the hood.
These dudes, they know everything about everybody.
You wanna know who had beef with Trent, this is your first stop.
Go on, you got it.
All right.
Had a few questions I wanted to ask about Trent Anderson.
Y'all really won't let the homey rest, will you? Hey, I'm just tryin' to get some answers, man.
Trent burned bridges as fast as he could build 'em.
Even with the people closest to him.
Dude only cared about the money.
Now get your sell-out ass outta here, before it gets a little dangerous in here too.
Is that a threat? It's whatever you want it to be.
An innocent man is about to be locked away for a crime he did not commit.
Oh, you're confused.
Welcome to black America, Deputy.
How about you never put your hands on me again? - How about that? - Boot! Enough.
This badge means I protect you, you, and you.
And if that makes me any less of a black man, then you're the one who's confused.
Y'all have a good day.
(DOOR BELL JINGLES) MINNICK: You need to take a breather.
Especially after what happened back there.
Now, I've been lettin' a lot ride today on account of what you're going through, but you are still my boot.
You've got to realize you have two different identities.
There's Joseph and there's Deputy Harris.
And when you're wearin' a badge, they don't see the color of your skin, they see a cop.
How do you choose between the two? MINNICK: You don't.
I need you to focus on Matthew.
What did you learn back there? "Trent burned a lot of bridges.
" Okay.
And? He gave no mercy.
He even turned on his own crew.
Sounds like the making of a snitch.
Could've been what got him killed.
What does Trent benefit by getting his own people locked up? Power.
Maybe he wasn't the only one benefiting.
CADE: Check it.
I looked at Trent on LA CLEAR, the DEA popped up.
- DEA? - Yeah.
His name is tied to four different dope cases, all homicides.
BILL: So Trent was a witness for the prosecution.
The only way a guy like that flips is if it benefits him.
He dropped a dime on his own crew.
It's how he got all his juice.
And whoever offed him probably thought Trent was gonna rat him out next.
Could've been Alec.
He wanted to promote.
The only way someone would have known any of this is if they were law enforcement.
Someone with a badge.
Sheriff, Matthew Evans just made bail.
(DOOR BUZZES) What? Why would anyone bail him out? (EXHALES) How the hell you post my bail? Oh, man, you know we take care of our own.
Tying up loose ends.
Somebody's trying to kill him.
On Matthew's tech.
See if you can get a hit on his phone.
Just checking the towers.
Oh, got him.
He's moving.
Dispatch, show 31 Adam in pursuit of a 1-8-7 suspect.
(SIREN BLARING) (DOOR BELL CHIMES) Yo, you mind if I grab a few? Knock yourself out, man.
I know you're probably hungry as hell.
(SIGHS) I still can't believe this mess, man.
Hey, for real though, how you bail me out? Yo, what are you doin'? Sorry, man, it's gotta go down like this, but business is business.
You can't be serious, man.
Trent said the same thing.
Now what you think's gonna happen with you trying to come here and rob me? I ain't picking that up.
(SCOFFS) It's all good.
I'll put it in your hand after.
Put that down.
I want everybody to come out of this alive.
Man, stop pretending like you're not one of them.
I am one of them.
(SCOFFS) You don't think eventually they're not gonna turn on you too? (GROANS) (HANDCUFFS CLICK) (DOOR BELL CHIMES) DISPATCH (ON RADIO): 33 Adam, go ahead.
We'll talk later.
Hey, I tried callin' you.
Had a few meetings.
Did you know Matthew made bail? Figured he might.
Matter of time.
Lot of cash in the drug trade.
Well, I got good news.
We got the guy.
Matthew? No, the guy who actually killed Trent Anderson.
Where? Right this way.
I didn't wanna poke the hornet's nest, make a big deal.
But I do think you should hear him out.
After all, it's your case.
What the hell is this? This right here is your shooter.
What evidence do you have? You should know that already.
Seeing how you used these kids to line your own pockets.
- What are you talking about? - Follow me.
Can you point to the man you work for? I bet if Trent was still alive, he'd be pointing at you too.
You can't do this.
You're crazy.
It's not crazy to keep an innocent man outta jail.
Turn around, Detective.
JOHNSON: Come on.
Come on! (HANDCUFFS CLICK) You screw up as a sheriff it's not just the bad guys coming after you.
Are you sure this is how you want it? Sorry, not quite housebroken yet.
Don't suppose you will be anytime soon.
I appreciate you rooting out this bad apple.
Here's one piece of advice.
Every headline you make, puts you on someone else's list.
And not the good kind.
Well, I'll take whatever comes my way.
Appreciate it.
That couldn't have been easy for you.
How it started.
How it ended.
Being black and blue.
I was just trusting my instinct.
No, you did more than that.
You made people listen.
Proves you're gonna make one hell of a deputy, and you're already one hell of a man.
