Deputy (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

10-8 Do No Harm

1 Previously on "Deputy" Welcome to the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department! (AUDIENCE CHEERING) BILL: Sheriff's an elected official.
Millions of people vote him in, honey.
I'm no politician.
Can you believe they made my son sheriff? All it takes is one person to try and change that.
Maybe that person can be you, Sheriff.
I may need a little help.
Are you serious? - You might be pregnant? - Shh! Honey, you're missin' something.
If you leave, is the hospital better off? Probably not.
Damn right it isn't.
I was wrong about you, son.
And I refuse to allow you to feel sorry for yourself.
MINNICK: Stop lookin' around.
You gotta earn your way in.
- How? - Trust.
MAGGIE: Just get over it and dance.
How about us? Bulletproof.
(GUNSHOT) He loves me.
He loves me not.
He loves me.
He loves me not.
(SMACKS LIPS) He loves me not.
He loves you.
Has he made dinner reservations yet? He will.
He's waiting to find out where his wife wants to go.
I got a few ideas in mind.
Happy Valentine's Day.
(STREET NOISE) - I can't keep doing this, Jerry.
- You can't just walk away from 30 years of marriage.
I gave up the chance to have a family to stand by you while you tried to make sheriff.
All of that sacrifice is about to pay off.
I want you to reap the benefits when it does.
I couldn't have gotten this far without you.
We both know if you were gonna make sheriff, it would have happened by now.
Bill has less than three months left in his term of office.
I plan on running for the job.
This isn't about you making or not making sheriff.
We've been living in the past.
- Sign these, Jerry.
- Lydia.
Look, after everything, the least you could do is give me my life back and go have yours.
Thank you.
Reyes, welcome back.
It's been a while.
PAULA: Thank you.
- Hey! - Hey, Dr.
Saw your boy on Insta.
(DARIAN CHUCKLES) - He's growing quick.
- Yeah.
Gonna get his rebound game started early so he can get some of that NBA coin.
(PAULA CHUCKLES) - Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Have a good one.
- You too.
OFFICER: All set, here you go.
Happy Valentine's Day.
Thanks, Shanice.
I like what you've done with the place.
- Any plans? - Mm, something with lace.
I hear that.
All right, what do we got today? Got a scrape up in one, diabetic eval in three.
And also, David Browder's back in two.
Why is he here? I put in a request for his transfer six months ago.
That's time he doesn't have.
Can you get them on the line, please? We need more volunteers like you.
Folks at St.
Regent's are lucky.
(DOOR BUZZES) David, David, David! DAVID: Dr.
You know, I was worried it was, uh I didn't have the right day.
I couldn't get you one myself, so I made it.
Don't worry, I'm not trying to push up on you or anything.
I got my own Valentine.
I wanted you to know that I appreciate everything you've done for me.
Thanks, David.
This is This is very thoughtful.
Okay, let's see where we're at.
Still growing, huh? (METAL DETECTOR WHIRRING) MAN: Good morning! All right, take it easy.
WOMAN: Have a good one, angel! - MAN: Take care.
- (DOOR BUZZES) DAVID: You gotta be honest with me, Doc.
We're running out of options.
I can't seem to get the approval to have you transferred for surgery.
Guess you're just gonna have to cut me open yourself.
I would that I could, it just We don't have the right equipment here.
It's a 45-minute procedure that takes six months not to get approved.
- It's absurd.
- How long do I have? You're not going anywhere.
I have a few patients I have to see but I put a call to Oncology 'cause we're gonna get this handled, okay? Never give up.
Hmm? Promise me.
Never will.
- Have a good one! (DOOR BUZZES) Sheriff, do you have a sec? I'd like to run something by you.
We have a small window.
We have a tight schedule.
What is it, Jerry? LONDON: I'll get straight to the point.
I'm running for sheriff, and I'd like your backing for the job.
I served a number of years as undersheriff.
There's no one more qualified for the position.
You got a real set on you.
I'll give you that.
Bill, the politics of this job doesn't exactly make you happy.
Everyone can see that.
Being Sheriff takes its toll.
Look what happened to Bradford.
You know what would make me happy? - Lettin' me get back to work.
- LONDON: I will.
But think about it.
We could spare the department and the county an ugly campaign.
Oh, you're gonna make it ugly, Jerry? You gonna run? (INDISTINCT CHATTER) Your blood sugar levels are spiking, Adam.
You're not following the nutritional plan.
(ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) Can you tell me where Dr.
Reyes is? Yeah, down the hall.
Hey, you need to check that gun in downstairs.
Are you new or something? - Or something.
- (ALARM BLARING) Wh Wh What are you - (ALARM BLARING) - (CLAMORING) Everybody down! Keep out of sight! (BLARING CONTINUES) GUNWOMAN: Get down! Get down! - On the floor, now! - (GUNSHOT) (HEAVY BREATHING) (BLARING CONTINUES) Yeah, that sounds good.
(CELL PHONE RINGING) You know what? I gotta jump.
Uh, somebody just came in my office.
Yeah, I'll call you back.
- Bill, listen to me.
I'm at the LACF Hospital.
- And there's a shooter.
- Where's the gunman? PAULA (OVER PHONE): He's down the hall.
I can hear him coming this way.
All right, I'm comin' to you.
Stay on the phone.
PAULA (CRYING): I love you, Bill.
- So much.
And Maggie.
- (GUNWOMAN SHOUTING) No! All right? I'm right here with you.
GUNWOMAN: On the floor now! On the ground! Get back! (ALARM BLARING) You, get off the phone! Hands where I can see them! Dr.
Paula? Paula! REPORTER 1: We're reporting live outside the Los Angeles Correctional Facility where we're waiting on word from REPORTER 2: There is a hostage situation (REPORTERS CONTINUE, INDISTINCT) (SIREN BLARES, CHIRPS) (POLICE CLAMORING) Sheriff.
We got one shooter, female, mid 20s, isolated to the seventh floor infirmary.
One fatality, Deputy Stone.
OFFICER: Off the sidewalk! SEB is delayed on a callout in Avalon.
BILL: Well, I'm not waiting for 'em.
I already got a deputy down, I can't risk losing anyone else.
REPORTER 1: What we do not know is the status of those held inside and if there are any fatalities.
This is 24 Hour News reporting live outside the facility.
REPORTER 2: where a hostage situation is unfolding at the Los Angeles Correctional Facility.
We're told it has been confined to the infirmary level and the building has been placed on lockdown.
Rule number one: No one leaves.
There, can we bring that up? Bishop, find out who that deputy is with Paula.
Get a name.
BISHOP: On it.
- Can you get it on this screen? - Yeah.
We need to find out why that deputy went rogue.
And how the hell she got a gun in this jail.
Now, damn it.
In-service has the name Williamson.
I'm running it now.
Bill, think you should consider taking a back seat on this.
You're too close to the situation.
Well, you're right.
There's not manual for how to save hostages when one's your wife, is there? So I'm gonna write it.
- You hear me? - ALL: Yes, sir.
Up against the wall! Hands up! You don't have to hurt anyone.
Just-just tell me what you want.
Open two.
Right now! (DOOR BUZZES, OPENS) David, be careful.
Hey, baby.
Hey, babe.
Sorry, Doc.
We had to take matters into our own hands.
(PHONE RINGING) Now listen to me.
I'll be your worst nightmare if I have to be.
(LINE RINGING) VOICEMAIL: You've reached the voicemail of Dr.
Paula Reyes.
Please leave a message and I'll return (ALARMS BLARING) Can you zoom in on that patient's face? Have Minnick and Harris find out everything they can about that patient, now.
BISHOP: On it, sir.
- DAVID: Back off! - Calm down.
Why are you doing this, David? GUNWOMAN: Isn't it obvious? No one's willing to save him.
- It's not that simple.
- Should be.
Anywhere else a patient needs surgery to live, a patient gets surgery.
But an inmate I'm not dyin' like a dog in a cage.
GUNWOMAN: And I'm not willing to lose him.
DAVID: Get your hands up! You.
Hands where I can see them.
- Cover those cameras.
- DAVID: Hurry up.
You're not going fast enough.
GUNWOMAN: Get your hand out of that pocket right the hell now! DAVID: Don't try anything.
Hurry up, man! BILL: What happened? Son of a bitch.
(LINE RINGING) Come on, baby, come on.
(CELL PHONE RINGING) The only person calling that phone is someone that wants to sort this situation out.
We gotta sort our own situation first, Doctor.
Come on, move it.
Push it.
Keep movin'.
(THUDS) Be ready to go up there.
You find out who that deputy is yet? Nothing's coming up under Williamson.
What do you have? Inmate patient's name is David Browder.
He is serving time for armed robbery.
He's got something called gastric outlet syndrome.
It's like a tumor in the stomach.
He's been back and forth between the hospital and the jail for a while.
He's waiting for his surgical transfer, but hasn't had any visitors, and he hasn't used his PIN, nothing.