Your dad sees you.
Thank you, Bill.
Look, I understand you'll take a lot of heat for this but I want you to know it means a lot to me.
Justice isn't just a word.
It's a consistent action.
On both sides of the law.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) REPORTER: Sheriff, Sheriff! Can you give us a statement, please.
I uh, I'd like to apologize for coming in a little hot yesterday.
A little? Well, I was caught off guard.
But, uh, I would like to take you up on your offer.
I don't see a road out of the red.
But maybe you can find one.
I'm giving you 30 days to cut 25% out of the operating budget.
And if I can't? I'll have to take you up on your original offer and let you go.
I look forward to your proposal, Dr.
(SIGHS) (DOG BARKING) Hey, baby.
You feelin' better? (SIGHS) I don't know.
I can't look.
What are you talking about? The test.
I took it.
Are you serious? You might be pregnant? Shh.
I just got the kids to sleep.
(CHUCKLES) Where is it? I got your message.
(ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) Thanks for the update.
Well, you were right.
Sheriff Hollister definitely plays by his own rules.
Saw that today.
Good luck cleaning up that LAPD mess.
I'm tellin' you, things need to change around here.
But first, I owe you an apology.
I never said anything to you about Deputy Luna.
I should have and I'm sorry.
I appreciate that, sir.
You and I are more alike than you realize.
Yeah? How so? This job has taken away the ones we love.
Now, we have two choices.
Lay down, or fight like hell for what belongs to us.
It's time to focus on the future.
I want those stars.
I'm running for sheriff.
You uphold your end of the deal, you got my vote.
If you want your vote to really count, keep digging on Hollister.
(HIP-HOP MUSIC PLAYING OVER CAR STEREO) I've been going through some things Change is coming Ain't no stunting We just running 'Bout to win 'Bout to win You gonna say something or we just gonna do this the entire drive? You lied to me, man.
And I put my job on the line for you.
What was I supposed to do? Be straight up with me.
Man, I was tryin' to protect you.
The less you know the better.
Just don't ever lie to me again, man.
You don't know how hard it is out here, man.
That's why you have me.
All right? True.
You know, there's somethin' you can get better with, too.
What's that? Your weak-ass jump shot.
(BOTH LAUGH) Okay, you got jokes.
Yeah, we gonna find out, man.
All that talk, okay? - Ha! - You know you messed up, right? Yeah, all right.
I'm always in trouble.
- You done messed up.
- Stop, bro.
We're gonna see about this.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Over here.
So you feeling like Kobe in his prime, huh? I am Kobe in his prime.
Well, let's hope that badge gives you superpowers.
I'm tellin' you, you gonna need it.
- Loser gets dinner? - Bet.
- (JOSEPH LAUGHING) - Come on! - Okay, let's go.
(BUZZING) I got one question.
Why? I don't have an answer.
Well, keep digging.
I'll wait.
You had a career.
You trashed it.
And all your crap got slung on to everyone else who wears a badge.
So I'm asking for them, not just for me.
Why? You ever cheated on anyone, Sheriff? Well, I've done a whole lot in my life.
Never that.
You never see the line until you're past it.
Once you're over it, you can't go back without fear of getting caught.
Next thing you know, you couldn't see the damn line even if you wanted to.
So you stay where you are.
Barely able to recognize yourself.
Struggling to survive.
Pull down innocent people in the process, right? And some bad ones too.
Guilty as charged.
Well, you're next.
(SCOFFS) You know the temptation.
Don't you judge me.
I'll leave that to a jury.
Or the man or woman upstairs.
I never set out to end up here.
No one ever does.
Which is why I have a job to do, every single day.
BILL: Pop the door.
- (DOOR BUZZING) - (DOOR UNLOCKS) BILL: It's cold out.
You shouldn't be out here.
Hey, your old man's a glutton for punishment.
Unlike my son.
You know the first time I put you up on a horse you cried.
Oh, please.
You did.
You were no more than a year old.
If that.
Don't you remember? Can't say that I do.
I do.
I walked you around on Shadow.
(LAUGHS) I had you shoot up all the bad guys.
Well, they're still out there.
Found me a few more of 'em today.
Pissed a lot of people off in the process.
Ah, screw 'em.
All that matters is you went from your gut.
Well, you taught me well.
It's nice to get the credit instead of the blame.
You wanna go for a ride? No.
They say I'm not fit enough anymore.
Well, we'll keep it between us cowboys.
How about that? Well, you're the sheriff.
Hell, you look like a sheriff.
Come on.
What do you say, boy? There's a shadow of something Can't quite make it out I can't make it out But there is hope where there's love and I know we'll make it out We'll make it out 'cause (HUMMING) Tomorrow will be brighter It's a new day (THEME MUSIC PLAYING)
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