BILL: All right.
Well, talk to his cellmate.
See if he knows anything.
On it.
I'm gonna go talk to him.
GUNWOMAN: Hands where I can see them! - (CELL PHONE RINGING) - Keep moving.
Everyone do exactly as I say.
PAULA: Just breathe.
Just breathe.
GUNWOMAN: Down the hall, come on.
DAVID: All right, listen up.
Everybody just do as they're told, okay? Nobody moves.
Nobody gets hurt.
Okay? David, think about what you're doing.
This doesn't make any sense.
Quiet! PAULA: You don't have to do this.
- I was gonna help you.
Let me.
- DAVID: Doctor I'm sick.
And I wanna live.
You just listen.
Just do as you're told and you won't get hurt.
Looks like we've got two entry points.
The elevator, stairwell at the end of the hall.
DARIAN: That's right.
In lock down, elevators, Internet, TVs are disabled.
Stairwell doors only open outward, but not onto the floors only unless we override the system from here.
I ran the shooter through PIMS, nothing matches.
I don't think she's a deputy at all.
Then who the hell is she? She's not Williamson, that's for sure.
Also, we've got another problem.
Every major media outlet is running this story.
What do you want me to do? Keep my wife's name outta their mouths.
BISHOP: Copy that.
This is what I've been fearing ever since I put on these stars.
CADE: Hey.
She's coming home, Bill.
Where's my phone? (LINE RINGING) GUNWOMAN: Everyone in here.
- (CELL PHONE RINGING) - Keep it moving.
- Come on.
- (RINGING CONTINUES) Do you want me to answer it? (RINGING CONTINUES) (PHONE CLATTERS) - PAULA: You've reached the voicemail - Stairs.
I've waited long enough.
That's it.
- (WHISTLES) - CADE: Override those doors.
DARIAN: Yes, sir.
(MAN GROANING) Slow down! Slow down! Hands! Show me your hands! Bill! (MUFFLED GROANING) Deputy Eric Kagan, sir.
They kept the medical staff and some of the inmates.
I don't know why.
In my pocket.
They knew we were coming, Cade.
This is the hostage situation.
Further information is too difficult to confirm.
We'll be here broadcasting live outside the Los Angeles Correctional Facility.
David didn't talk much.
More of a writer.
Definitely didn't say anything about knowing no deputy.
What did he write about? (SCOFFS) We're just trying to help.
INMATE: That's a joke.
No one gives a damn about someone locked up.
We don't have any time for this, man! All right? So you need to cooperate or I will have you thrown in the hole.
Do you understand me? I'm in here on my third strike.
You can't offer me a shorter sentence.
You can't offer me squat.
Figure it out your damn selves.
REPORTER: and we're still trying to confirm all the details of the hostage stand-off.
GUNWOMAN (OVER PHONE): What is your name? PAULA (OVER PHONE): Paula Reyes.
GUNWOMAN: And what do you do here, Paula Reyes? I'm a doctor.
GUNWOMAN: It's your job to save lives, right, Paula? PAULA: That's right.
GUNWOMAN: But you prioritize some lives over others.
Leaving inmates to die.
- That's not - Quiet! The system is broken and we're doing what we have to 'cause gave us no choice.
Now it's your life in our hands.
We'll see if you're worth being saved.
That was footage emailed to media outlets of the hostages being held inside the medical wing of the Los Angeles Correctional Facility.
CADE: Easy, Bill.
All right? They're doing this for a reason.
The note, the stairwell, now this.
All right? They're trying to get in your head.
Maybe now would be a good time to start thinking about Jerry, if you're telling me to step aside right now, you're gonna wake up in Cedars.
It's about Paula.
Paula's what this is about.
And that lady has leverage on me, that's very clear.
But they didn't just keep Paula.
No, they kept the medical staff, too.
Got a cancer patient who needs surgery, and a surgeon who's their ticket to freedom.
They're not gonna hurt Paula until she gives 'em both.
But she can't give 'em what they want because this infirmary isn't equipped for surgical procedures.
They'd have to bring the patient across the street to USC Medical before they could operate on him.
Move across the street now that they got our attention? It's too risky.
I bet they want that equipment brought here.
Let's use that to our advantage.
I want you talk to USC, have 'em look at the patient's chart and figure out what they're gonna need.
CADE: We can rig the equipment with a camera and get eyes inside.
I gotta get more hostages outta there.
And, Jerry, I've got an idea.
I was hoping you might have the resources to make it work.
PAULA: I can't do that.
I-I took an oath to do no harm.
I I don't have close to what I'd need to do that kind of surgery here.
If we were at my hospital then that would be one thing, but I Write down what did you say you need and we'll get it here for you.
You're serious? You want me to do the surgery here? If there are any complications, I don't have the resources that I need.
David, don't make me do this.
There's another way.
I told you before, I-I don't exactly have a lot of time.
GUNWOMAN: We'll make it easy for you.
Either you do what we're asking or we start shooting hostages.
(SHANICE WHIMPERING) Write it down here! Now! (DOOR BUZZES) You're a storm today, boot.
We gotta help Paula.
Yeah, I knew you guys were tight.
Didn't know it was like that.
Paula's like a second mom to me.
She believed in me when my own mom didn't.
There's gotta be something linking David to the shooter.
You don't just risk everything for somebody you don't care about.
Hey, check this out.
MINNICK: Who was he writing to? Gotcha.
(CELL PHONE BEEPS) Got a name on that fake deputy.
Rose Contreras.
We're gonna save you, babe.
It's all coming together, just like you said it would.
Where do you wanna go first? Somewhere without extradition.
Time to get what we need.
You ready to talk to your husband? You didn't think we knew? Honey, we've been planning this for a minute.
It had to be you.
Let's make that call.
I'm sure the sheriff's jonesing to speak to you.
CADE: All right, there's no guarantee this camera gets pointed in the direction that we need it, but at the very least we'll be able to hear what's going on up there.
LONDON: Bill, this is Major Timothy Morris, residency at West Point.
Militarily and surgically trained.
- Good work, Jerry.
This is gonna work.
- Bill.
- Are you okay? - PAULA: I'm okay.
- I'm here.
- Did they hurt you? No.
They-they need me.
BILL: They want you to do his surgery, don't they? PAULA: How'd you know? You think I got this job just 'cause of my charm? I love you, baby.
I'm gettin' you outta there.
I got the equipment they need and a military surgeon who can do the job.
You don't need to be up there anymore.
I can't leave my staff, Bill.
BILL: The major can keep them safe.
We need to get you out of there.
I'm gonna make a trade for the release of you and as many hostages as I can for the equipment and the surgeon.
Don't send anyone else up here.
Get whoever you can released, but if any of my people stay so do I.
Paula, this isn't up for debate.
You're coming home.
I'm sorry, Bill.
I can tell you both love each other very much, Sheriff.
But the other end of that spectrum is heartbreak, which is what you're gonna feel if you don't get us what we want.
BILL: We've got the equipment that you need.
I'd like to exchange it for some of the hostages.
It's a sign of good faith.
ROSE: She can't do the surgery alone but I'll release the ones she doesn't need.
How's that sound? Reasonable.
ROSE: Release the elevators.
We'll start sending people down.
(ALARM BLARING) (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) Hands! Show me your hands! WOMAN: Our hands are tied! Back up one at a time.
CADE: Slowly.
Move 'em.
- Clear.
- All right.
Let's get that equipment loaded up.
Let's go.
Take her up.
Nervous? I know I'm in good hands.
Propofol should help.
Promise me none of my people get hurt after this, David.
You have my word.
We don't wanna kill anyone.
If we didn't have to take you, we wouldn't have.
I'm the sheriff's wife.
I know.
Lean back.
(DAVID SIGHS) ROSE: Come on, move.
Time to get started, Dr.
- We have everything we need? - Yeah.
SHANICE: It's all here.
Most of it's already set up.
All right, scrub in.
CADE: Our view has been compromised, Bill.
All right, don't worry, we still have audio.
Let's get that wired into comms.
Yes, sir! (MACHINE BEEPING) PAULA: Did he get the dose? ROSE: Dr.
Reyes a word.
I need to be clear with you.
Thank you for doing this.
But if anything happens to David If anything goes wrong, I will kill you.
(PAULA SIGHS) Hey, look at this.
I found two letters from David's old cellmate telling him about his daughter.
It came from the same address as Rose's letters.
They must've crossed paths when she came to visit her father.
CADE: All right, listen up, kill shot only if it's clear, the sheriff's wife is up there, and nothing else matters.
Not you, not me, not even him.
Are we clear? BISHOP: Boss.
- What do you got? - No priors on Rose Contreras.
in Communications.
Worked at a marketing firm for the past two years but stopped showing up to work on Monday with no notice.
She's wasn't planning on going back.
She's risking everything to save David.
BISHOP: It's not just reporters out there anymore.
A lot of the people you fight for every day have shown up.
(HELICOPTER HOVERING) Now, earlier today footage was released to media outlets of the hostages being held inside.
REPORTER (ON TV): showing Reyes, a local doctor, trapped inside with the shooter.
VOICEMAIL: You've reached the voicemail of Dr.
Paula Reyes REPORTER: and on social media for further coverage.
- My mom.
- I know.
Listen, I talked to your Dad and he's gonna call you as soon as he can.
Was my mom okay? What's-what's happening? Yeah.
She's okay.
She's okay.
Your Dad's gonna work it all out.
In the meantime, I'm gonna stay with you.
Okay? Why is this happening? (SIGHS) PAULA: Laparoscope in position.
Slide the probe.
No, not like that, just SHANICE: Sorry.
Sorry, Doctor.
- PAULA: It's okay, just - What are you playing at? - You trying to hurt him? - SHANICE: No.
I'm sorry, it was an accident.
ROSE: Another one of those and I'll put a bullet in you.
PAULA: Okay, that's enough.
She's not trained for this.
We're all trying the best we can.
ROSE: Do better.
(MONITOR BEEPING) PAULA: You really put it all on the line for this, haven't you? ROSE: He's the love of my life, Doctor.
Something tells me you'd do the same for your sheriff.
PAULA: Yeah, you're probably right.
There's love.
Our first date Bill, he didn't he didn't take me to the movies, he didn't take me out.
He took me to his backyard and we just shot bottles all night.
(MONITOR BEEPING) He's been real since the day I met him.
ROSE: I know exactly what you mean.
David and I couldn't exactly go on dates, but he'd write me these amazing letters, telling me all the things he wanted to see with me if he ever got out.
If he lived to be free.
After today we're gonna start making checks on that list.
PAULA: Slow and steady.
Here we go.
REPORTER (ON PHONE): This is 24 Hour News reporting live outside the Los Angeles Correctional Facility.
We can confirm there is a hostage situation, that Sheriff Bill Hollister's wife - is one of those being held inside.
- BILL (OVER PHONE): Maggie, are you okay? MAGGIE: I'm fine.
What about Mom? BILL: Mom's all right.
She's in the middle of surgery right now.
I don't understand.
BILL: It's complicated, honey.
Why is this happening? I don't know.
Is it because you're sheriff? I know that because I'm sheriff I'm in a position to stop them.
I just want Mom to be okay.
BILL: Me too, baby.
Me too.
I gotta get back to work now.
Teresa's gonna stay with you till this is all over.
You have to save her, Dad.
I will.
TERESA: If your dad says he's gonna save her, then that's exactly what he's gonna do.
Okay? Trust that.
(SIGHS) (EXHALES) - SEB's en route.
- Too late.
I know your wife is in there but acting impulsively could get people hurt including Paula.
By the time they get here, it'll be over.
- What are you gonna do? - Something impulsive.
REPORTER: Sheriff Hollister? You're live.
To Rose Contreras, the woman who's holding my wife hostage, I got a message for you.
All the hostages have people at home who love them and want them back.
And I'm one of 'em.
We both know that when the surgery is over you might release the nurses, but you're not gonna let my wife go.
You think she's buying you leverage and you're probably right about that.
But if I let you take Paula with you, I know I'll never see her again.
So I'm offering you a better option.
Take me instead.
I can't live without her, so I'd rather die knowing that she's safe with our daughter.
You got an amazing human being with you, one of kind.
Don't look at her, look at me for your way outta here.
Sheriff of LA County can take you anywhere you wanna go.
So, let's get goin'.
You got my number.
I'll be waitin'.
(REPORTERS CLAMORING) We can confirm there is a hostage situation, and that Sheriff Bill Hollister's wife is one of those hostages being held inside.
(BUZZES) Are you really gonna turn yourself over to them? Paula would do the same for me.
And, no you're not going, no matter how many times you ask.
They don't make husbands like you anymore, Sheriff.
So you got my message then? ROSE (OVER PHONE): Received and accepted.
Now let's work on getting money.
I'm thinking at least one million, and a car to get us out of here.
Well, how about a chopper? I can have it here in under an hour.
We'll fly direct to Van Nuys, where I'll have a plane waiting for you.
- What's the catch? - BILL: No catch.
I don't want you on the streets.
Increases the possibility of collateral damage.
And I'd rather get this done quickly without any complications.
Sounds like you got a deal, Sheriff.
I'll call you when we're ready to move.
Thank you, Rose.
We finished the surgery.
David's recovering.
Prognosis? Well, barring any unforeseen complications, I'd say good.
Still gonna need proper care though.
He'll have it.
That's great news, doc.
Time to pack your bags.
We're good to go.
You get that scenario worked out? Yeah, moving into position right now.
Don't worry.
This'll work.
Well, if it doesn't, it's been an honor, Cade.
You're saying that to piss me off.
It's when you do your best work.
- (CADE WHISTLES) - MAN: All right, let's move it! Let's go.
Come on, babe.
We're almost out of here.
Hey, slow down, this is still way sooner than I normally move a patient.
(DAVID LAUGHS) I can feel it.
Did you get it all out? You're gonna be fine, David.
Sorry it came to this, Doc.
But I ain't sorry I'm gonna live.
Make it count.
ROSE (OVER PHONE): We're ready.
How long till the helicopter gets here? - Five minutes out.
- ROSE: Come on up, Sheriff.
Time to take a ride in the sky.
- BILL: I'm on my way.
- It's gonna be all right, Mags.
Mom's comin' home.
What does that mean? You're not going down there, right? - I saw you on the news.
- Don't worry about that.
You just be brave like I know you are.
I will.
I promise.
BILL: Mom's been through a lot.
You need to be strong for her, okay? You're strong enough for all of us.
I love you.
You know that, right? (VOICE BREAKING): I know, Dad.
I love you, too.
Please don't go.
Don't do this.
I'm not saying goodbye.
- (CRYING) Daddy.
- TERESA: Hey.
It's going to be okay.
Okay? Promise.
I wanna go down there.
There's a chance you might be sheriff after all.
Not today, Bill.
Not like this.
(ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) As agreed, Sheriff.
I'm unarmed, Rose.
Get out! I know you didn't sign up for this kind of life.
If I wasn't such a good surgeon, we might not be here at all.
This isn't quite the Valentine's I had planned for you.
Back up! Back up! What are you doin'? We had a deal.
ROSE: Change of plans.
We need insurance.
Everyone goes to the roof.
(INDISTINCT POLICE RADIO CHATTER) (OVERLAPPING CHATTER) REPORTER: by following us on social media and on our website.
We'll now send it back to the studio for more information.
We have a problem.
ROSE: Where is the damn chopper? BILL: It's comin'.
ROSE: If it's not here in 60 seconds people are gonna start dropping by the side of this building.
BILL: Enough with the threats, Rose.
You got me.
That means freedom.
Remember? DAVID: He's right, Rosie.
We got a second chance at life.
ROSE: I'll relax once the three of us are on that chopper.
- Not before.
- Do you have a shot? CADE (OVER RADIO): Negative.
They're all wearing the same damn clothes.
I can't make a positive ID.
Come on, Bill, give us a sign.
When he does, I'm good to go.
ROSE: It's not working.
They're not letting us go.
BILL: You need to keep calm.
I'm tellin' you, it's coming.
ROSE: Just remember, we got guns under these gowns.
If they try to take us out, it's you and your wife hitting the ground first, Sheriff.
(HELICOPTER BLADES WHIRRING) DAVID: Rose, the chopper's coming.
(INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER) PILOT: We've got eyes on the roof.
Unable to ID the sheriff or hostages.
BILL: Here's your chopper, Rose.
I'd like to say goodbye to my wife now if that's okay.
If you were in the same situation with Rose, think you'd feel the same, wouldn't you? I'm never lettin' you go.
BILL: Be ready, right now.
ROSE: Back away from her! ROSE: I'm warning you! (ROSE GRUNTS) - DAVID: Rose.
- BILL: Drop it! Get on the ground! Hands where I can see 'em.
Sheriff's safe.
We need a medic on the roof now.
("SIDEWAYS" BY CITIZEN COPE PLAYING) (GUITAR STRUMMING) You know it ain't easy For these thoughts here to leave me There are no words to describe it In French or in English 'Cause diamonds they fade And flowers they bloom And I'm tellin' you That these feelings won't go away They've been knockin' me sideways They've been knockin' me out late Whenever you come around me These feelings won't go away They've been knockin' me sideways I keep thinkin' in a moment that Time will take them away But these feelings won't go away These feelings won't go away It ain't easy For these thoughts here to leave me There are no words to describe it In French or in English 'Cause diamonds they fade Diamonds they fade Flowers they bloom Flowers they bloom And I'm tellin' you These feelings won't go away These feelings won't go away These feelings won't go away (THEME MUSIC PLAYING)
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